Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Paul Hennessy is a sports writer. His wife, Cate, stays at home with his three kids: Bridget, 16, Kerry, 15, and Rory, 13. That all changes when Cate gets a job as a nurse at the hospital and Paul has to stay at home with the kids. Paul has a big problem when Bridget starts dating his co-worker's son, Kyle. And both Paul and Cate are shocked when Kerry, an honor student, is suspended for ditching school.
Guest Stars: Larry Miller as Tommy | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Mo Gaffney as Mrs. Connelly | Bryan Neal as Jesse | Edward James Gage as Security Guard
Director: Gil Junger
Writer: Tracy Gamble

2 :01x02 - Wall of Shame

Paul is home alone with the kids all day after Cate goes to an all day seminar during the biggest game of the year: Michigan vs. Ohio State football. The day goes from bad to worse when Bridget is accused of shoplifting and Kerry gets upset over her latest venture.
Guest Stars: Steven Gilborn as Clerk | Chris Fowler as Sportscaster | Lee Corso as Sportscaster
Director: James Widdoes

3 :01x03 - Bridget's First Job

Paul tells Bridget to get a job after seeing how much she spends on her clothes to teach her to be financially responsible. But when she gets a 40% discount at the store she works at, Paul and Cate believe she might not be learning what they hoped.
Guest Stars: Larry Miller as Tommy | Angel Elliott as Salesperson
Director: James Widdoes

4 :01x04 - Wings

After Paul keeps coming up with excuses from keeping Bridget from taking her driver's test, she does something drastic. Also, Paul is shocked when Kerry's art submission did not get accepted into an art competition.
Guest Stars: Brian Leckner as Officer Jackson | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Kit Pongetti as Ms. Hunter
Director: James Widdoes

5 :01x05 - Son-in-Law

Paul lets Bridget do whatever she wants when she breaks up with Kyle and starts to date high school basketball star Travis "The Rainman" Smith. Paul is awestruck when he meets his father, Michigan baseball legend Steve "Canned Heat" Smith. Kerry is upset that Paul still thinks of her as a little girl and not a teenager ready to start dating.
Guest Stars: Terry Bradshaw as Steve "Canned Heat" Smith | Matt Funke as Travis "The Rainman" Smith | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Larry Miller as Tommy | Michael McMillian as Guy
Director: James Widdoes

6 :01x06 - Cheerleader

Bridget tries out for the cheerleading squad after an opening is announced. Kerry also wants to try out, but Bridget says she isn't cut out for it. Kerry doesn't listen and tries out and gets the spot. Also, Paul tries to get Rory away from video games and get him reading more books.
Guest Stars: Lyndsay Martin as Girl No. 4 | Monique Lea as Shalindsay | Dana Workman as Lyndzee | Nina Ratterree as Girl No. 3 | Heather Hogan as Girl No. 1 | Marlene Brehm as Girl No. 2 | Larry Miller as Tommy | Amanda Fuller as Lindsay
Director: James Widdoes

7 :01x07 - Trick or Treehouse

Paul wants the family to spend one more Halloween campout in the old treehouse, but the kids make other plans. They all agree in the end, but this might turn out to be the biggest nightmare of the whole evening.
Guest Stars: Stephanie Allen as Angel | Larry Miller as Tommy | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Josef Cannon as Julian
Director: James Widdoes

8 :01x08 - By the Book

Paul tries to win the love and respect back from his daughters by turning to a self help parenting book. Bridget and Kerry find out his new tool, and try to take advantage of their father to let them go to a rock festival.
Guest Stars: Oleg Zatsepin as Care Bear | Cole Williams as Anthony
Director: James Widdoes

9 :01x09 - Two Boys for Every Girl

After Paul tells Bridget to tell Kyle the truth about her date with another boy, he breaks up with her. Also, Kerry's first date is magical, but gets devastated when the boy doesn't call her back.
Guest Stars: Trent Gill as Manager | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Brian Sites as Jason
Director: James Widdoes

