Season 8

155 :08x01 - The Long Bad Summer (1)

In the eighth season premiere, the Camden's spend the last week of summer at a beach house. At the beginning of the summer, Simon killed Paul Smith in an automobile accident. Simon is having a hard time dealing with the fact that he killed him and everyone tries to help him. Eric and Annie try to push Simon to go back to school which begins in a week. Eric would like Paul's parents to accept the insurance companies offer to the money. Paul's brother vandalizes the church by adding graffiti to the sign saying "Thou Shalt Not Kill." Simon runs away to New York to get away from the troubles he is having in Glen Oak. Also, Lucy and Kevin discuss possibly having a child. Peter is spending a lot of time around Ruthie and the Camden family. Ruthie finds out about Mary and Carlos being married.
Guest Stars: Marcia Wallace as Nurse | Mark Moses as Don Smith | Christopher Michael as Detective Michaels | Carlos Ponce as Carlos Rivera | Katie Mitchell as Anne Smith

156 :08x02 - An Early Fall (2)

Mary (guest-star Jessica Biel) makes a surprise visit home to deliver unexpected news to Eric and Annie. Meanwhile, Simon tells Cecilia (Ashlee Simpson) that he needs space. Also, Lucy and Kevin adjust to married life. Chandler breaks up with Roxanne after learning that she isn't comfortable with the idea of being a preacher's wife, while Roxanne seeks Kevin's advice on dealing with a dispirited Chandler. Also, the Camdens finally learn who's pregnant. Lastly, Eric ponders Simon's academic future and Annie prepares for a potentially tense dinner engagement.
Guest Stars: Carlos Ponce as Carlos Rivera

157 :08x03 - PK (a.k.a. Preacher's Kid)

With Annie out of town, Eric is left alone to accompany Simon on his visit to the Board of Education to discuss early graduation. During the meeting, Simon bonds with his advisor, Maynard (guest-star Cirroc Lofton), when they realize that they're both preachers' kids. Meanwhile, Lucy catches Chandler kissing a beautiful blonde woman at church and she agonizes over whether or not to tell Roxanne; Kevin's (George Stults) boss, Detective Michaels (guest-star Christopher Michael), tricks him into babysitting his six-year-old granddaughter; Peter makes a deal with the school bully in an attempt to protect Ruthie and Cecilia agrees to watch the twins which leads to a confrontation with Simon.
Guest Stars: Bradley James as Cop | Brittany Lapham as Linda | Melissa Cunningham as Michelle | Stefan Van Ray as Hippo | Dana Daurey as Chandler's Date | Jamia Simone Nash as Haley Michaels | Anthony DeFrancesco as Clerk | Richard Alan Brown as Teenager | Cirroc Lofton as Maynard | Alan Fudge as Lou Dalton | Joey Gray as Justin
Director: Harry Harris

159 :08x05 - Simon's Home Video

In a video essay for his application to college, Simon (David Gallagher) recounts the experiences of his Camden family members including their relationships, friends and mistakes that they've made over the years in Glen Oak as well as his own pain at having killed Paul, a young boy in a car accident earlier in the year.
Uncredited: Robert Evans (3) as Himself - Voiceover

160 :08x06 - Charity Begins at Home

During his Sunday sermon, Eric proposes that instead of a financial contribution, everyone should make a commitment to reach out and help someone in need. Kevin suggests that he and Lucy work together to set up a neighborhood watch program, but she feels passionate about working with Habitat for Humanity. Eric calls his new son-in-law Carlos (guest-star Carlos Ponce) and asks him to fly in without Mary for dinner with the family, which makes Carlos very nervous. Also, Ruthie picks a shy new girl at school as her project and soon finds out that she has a secret. Meanwhile, Peter picks Ruthie as his project, which prompts her to tell him that they should spend less time together. Chandler and Roxanne keep running into each other stirring up old feelings. Lastly, Annie becomes jealous of all of the time the twins are spending with Cecilia.
Guest Stars: Brody Hutzler as Paul | Kamal Marayati as Mr. Moe Dupree | David Rountree as Gate Agent | Hayley Chase as Lauren | Carlos Ponce as Carlos Rivera | Christopher Michael as Detective Michaels | Randa Sabbah as Jill Dupree
Director: Karen Arthur
Writer: Sue Tenney
Songs: Wynonna -- What The World Needs

