Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Floater

The body of a dead girl found floating in the river puts the detectives onto the trail of Curt Donaldson, a sadistic con man who preys on lonely women.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Culp as Curt Donaldson |
Guest Stars: Natalie Norwick as Priscilla Ames | Victor Sen Yung as Chan | Paul Bryar as Bartholdi | Wally Brown (1) as Ambrose | Ralph Manza as Cabbie | Kim Hamilton as Woman | Dal McKennon as Dr. Blaney | Helen Mayon as Mrs. Donovan
Story: Evan Hunter | Teleplay: Winston Miller

2 :01x02 - Lady in Waiting

Virginia Colt barges into the detective squad room at the 87th Precint. She is carrying a gun and a liquid substance which she claims is nitroglycerine. Ms. Colt then announces she is there to kill Detective Carella. It seems as though her husband just died in prison and Carella was the one who sent him up the river.
Guest Stars: Constance Ford as Virginia Colt | Rusty Lane as Sgt. Murchison | Miguel Ángel Landa as Miscolo | Emile Meyer as Caprtain Howard | Margarita Cordova as Angelica Galindo | Helen Mayon as Mrs. Donovan | Jackie Russo as Danny | Michael Flatley (2) as Chuck
Writer: Evan Hunter

3 :01x03 - Lady Killer

The detectives at the 87th Precinct receive a note that says "I will kill the lady at 8:00 tonight." Slim clues indeed but the entire squad must race to prevent the threat from coming to fruition.
Guest Stars: Dennis McCarthy as Richards | Michael Fox as Grossman | Billy Halop as Samalson | Penny Santon as Mrs. Annuci | Vito Scotti as Fats Donner | Ralph Smiley as George Angelo | Harlan Warde as Dr. Ben Daniels | Doris Kemper as Harriet Horn | William Hughes (1) as Frankie Annuci | Laurie Mitchell as Marcia Polenski | Lee Krieger as Joe Cort | Patricia Donahue as Joy Astor/Lady Belle | Marian Collier as Felicia Pannett | Peter Leeds as George Ladonna | Roger Mobley as Denny | Barbara Parkins as Mary
Director: Dick Moder
Story: Evan Hunter | Teleplay: John Hawkins

4 :01x04 - The Modus Man

A disgruntled detective who quit the police force because of frustration starts committing robberies using the modus operandi of known thieves. He has the 87th Precinct detectives completely baffled ---for a while.
Guest Stars: Eddie Quillan as Blinky Smith | Juney Ellis as Landlady | Joe Higgins as Jovial George | Sheila Bromley as Mrs. Hoffman | Jean Engstrom as Mrs. Renfrew | Dennis McCarthy as Richards | John Anderson as Phil Brewster | Jimmy Jarratt as Bartender
Director: James Wong Howe

5 :01x05 - Line of Duty

Detective Kling is forced to shoot and kill an armed robber while off-duty one night with his girlfriend. Even though the shooting is ruled justifiable, Kling begins coming unglued because of the incident.
Guest Stars: Anita Sands as Terry | Dennis McCarthy as Richards | John Clarke Bowman as Bobby Matfield | Richard LePore as Karl Harrod | Michael Fox as Grossman | Dal McKennon as Dr. Blaney | King Calder as Monoghan | Ben Hammer as Brecht | Walter Burke as Danny Gimp | Margie Regan as Claire Townsend
Director: Don Weis
Writer: Evan Hunter

6 :01x06 - Occupation, Citizen

An immigrant locksmith can identify the hoods who participated in a mob killing but his pregnant wife does not want him to testify. Both Detective Carella and his wife, Teddy, try to persuade the locksmith and his wife otherwise.
Guest Stars: Ross Martin (1) as Joe Czepreghi | Lillian O'Malley as Old Woman | J. Pat O'Malley as Old Man | Jonathan Hole as Higgins | Jack Carol as Cagliano | Stanley Kahn as Herman Waters | John Dennis as Johnny Boy | Edward G. Robinson, Jr. as Stranger | William Giorgio (1) as Willie | Fred Scheiwiller as Mack | Caren Lenay as Rose Czepreghi | Fern Barry as Maid

