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Season 6

187 :06x01 - 5 (1)

Stu, on a quest to solve a hit-and-run murder, heads to the Middle East.
Guest Stars: Tony Bennett as Maximillian | Peter Lorre as Gypsy | Luther Adler as Thomas Allen
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Harry Essex

188 :06x02 - 5 (2)

As Stu continues to work on the hit-and-run case, the case becomes more complex when a mysterious blonde becomes a part of the investigation.
Guest Stars: Tony Bennett as Maximillian | Peter Lorre as Gypsy | Luther Adler as Thomas Allen
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Harry Essex

189 :06x03 - 5 (3)

Stu begins to think that he may be searching for two killers, not one, but his search leads to two attempts made on his life.
Guest Stars: Tony Bennett as Maximillian | Peter Lorre as Gypsy | Luther Adler as Thomas Allen
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Harry Essex

190 :06x04 - 5 (4)

Stu's search takes him to Italy, Holland and France as the case continues to unfold.
Guest Stars: Tony Bennett as Maximillian | Peter Lorre as Gypsy | Marisa Pavan as Anna | Jacques Bergerac as Inspector Claude Duprez | Cesar Romero as Lorenzo Cestari | Telly Savalas as Brother Hendrickson | Luther Adler as Thomas Allen
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Harry Essex

191 :06x05 - 5 (5)

The search for the murderers takes Stu to New York where the case ends in a shocking climax.
Guest Stars: Tony Bennett as Maximillian | Peter Lorre as Gypsy | Brian Keith as Sergeant Patrick Cohan | Carmelo Manto as Unknown | Luther Adler as Thomas Allen | Wally Cox as Harold Harrison
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Harry Essex

192 :06x06 - White Lie

Stu is hired to locate an owner of some oil-rich land.
Guest Stars: Lillian Powell as | Paul Newlan as | Elizabeth Montgomery (1) as Charlotte DeLavalle | Kim Hamilton as Letha | Juanita Moore as Celia Jackson | Gene Evans as Sam Weldon | Walter Mathews as | Tol Avery as
Director: Paul Nickell
Writer: Ardel Wray

193 :06x07 - 88 Bars

A wealthy woman hires Stu to look after her brother who has been threatened several times. While looking into the threats, Stu uncovers a framing.
Guest Stars: Grace Lee Whitney as Natasha | Cloris Leachman as Constance Wingate | Joanna Barnes as Lisa Cabot | Bobby Troup as Vic Connors | Linda Watkins as Trini | Lee Van Cleef as Majeski | Barry Kelley as Art Keller | Art Balinger as Lt. Tate | Charles Fredericks as Bartender | Carmelo Manto as Mario | DeForest Kelley as Phil Wingate
Director: Abner Biberman
Writer: Tony Barrett

194 :06x08 - Don't Wait for Me

Stu is hired to find the truth behind an attempted murder.
Guest Stars: Joe De Santis as | Jo Van Fleet as Jane Patterson | Brenda Scott as Sharon Patterson | Phillip Pine as Phil Agnesi | Gus Trikonis as Marco Costa | Christopher Dark as | Paul Marin as
Director: Abner Biberman

195 :06x09 - By His Own Verdict

After being acquitted of murder by a jury, Max Dent confesses to his lawyer that he's actually guilty. Upon hearing this, the lawyer decides to take the law into his own hands.
Guest Stars: Joseph Cotten as Arnold Buhler | Nick Adams (1) as Max Dent | Karl Swenson as Marty Kline | Barbara Bain as Rachel Dent | Jay Adler as Bennie | Russell Thorson as Leopold Dent | William Hughes (1) as | Mark Dempsey as
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

196 :06x10 - Deposit with Caution

Stu goes to New York to clear John Frazier's name.
Guest Stars: Booth Colman as Walter Dorn | Peggy Rea as Mrs. Sontag | Virginia Gregg as Trudie | John Gabriel (2) as Stan Venable | Barbara Wilkin as Dorothy | Glenn Cannon as Denny Skipton | Jean Carson as Viola Dorn | Ted de Corsia as Blackie | Nancy Malone as Kathy Frazier | Harold Stone as Lt. John Frazier
Director: Byron Paul

197 :06x11 - The Toy Jungle

Stu investigates a husband's claim that his wife is leading two separate lives.
Guest Stars: Carla Borelli as Nurse | Adrienne Hayes as | George N. Neise as Charlie | Jerry Hausner as Willie Kearney | Eve McVeagh as Landlady | Henry Gibson as Eddie | Robert Clarke (2) as Vince Santell | Cliff Osmond as Sam Reardon | Russell Johnson as Harry Devlin | Pat Crowley as Doris Devlin
Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Writer: Louis Vittes