161 :08x07 - Getting to Know You

Eric and Annie throw a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" party for Ruthie's Muslim friend Jill Dupree (guest-star Randa Sabbah) and her parents (guest-stars Kamal Marayati and Yareli Arizmendi), but the Duprees are hesitant to attend. Eric is shocked and disappointed when he learns that his neighborhood is not a friendly place for Muslims. Meanwhile, Cecilia's house is robbed while she and her dad (guest-star Brad Maule "General Hospital") attend Kevin's first Neighborhood Watch meeting; Roxanne mentors a troubled 16-year-old (guest-star A.J. Trauth) and suspects that he might be involved in the robbery, and Chandler finds himself attracted to Peter's mom Paris (guest-star Shannon Kenny).
Guest Stars: Doug Sinclair as Police Officer | Tom McTigue as Florist | A.J. Trauth as Jordan James | Christopher Holloway as Neighbor | Al Ruscio as Fred "Freddy" Fleming | Michael Dempsey as Grocer | Yareli Arizmendi as Mrs. Nadia Dupree | Kamal Marayati as Mr. Moe Dupree | Shannon Kenny as Paris Petrowski | Brad Maule as George Smith | Christopher Michael as Detective Michaels | Eileen Brennan as Mrs. Gladys Bink | Randa Sabbah as Jill Dupree
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: Sue Tenney

162 :08x08 - Baggage (a.k.a. Out of the Past)

Eric arranges for Peter and his dog to visit a drug rehab center to cheer up the patients. Peter bonds with Nick (guest-star Joe Penny) and helps him reconnect with his estranged son. Meanwhile, a very uncoordinated Lucy finds out that Kevin has been secretly coaching the Glenoak Police Department husband-and-wife softball team and demands that she be allowed to play. Just before his first date with Paris (guest-star Shannon Kenny), Chandler receives a letter from Roxanne telling him she still loves him. Martin (guest-star Tyler Hoechlin) confronts Cecilia about her lingering feelings for Simon, prompting Ceclia to call Simon to let him know she has a new boyfriend. She is also surprised when he admits that he is also dating someone and Ruthie is jealous of Cecilia and Annie's close relationship.
Guest Stars: Nick Cornish as Alfred | Tim Griffin as Chris | Joe Penny as Nick | Todd Sandler as Counselor | Shannon Kenny as Paris Petrowski | Ken Medlock as Umpire
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: Sue Tenney

163 :08x09 - Go Ask Alice

Eric (Stephen Collins) is brought in by the school board to help investigate the local high school Principal, Ms. Jones (guest-star Meredith Baxter), when more than one concerned parent questions her behavior. When a female student disappears, all fingers point at Ms. Jones, but Eric believes strongly that the student's father may be the real culprit. Elsewhere, rumors about Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) upset Cecilia, who then regrets talking to Ruthie about her feelings.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Lloyd as Mrs. Miller | Stephanie Nash as Mother of Friend of Hypoglycemic Girl | Elena Praskin as Student | Debbie McLeod as Mother of Hypoglycemic Girl | Christopher Allport as Mr. Miller | Madeline Zima as Alice Miller | Corbin Allred as Griffith Miller | Michael Holden (1) as Father of Son with Speech Problem | Meredith Baxter as Ms. Jones | Timothy Davis-Reed as Dad #2 | Kimberly Scott (1) as Greta | Brighton Ring as Raina | Dean J. West as College Student