7 :01x07 - Killer's Payoff

A sleazy blackmailer is murdered and there is no shortage of suspects. There's the dead man's mistress, his ex-convict friend, a rich man's wife, an old horse trainer, and a business executive. Detective Havilland leads the charge at getting to the bottom of things.
Guest Stars: Paul Richards as Marty Torr | William Fawcett as Archie Glotter | Terry Burnham as Jane Mencken | Beverly Garland as Nancy Johnson | John Archer (1) as James Mencken | Jack Albertson as Edward Schlesser | Joseph Mell as Desk Clerk | Jeanne Cooper as Lucy Mencken
Director: John Brahm
Story: Evan Hunter | Teleplay: Norman Katkov

8 :01x08 - The Guilt

Detective Meyer arrests an old high school chum on a burglary charge but the man escapes from his custody and is later bitten by a rabid dog. Meyer rushes to find the man so that treatment can begin on his condition.
Guest Stars: Ruth Storey as Sarah Meyer | Dal McKennon as Dr. Blaney | Kathryn Card as Mrs. Coons | Sandra Gould as Mrs. Strandling | Herb Vigran as Reinhold | Mike Kellin as Artie Sanford | Norma Crane as Estelle Vernolla | Stafford Repp as Harry | Joe Downing as Clem Peterson | Billy Curtis as Willie | John McLiam as Menlo | Eve McVeagh as Mrs. Como | Adam Stewart as Patrolman | Ralph Gary as Harris | Pat Goldin as Joe
Writer: David Lang

9 :01x09 - Empty Hours

Josie Thompson and her roommate are on vacation at an upstate lake when her friend drowns as a result of a sniper's bullet blowing a hole in the friend's canoe. Since the roommate was an heiress due to inherit a substantial sum of money and Josie is poor, she decides to pose as the friend. But someone may not want her to receive the money.
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley as Josie Thompson | William Schallert as Eric Blough | Grandon Rhodes as McClintock | Frances Robinson as Mrs. Miller | Hank Brandt as George | Tom Fadden as Sidney Courtney | Lewis Charles as Bradvek | Stanley Adams as Howard Oblinsky | Gail Bonney as Mrs. Courtney | John Zaremba as Anderson | Hank Patterson as Cy | Pitt Herbert as Mr. Paul |
Uncredited: Malcolm Atterbury as Police Chief
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Story: Evan Hunter | Teleplay: Richard Collins

10 :01x10 - My Friend, My Enemy

The prime suspect in the murder of a pretty coed is a young man with a domineering mother. Kling poses as a salesman to get evidence in the case.
Guest Stars: Dennis Hopper as Andrew Mason | Jocelyn Brando as Mrs Mason | Nicky Blair as Young Man | Gary Clarke (1) as Jerry Fisher | Joseph Corey as Sailor | Mitzi McCall as Girl | Stephen Mines (1) as Mike Rainey | Carol Eve Rossen as Nancy | Anne Whitfield as Joy
Director: Don Weis

11 :01x11 - The Very Hard Sell

A used car salesman is found slumped over the steering wheel dead with a bullet in his abdomen. Did he commit suicide or was it murder? Carella, investigating the case, uncovers a marijuana distribution ring.
Guest Stars: Tom Greenway as Glenn Cornell | Chet Stratton as Hamilton | Michael Fox as Grossman | Jackie Searl as Fuller | Arte Johnson as Hotel Clerk | Dal McKennon as Dr. Blaney | Jack Collins (1) as Gorcey | Bill Zuckert as Sam Donnigan | Charlene Whitman as Stella | Alice Frost as Mrs. Cornell | Leonard Nimoy as Dave Barrow | Peter Helm as Andy Cornell
Story: Helen Nielsen | Teleplay: Helen Nielsen

12 :01x12 - 'Till Death

An old family friend of Detective Carella's and his bride begin receiving threatening notes right before their nuptuals. Carella and Kling decide to attend the wedding ceremony just in case the notes aren't cranks.
Guest Stars: Corey Allen as Ben Darcy | Margie Regan as Claire Townsend | Steven Geray as Anton Pavilic | Naomi Stevens as Louisa Pavilic | Johnny Seven as Marty Kellogg | Judi Meredith as Angela Pavilic | Darryl Hickman as Tommy Palmer
Story: Evan Hunter | Teleplay: Norman Katkov