10 :01x10 - Give It Up

After no one can agree on where the family vacation should be, Paul challenges the family to give up their bad habits for the week, and the winner can choose the vacation spot. The members of the family soon get the better of themselves, and secret alliances threaten to ruin the contest.
Guest Stars: Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Tara Callaghan as Sandy
Director: James Widdoes

11 :01x11 - Paul Meets His Match

Paul meets his new editor, Nick, and finds lots of similarities, like raising teenage girls. Paul also realizes he is a lot like him in the sense that he is a "psycho dad" being overprotective. Paul wants Thanksgiving dinner to be a family affair, so he forbids the girls to bring their boyfriends to dinner.
Guest Stars: Brian Sites as Jason | Tara Rose as Rachel | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Nicole Hayden as Jenna | Nicole Mansour as Rachel Sharpe | Patrick Warburton as Nick Sharpe
Director: James Widdoes

12 :01x12 - All I Want for Christmas

Paul remembers last year's Christmas fiasco, and has his work cut out of him trying to find the perfect gifts for his family this year. Kerry finds a stray dog during the holidays. Cate is overjoyed when she is asked to sing a solo during the church's midnight service, but is scared that seeing her family there might make her nervous.
Guest Stars: Artie Lee Anderson as Father | Angel Elliott as Volunteer | Lani Groves as Backup Singer | Jim Gilstrap as Backup Singer | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Randy Crenshaw as Backup Singer
Director: James Widdoes

13 :01x13 - Rory's Got a Girlfriend

Paul lets Rory, who is 13, go on his first date. Bridget and Kerry accuse him of changed the rules unfairly because they never were allowed to date at that age. Meanwhile Kerry is shocked when Bridget receives a higher score then she did on a state aptitude test.
Guest Stars: Larry Miller as Tommy | Lily Nicksay as Sabrina
Director: James Widdoes

14 :01x14 - Career Choices

Paul and Cate are called to the Principal's office and find out that Bridget wants to skip her college prep courses in order to become an esthetician, which surprises both of them. Also, Paul is very impressed with Kerry's sketches of "The Incredible Boring Woman" and he gets the Principal to print them in the school newspaper- although he does not know that the Principal is the boring woman in the sketches.
Guest Stars: Mo Gaffney as Mrs. Connelly |
Co-Guest Stars: Kelsey Batelaan as Young Bridget | Rachel Bilson as Gum-Chewing Girl |
Uncredited: Heather McLaughlin as Teacher (off-screen)
Director: Terry Hughes

15 :01x15 - Kerry's Big Adventure

After Kerry and her boyfriend break up, Paul tries to cheer her up by having Bridget take her to a party. While at the party, Kerry and Kyle talk and she is shocked when a spark goes off and the two share a romantic kiss. Meanwhile at home, Paul and Cate try to discover what is hidden in Rory's secret box.
Guest Stars: Wendie Jo Sperber as Christina's Mom | Amanda MacDonald as Danielle | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Cole Williams as Anthony | Nicole Hayden as Jenna | Shelly Cole as Christina
Director: James Widdoes

16 :01x16 - Come and Knock on Our Door

Bridget gives Kerry the silent after finding out that Kyle kissed her at a party. The house is very quiet for Paul, who likes it, until he has a dream that brings him into familiar territory when he sees Kyle as a swinging bachelor living with Kerry and Bridget in an apartment straight from the '70s.
Guest Stars: Artie Lee Anderson as TV Announcer | Don Knotts as Mr. Furley/Himself (Dream Scene Tag) | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Baelyn Neff as Inga | Jenny Wade as Helga (as Jenny J. Wade)
Director: James Widdoes

17 :01x17 - Drummer Boy (1)

Paul lets Bridget take up a musical instrument...which turns out to be the drums. She later defies her father's rules and dates her drum instructor, Ben. Also, Kerry is mad at Cate when her ex-boyfriend states he thinks her mother is pretty.
Guest Stars: Brian Sites as Jason | Nick Carter as Ben Hatcher
Director: James Widdoes

18 :01x18 - Drummer Boy (2)