164 :08x10 - The One Thing

Matt (guest-star Barry Watson) and Sarah (guest-star Sarah Danielle Madison) begin their student rotation in the ER, but get off to a bad start by arriving late and angering Dr. Norton (guest-star Dennis Boutsikaris), the attending ER physician. Matt and Sarah's relationship is tested when Matt quickly demonstrates an aptitude for the work, but Sarah accuses him of trying to make himself look better than the other students, especially her. However, Matt ends up looking foolish when he can't figure out how to turn off the ringer on his cell phone and he gets stuck fielding calls from his family. Matt's day ends tragically, leaving him to question his destiny.
Guest Stars: P.J. Marino as Paramedic #2 | Jeremy Glazer as Howard Goodman | Stacey Travis as Dr. Lisa Sterling | Jack Donner as Mr. McNeil | Reggie Jordan as Orderly | Kate Williamson as Marie Martin | Marcus Folmar as Mr. Adams | Kim Robillard as Mr. Simon | Barry Watson as Matt Camden | Sarah Danielle Madison as Sarah Glass | Debi Mazar as Nurse Kelly | Dennis Boutsikaris as Dr. Norton | Maria Ford as Pamela | Chad Rittenberg as Chad | Joshua Biton as Napoleon | Roshawn Franklin as Sinatra | Charles Janasz as Harry Hartman | Valerie D. Young as Paramedic #1 | Jackie Debatin as Ruby
Director: Fred Einesman

165 :08x11 - When Bad Conversations Happen to Good People

Matt (guest-star Barry Watson) returns home to tell Eric and Annie that Sarah has left him and he's dropping out of medical school. Rabbi Glass offers Matt marital advice. Meanwhile, Kevin must decide whether or not to tell a very jealous Lucy that his ex-wife (guest star Mindy Burbano) is in town and they got invited to dinner with her. Martin's aunt (guest star Keri Lynn Pratt) asks Eric to step in and talk Martin into moving to New York with her and Chandler asks Peter how he would feel about Chandler marrying his mother someday. Peter thinks something is amiss when his mother goes out of town for a business trip. Ruthie keeps something from her mother.
Guest Stars: Mindy Stearns as Mindy Kinkirk | James Martinez as Cop | Barry Watson as Matt Camden | Richard Lewis as Rabbi Richard Glass | Christopher Michael as Detective Michaels | Keri Lynn Pratt as Betsy Brewer
Director: Harry Harris

166 :08x12 - The Prodigal Father

A distraught Peter learns that his alcoholic and mean-spirited father, Vic (guest-star Bryan Callen), who abandoned his family three years ago, has changed his ways and wants to be part of Peter's life again. In the wake of this monumental news, Chandler must decide how this will impact his relationship with Paris (guest-star Shannon Kenny) and Peter. Meanwhile, Ruthie feels that Peter is pushing her away during this chaotic time and Reverend Camden finds a philanthropic way for the community and his family to embrace Vic.
Guest Stars: Nick Daley as Richard | Diana Elizabeth Jordan as Belma | Kellie McKuen as Brenda | Pam Rawuka as Pat | Shannon Kenny as Paris Petrowski | Bryan Callen as George "Vic" Vickery | Eugene Roche as Mr. Thomas
Director: Harvey Laidman

167 :08x13 - Major League

Eric feels he must intervene when Martin, who recently moved in with the Camdens, is recruited by a professional baseball team, the Miami Gators and considers dropping out of school. Meanwhile, Ruthie enlists Lucy's help to convince their mom that she should be allowed to attend a couples party with Peter. Finally, Chandler's mother (guest star Concetta Tomei) pays him an unwelcome visit when he is named executor of his father's estate. A rift happens between Lucy and Annie where an angered Lucy considers moving. Lastly, Cecilia teaches Sam and David on how to ride a bike.
Guest Stars: Kevin R. Kelly as Lee Olsen | Concetta Tomei as Edie Hampton | Beau Wirick as Guy #2 | Kyle Searles as Guy #3 | Kevin Dunn (1) as Coach Terry Hardwick
Writer: Sue Tenney