13 :01x13 - The Heckler

The 87th Precinct detectives match wits with a wily crook named Sordo who plans to break into a bank vault from underground and is giving them cryptic clues as to his intentions.
Guest Stars: Dennis McCarthy as Richards | Larry Adare as Bucky Meyer | Robert Vaughn as Sordo | Joseph V. Perry as Chuck | Mary La Roche as Lotte Constantine | Wally Cassell as Rafe | Dal McKennon as Dr. Blaney | Frank Albertson as Pop Smith | Allen Jung as Chen | Andrea Darvi as Norma Meyer | Sam Edwards as Clerk | Ben Erway as Ganley | Ruth Storey as Sarah Meyer | James Lydon as Roger Pitt | Robert H. Harris as Dave Pratt
Director: Dick Moder
Story: Evan Hunter | Teleplay: Richard Collins

14 :01x14 - Run, Rabbit, Run

About to be executed, former crime czar Doug Quinn announces in an interview from Death Row that when he dies the ones who testified against him will die too. This isn't good news for Toots Brendan who was one of the State's main witnesses against Quinn but he inexplicably heads to Isola anyway.
Guest Stars: Alfred Ryder as Toots Brendan | Dave Barry (1) as Doug Quinn | Barbara Stuart as Yvonne English | Ken Lynch as Red Chambers | Paul Genge as Lt. Byrnes | Joe Di Reda as Smith | Paul Keast as Trent Morgan | Alvy Moore as Giddon
Director: Tay Garnett

15 :01x15 - The Main Event

Boxer Sonny Fitzgerald is getting death threats on the eve of his big fight. Is mobster Frankie Spain responsible or is the culprit someone from inside Sonny's camp? The precinct detectives try to find out.
Guest Stars: Nesdon Booth as Max Glittman | Robert Carricart as Frankie Spain | Arch Johnson as Bobo | Myron McCormick as Scotty Thompson | Maggie Pierce as Martha | Brad Weston as Sonny Fitzgerald | Henry Corden as Cyril | Dennis McCarthy as Richards
Director: Herman Hoffman
Writer: William Fay

16 :01x16 - Man in a Jam

Cleve Thompson is arrested for murder then engineers several tricky legal maneuvers to try to extricate himself from his predicament.
Guest Stars: Jerry Dexter as Pat | Michael Fox as Grossman | Robert Sampson (1) as Jerry Young | Pamela Curran as Miss Barnes | Ed Peck as Mike Waring | Howard Wendell as Ben Lake | Lin McCarthy as Cleve Thompson | Sheila Bromley as Mrs. Holt | Mel Jass as Jim | Jean Carroll (1) as Model | Joey Walsh as Joey Holt | Paul Genge as Lt. Byrnes
Director: James Sheldon

17 :01x17 - Give the Boys a Great Big Hand

A uniformed patrol officer finds a severed human hand inside a travel bag deposited tossed into a garbage can. The solution to the case hinges on two missing people: a merchant seaman with a reputation as a lady's man and a stripper who was the obsession of a photographer.
Guest Stars: Dal McKennon as Dr. Blaney | Theodore Marcuse as Captain Comer | George N. Neise as Piat | Dennis McCarthy as Richards | Suzi Carnell as Milie Andrade | Asa Maynor as Receptionist | Michael Forest as Karl Andrade | Barry Atwater as Charles Tudor | Roxanne Arlen as Taffy | Lorna Thayer as Mrs. Livingston
Director: Don Weis
Story: Evan Hunter | Teleplay: Shimon Wincelberg

18 :01x18 - Out of Order

Somebody residing in the boundaries of the 87th Precinct must have a grudge against the phone company due to a rash of bombings of empty phone booths. The precinct detectives investigate.
Guest Stars: Paul E. Burns as Herman Weller | Charles Knox Robinson as Jerry Curtis | Dawn Wells as Kathy Blakely | Art Lewis as Earphone Man | Jack Smith (1) as Telford | Jack Regas as Chuck | Mary Gregory as Mrs. Gadby | Billy Snyder as Man | Cecil Elliott as Housewife | Lindsay Workman as Evans | Dennis McCarthy as Richards | Jack Reitzen as Bulky Man | Rusty Lane as Sgt. Murchison | Lucy Prentis as Miss Gregory | Cheerio Meredith as Mrs. Collier | John Daheim as Al Kantorovich
Director: Dick Moder

