Season 2

23 :02x01 - Don't Take My Love Away

In the second season-opener, Eric and Annie renew their vows--- they are getting married again.
Guest Stars: Billy Mayo as Guard | Vien Hong as Delivery Guy | Robert Starr as Ted Shields | Cliff Dorfman as Martin | Norman Weiss as Zack | Andrew Keegan as Wilson West | Matthew Linville as Jimmy Moon | Andrea Ferrell as Heather Cain | Leigh Taylor-Young as Nora Chambers

24 :02x02 - See You in September

Eric and Annie are taking the day off to spend time together since it's the first day of school for the 5 Camden children. Although, things go array on their first day back in school. Ruthie is caught wearing a hat backwards which violates school policy. Ruthie insists on wearing her cap backwards and ends up getting a 'time out' by her teacher. During Simon's first day at Junior High School, he is caught with a knife that his mother had given him to cut his chicken. Simon is suspended for a day. Mary offers to help Lucy with her locker that doesn't open because of Eric's old lock that he had given her. Meanwhile, when Lucy takes an aspirin that Mary had given her, the principal notices them with the medicine and takes them to the office. Matt later joins his sisters after Mr. Koper catches him with a beeper - the one Eric left in Matt's jacket after borrowing it. All three of them are suspended for a day. Also, Mary learns that Mr. Koper is her new basketball coach and he's going to help her build her knee strength up. Lastly, a boy threatening to jump off his apartment building interrupts Eric and Annie's day off. Eric then helps to work things out between him and his mother.
Guest Stars: Tony Denman as Guy | Bobby Brewer as Buck | Steve Monroe as Mitch | Claudette Nevins as Mrs. Rainy | Paul Satterfield as Mr. Koper | Peggy Mannix as Mrs. Richardson | Debra Jo Rupp as June McKinkley | Mila Kunis as Ashley | Taran Noah Smith as Peter McKinley | Matthew Linville as Jimmy Moon | David Netter as Nigel Hamilton | Camille Winbush as Lynn Hamilton | Christopher Michael as Sgt. Michaels | Nancy Lee Grahn as Principal Russell | Michael Franco (1) as Ricky
Director: David Semel

25 :02x03 - I Love You

Mary tries to make Wilson say that he "loves" her, but Wilson thinks it's a big commitment and that they haven't known each other long enough to say those words to each other. Meanwhile, Simon and Ruthie are reading Matt's love letters to Heather and get caught. Matt tricks them by addressing one of the letters to "Mrs. Matt Camden." By this, Eric accidently finds the letter leading to think Matt and Heather got married over the summer, which worries himself, Annie and Heather's mom, Mrs. Cain. Lastly, Eric helps Lucy's friend, Laurie get closer to her mother.
Guest Stars: Anita Dangler as Laurie's Grandmother | Molly Orr as Laurie | Casey Boersma as Billy (Wilson Jr.) West | Dylan Boersma as Billy (Wilson Jr.) West | Andrew Keegan as Wilson West | Meg Wittner as Donna Cain | Laurie O'Brien as Carol

26 :02x04 - Who Knew?

Eric accuses Matt of doing drugs after finding marijuana in the house after Matt's friend Mitch asks him to hold his marijuana. Meanwhile, at the same time Eric finds the marijuana in the house it leads Annie to a confession of own her about her experimentation. Also, Simon teaches Ruthie about the fine art of doing laundry, even though Ruthie is little too young. Lastly, Lucy introduces her new clothing of all black and her new boyfriend Rod to the family.
Guest Stars: Abraham Amedeo as Johnny D. | Andrew Keegan as Wilson West | Toran Caudell as Rod | Jason Waters as Mitch

27 :02x05 - Says Who?