169 :08x15 - Don't Speak Ill of the Dead or the Living

Annie's half-sister Lily (guest-star Michelle Phillips) returns as she shows up on the Camden's doorstep to discuss an important family matter regarding their father, Charles. Eric tries to figure out why Annie doesn't want to talk to Lily when she shows up. Meanwhile, Cecilia sets Martin's friend Mac (guest-star Kyle Searles) up with a girl from school, but later rejects the offer when he remembers a horrifying moment that happened in school back when they were in the 1st grade. Ruthie and Peter's school project lands them in trouble when they create a newspaper featuring false and derogatory stories about two former U.S. presidents. Lastly, Roxanne turns to Chandler when she finds herself faced with a moral dilemma as she is keeping a secret from Kevin regarding Det. Michaels.
Guest Stars: Doug Sinclair as Officer | Michelle Phillips as Lily Jackson | Christine Estabrook as Ruthie's Teacher | Christopher Michael as Captain Michaels | Kyle Searles as Mac | Brad Maule as George Smith | Ashlee Gillespie as Pam

170 :08x16 - The Anniversary

Matt (guest-star Barry Watson) returns to Glenoak to celebrate his special "secret" 2-year anniversary with Ruthie. She tries to desperately avoid seeing the rest of the family as Matt doesn't want the rest of them to know he's in town. However, when Lucy discovers the secret, she, Eric and Annie go crazy trying to figure out why he's in town.They pay a special visit to the Glass in-laws. Meanwhile, Martin shares something special with Cecilia about himself when he takes her out on the town. Also, Annie accidently lets it slip to nurse Kelly (guest-star Debi Mazar) that Matt and Sarah are married on the phone. Lastly, Vic (guest-star Bryan Callen) invites Paris (guest-star Shannon Kenny) to spend a special evening with him, but she doesn't want to go because she thinks he might propose---which is exactly his intentions.
Guest Stars: David Grant Wright as Bartender | Debi Mazar as Nurse Kelly | Tanya Whitford as Waitress | Shannon Kenny as Paris Petrowski | Bryan Callen as George "Vic" Vickery | Laraine Newman as Rosina Glass | Richard Lewis as Rabbi Richard Glass | Barry Watson as Matt Camden | Kyle Searles as Mac | Joseph Cacia as Host
Director: Deborah Raffin
Writer: Sue Tenney

171 :08x17 - Two Weddings, an Engagement and a Funeral

Annie's half-sister Lilly (guest-star Michelle Phillips) is getting married and wants their ailing father Charles to walk her down the isle. Annie worries that the wedding ordeal might be too much for her father. Meanwhile, Fred (guest-star Al Ruscio) and Mrs. Bink (guest star Eileen Brennan) attend premarital counseling with Chandler, but Fred's mother (guest-star Carol Arthur) tries to put a stop to the wedding because she thinks Mrs. Bink is a gold digger. Lastly, two mentally challenged people, Jimmy (guest-star Glen Poehlman) and Pat (guest-star Pam Rawuka) decide to get married after just one date together. The couple ask Chandler to perform the ceremony for them, but Jimmy's parents (guest-stars Dick Van Patten and Patricia Van Patten) try to put a stop to it.
Guest Stars: Romy Rosemont as Sally | Bill Jacobson as Ernie | Dick Van Patten as James Rodgers | Al Ruscio as Fred "Freddy" Fleming | Carol Arthur as Gertrude Fleming | Pat Van Patten as Susan Rodgers | Nick Daley as Richard | Patrick Cooper as John | Diana Elizabeth Jordan as Belma | Beverly Garland as Ginger Jackson | Eileen Brennan as Mrs. Gladys Bink | Michelle Phillips as Lilly Jackson | Kellie McKuen as Brenda | Glen Poehlman as Jimmy | Pam Rawuka as Pat
Writer: Sue Tenney

172 :08x18 - Angel

The Camdens, especially Lucy and Ruthie, grow concerned that an unusually joyful Annie isn't dealing with her true emotions following the death of her father Charles, but the happiness proves to be infectious as it soon spreads through the family and all over town. Meanwhile, Eric tries to convince an unhappy Chandler that he should consider adoption, which leads to a meeting with a lawyer (guest-star Randy Spelling). At the same time Chandler is approached by a mysterious young girl who gives him a cryptic message before she disappears.
Guest Stars: Bonita Friedericy as Waitress | Holly Fulger as Mrs. Smith | James Keane as Pete | Alice Rand as Angela | Bryan Callen as George "Vic" Vickery | Shannon Kenny as Paris Petrowski | Brad Maule as George Smith | Randy Spelling as Alex Mandelbaum
Director: Peter Medak

