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Season 9

178 :09x01 - Dropping Trou (1)

In the ninth season premiere, Simon appears to be getting extremely close to his new girlfriend, Georgia (guest-star Rheagan Wallace), causing Eric and Annie to suspect they are having sex. Simon's new attitude of being comfortable in the house in his bedroom alone with Georgia and getting caught by Annie only promts the idea even more to Eric and Annie that they are having sex. When the truth finally comes out, Eric and Annie are shocked and try to follow the couple when they are out on a date at a fancy restaurant. Meanwhile, Kevin worries that mother-to-be Lucy may be in denial about her pregnancy when she refuses to go shopping for maternity clothes---even though her pants keep falling down. Also, Matt returns home for a visit and is instantly pulled into the family drama, especially regarding Simon and the Georgia situation as he feels Eric and Annie are not handling it the right way. Lastly, newly high school freshman Ruthie gets in trouble at school when she decides to pull down Martin's pants in front of everyone as a prank. Plus, the twins end up in major trouble as well in their first day at kindergarten.
Guest Stars: Rheagan Wallace as Georgia Huffington | Andi Chapman as School Dean

179 :09x02 - The Best Laid Plans (a.k.a. This Is Going to Kill Mom) (2)

An angered Simon is reluctant to talk to his parents about his relationship with Georgia (guest star Rheagan Wallace) after Eric and Annie crash their date at a restaurant. However, Simon eventually drops the bomb that they are having sex and that he's currently on academic probation at college for skipping classes to be with her. Meanwhile, Simon's situation helps Eric realize that the church should teach teens the importance of abstinence and he asks Lucy to lead a class on the subject. Lucy agrees to the program, but with a few conditions. Also, an anxious Lucy and Kevin learn the sex of their new baby, and Lucy starts to question her ability to be a good mother. Matt is worried that Martin is still broken-hearted over Cecilia and will tell her about Simon's new relationship with Georgia, but Martin is on other issues. Lastly, Matt chips away at Ruthie's unwillingness to apologize to Martin over the incident of pulling down his pants at school, but doesn't lead to much progress with the chargin of Ruthie's growing attitude problem.
Guest Stars: Andi Chapman as School Dean | Jerry Kokich as Host | Costas Koromilas as Busboy | Rheagan Wallace as Georgia Huffington | Jess Henecke as Waiter
Director: Harry Harris

180 :09x03 - The Song of Lucy

Although she is worried about the lesson plan for the class she is teaching on abstinence at the church, Lucy is excited when Eric tells her she is now the Associate Pastor and will soon give her first sermon this coming Sunday. Meanwhile, Simon begins to go see Eric's former therapist Dr. Gibson (guest-star David Piel) to help deal with some personal issues. During one of the sessions Simon realizes he has been using his relationship with Georgia (guest-star Rheagan Wallace) to block out the guilt he still feels about the fatal car accident that happened last year. Lastly, Ruthie falls for a guy she meets in detention, Harry (guest-star Aaron Carter), a foster kid currently living in a county facility. Even so, Martin has reservations about the situation and keeps a watchful eye on the couple despite Eric's approval when Harry comes over to the house.
Guest Stars: Aaron Carter as Harry | Rheagan Wallace as Georgia Huffington | David Piel as Dr. Bob Gibson
Writer: Sue Tenney

181 :09x04 - Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do

Eric is approached by a young pregnant teen girl, Leanne (guest-star Amanda Fuller), for help in finding a family to adopt her baby. When Leanne goes into labor, she has a change of heart and suddenly Eric and Annie are stuck with the task of trying to convince Leanne's mother to support her and help find the baby's father. Unfortunately, when the teen father is tracked down his parents try to convince him to stay away from her as it was Leanne's choice to have the baby. Meanwhile, Simon coincidently runs into the brother of the young boy he accidentally killed in the car accident at one of his therapy sessions, only to find that the brother has forgiven Simon and would like to help him find closure. Both boys share a special time together as they bike ride around the area where the fatal accident took place last year. Also, Harry (guest-star Aaron Carter) is confronted by Kevin and Martin for wanting to break up with Ruthie, and all three are surprised to learn that Ruthie wants the exact same thing. Lastly, Lucy teaches her first sex education class and finds she may be better at it than she had originally expected.
Guest Stars: Eric Parker as Charlie Ragland | Antoinette Spolar as Sunny Shearers | Tricia Leigh Fisher as Mrs. Sheares | Ken Weiler as Volunteer | Elizabeth Sampson as Kay Ragland | Katlin Belcher Rivers as Brianna | Joey Gray as Justin | Jon Curry as Marcus Annigan | Aaron Carter as Harry | Tim Halligan as Ty Ragland | Paul Keeley as Jim Shearers | Amanda Fuller as Leanne | Meagen Fay as Bernadette Annigan
Writer: Elaine Arata