One of the members of Eric's congregation, Mrs. Bink persuades him to investigate the real reason of why her best friend Mrs. Hinkle is moving into a retirement home. Meanwhile, Simon and Ruthie are performing an experiment and are trying to convince Matt that Simon is shrinking, but the tables suddenly turn for Simon. Also, Lucy tries to get to the bottom of one of her classmates, Shelby as she is rumored all over school of being bulimic.
Guest Stars: Jane Morris as Dana | Benjamin Livingston as Attendant | Jennifer Wallenstein as Melissa | Bobbie Vargo as Real Estate Agent | Julie Marie Berman as Shelby | Eileen Brennan as Mrs. Gladys Bink | Peg Phillips as Mrs. Hinkle
Director: Harvey Laidman

28 :02x06 - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

The Camden kids get a lesson in love as Mary decides to call it a quits with Wilson. Simon is obsessed with getting his first girlfriend, while Ruthie learns the do's and don'ts of kissing on the school playground. Matt receives devastating news from his girlfriend Heather, which leads him on a long journey to Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Lucy laments over being single until she accidently gets close to the school hunk.
Guest Stars: Thomas Crawford as Clerk #2 | Alexandra Picatto as Rita | Ashley Tisdale as Janice | Howard Mungo as Clerk #1 | Jonah Rooney as Charlie Banks | Ryan Gesell as Mason | Ray Quartermus as Bum | Michael Franco (1) as Ricky | Kristin Steese as Cheryl Hardwick | Andrew Keegan as Wilson West | David Netter as Nigel Hamilton | Andrea Ferrell as Heather Cain | Claudette Nevins as Mrs. Rainy | Ryan Tetreault as Janice's New Boyfriend
Director: Harry Harris

29 :02x07 - Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Simon becomes emotionally involved with his best friend's sister, Karen who's a gang member. Meanwhile, in a show of independence Lucy dons makeup and revealing wardrobe with her friend's to meet guys at the mall and gets caught by Annie and Ruthie. In addition, Ruthie questions the speed of light to everyone in the family.
Guest Stars: Nicole Bilderback as Lauren | Christine Healy (1) as Unknown | H. Richard Greene as Joe | Lynsey Bartilson as Terri | Adrian Ricard as Joan | Jay Kopita as Security Guard: Jim | Zachary Browne as Stanley | Shiri Appleby as Karen

30 :02x08 - Do Something

Against Eric's advice, Matt takes a job caring for a dying boy named Steve. Annie goes into the muffin-making business after being convinced by her daughters Mary and Lucy. Annie goes into business with a cookie shop owner, David Friel who's looking to expand his profits, although it's much harder work for Annie than what she had originally anticipated. Also, Ruthie teaches Simon a tough lesson about the art of being a salesperson when being his competition in selling greeting cards.
Guest Stars: Don Perry as Ed | Robert Gossett as Doctor | Jesse Dizon as Joe | Joe Costanza as Delivery Man | Ann Gillespie as Emory | Ron Fassler as David Friel | Garrett M. Brown as Nell | Ally Wolfe as Nurse | Vincent Berry as Steve
Director: Tony Mordente
Writer: Naomi Janzen

31 :02x09 - I Hate You

Against Eric's wishes, Simon asks Mrs. Kerjesz (guest-star real life survivor, Rita Zoharm) to tell her story about being in the Holocaust in his class presentation. To form a strong sisterly bond, Mary and Lucy decide to hate Matt's new girlfriend for no good reason and end up hurting her feelings and breaking up with Matt. Also, Annie suffers heartache when Ruthie tells her she "hates" her for making her clean the walls in her room after scribbling crayons on them.
Guest Stars: Jerry Lambert as Mr. Murphy | Carlos Amezcua as Guy | Rita Zohar as Charlotte Kerjesz | Jameson Baltes as Larry | Ashley Lyn Cafagna as Joanne | Meghan Murphy as Gwen | Elizabeth Nicole as Rosalyn | Alison Martin as Teacher

