What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? - Recap

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The episode begins with Henry handing out flyers to people on the street, with Jane’s photo on it, and with the mention in it that Jane is missing. He is visibly distraught and recollects how Jane did not feel safe in the Drake. Detective Cooper is having a chat with the Dorans and assures them that the cops are doing their best to find Jane. Jane in the meantime, is standing in the middle of an empty Times Square. She sees a few people dressed in black walk past her, and yells out to them. One of them, an old lady looks and Jane and seems to telepathically tell her “you shouldn’t have come here”.

Then suddenly, a man brushes past her and then when she looks around, she sees that the whole of Times Square is full of people and blaring with traffic. She is visibly perplexed and makes her way through the sea of people and the traffic, yelling out for Henry. Later, Jane is seen waiting at a hospital. Detective Cooper arrives and asks the doctor about her. “She hasn’t spoken since she has arrived” the doctor tells him. Henry arrives at the hospital and rushes to see Jane. Jane is relieved to see Henry and hugs him with tears in her eyes. At the Drake, Kandinsky is trying to find out from Victor Shaw, where Gavin’s box is. But, the beating Kandinsky is giving Shaw, doesn’t seem to be persuading him. Gavin instructs Kandinsky to keep at it, till Shaw talks.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Henry “she’s had some kind of a dissociative episode”. The doctor explains that Jane’s brain is basically blocking something traumatic, and in order to heal Jane would have to remember what it is. Henry wants to take her home but the doctor says “we are required to keep her here for 48 hours. It’s the law”. Louise is back from the rehab where she was sent by Gavin to get rid of her addiction. At home, Louise tells Brian about her addiction to prescription pills, which is the reason why she was at the rehab. At the hospital, a nurse tires to strap on a blood pressure machine onto Jane’s arm, but she becomes frantic after seeing flashes and tries to stop her. She then looks at one of the helpers restraining her and hears a man’s voice say “you shouldn’t have come here”.

She is given a sedative to calm her down. Henry helplessly watches all of this from outside her room. At the hospital, Jane tells Detective Cooper that, she needs to get back to the Drake to retrace her steps. She then tells him that there is somebody like her admitted in the hospital, a patient named Julian Waters. She has basically heard the nurses talk about Julian. Turns out, Julian was found in the same condition as her and “supposedly said the same things”. Cooper tells her that, the wing Julian has been kept in is high security and is for violent patients. Cooper then hands Jane a yellow envelope that Nona wanted him to deliver to Jane. Inside the envelope are Jane’s grandmother’s necklace and her childhood photograph, taken at the Drake.

She doesn’t tell Cooper the truth but simply tells him that they are of sentimental value. At the Drake, Viktor tells Gavin his daughter Sasha killed herself and her death wasn’t an accident. He adds that, Olivia knows the truth. “It wasn’t suicide” Gavin insists. “She figured out who you were, what kind of man you are. That’s why she killed herself” Viktor tells Gavin. Viktor suggests that Sasha was terrified of Gavin. At the hospital, Jane makes her way to Julian’s room. She calls out to Julian through a peephole on the door of his room. “Who are you?” Julian asks. “Did you live at the Drake? Do you know about the mosaic?” she asks Julian. “Did you go down the stairs?” she then asks. “No I came up the stairs” he replies, peering through the peephole.

At the Drake, Gavin tells Olivia what Viktor has told him about their daughter. Olivia admits she knew about the suicide as there was a note from Sasha. Olivia says she burnt the note, as in it, Sasha had said some terrible things about him. “I don’t need protecting” Gavin says, in anger. Olivia argues that she didn’t want to see him hurt and therefore kept the truth from him. Olivia says, Viktor is trying to divide them, and asks Gavin to “hit back”. Brian tells Alexis that he wants her out of his life, but Alexis is in no mood to relent. Alexis then basically suggests Brian could only get over his writer’s block after they had sex. Brian doesn’t agree with it and feels Alexis is “insane”. At the hospital, Jane returns to Julian’s room and calls out to him.

She gets no reply and sees through the peephole that Julian has made some paintings in blood, on the walls. She then sees Julian hanging by his neck, from the ceiling. Then much to her horror, Julian opens his eyes and says “you shouldn’t have come here”. At the Drake, Brian finds out, he is unable to type or write anything, as the keyboard to his laptop doesn’t seem to be working and neither do any of his pens seem to be writing. Viktor sees his father who had abandoned him as a child talking to him. His father asks for Viktor’s forgiveness for abandoning him. Viktor is overcome with emotions and forgives him. He then asks Viktor about the box, and Viktor reveals he has given the box to a priest, where his mother is buried.

Then suddenly, Gavin appears in front of Viktor, instead of his father. Viktor figures out that he has been tricked. Gavin tells Shaw he knows that his mother is buried at St. Thomas church. Gavin arrives at the church and has a chat with the priest. The priest knows that Gavin is there for the red box. At the Drake, Brian barges into Alexis’s apartment and in anger ask her what she has done to him. “Nothing you didn’t want” she replies. “I tried to tell you Brian, the universe wants us to be together” Alexis explains. “You know you want me, the writing is just an excuse” Alexis says stripping down. The two then begin having sex. At the Drake, Olivia asks Viktor Shaw how he knew about Sasha. He says Sasha told him. Olivia feels Shaw is mocking her, but Shaw tells her “your daughter is still alive”.

Olivia is livid on hearing this and hits Shaw across the face. She feels Shaw is lying to her. Shaw insists he is telling the truth, whether she believes him or not. “I know where she is. Let me go, I’ll take you to her” Shaw tells Olivia. Gavin in the meantime has gotten back the red box, and puts it back in his safe at the Drake. Alexis comes to meet Gavin and tells him she is feeling bad for Brian and doesn’t want to destroy his life, but Gavin tells her, it’s too late for that as she has made a deal with him.

Jane returns home, thanks to Detective Cooper’s help. Henry is pleasantly surprised to see Jane back home. Gavin and Kandinsky find Shaw missing. Nona takes Jane to meet a woman named Maris, who lives in the Drake and knows a lot about it. Nona feels Maris might be able to help Jane remember things. Jane rings Maris’s doorbell. The episode ends at this point.