19 :01x19 - The Pigeon

Small time hood Greg Brovane makes the perfect patsy for three men who have just committed a murder.
Guest Stars: Peter Falk as Greg Brovane | Roxane Berard as Peggy Brovane | Arthur Batanides as Clay Boudreau | Frank Sutton as Tully Borgman | Morgan Woodward as Matty Tremain | Harlan Warde as Dr. Ben Daniels | Nora Marlowe as Rosalie Pender | Marjorie Bennett as Old Lady | Louise Lorimer as Margaret Brovane | E.J. Andre as Sammy | Richard Deacon as Asst. D.A. Martin | Clark Howat as Operator | Harry Swoger as Station Attendant | Isabelle Devon as Mrs. Lester
Director: Don Weis

20 :01x20 - A Bullet for Katie

When a police officer Ed Miller's wife is shot and severely wounded the clues at first point to an ex-convict who threatened to get Miller when he was sent away. But things aren't always as they seem.
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Ed Miller | Robert Brubaker as Fred Connors | John Fiedler as Cole | Patty Ann Gerrity as Wendy | William Keene as Oxman | Rusty Lane as Sgt. Murchison | Catherine McLeod as Mrs. Connors | Roger Mobley as Lane Connors | Harold Stone as Gantry | Della Sharman as Katie Miller
Director: Herman Hoffman

21 :01x21 - King's Ransom

Two inept kidnappers, attempting to snatch the son of wealthy businessman Douglas King, grab the son of his chauffeur by mistake. King then balks at paying the ransom because much of his money is tied up in a big business deal.
Guest Stars: Antony Carbone as Sy Bernard | Charles McGraw as Douglas King | Nancy Reagan as Diane King | Buzz Martin as Jeff Reynolds | John McLiam as Charles Reynolds | Dan Tobin as Adrian Score | Charles Aidman as Eddie Folsom | Virginia Vincent as Kathy Folsom | John Astin as Cassidy
Director: James Sheldon
Story: Evan Hunter | Teleplay: Evan Hunter

22 :01x22 - Feel of the Trigger

Detective Meyer, who's battling health problems, goes after a pair of young armed robbers who shot and killed a shop owner.
Guest Stars: Ruth Storey as Sarah Meyer | Bernie Hamilton as Officer Kendall | Jerry Hauser as Nathan Kosofsky | Ellen Corby as Mrs. Brodek | Maudie Prickett as Nurse Crowley | Jean Inness as Agnes Burton | Renata Vanni as Emma Kosofsky | Dick Wessel as Howard Pitt | Tucker Smith as Ralph Dale | John Alvin as Dr. Fairchild | Ted de Corsia as John Brodek | Neil Nephew as Danny Brodek
Story: Donald E. Westlake | Teleplay: John Hawkins

23 :01x23 - Killer's Choice

The detectives investigate the murder of a young woman who seemingly had many differently personalities. Which personality was the target of her killer?
Guest Stars: Gloria Talbott as Amy Boone | John Lasell as Ted Boone | Mike Mahoney (1) as Monaghan | Georgia Schmidt as Hotchkiss | Berniece Dalton as Party Guest | Clancy Cooper as Monroe | Nancy Kulp as Miss Fitzhenry | Sidney Clute as Baldy | Jonathan Hole as Morgan | Rosemary DeCamp as Mrs. Phelps | Katherine Warren as Mrs. Travail | Jennifer Gillespie as Monica Boone | Nico Minardos as Frank Kyros | Sally Bliss as Miss Tillson | R.G. Armstrong as Frankliin Phelps
Director: Don Weis