Bridget takes the car follows Ben back to his dorm room at college without her parents knowing.
Guest Stars: Dempsey Pappion as Jessie | Andi Eystad as Annie | Amanda Lockwood as Sarah | Nick Carter as Ben Hatcher
Director: James Widdoes
Writer: Janis Hirsch

19 :01x19 - Cool Parent

After Paul picks up Bridget and Kerry from a party that has been broken up by the police and "supervised" by co-worker Tommy, he unwillingly volunteers to host the next one. After Paul falls asleep during the party and it gets out of control, the kids think of him as a "cool parent", although the neighborhood parents think he is just as unreliable as Tommy.
Guest Stars: Jake Dinwiddie as Boy No. 2 | Nick Lashaway as Boy No. 1 | Michael Burger as Anthony's Father | Howard Alonzo as Andre | Romy Walthall as Diane Sharp | Nicole Mansour as Rachel Sharpe | Larry Miller as Tommy | Cole Williams as Anthony | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle
Director: James Widdoes

20 :01x20 - Every Picture Tells a Story

Carter Tibbits, a race car driver, asks Paul to write a book about him. To learn about Mr. Tibbits better, Paul takes his family to his mansion to meet the legend and his sarcastically dry-witted butler, Cody, who used to be Mr. Tibbit's crew chief. Rory steals a photo from Carter's room, and a big misunderstanding occurs when Paul is the one under suspicion when Paul tries to put the picture back and a security camera catches him.
Guest Stars: Robert Guillaume as Cody Grant | Jason Priestley as Carter Tibbits
Director: Mark Cendrowski

21 :01x21 - Kerry's Video

Kerry creates a video for her school project all about her sister, Bridget, to show how life is much easier for the popular and beautiful people. After Bridget discovers the video creation, making her look very shallow, she takes her father's advice to play tennis again, which she does, and ends with a bad result.
Guest Stars: Bob Bryan (1) as Tennis Player No. 1 | Nathan Funk as Henry | Casey Wright as Brandon | Gregor Trpin as Cop | Rowan Finnegan as Dylan | Mike Bryan (1) as Tennis Player No. 2
Director: Terry Hughes

22 :01x22 - Good Moms Gone Wild

Kerry and Bridget are caught partying on the evening news while the family is vacationing at Cate's parent's home in Florida. Before Paul and Cate can punish the girls, however, the news then runs an archived video that features a young Cate, who is very drunk at a bar. Also while there, Paul gets jealous after he meets Cate's old college boyfriend and Rory befriends an elderly gentleman who tells him about stories from WWII, which are found out to be more fictional than factual.
Guest Stars: Ed Marinaro as Bryon | Tracie Savage as TV Reporter | Candace Woolf as Dispatcher | Tom Poston as Jake
Director: James Widdoes

23 :01x23 - Career Woman

Cate is up for a promotion at the hospital which will make her spend more time there, which worries Paul about how much more time he has to deal with the kids' mischief. Also, after Paul introduces Rory to baseball card collecting, Rory trades the cards for something that isn't exactly associated with the sport.
Guest Stars: Robyn Moran as Pregnant Woman | Wendie Jo Sperber as Rachel | Kelsey Batelaan as Young Bridget
Director: Mark Cendrowski

24 :01x24 - Queen Bees and King Bees

Both Paul and Bridget are shocked that they end up in similar situations when they are alienated in their social circles. They both create plans to settle the score as Paul crashes a poker game that involves his co-worker Tommy to get closer to his boss Nick, while Bridget tries to break up Kyle, Tommy's son and ex-boyfriend, with her nemesis Jenna.
Guest Stars: Artie Lee Anderson as Artie | Larry Miller as Tommy | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Nicole Mansour as Rachel Sharpe | Nicole Hayden as Jenna | Patrick Warburton as Nick Sharpe
Director: James Widdoes

25 :01x25 - Bake Sale

Bridget becomes a mother when she must take care of a sack of flour for a class. Meanwhile Kerry and Rory bake for the Great American Bake Sale to help put an end to childhood starvation in America. During their baking, Bridget notices that her baby is starting to lose a loss of weight. Coincidence?
Guest Stars: Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle
Director: James Widdoes
Writer: Kim Friese