182 :09x05 - Vote

As election day for the U.S. President approaches, Ruthie is on a mission to develop her own opinions about politics after seeing how much Martin knows about world politics--especially after a student confrontation at school between their peers. Meanwhile, both Eric and Annie are suspicious that the other did not vote in the last Presidential election. Also, Lucy is feeling the pressure of registering to vote and is surprised to learn that Kevin hasn't changed his address and therefore isn't registered either to vote in their area. Eric is having a hard time teaching Sam and David that politics are not stupid and are very important when it comes to elections. At the same time, Eric aggressively reminds everyone in the family to vote---even so much as to making long distant phone calls to Matt (guest-star Barry Waton), Mary and Carlos (guest-star Carlos Ponce) in New York.
Guest Stars: Randa Sabbah as Jill Dupree | Rebecca Strassner as Rita | Jeff Francos as Mr. Nichols | Adam Crosby as Thomas | Ali Al Sarri as Tarek | Tarek Khosas as Jay | Adam Weisman as Andrew | Carlos Ponce as Carlos Rivera | Christian Salazar as Wally | Andrew James Allen as Phil | Kenneth Schmidt as Mark | Porscha Coleman as Angela | Adrian Davis as Lewis | Ian Nelson as Monty | John Wynn as Eddie | Alec Medlock as Bart
Writer: Chris Olsen

183 :09x06 - Fathers

Eric seeks help from one of Mary's former boyfriends, Wilson West (guest-star Andrew Keegan) after newly teen father Charlie (guest-star Eric Panler) confesses to Eric that he has made a terrible mistake with his girlfriend Leanne and can't handle the responsibility of being a young dad to his baby. Lucy and Kevin argue over which OB/GYN doctor they prefer during the course of her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Kevin's brother Ben (guest-star Geoff Stults) shows up in town and has taken an unusual interest in the couple's pregnancy, which only makes matters worse when Ben sides with Lucy's choice of doctor as well as taking an interest into Lucy's potential female OB/GYN doctor. Lastly, Ruthie has hidden intentions for wanting to hang out with Martin and his best friend Mac (guest-star Kyle Searles) all of the sudden, which only leads to disappointment since Mac thinks of her more as a little sister.
Guest Stars: Peter Welkin as Husband | Geoff Stults as Ben Kinkirk | Andrew Keegan as Wilson West | Kyle Searles as Mac | Amanda Noret as Young Woman | Jules Leyser as Dr. Pearson | Ginny Harman as Nurse | Eric Parker as Charlie
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: Jeff Olsen

184 :09x07 - Regret to Inform

When Kevin purposely leads Venus (guest-star Martha Plimpton), a young woman to believe that Martin is a rookie police officer, she quickly expresses interest in him and invites him over to her house and spend time togther. Martin's friend Mac (guest-star Kyle Searles) encourages him to pursue Venus. Martin has a hard time revealing the truth about himself after he learns that Venus' father is serving in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie are worried that Martin is getting in over his head with Venus and enlist Kevin to fix things, which only leads to rumors around the police station that Kevin is cheating on Lucy. Mac also jumps in by spreading rumors about Martin at school when Venus shows up at the high school for work. Lastly, Ben (guest-star Geoff Stults) continues to hide his relationship with Lucy's new baby doctor, even though they spend a weekend together.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Schmidt as Mark | Christopher Michael as Captain Michaels | Geoff Stults as Ben Kinkirk | Kyle Searles as Mac | Peter Simon as Perp | Deren Leroy as Rick | Richard Jenik as Paul | Jules Leyser as Dr. Pearson | Alec Medlock as Guy #2 | Martha Plimpton as Venus | Grant Garrison as Lief
Director: Harvey Laidman

185 :09x08 - Why Not Me?