32 :02x10 - Truth or Dare

Mary coerces Matt into asking his friend Brian (guest-star Jason Behr) to take her out on a date despite his lack of interest in her. Although, things begin to heat up between the two kids while on the date---but ultimately ends in disaster after Mary finds out the truth. Meanwhile, Lucy is invited to a sleepover of popular girls, but Lucy is unaware of the group's real intentions for inviting her. Also, Simon begins to teach Ruthie how to swim without taking lessons. Lastly, Eric becomes convinced he's fat and thinks he's getting away with cheating on his diet.
Guest Stars: Caitlin Crosby as Beverly | Mila Kunis as Ashley | Jennifer Mickelson as Jenny | Gigi Moran as Lifeguard | Julie Marie Berman as Shelby | Jason Behr as Brian Heaz
Director: Les Sheldon

33 :02x11 - Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way

Eric's no-nonsense father, John "The Colonel" (guest star Peter Graves) returns when he learns an array of problems in the Camden household. Mary is jealous of a new member of the basketball team who is getting a lot of the attention. Lucy's declining grades are due to her hanging around with a bad crowd, while Ruthie needs to copy Simon in his quest to be a magician. Meanwhile, Eric is oblivious to all of the family troubles around him as he's preoccupied with writing a sermon that is to be covered by a camera crew. Meanwhile, Annie is doing all the chores at home and at church alone while everyone else is doing their own thing.
Guest Stars: Paul Satterfield as Coach Koper | Carrie Stauber as Mrs. Fischer | Chauncey Leopardi as Todd's friend | Diana Tanaka as Nurse | Ali Glazer as Diane Butler | Michelle Boles as Linda | Morgan Kibby as Christine | Ally Wolfe as Head Nurse | Peter Graves (1) as "The Colonel" John Camden | Yunoka Doyle as Cheryl | Alicia Leigh Willis as Corey Conway | Jeremy Torgerson as Todd
Director: Harvey Laidman

34 :02x12 - Rush to Judgment

Eric and Annie try not suspecting the worst when they discover money missing from the church treasury and all the evidence points to Lou, the church treasurer. Later, they all find out it is for his disabled son who was kicked out of his home and needs to find a new one. Believing that Coach Koper has more than basketball on his mind where Mary's concerned, Matt and Lucy risk alienating their sister to discover the truth. Also, Simon lets the game of golf overwhelm his life and ends up breaking a lot of things.
Guest Stars: Ernestine Mercer as Old Lady | Paul Satterfield as Coach Koper | Sandy Freeman as Alice Dalton | Neill Barry as Louis Dalton Jr. | Alan Fudge as Lou Dalton | Nancy Lee Grahn as Ms. Russell | Steve Monroe as Kevin
Director: Neema Barnette

35 :02x13 - Stuck in the Middle with You

Lucy must choose between her new boyfriend Rod and her former boyfriend Jimmy Moon after he is dumped by his old girlfriend Ashley, and wants Lucy back. While Lucy makes her decision, the rest of the Camden children are making bets to which guy Lucy will choose. Eric and Annie are at odds when they help newly married couples communicate with each other, but end up getting into a big fight themselves when discussing their burial plot arrangements within their own families. Also, a visit from Annie's father stirs up further problems in the Camden household when he arrives without Ginger after recently breaking up due to his hair piece (toupee).
Guest Stars: Michael G. Hagerty as Robert | Dwier Brown as Kevin | Maya Elise Goodwin as Bonnie | Adrienne Corcoran as Patty | Graham Jarvis as Charles Jackson | Matthew Linville as Jimmy Moon | Toran Caudell as Rod | Virginya Keehne as Katie | Nigél Thatch as Michael
Director: Harry Harris

36 :02x14 - Red Tape

Eric helps a single mother named Harriet and her son Clarence to try to convince the IRS that she shouldn't be responsible for her ex-boyfriend's enormous debts. Annie confronts the kids about their lack of good manners after an incident at a "Free Sunday Blue-Collar Special Lunch" at a restaurant. The kids do not take Annie seriously and fool around. Meanwhile, Matt accuses Mary and Lucy of placing a personal ad in his name in the school newspaper for a date. Also, Simon and Ruthie try to figure out how to pay off Happy's accidental credit card and purchase.
Guest Stars: Keith MacKechnie as Dr. Peterson | Wylie Small as Store Owner | Shelley Robertson as Harriet Fields | Carolyn Lawrence as Operator | George C. Simms as Jim | Gary Leroi Gray as Clarence Fields | Sha Bennett as Nurse | Nils Larsen as Leonard | Kenneth Tigar as Mr. Smith
Director: Les Sheldon