26 :01x26 - The Doyle Wedding

The Doyles invite the Paul and the rest of the family to dinner, and then are asked to take part in their daughter's wedding, which they agree. Bridget finds out that geeky Donny Doyle has become a hunk and she falls in love with him. Cate sings at the reception.
Guest Stars: Ashlynn Rose as Mary Maureen Doyle | Shelley Long as Mary Ellen Doyle | Kaitlin Cullum as Alison Doyle | Emilia Groth as Beth Doyle | Carlie Casey as Katie Sharpe | Thad Luckinbill as Donny Doyle | John Ratzenberger as Fred Doyle
Director: Lynn McCracken

27 :01x27 - Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman (1)

Maggie, Cate's sister, is having marital problems and Paul invites her to stay over. This upsets Cate since they had a sibling rivalry for a very long time. Also, Paul and Cate are impressed about Bridget's maturity and let her go out with Donny Doyle who is home from the Naval Academy. Kerry and Bridget also wonder if Kyle has some other motives after he befriends Rory.
Guest Stars: Heather Hogan as Heather | Cybill Shepherd as Maggie | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Thad Luckinbill as Donny Doyle | Amanda MacDonald as Danielle
Director: James Widdoes

28 :01x28 - Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman (2)

After Maggie gets a sexy, new makeover, and gives Bridget a water bra, Cate gets furious. Also, the girls' rivalry also gets hot when Kerry and Kyle start dating, while Bridget's starts to take a nosedive after she dissed her friends for Donny. Also, Paul becomes concerned when he finds an empty pregnancy test.
Guest Stars: Kelsey Batelaan as Young Bridget | Kala Savage as Lacey | Jeff Tschida as Tyler | Amanda MacDonald as Danielle | Heather Hogan as Heather | Charlie Babcock as Luke | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Thad Luckinbill as Donny Doyle | Cybill Shepherd as Maggie
Director: James Widdoes

Season 2

29 :02x01 - Premiere

Cate has a pregnancy scare with the Hennessy children worrying about a new sibling, while Bridget has a scare of her own as her popularity decreases at school.
Guest Stars: Paul Wesley as Damian | Cindy Williams as Mary Ellen Doyle | Wendie Jo Sperber as Louise | Gregor Trpin as Cadet (O.C.) | Howard Alonzo as Andre
Director: James Widdoes
Writer: Tracy Gamble

30 :02x02 - Sex Ed

Bridget is horrified when Cate is asked to fill in as the sex ed instructor in her daughter's class. But Cate is in for a shock when she tries to answer a student's written question about being pressured to have sex — and realizes it may be from Bridget. Meanwhile, Paul and Kerry are too embarrassed to look each other in the eye after watching a foreign film together that contains a sexually explicit scene.
Guest Stars: Elle Bennett as Classmate (uncredited)
Director: Robby Benson
Writer: Gayle Abrams

31 :02x03 - Donny Goes AWOL

When Fred and Mary Ellen Doyle ask Bridget to be a part of a video message they are sending to Donny at the Naval Academy, they are shocked to discover that Bridget has broken up with their son on the tape — and Donny goes AWOL to try and patch things up. Meanwhile, Paul is asked to help give a nickname to a neighborhood prankster who has been terrorizing the block, not realizing that the culprit may be living under his own roof.
Guest Stars: Eric Chase (1) as Midshipman #2 | John Ratzenberger as Fred Doyle | Cindy Williams as Mary Ellen Doyle
Director: Robby Benson
Writer: Seth Kurland

32 :02x04 - Goodbye (1)

The Hennessy family has to deal with the tragic death of one of their own, Paul, their beloved father and husband. To deal with the grieving, Cate's parents come while neighbors also try to help the family deal with their loss.
Special Guest Stars: James Garner as Jim Egan | Suzanne Pleshette as Laura Egan |
Guest Stars: John Ratzenberger as Fred Doyle | Patrick Warburton as Nick Sharpe | Larry Miller as Tommy
Director: James Widdoes

33 :02x05 - Goodbye (2)