When receiving a specific phone call from Simon, Kevin learns that Simon has been kicked out of his college dorm room for allowing a school friend, Christina Davis (guest-star Lauren Storm) to stay with him, which is against the rules. Simon tries to only enlist Kevin and not his parents for help in finding another place for him and Christina, but Eric eventually jumps in to handle the situation. When Eric comes to the rescue, he learns that Christina is a product of social services as well as her three younger siblings who are separated from each other and all in need of homes. Eric realizes that their situation may be more than he can handle alone after talking with social services and encountering the children's biological mother (guest-star Mackenzie Phillips) on the street at night. With the help of Annie, Eric encourages the congregation to make a difference by becoming licensed foster parents to the Davis childre
Guest Stars: Stephanie Venditto as Billie | Drake Johnston as Danny Davis | Ian Nelson as Monty | Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer as Woman #1 | Alyssa Spradley as Kelly | James C. Victor as Troy | Kimberly Scott (1) as Greta | Mackenzie Phillips as Allison Davis | Colin Bain as Jimmy | Lyndsay Martin as Woman #2 | Megan Henning as Meredith Davis | Lauren Storm as Christina Davis
Writer: Sue Tenney

186 :09x09 - Thanksgiving

With the Thanksgiving holiday just two weeks away, Eric and the kids notice that Annie is acting very strange, especially after she learns that Matt and Sarah (guest-star Sarah Danielle Madison) won't be able to spend the holidays in Glenoak. When Matt and Sarah decide to come by early and spend some time with the family before the holiday Annie is not pleased. In fact, the majority of the family has made plans of their own and Eric worries how Annie will take the news. Carlos (guest-star Carlos Ponce) telephones the Camden's and tells them that he, Mary and baby Charles are going to spend the holiday in Puerto Rico with Carlos' family and wants Ruthie to join them. Meanwhile, Simon has something to tell his parents, but can't get up the nerve to tell them---which involves his former girlfriend Georgia who shows up back in his life unexpectedly. Instead he decides to stay at school for work. Also, Martin has plans to go camping with Mac (guest-star Kyle Searles). Lastly, a strong-willed and pregnant Lucy is determined to do the cooking and decorating this year but forgets to tell Annie about her plans.
Guest Stars: Carlos Ponce as Carlos Rivera | Sarah Danielle Madison as Sarah Glass | Kyle Searles as Mac | Rheagan Wallace as Georgia Huffington
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: Sue Tenney

187 :09x10 - Gratitude

Simon's ex-girlfriend, Georgia (guest-star Rheagan Wallace) tells Simon she's supposedly pregnant and Simon doesn't know how to tell his parents---but Georgia is not being completely honest about the whole situation. Eric, Annie and the twins are on a road trip from Ginger's house back to Glen Oak and reminisce on old times they have had together. Meanwhile, Matt rushes Lucy to the hospital after she collapses at the grocery store where they were shopping for Thanksgiving food. A frantic Matt can't track down Kevin as he is working on an undercover drug bust. Matt tries to take control of the situation when arriving at the hospital with Lucy but, Matt's semi-medical education puts Lucy more on the edge when talking to the doctor about her medication and treatment of the baby. Lastly, a lonely Ruthie is having a miserable time in Puerto Rico with Mary, Carlos and baby Charles and calls home for comfort.
Guest Stars: Matt Gould (1) as Ryan | Christopher Michael as Captain Michaels | Rheagan Wallace as Georgia Huffington | Richard Jenik as Dr. Paul Klein | Seth William Meier as Paramedic | Ann Marie Lee as Nurse #1 | Susan Grace as Clerk | Mary Mara as Nurse #2 | Yvette Nicole Brown as Leah Morris | Tait Ruppert as Cashier
Director: Fred Einesman

188 :09x11 - Wayne's World (a.k.a. Danke Schön)

When a pregnant Lucy is put on bed rest following her recent hospital scare, an exhausted Camden family, especially her husband Kevin suffer the consequences of Lucy's foul mood towards everyone. Lucy is also not able to go to her graduation ceremony and is having a hard time getting her paper done as she's uninspired over the situation. Meanwhile, Ruthie's discovery of a disheartening e-mail on Martin's computer from his father may explain his uncharacteristically bad behavior at home and school. Martin is having a rough time on the baseball team lately with his foul mood toward his coach and teammates, including Mac (guest-star Kyle Searles). Lastly, guest-starring singing legend Wayne Newton shows up on the Camden's doorstep with a message for Martin from his father, who is serving in Iraq.
Guest Stars: Paul Messinger as Dean Ryan | Kyle Searles as Mac | Christopher Michael as Captain Michaels | Kevin Dunn (1) as Coach Terry Hardwick | Wayne Newton as Himself | Lukas Behnken as Nick
Writer: Sue Tenney

189 :09x12 - Paper or Plastic?

