Hypnos - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane sitting in Maris elder’s apartment. Maris says Lottie, Nona’s grandma, has told her a lot about Jane. Maris reveals that technically Lottie can’t speak as she is catatonic. But “we speak in our own way” she adds. Maris says she doesn’t go out of her apartment much and had been outside the last time, about 26 years ago. Jane says she wants to find out why she is at the Drake. “Nona says you know things about the Drake” Jane tells Maris. She as a result feels Maris can help her remember what happened when she went down the stairs. “Why can’t I remember?” Jane asks. “It’s called dissociative retrograde amnesia” Maris replies.

Maris says it’s rare but she has seen it before. She also reveals that, she is a PhD in “clinical psych”. “I need to know why I am here” Jane says. Maris takes Jane’s hand and asks her to relax. Maris then sees flashes of Jane and of Peter Kramer and his daughter. She looks visibly worried and tells Jane “come see me tomorrow, in the morning”. Jane is baffled and asks Maris what she saw. Maris says Jane never left the Drake, but Jane is skeptical as she was found in Times Square. “Forget about where, think when” Maris says. Next morning, Gavin pays Henry a visit at home and says “an opportunity has presented itself”. Gavin reveals that a Councilman named Sullivan was kicked out on corruption charges and his seat is now vacant. Gavin suggests Henry vie for that seat.

Gavin says he has arranged for a “sit-down” with Philip Perez, who is a political consultant. “I made the pitch, his group is interested in backing you” Gavin says. Henry is excited at the proposition and thanks Gavin for it. Henry says his PR agent Lauren wants to meet Gavin. Gavin says Henry will “be flying solo today” as he has some “pressing business” he is dealing with. Olivia and Tony get Viktor to an empty building. Olivia asks Viktor to get her Sasha and says he has an hour to do it, or he shall be sent back to Gavin. Viktor then calls Sasha and leaves a voice message asking her to meet him, at the building where he is now. He lies that he is buying the building and wants to show it to her. “Kill Shaw, bring Olivia home” Gavin tells Kandinsky. “Gavin will send someone to find us, you better pray Sasha gets here first” Olivia tells Viktor.

Jane is at Maris’s apartment talking to her. Maris begins hypnotizing Jane, so her hidden memories can be unlocked. Jane at the end of it finds herself sitting in a couch in a hallway, at the Drake. She is all by herself, and in front of her is a red door. She opens the door and enters. Once inside, she finds herself at a birthday party of a little girl, with guests all around. The party is being held in the lobby of the Drake. She is asked to sign a guest book by the concierge, who says the Kramers have asked all the guests to do so. The date on the guest book is “10.28.27”. Jane signs her name and the concierge comments “I thought your name was Libby Griffith”. Just then Peter Kramer comes and tells Jane “glad you made it Libby”. Jocelyn the little girl whose birthday it is is glad to see Jane. She too calls Jane, Libby. Jane is visibly baffled at all that is happening, but plays along.

Jane looks into the mirror and sees the reflection of a completely different person in it. Jocelyn comes up to her and asks Jane to help her find someone called Sally, who is “upstairs”. Turns out, Sally is Jocelyn’s doll and they find it in Peter’s room. Jane sees books and paraphernalia in Peter’s room that, look related to occult. Just then Peter enters the apartment and Jane hides with Jocelyn. They see a man telling Peter “just think after tonight, all that we desire will be ours”. But, Peter seems reluctant and resistant. Jane then sees Peter doing something. “Jane it’s time to wake up” Maris’s voice is heard saying just then. Jane then wakes up with a stat in Maris’s apartment.

Jane tells Maris everything that she saw and also says Jocelyn her grandmother was 5 years old at the time. Maris says, Jane was probably Libby because she has some kind of bond with Libby. Maris says Jane has to find out what is the bond between her and Libby. Viktor tells Olivia that, Sasha faked her death and the body found at the site of the accident, wasn’t hers. Viktor says the plan was Sasha’s and he only helped her with it. Olivia is baffled as to why Sasha would do such a thing. “We both had something in common, we both hated Gavin” Viktor says. Jane calls Detective Cooper and says she needs his help with something. Gavin pays Maris a visit and for some reason doesn’t enter her apartment. He tells Maris while standing at the door that, he knows Jane had come to see her.