An event is going to be held in Paul's honor, but they need his final article to complete the event. The rest of the Hennessy family goes on a search for the article as they reminisce about their father and try to move forward one step at a time.
Special Guest Stars: James Garner as Jim Egan | Suzanne Pleshette as Laura Egan
Director: James Widdoes

34 :02x06 - No Right Way

Cate is unprepared for the diverse reactions exhibited by Bridget and Kerry on their first day back to school since their father's death. Meanwhile, Jim tries his best to be helpful by making some questionable home improvements to the Hennessy home.
Guest Stars: Daniella Monet as Missy Kleinfeld
Director: James Widdoes
Writer: Gayle Abrams

35 :02x07 - What Dad Would Want

With a little help from Jim, Cate persuades Rory not to give up on trying out for basketball, as Paul would have been proud to see his son on the team. But Rory is torn about the tryouts because he doesn't think he has the right stuff to make the cut. Meanwhile, Bridget and Kerry's decision to stop fighting in honor of their late-father begins to unravel when Bridget accidentally destroys Kerry's collage honoring Paul in tribute.
Guest Stars: Todd Merrill as Man | Michele Matheson as Receptionist
Director: James Widdoes

36 :02x08 - The First Thanksgiving

While Cate plans to raise the family spirits with a special Thanksgiving dinner, Rory takes it upon himself to be the man of the house by looking after Bridget and Kerry when he learns that they are planning to attend a party with their boyfriends on the holiday. Meanwhile, When Cate's mom visits, her father feels he can still save their marriage.
Guest Stars: Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Larry Miller as Tommy
Director: James Widdoes

37 :02x09 - The Story of Anne Frank and Skeevy

Bridget gets the lead as Anne Frank in the school play and Rory brings home a ventriloquist dummy that the school psychologist recommends that he uses.
Guest Stars: Steve Vinovich as Director | Connie Sawyer as Louise's Mother | Kala Savage as Lacey | Howard Alonzo as Andre
Director: James Widdoes

38 :02x10 - YMCA

The Hennessy family needs to get more active so Cate signs the family up at the local YMCA, which also happens to be the place Bridget works at. Jim, however, is becoming too overprotective and doesn't think that Bridget should work there because too many men are hitting on her. Rory also has to deal with some problems during his Yoga classes.
Guest Stars: Myrna Niles as Hattie | Lisa Rinna as Holly | Ethan Phillips as Dave | Alanna Dedek as Lily | Gennelle Dedek as Kelly
Director: James Widdoes

39 :02x11 - Get Real

Cate's nephew C.J. Barnes comes to visit and pay his respects to Paul. C.J., however, can't seem to stay out of trouble when he helps Rory on getting better in kissing girls and takes the blame when Kerry, who only has her permit, not her driver's license, takes Cate's car and accidentally dents it while driving Bridget on a late night errand.
Guest Stars: Daniella Monet as Missy Kleinfeld
Director: James Widdoes

40 :02x12 - Consequences

C.J. tells Rory about how he stole his old school mascot, Rory goes out and steals a police dog. Cate is very shocked when she finds out the dog finds marijuana in Kerry's backpack. The reasoning Cate thinks Kerry is doing drugs is because of Paul's death, but finds out is because she wants to rebel against her mother. Finally, Bridget is brought home by a police officer for not wearing a helmet while riding with her boyfriend on her motorcycle, after Cate told her she had to.
Guest Stars: David Spade as C.J. | James Garner as Jim Egan | Phill Lewis as Cop
Director: James Widdoes

41 :02x13 - Opposites Attract (1)

Bridget hires Jeremy to tutor her in order to boost her grades to better her chances at being accepted by a good college. But with Valentine's Day fast approaching, Bridget soon finds herself without a date when her boyfriend gets sick, and her friends begin to wonder if Jeremy is taking his place. Kyle treats Kerry to an very un-corporate Valentine's Day celebration, Rory gets pointers from Jim and Cate about the perfect gift for girlfriend Missy, and Jim sends C.J. on an errand that lands him in Canada.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Jeremy | Deborah Levin as Teacher | Daniella Monet as Missy Kleinfeld
Director: James Widdoes
Writer: Gayle Abrams