24 :01x24 - Square Cop

A veteran beat cop, due to retire in a few days, is breaking in his replacement one night when they interrupt a burglary in progress. The replacement gets shot and killed but the veteran cop gets a good look at the killer. There's only one problem--it's his estranged son.
Guest Stars: Lee Tracy as Otto Forman | Jack Hogan as Johnny Forman | Paul Genge as Lt. Byrnes | Dennis McCarthy as Richards | Paul Smith (1) as Ed | Allen Jung as Mike | Gene Roth as Cassidy | William Bakewell as Somers | Victor Creatore as Eddie Haines | James Hong as Mike 2 | Dorothy Kingston as Mrs. Somers | Marie Tsien as Mary | Faye Michael Nuell as Milly Haines
Director: James Sheldon

25 :01x25 - Step Forward

Tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, Carella decides to take a job as director of security at an upper crust bank.
Guest Stars: Ruth Storey as Sarah Meyer | Alvy Moore as Adam Sloan | Ray Teal as Sam Thorpe | Philip Bourneuf as John Frost | Hank Brandt as Vic | Leonard Mazzola as Hank Barrows | Byron Foulger as Frank | Charles Seel as Lloyd | Isobel Elsom as Andrea Edgerton | Alice Backes as June | Hal Taggart as Earl
Director: James Sheldon

26 :01x26 - Idol in the Dust

A baseball star puts his life and career on the line to shield his fugitive brother from the police.
Guest Stars: Michael Dante as Larry Brooks | Jeanette Nolan as Mrs. Brooks | Al Ruscio as Joe Brooks | Paddi Edwards as Betty Brooks | Robert Biheller as Ben Kramer | Howard Caine as Georgie Meinig | Frank Bank as Young Hood | David Kent as Richards | Joseph Mell as Sol | John Sebastian as Harrison
Director: Don Taylor (1)

27 :01x27 - Ramon

Detective Havilland befriends a young man unaware that his father is involved in a plot to assassinate a visiting South American dignitary.
Guest Stars: Danny Bravo as Ramon Morales | Walter Reed as Anders | Jess Kirkpatrick as Officer Grimes | Willis Bouchey as Jim Spencer | Rico Alaniz as Rafael Bencasme | Edward Colmans as Villeda Morales | Alex Montoya as Emiliano Guavos | Joe Raciti as Luis Rico
Writer: David Lang

28 :01x28 - New Man in the Precinct

Detective Cotton Hawes faces a period adjustment when he's transferred from a relatively sedate precinct to the rough and tumble 87th.
Guest Stars: Fred Beir as Cotton Hawes | Jack Albertson as Maxie Carroll | Robert Colbert as Matt Murdock | Ray Montgomery as Frank Kanin | Elizabeth Perry as Linda Waters | Joe Downing as Dr.Stegler | Max Slaten as Dave Evans | Joan Patrick as Chris Hawes | Margie Regan as Claire Townsend | Ruth Storey as Sarah Meyer | Paul Genge as Lt. Byrnes | Dal McKennon as Dr. Blaney | Kay Stewart as Harriet Byrnes | John Aniston as Police Officer | Jerry Adler (1) as Hotel Clerk | David McMahon (1) as Cop in Patrol Car | Tom Anthony as Ambulance Driver | Terry Gekler as Norma Meyer
Director: Don Taylor (1)

29 :01x29 - The Last Stop

A disgruntled detective with only a short time left until retirement is demoted and transferred into the 87th Precinct. He then proceeds to drive the rest of the squad bonkers.
Guest Stars: Victor Jory as Mike Power | Paul Genge as Lt. Byrnes | Marya Stevens as Laura Tobin | Charles Tannen as Peterson | Bern Bassey as Stu Tobin | Lyle Talbot as Woody Gaynor | John Lawrence as Bartender | Ralph Manza as Cabbie | Sheldon Allman as Detective White | Frank Gerstle as Ed Bennett | George Cisar as Starr | Lomax Study as George Adair

30 :01x30 - Girl in the Case

Detective Havilland is attracted to a stenographer whose life is being threatened by a person or persons unknown.
Guest Stars: Janis Paige as Cheryl Anderson | Jerry Paris as Douglas Masters | Russell Collins as Raymond Masters | Kathleen Freeman as Ruth Wilson | Addison Richards as Windrow | S. John Launer as Warner | Thomas Browne Henry as Attorney | Joan Staley as Monica | Audrey Swanson as Nurse | Bill Erwin as George
Story: Evan Hunter | Teleplay: Richard Collins
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 25, 1961
Ended: September 10, 1962
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