Lucy, upset that the family hasn't given her any gifts for the baby, convinces Matt to take her shopping even though she is supposed to be staying off her feet. While shopping, the two get stuck in an elevator and Lucy goes into labor, putting Matt's medical skills to the test. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie are busy getting the house ready for Lucy's surprise baby shower and become concerned when Matt doesn't have her back as planned. Kevin shows Ruthie that he bought a house for Lucy, and Ruthie mentions to Kevin that it will upset Lucy as he didnt consult her first. In the end, Lucy has a healthy baby girl in which she names Savanah, after the location of Kevin and Lucy's honeymoon.
Guest Stars: Matt Winston as Mitch | Kyle Searles as Mac | Deborah Raffin as Julie Hastings | Patricia Gebhard as Jenny | Molly Preece as Judy | Kathleen M. Darcy as Margeret | Karly Rothenberg as Linda | Jennie Ventriss as Nina | Carol Kiernan as Debra | Charles Emmett as Store Manager | David Backus as Electrician

190 :09x13 - The Fine Art of Parenting

When new mom Lucy welcomes guests over to see the baby, Annie immediately becomes concerned, believing that Lucy doesn't fully understand the health risks of exposing a newborn to strangers. Lucy's determination to show everyone that she has parenting under control leaves Kevin to question his role as a father, especially when they're alone. Also, struggling new parents Kevin and Lucy move back into the Camden home, while Martin moves into the garage apartment. Eric is worried that he and Annie are doing too much in helping Kevin and Lucy adjusting to parenthood as they're taking on more than they should as grandparents. Meanwhile, Martin's classmate Zoe (guest-star Katie Cassidy) intentionally falls asleep on the couch of his apartment so that she can tell everyone at school that they slept together. When Ruthie finds out about Martin's overnight guest she sees it as the perfect opportunity to blackmail him into getting her a date with her crush, Vincent (guest-star Thomas Dekker).
Guest Stars: Karly Rothenberg as Linda | Edie McClurg as Mrs. Beeker | Thomas Dekker as Vincent | Alan Fudge as Lou Dalton | Sandy Mulvihill as Madeline | Katie Cassidy as Zoe | Tim Bagley as Vincent's Father | Cheryl White as Vincent's Mother
Director: Harry Harris
Songs: John Mayer -- Daughters

191 :09x14 - First Date

Ruthie is on cloud nine when an emotional Eric and Annie reluctantly agree to let her go on her first official date woth Vincent (guest star Thomas Dekker). However, Ruthie isn't surprised to find the family handling her big dating news with their usual crazy Camden ways. Annie and Lucy decide it's their job to help Ruthie prepare for her date with Vincent by picking out the prefect outfit for her to wear. Meanwhile, Kevin takes it upon himself to give Ruthie "the talk" before her date with Vincent. Sam and David change into their Sunday attire so they can go on the date with Ruthie as well. An overprotective Martin and Mac (guest-star Kyle Searles) decide to spy on Ruthie and Vincent's date at the promenade and movies to make sure nothing bad happens to her. Lastly, Matt volunteers to play chaperone, but finds himself in a web of lies to protect Ruthie's feelings when Vincent goes missing for a while when Matt tries to pick him up at his house.
Guest Stars: Cheryl White as Vincent's Mother | Kyle Searles as Mac | Thomas Dekker as Vincent | Hiram Kasten as Neighbor | Tim Bagley as Vincent's Father

192 :09x15 - Red Socks

The streets of Glenoak are alive with the sound of music as the Camden family breaks into song for a very special Valentine's Day musical episode. Classic songs ("Love Is Sweeping the Country," "You Were Meant For Me," "Nice Work If You Can Get It," among others) are performed by the Camdens. Simon is enjoying having his new girlfriend, Anna, who he just met the day before over at his apartment for Valentine's Day. They both agree to go to Glen Oak, but he decides to keep her away from his family for the time being. Annie displays her unhappiness to Simon in song (along with the rest of passerbys) over his constant dating habits at the promenade as the chorus is going on. Anna overhears this and begins to question Simon and his dating habits as well. Vincent confronts an unhappy Ruthie on the high school bleachers as she's not in the Valentine's Day mood and is upset over watching Martin practice with his team and Zoe blowing kisses at him. Also, Lucy and Kevin dance to "You Were Meant for Me" that's in the background as Lucy walks into their room after putting Savannah to sleep and Kevin is putting on his uniform.
Guest Stars: Katie Cassidy as Zoe | Thomas Dekker as Vincent | Christopher Michael as Captain Michaels | Polly Cusumano as Anna