198 :06x12 - The Fumble

One of Stu's friends, Diana, hires him to watch her husband and stop him from drinking too much and losing his job.
Guest Stars: Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Delgado | Lenore Roberts as Julia | Chet Stratton as Shore | Elaine Gardner as Model | Irish McCalla as Lynette | Stacy Harris as Paul Ludeen | Robert F. Simon as Frank Harrison | Joan Staley as Hannah | Sue Ane Langdon as Janet | Gail Kobe as Diana Carmichael
Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Writer: Tony Barrett

199 :06x13 - Bonus Baby

Stu finds himself caught in the middle of a paternity case.
Guest Stars: Lili Valenty as Woman | Naomi Stevens as Italian Woman | Paul Mantee as Nick Malatesta | Al Ruscio as Pete Malatesta | Penny Santon as Rosa Pucci | Ray Teal as Capt. Hobart | James Farentino as Joe Fiore | Frank DeKova as Dino Malatesta | Michael Constantine as Sylvio Fiore | Simon Oakland as Antonio Malfi
Director: Leo Penn

200 :06x14 - Paper Chase

A paper company hires Stu after an employee steals the formula to a new paper product.
Guest Stars: Lisa Gaye as Laura Keddy | James Lanphier as Lt. Manning | Harlan Warde as Lawrence Keddy | Barbara Hines as Gloria Peyton | John Kellogg as Greg Pyeton | David White (1) as Jasper Clinton | Med Flory as Paul Keddy | Joan Staley as Hannah | Jean Willes as Francie Vollmer | Barbara Stuart as Marla Reilly | Nina Shipman as Maggy Dolan | Virginia Vincent as Kitty Cocoran | Elena Verdugo as Karen Keddy
Director: Byron Paul

201 :06x15 - Lovers' Lane

Boss Gates hires Stu to clear his son's name. However, his son is currently on death row.
Guest Stars: Paula Winslowe as | Tom Holland as | Than Wyenn as | Beverly Washburn as Dorrie Lang | Yvonne Craig as Tina Nichols | Charles McGraw as Lt. Jack Starkey | Preston Foster as Boss Gates | Hampton Fancher as Chuck Gates Jr.
Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Writer: Ardel Wray

202 :06x16 - Alimony League

Millionaire Jerry Kenzie, who wants to get married again, hires Stu to attend an alimony cutback meeting between him and his four ex-wives.
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Betty Kenzie | Julie Adams as Anne Kenzie | Natalie Trundy as | Roxane Berard as Denise Kenzie | Lloyd Corrigan as Jerry Kenzie | Betty Lou Gerson as | Ben Wright as | Diana Millay as Francie O'Hara | Art Koulias as
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

203 :06x17 - Not Such a Simple Knot

Stu looks after an 11-year-old genius. He soon uncovers that the boy might be the key to a casino scam.
Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Vicki | Kaye Elhardt as | Joan Swift as | Pat Cardi as Skip | Rhys Williams as Uncle Molnar | Dan Tobin as Les Cook | Roy Roberts as
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

204 :06x18 - The Target

Stu is hired to protect a woman's husband who has become the target for an assassination.
Guest Stars: Hal Baylor as | Ray Montgomery as | Forrest Lewis as | Les Tremayne as Warden | Lyle Talbot as Tatum | Suzi Carnell as Sharon Carnovan | Keith Andes as Frank Cassel | Jeanne Cooper as Gina Cassel
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

205 :06x19 - Dead as in "Dude"

After a man dies at a dude ranch, Stu is hired to investigate.
Guest Stars: Robert Colbert as McHenry | Diane Brewster as Gloria Townsend | Cathie Merchant as | Lester Matthews as | Phillip Terry as Fleming | John Hudson (1) as Wawlins | William Bramley (1) as Bridges | Sarah Marshall (1) as Harriet | Reginald Gardiner as Mauldin | Jo Morrow as Bentura
Director: Abner Biberman
Writer: Louis Vittes

206 :06x20 - Queen of the Cats

Stu is hired to find a heiress's mother.
Guest Stars: Jena Engstrom as Marion Armstrong | Virginia Gregg as Nellie | Paula Raymond as Robbie | Parley Baer as Charlie Cornwall | Steve Ihnat as Vince | Dick Wessel as Stan | Irwin Charone as Eddie
Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Writer: Louis Vittes
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 10, 1958
Ended: September 09, 1964
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