Maris tells him, she can’t talk about her patients. Gavin asks Maris where Jane went, after she went downstairs. But, Maris makes it clear that she can’t tell him that. Gavin suggests they do a trade. Maris says she will tell Gavin where Jane went, if he allows her (Maris) to walk out of the Drake in one piece. Gavin agrees. “I don’t know everything yet, but when I do, I’ll be in touch” Maris then tells him. Jane tells Cooper about her experience and asks him if he has found any information on Libby. Cooper says Libby died on “10.28.27” the very night Jane was in her body. Henry is told by Perez that, Jane being in the psych ward could a problem for his career and therefore he should get rid of Jane. Henry isn’t happy to hear this and turns down the Councilman’s job instead.

Jane tells Cooper, she saw Peter Kramer hide his journal in the fireplace in his apartment. Olivia calls up Sasha from Viktor’s phone and is shocked to hear Sasha’s voice. Sasha hears Olivia’s voice and immediately hangs up. “Take me to her or I take you to the Drake” Olivia tells Viktor, while pointing a gun at him. Jane and Cooper in the meantime, dig up Peter Kramer’s journal. “I need to go talk to Maris” Jane says after looking through the journal. Jane reads to Maris from the journal. In it Peter has mentioned how something terrible was called forth by him and his associates and probably they will all live to regret it. Jane asks Maris to take her “back one more time” as she needs to know what happened to Libby. Jane then goes back.

Peter Kramer is shown asking Jane to leave the Drake immediately with Jocelyn. “And don’t stop for anyone” Peter instructs Jane. Jane and Jocelyn reach the lobby, but find the door of the lobby locked. Jane and Jocelyn hide under the reception desk just as they hear Peter and his associates arriving. They ask Peter where Jocelyn is, but he says he doesn’t know. Jane asks Jocelyn to remain hidden and goes out to talk to the men. They ask her where Jocelyn is and she says she dents know. “Let’s use her then. Blood is blood” says one of the men. The men then drag Jane downstairs. Jane yells out to Peter for help, but he too walks along with other men. Jane is taken to the basement and restrained to a chair. There are candles all through the room. Jane pleads for her life, but to no avail.

One of the men has a knife in his hand. They render Jane unconscious before beginning the ritual. Back in Maris’s apartment, Jane tells Maris, “they took Libby instead of Jocelyn, then they murdered her”. “Your past and you future seemed to be tangled up with this place” Maris says. Henry finds some dirt on Perez and uses it to convince Perez to support his becoming the Councilman. Viktor brings Olivia to Sasha’s building and tells her which apartment Sasha lives in. Kandinsky watches Olivia entering the building, from a distance. He also sees Tony and Viktor, and readies to take Viktor out. Olivia enters Sasha’s apartment but sees that it’s empty. She hears a gunshot and rushes out. On the pavement she sees Viktor lying with a gunshot wound.

Tony says Viktor tried to make a run for it and then he heard a gunshot from across the street. Olivia asks Viktor who is breathing his last, where she can find Sasha. But, Viktor dies before he can reveal anything. Maris steps out of her apartment with a book in hand. Gavin meets her in the lobby and reminds her of their deal. She hands him the book and says she has marked the relevant page for him. Maris then walks out of the Drake. Gavin opens the book, and turns out it’s the guest book Jane was made to sign the night she was transported back to 1927. Gavin sees Jane’s signature in it.

Maris walks a certain distance and then looks up in the sky, her body then disseminates into a bunch of white doves, which then fly away. Jane in her bathroom mirror sees Libby’s reflection begging Jane to help her. Gavin meets Sasha in a bar. Turns out, Sasha is Henry’s PR agent Lauren. The episode ends at this point.