42 :02x14 - Opposites Attract (2)

Bridget decides to make a move on her tutor, but discovers that he may have his sights set on her debate team opponent. Meanwhile, after accidentally setting fire to C.J.'s van, Jim is not-so-thrilled when Cate forces him to share his basement room with his now homeless nephew.
Guest Stars: Gloria Gifford as Teacher | Kala Savage as Lacey
Director: James Widdoes

43 :02x15 - Opposites Attract: Night of the Locust (3)

After being told that she's fickle when it comes to relationships, Bridget is afraid that she may end up hurting Jeremy's feelings when her ex-bad boy boyfriend, Damian, returns to town. Meanwhile, Kerry is outraged and plans revenge when "provocative" dancing has been banned from the high school formal, chaperoned by her mom and Grandpa, C.J. partners with Rory to broadcast school scandals over the internet, and Jim falls for Ms. McKenna, a member of the high school's PTA committee.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Jeremy | Paul Wesley as Damian | Marisa Theodore as Megan | Kaitlin Cullum as Beth Doyle | Monique Lea as Student | Dana Workman as Ashley | Tatum O'Neal as Mrs. McKenna
Director: James Widdoes

44 :02x16 - Daddy's Girl

Cate is encouraged to pursue a once-thought-unobtainable dream of becoming a singer. Meanwhile, C.J. and Jim find themselves trying to bond in a bar when Cate encourages C.J. to take his grandfather out after he is dumped by his wife — in a letter — and Bridget angers Kerry by dyeing her hair blonde after she complains that the romance is fading from her relationship with Kyle.
Guest Stars: Connie Stevens as Tina | Marcus A. York as Construction Guy | Kathryn J. Larsen as Amanda
Director: James Widdoes

45 :02x17 - Mall in the Family

After Kerry is promoted to assistant manager at a fast food restaurant in the mall, Jim is hired to handle the register. But when she witnesses his disdain for the customers, Kerry is faced with the dilemma of having to fire her grandfather. Meanwhile C.J. — who has been employed as a mall cop — busts Bridget for sneaking into a movie without paying, and Cate catches Rory selling worthless family items on the internet under false pretenses.
Guest Stars: Lorna Scott as Woman | Inny Clemons as Supervisor | Liam Kyle Sullivan as Zac | Jonny Acker as Ric | Keir O'Donnell as Derek | Tyler Case as Little Boy
Director: James Widdoes

46 :02x18 - Let's Keep Going (1)

Cate sends Bridget and Kerry to their grandmother's house for a visit after the Hennessys decide against vacationing at the family cabin. But while on their road trip to grandma's, the girls are shocked to find Cate at their father's favorite saloon with a mysterious stranger. Meanwhile, Kerry makes Rory's life miserable when she discovers that he has a crush on her friend, Rachel.
Guest Stars: Peter Gannon as Bartender
Director: James Widdoes

47 :02x19 - Let's Keep Going (2)

Upon discovering Cate in the arms of Artie — Paul's successor at the newspaper — Bridget and Kerry decide to blow off their planned trip to their grandmother's and take to the open road to sort out their feelings. But after meeting up with C.J., the girls find themselves at a familiar location that was beloved by Paul. Meanwhile, Rory continues to pine for Rachel, who confesses her true feelings for him.
Guest Stars: Artie Lee Anderson as Artie | Michael Faella as Trucker | Nicole Mansour as Rachel Sharpe | Peter Gannon as Bartender | Melanie Pleasure as Waitress
Director: James Widdoes

48 :02x20 - C.J.'s Party

After discovering that Bridget lied about her whereabouts in order to attend C.J.'s college kegger party, Cate grounds Bridget and banishes C.J. from the house. Meanwhile, Jim is forced to take a written driver's test with Kerry after he's pulled over for reckless driving and carrying an expired license.
Guest Stars: Erik Von Detten as Erik | Rhomeyn Johnson as Instructor | Sarah Domin as Heather | Cristina Ann Williamson as Haley | Joe Thornton, Jr. as Policeman |
Co-Guest Stars: Nicole Hayden as Jenna
Director: James Widdoes