193 :09x16 - Brotherly Love

When Simon asks Matt to prescribe birth control pills for his current girlfriend, Matt is beyond upset that he is still having sex after what happened with his previous girlfriend Georgia. Meanwhile, Simon and Matt's secret talk starts false rumors through the house that Simon's current girlfriend is already pregnant. Meanwhile, Lucy and Kevin have to decide whether to sell their new house back to its previous owner after Kevin has an encounter with the former owner and discusses his sentimental value over the place and admitting he sold it by mistake. Also, Eric and Annie are upset that Kevin has been keeping a gun in the house for protection ever since Kevin, Lucy and the baby moved back into the main house a month ago since the baby was born. Lastly, the Camden kids attempt to hide a big secret about Mary from their parents.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Milton
Director: Barry Watson

194 :09x17 - Tangled Web We Weaved

Although Simon practices safe sex all the time, he immediately panics when his girlfriend of the moment, Sandra (guest-star Olivia Allen) confesses to him that she has an STD the next morning after they had sex together. Meanwhile, Martin and Mac (guest-star Kyle Searles) catch Ruthie's boyfriend, Vincent (guest-star Thomas Dekker) on a date with another girl and try to figure out a way to tell her the bad news to Ruthie. Also, Matt, Lucy, Kevin and Ruthie have second thoughts about telling Eric and Annie that Mary is not pregnant again, but in fact has decided to desert her husband Carlos (guest-star Carlos Ponce) and her baby son Charles and is getting a divorce. Lastly, Annie decides to go to New York to pay Mary a visit, but doesn't yet know about the whole situation.
Guest Stars: Ashley Benson as Girl | Thomas Dekker as Vincent | Kyle Searles as Mac | Olivia Allen as Sandra

195 :09x18 - Honor Thy Mother

A non-church patron Marie enlists Eric's help in handling her elderly mother, Mrs. Wagner into getting her into a nursing home, but Eric gets a different impression when he finally meets Mrs. Wagner and sees that she doesn't need help and is still very capable. In fact, it turns out Marie may need more help than her mother as she's very unhappy with her life. But things turn out bad later on when Mrs. Wagner ends up in the emergency room due to her stress from her daughter. Ruthie puts up a fight with Lucy while shopping as she wants to spend the day with Vincent without Annie knowing about it. Ruthie wants to go to a family dinner with Vincent. Although, it inevitably blows up in her face and leads to an interesting conversation with Annie and Lucy in the driveway. Ben (guest-star Geoff Stults) shows up in Glen Oak to pay Kevin and his new family a visit and makes himself well at home again in the garage apartment. But Kevin is not happy to see his brother as he wanted his mom and husband Frank to come over and see Savannah first. Lastly, the family spends the day setting up a special family dinner of what would've been Annie's mother, Jenny, her 75th birthday.
Guest Stars: Bo Derek as Mrs. Kinkirk | Thomas Dekker as Vincent | Geoff Stults as Ben Kinkirk | Melissa Gilbert as Marie Wagner | Louise Fletcher as Mrs. Wagner
Director: Harry Harris

196 :09x19 - Hungry

After being taunted for wearing second-hand clothes at "Second Hand Rose" by Vincent's (guest-star Thomas Dekker) new girlfriend, Margot (guest-star Ashley Benson), a distraught Ruthie runs into the bathroom and finds Martin's girlfriend, Zoe (guest-star Katie Cassidy), recovering from a fainting spell as two girls try to help her. Zoe confides that her family doesn't have enough money for food and makes Ruthie promise not to tell anyone. However, when Martin breaks up with Zoe because he doesn't like her conceited attitude, Zoe thinks Ruthie has betrayed her confidence. Meanwhile, Kevin unsuccessfully tries to create some alone time with Lucy, but is frustrated with Lucy's obsession over Savannah. Also, Eric and Annie suspect that Sam and David are feigning being sick so they can stay up late and eat sweets. Lastly, Sam is jealous of the attention being given to an ill David.
Guest Stars: James Francis Kelly III as Grant | Ashley Benson as Margot | Thomas Dekker as Vincent | Ritu Lal as Girl#2 | Leslie Karpman as Veronica | Jeremiah Hassemer as Glenn | Justis Bolding as Karlee | Porscha Coleman as Angela | Allie McCall as Girl #1 | Adam Nelson as Alan | Katie Cassidy as Zoe | Eric Podnar as Jeff
Writer: Elaine Arata