37 :02x15 - Homecoming

Convinced that she'll fail in her basketball comeback, Mary develops a horrible attitude making her quite unpleasant. Eric laments that Mary never talks to him anymore. Lucy is excited over the prospect of her best friend Suzanne coming to visit, until she learns the girl ran away from home. Afraid of his science teacher, Mrs. Hunter, Simon loses his confidence in his ability to complete a class project and feigns illness to avoid it. Also, Ruthie is fearful of her first field trip thinking that she'll get lost from the group.
Guest Stars: Brynn Thayer as Pam | Patricia Forte as Simon's Counselor | Ali Glazer as Diane Butler | Rachel Crane as Suzanne Sanders | Adam Dior as Nick | Yunoka Doyle as Cheryl | Alicia Leigh Willis as Corey Conway | Hudson Leick as Ms. Hunter | Johnny Green (2) as Richard
Director: David J. Plenn

38 :02x16 - It Takes a Village

When Eric helps his friend Reverend Morgan Hamilton secretly meet up with his wife's ex-husband Kevin, they are shocked at the outcome that he's paralyzed from the waist down. While covering for the Hamilton's daughter Keesha, Lucy unexpectedly goes on a double date with them. Soon Annie and Mrs. Hamilton bust the girls when taking Ruthie and Lynn to the movies. Back at school, Mary clandestinely dates one of Lucy's classmates.
Guest Stars: Terry Rhoads as Kevin | Cerita Monet Bickelmann as Nina | Kirsten Storms as Laura Cummings | Richard Redlin as Scott Smith | Meghan Murphy as Jessica | Marla Kapit as Ticket Person | Zaron Burnett as Guy | Dorian Harewood as Morgan Hamilton | Olivia Brown as Patricia Hamilton | Gabrielle Union as Keesha Hamilton | Chaz Lamar Shepherd as John Hamilton | David Netter as Nigel Hamilton | Camille Winbush as Lynn Hamilton | Ryan Odum as Rick
Writer: Sue Tenney

39 :02x17 - Nothing Endures But Change

Lucy gets an invitation to have pizza with two rebellious friends, then blames herself for the tragic car accident that claims her friend's life, and her sister in the hospital. After Lucy's friend is killed, the family rallies around her, noticing her unusually distant behavior. In addition, Mary does a favor for her ex-boyfriend Wilson and baby-sits his son Billy so he can go to his prom. Also, Simon gets his own room while Matt moves into the attic.
Guest Stars: Susan Mackin as Counselor | Marla Sokoloff as Jen | David Q. Combs as Mr. Foster | Kaylan Romero as Young Man #2 | Kente Scott as Young Man | Casey Boersma as Bill West Jr. | Dylan Boersma as Billy West Jr. | Kayla Murphy as Sarah | Tracy Masonis as Young Woman #2 | Andrew Keegan as Wilson West | Christopher Michael as Sergeant Michaels | Kate Randolph Burns as Mrs. Foster | Annie Barker as Young Woman
Director: Stephen Collins

40 :02x18 - My Kinda Guy

After Eric agrees to take in a French exchange student (Guy) as a temporary border, no one but Ruthie suspects the young man is actually a con artist. Suave and romantic, the border attracts both Mary and Lucy after he flirts with them. Simon and Ruthie get sick when they try to smoke Guy's cigarettes. Also, Guy steals Matt's date. Lastly, Eric and Annie discover e-mail and chat-rooms on Guy's laptop computer and begin a romance with each other over the internet.
Guest Stars: Mark Bramhall as Martin | Marcus Toji as Brother #2 | Alice Kushida as Mom | Joannah Portman as Michelle | Garron Tsushima as Brother #1 | Steven Roy as Guy