49 :02x21 - Mother's Day

After witnessing some strange behavior from Bridget and Kerry, Cate tries to find out what they are up to — not suspecting that they might be trying to set up a special Mother's Day getaway for her. Meanwhile, C.J. and Rory doubt Jim's ability to put an engine back together after he falls in love with a classic car — which is in for a wax job at Rory's new detailing service — and decides to fix a noise in the motor.
Guest Stars: Lee Garlington as Fran | Terri Mathieson as Attendant
Director: Pat Doak

50 :02x22 - The Principal

When Bridget is busted over a school dress code violation, Cate is called upon to meet with her new principal, Ed Gibb. But Cate is in for a shock when she discovers that she went to high school with Ed — who remembers it vividly — though she doesn't remember him at all. Meanwhile, when C.J. becomes his massage therapist, Jim hurts his feelings when he refuses to admit that his wayward grandson has become good at something.
Guest Stars: Liam Kyle Sullivan as Zac | Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb
Director: Lynn McCracken
Writer: Seth Kurland

51 :02x23 - Finale Part Un (1)

Kerry is accepted to a trip over the summer to Europe while CJ and Rory double date with sisters Missy and Sissy, although Sissy is currently engaged. Also, Kerry jeopardizes her trip to Europe while having a sit in to stop dissecting frogs.
Guest Stars: Liam Kyle Sullivan as Zac | Jan Hoag as Secretary | Elena Lyons as Sissy Kleinfeld | Kaitlin Cullum as Beth Doyle | Daniella Monet as Missy Kleinfeld | Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb | Connie Stevens as Tina | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle
Director: James Widdoes

52 :02x24 - Finale Part Deux (2)

Cate finds herself in the awkward position of having to deal with Principal Gibb when she forgets to turn in a health form for Kerry's trip to Europe. Then, when she discovers that Bridget took the fall for Kerry for organizing a school sit-in, she agrees meet Principal Gibb again over coffee in order to set the record straight. But the girls are convinced that their mother's innocent coffee meeting is really a date. Meanwhile, Kerry is furious when Bridget is elected student body president and wins a trip to Washington, D.C. because everyone thinks she organized the school sit-in, and Jim's new relationship with Tina irks Cate because she still hopes that her father will reconcile with her mother, on the double-episode season finale.
Guest Stars: Jan Hoag as Secretary | Kevin Farley as Steven Tyler's Roadie | Marisa Theodore as Student No. 2 | Michael Burger as Reporter | Dana Workman as Student No. 1 | Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle
Director: James Widdoes

Season 3

53 :03x01 - First Day of School

Knowing that Kerry is dragging her feet over breaking up with Kyle, Bridget takes it upon herself to do it for her sister -- which only makes matters worse for Kerry. Meanwhile, Cate is offered the position of school nurse by Principal Ed Gibb, and Rory's first day of high school proves embarrassing when he has to hit the showers after gym class.
Guest Stars: Nicole Hayden as Jenna | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb | Sam Horrigan as Pete
Director: James Widdoes

54 :03x02 - Changes

The kids question Cate's motives when they return from their summer getaways and discover that she has bought a new bed and changed her hairstyle. Meanwhile, after traveling through Europe over the summer, Kerry met and had a fling with a boy - which leaves Bridget jealous and Kerry wondering what to do about boyfriend Kyle; new high school Student Body President Bridget is convinced even further that life is a popularity contest after taking a trip to Washington, DC over the summer; and after a depressed Jim fails to win back the affections of his wife in Florida, Rory attempts to help him quit smoking -- which is complicated by Jim's discovery that C.J. was responsible for their irreconciliation.
Guest Stars: Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb | April Ortiz as Lisa
Director: James Widdoes
Writer: Seth Kurland