173 :08x19 - There's No Place Like It

Prospective homeowners Lucy and Kevin are ready for a fight to the finish when they learn that Chandler and his soon-to-be-adopted son Jeffrey (guest star James Henrie) are their rivals in a bidding war on a house. However, the conflict sparks an idea with Eric and Annie who decide to use their savings to buy their house from the church. Meanwhile, Ruthie is upset with Martin because she thinks he will get the garage apartment instead of her when Lucy and Kevin move out, and Peter suspects that his dad, Vic (guest star Bryan Callen), might be having an affair.
Guest Stars: Tammy Caplan as Waitress | Bryan Callen as George "Vic" Vickery | Lorenzo James Henrie as Jeffrey Turner | Alan Fudge as Lou Dalton | Deborah Raffin as Julie Hastings | Patrick Cranshaw as Mr. Suggs
Writer: Elaine Arata

174 :08x20 - High and Dry

Lucy and Kevin celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary and contemplate whether they're ready to start a family, but things don't go off smoothly as Lucy refuses to drink champagne with Kevin during their anniversary dinner. Cecilia and Martin realize that their relationship may face a rocky future if Cecilia goes away to college. Chandler's foster son asks him to rid their house of all alcoholic beverages. Peter lies to Ruthie about his plans for the evening when she asks him to help her baby-sit the twins. With that, Peter goes missing, but concern turns to disappointment when Eric and Vic (guest-star Bryan Callen) find him drinking alcohol with his friends at the park. Lastly, a new couple in town calls on Eric and Annie for help...on decorating their new home.
Guest Stars: Pat Delaney as Secretary | Judith Hoag as Mrs. Johnson | Blair Hickey as Host | Bryan Callen as George "Vic" Vickery | Lorenzo James Henrie as Jeffrey Turner | Vince Grant as Mr. Johnson

176 :08x22 - Little White Lies (1)

It's Camden chaos all around when Matt (guest-star Barry Watson), who is having problems in his marriage to Sarah (guest-star Sarah Danielle Madison), returns to Glenoak for a visit and runs into his ex-girlfriend Heather (guest-star Andrea Ferrell) on his flight to Glen Oak. Simon (guest-star David Gallagher) unexpectedly announces he's coming home for the summer. Also, Lucy sets out to discover why Roxanne is suddenly too busy to hang out with her as she's convinced that Roxanne is secretly trying to become a detective behind Kevin's back. Ruthie keeps a secret about a fellow student from her parents. Lastly, Martin learns that his baseball teammates think he's having sex with Cecilia
Guest Stars: David Grant Wright as Bartender | Doug Sinclair as Joe | Nealla Gordon as Kathy | Ellerine Harding as Nurse | Barry Watson as Matt Camden | Kyle Searles as Mac | Carlos Ponce as Carlos Rivera | David Gallagher as Simon Camden | Lorenzo James Henrie as Jeffrey Turner | Ashlee Gillespie as Pam
Writer: Sue Tenney

177 :08x23 - Little White Lies (2)

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Guest Stars: Kelly Lynn Warren as Nurse | Matthew Kaminsky as Sean | Ashlee Gillespie as Pam | Samantha Sandoval as Maria | Lorenzo James Henrie as Jeffery Turner | Carlos Ponce as Carlos Rivera | David Gallagher as Simon Camden | Andrea Ferrell as Heather Cain | Sarah Danielle Madison as Sarah Glass | Shannon Kenny as Paris Petrowski | Bryan Callen as George "Vic" Vickery | Brad Maule as George Smith | Leighton Meester as Kendall | Alyssa, Madison and Rachel Miller (2) as Babies in nursery
Writer: Sue Tenney
Network: CW ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama, Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: August 26, 1996
Ended: May 13, 2007
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