41 :02x19 - Time to Leave the Nest

Eric tries to unravel the mystery surrounding a young homeless girl, Sarah James, that Simon brings home who's lost. Eric tries to help her and her alcoholic father, Joe James. Matt delights the prospect of going away to college. Matt says he needs personal space when having a older woman sleep-over. Also, sharing a room begins to fuel differences between Mary and Lucy.
Guest Stars: Christie Lynn Smith as Molly | K Callan as Grandma James | Caitlin Alderton as Sarah | Christopher Michael as Sergeant Michaels | Ally Wolfe as Nurse | Kirk Bailey as Joe James
Director: Tony Mordente

42 :02x20 - Like a Harlot

Eric asks Matt to take his friend's daughter to the senior prom, but he is unaware of her tainted style and her being a harlot. Eric gets "Snappy the Stegosaurus" tickets from his ex-girlfriend for Ruthie. Meanwhile, Simon is uncomfortable after viewing a school film on the 'facts of life' while Ruthie learns the truth about her costume character hero. Also, Mary and Lucy trick their way into a date with boys they don't know, but the joke's on them.
Guest Stars: William Francis McGuire as John Gannon | Joshua Patterson as Casey | Sheeri Rappaport as Connie Gannon | Jonathon Patterson as Kyle | Dawn Jeffory as Debbie Miller
Writer: Sue Tenney

43 :02x21 - Boyfriends (1)

When Mary and Wilson decide to get back together it begins to make Annie worrisome about their togetherness since Wilson and his son Billy are hanging around the Camden house a lot more. Later on, Matt catches Wilson and Mary both sleeping together in her bed and throws a fit at them. Meanwhile, Lucy is also worried when her former boyfriends, Jimmy Moon and Rod team up to follow Eric around for a class project. The two guys even start calling themselves Eric's "MIT's: Minister's In Training." Also, Simon begins to train Happy for a role in a dog commercial while Matt is looking for the right time to tell his family that he got a job in Washington D.C. over the summer. Lastly, after Happy wins the commercial gig and is put on television, Happy's original owner and his daughter see Happy on television and want her back.
Guest Stars: Rick Scarry as Jack Martin | Marjorie Lovett as Mrs. Arnold | Hunter Garner as Kenny | Leslie Lunceford as Girl | Casey Boersma as Billy West Jr. | Dylan Boersma as Billy West Jr. | Michael Shelle as Counselor | Anne Flanagan as Woman | Kyle Kraska as TV Announcer | Andrew Keegan as Wilson West | Matthew Linville as Jimmy Moon | Toran Caudell as Rod | Phil Hawn as Church Congregation Member

44 :02x22 - ... And Girlfriends (2)

In the second season finale, Eric and Annie are shocked and saddened that Mary might be pregnant after a talk with her doctor over the phone. Meanwhile, Matt makes an announcement that he is leaving home sooner than expected so he can begin a summer training program in Washington D.C. Although, Matt soon realizes that "The Colonel" was the real reason of how he got into the program and must decide whether he should take it or not. Also, Simon and Ruthie are despondent when Happy's original owner comes to claim her. The family then tries their best efforts into getting her back. Also, Annie's father, Charles and Ginger create a false engagement to discourage Eric and Annie when trying to rescue Happy with the rest of the family---but later on make the engagement real. Lastly, a big surprise is waiting in the wing for Eric and Annie as they discover something wonderful.
Guest Stars: Rick Scarry as Jack Martin | Hunter Garner as Kenny | Jon Simmons as Richard Watson | Phil Hawn as High School Graduation Spectator | Casey Boersma as Billy West Jr. | Dylan Boersma as Billy West Jr. | Graham Jarvis as Charles Jackson | Barbara Rush as Grandma Ruth Camden | Peter Graves (1) as "The Colonel" John Camden | Matthew Linville as Jimmy Moon | Andrew Keegan as Wilson West | Toran Caudell as Rod | Beverly Garland as Ginger
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CW ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: August 26, 1996
Ended: May 13, 2007
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