197 :09x20 - Leaps of Faith

An extremely nervous Simon comes home to Glenoak to await the results of his STD test from the clinic. Eric counsels a woman (guest-star Erika Alexander) who is caring for her two daughters (guest-stars Bree' Anna Banks and Brandi Vanice) with sickle cell anemia and whose absentee father (guest-star Victor Love) is hoping to take them back with him to Memphis, Tennessee for treatment at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Meanwhile, Ruthie's ex-boyfriend Peter (guest-star Scotty Leavenworth) and his parents Paris and Vic (guest-star Bryan Callen) pay a surprise visit to the Camden family, which creates problems for Ruthie and her current boyfriend, Vincent (guest-star Thomas Dekker). A pregnant Paris (guest-star Shannon Kenny) and Vic decide to get married and ask Eric to be the minister to wed them. Also, Lucy and Kevin disagree over who should care for Savannah when Lucy returns to work. Lastly, Martin misses an important call from his father in Iraq while sneaking out of the house to be with his girlfriend. Martin begins to have second thoughts on their relationship.
Guest Stars: Brandi Vanice as Tonya Miles | Scotty Leavenworth as Peter Petrowski | Thomas Dekker as Vincent | Bryan Callen as George "Vic" Vickery | Shannon Kenny as Paris Petrowski | Bree'Anna Banks as Christie Miles | Erika Alexander as Lynn Miles | Victor Love as Russell Miles
Director: Ronald E. High

198 :09x21 - Mi Familia (1)

After discovering that Mary (Jessica Biel, who does not appear in the episode) has filed for divorce and signed away custody of her son, Matt is at a loss for how he should to break the awful news to Eric and Annie. Simon informs his new girlfriend, Rose (guest-star Sarah Thompson), that he won't have sex with her, but avoids telling her the reason behind his decision. She gets fed up with him but comes back to him when she finds out his true intentions for them---marriage. Meanwhile, Ruthie's boyfriend, Vincent (guest-star Thomas Dekker), asks Martin to get Ruthie to break up with him. Also, Eric gets involved once again with the Davis family children when little boy Danny (guest-star Drake Johnston) is being adopted by Cecilia's parents, George and Gwen (guest-star Brad Maule and Holly Fulger), but forgets to mention that the kid is part of a package deal as Danny has three sisters in Social Services as well, and try to take them in as well. Kevin is about fed up with Lucy as he's frustrated that they haven't moved out of the Camden home as Lucy is stalling with the Realtor over a new home. Lastly, Lucy and Kevin may have finally found the perfect house.
Guest Stars: Drake Johnston as Danny Davis | Brad Maule as George Smith | Alyssa Spradley as Kelly Davis | Sarah Thompson as Rose | Kimberly Scott (1) as Greta | Megan Henning as Meredith Davis | Lauren Storm as Christina Davis
Writer: Sue Tenney

199 :09x22 - Mi Familia (2)

When Simon and his new girlfriend Rose (guest-star Sarah Thompson), make an unexpected visit to Glenoak to meet their respective parents, Annie begins to suspect their relationship might be on a fast track. She let's them know they are not allowed to sleep in the same room together in the house as they spend the night. Rose puts up a fight with both Annie and Simon over the sleeping arrangements, but eventually take will. Meanwhile, Eric hides the news of Mary's (Jessica Biel, who does not appear in the episode) divorce, worried that it will most certainly break Annie's heart. Also, Martin becomes the third wheel again in Ruthie and Vincent's relationship as Ruthie thinks Martin is jealous of their relationship despite the fact that Vincent wants Martin to convince Ruthie to dump him. The adoption process for George (guest-star Brad Maule) and his wife over the Davis children becomes more complicated when their biological mother fights for the adoption process to not happen. Lastly, Martin's father, Bill (guest-star Costas Mandylor) returns from Iraq to greet his son.
Guest Stars: Brad Maule as George Smith | Sarah Thompson as Rose | Alyssa Spradley as Kelly Davis | Drake Johnston as Danny Davis | Kimberly Scott (1) as Greta | Megan Henning as Meredith Davis | Lauren Storm as Christina Davis | Carlos Ponce as Carlos Rivera
Writer: Sue Tenney
Warning: 7th Heaven guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CW ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: August 26, 1996
Ended: May 13, 2007
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