55 :03x03 - School Nurse

After Cate accepts the position of school nurse from Principal Gibb, Bridget and Kerry are convinced that she only took the job to spy on them -- while Rory is ecstatic that his mom might be able to protect him from a school bully. Meanwhile, after Bridget inadvertently spills the beans about Kerry losing her virginity in Europe, a shocked Cate accidentally switches on the school's P.A. system and lets the whole student body in on their ensuing conversation.
Guest Stars: Marisa Theodore as Marisa | Billy Aaron Brown as Kyle | Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb | Sam Horrigan as Pete
Director: James Widdoes
Writer: Rob Hanning

56 :03x04 - Out of the Box

Kerry is livid when Bridget unintentionally makes a mockery out of her art project at the mall. But she quickly forgets about Bridget when fellow artist and young hottie Tyler asks her out on a date. However Tyler's intentions may not be completely genuine. Meanwhile, while C.J. finds himself striking out at speed dating, Jim discovers that he's a hit with the ladies-which further humiliates his socially inept grandson.
Guest Stars: Shawn Pyfrom as Jake | Rachelle Carson as Woman | Donna Cooper as Mall Shopper | Russell Howard as Tyler
Director: James Widdoes

57 :03x05 - Car Trouble

Bridget and Kerry are ecstatic when Cate hands them the keys to the minivan, except for one provision -- they are responsible for driving Rory wherever he needs to go. But when the girls fail to deliver on their promise to chauffeur their little brother, he takes matters into his own hands and attempts to drive himself -- and wrecks the car in the process.
Co-Guest Stars: Tiffany Thornton as Marni
Director: James Widdoes

58 :03x06 - Halloween

Kerry doubts Bridget's ability to put together the school's Halloween party as part of her Student Body President duties. Meanwhile C.J. is hired as the party's security guard and sets his sights on catching Rory pulling off a prank, and Jim finds himself under attack by the neighborhood kids when he refuses to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters.
Guest Stars: Sam Horrigan as Pete | Naya Rivera as Nice Girl | Eric Jungmann as Max | Shawn McGill as Bully | Ronnie Alvarez as Boy | Mitchel Federan as Trick or Treator | Rory Thost as Young C.J.
Director: Lynn McCracken

59 :03x07 - Coach (a.k.a. Tennis Coach)

Bridget is psyched to join the high school tennis team when she develops a crush on Coach Scott. But her infatuation soon turns to disgust when she learns that Scott has a crush on Cate. Meanwhile, Kerry and Rory begin to question the authenticity of Jim's war stories while rummaging through his war chest.
Guest Stars: Jamie Starr as Leo | Marisa Theodore as Marisa | Dan Cortese as Coach Scott
Director: James Widdoes

60 :03x08 - Secrets

Everyone in the Hennessy family fears the ringing of the phone when they all find themselves keeping secrets from one-another. Rory refuses to divulge the identity of the student responsible for bullying and beating him up at school, which leads Principal Gibb on a mission to find the culprit and tell Cate; Bridget and Kerry use fake IDs to get into a club, where Bridget meets a cute guy and gives him her phone number -- before discovering that he's a cop; Cate doesn't want the family to know that Bridget's tennis coach, Scott, is in hot pursuit to get her to go out on a date with him; and C.J. is distracted and forgets to pick up Rory's pain medication, which leads the pharmacist to call the house to find out if Rory's OK.
Guest Stars: Rocky McMurray as Doorman | Dennis Singletary as Mike | Dan Cortese as Coach Scott | Colby Donaldson as Shawn | Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb
Director: James Widdoes

61 :03x09 - Thanksgiving Guest (a.k.a. Thanksgiving)

While the family prepares Thanksgiving dinner for Cate to give her some much needed time off, she's left with nothing to do until she brings home an unexpected guest while on an errand -- Principal Ed Gibb. Meanwhile, while C.J. deep-fries the turkey, Bridget and Kerry spar over pie recipes; Jim disassembles the TV in a shocking attempt to repair it; and Cate finds herself with an insurance adjuster the day after the holiday to find out who was responsible for burning down the garage.
Guest Stars: Michael Burger as TV Announcer | Howard Alonzo as Russell | Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb | Tom McGowan as Frank
Director: James Widdoes

62 :03x10 - Vanity Unfair

Bridget does not get the job as a model that she was hoping for and Jim won't take no for an answer. To his surprise, the director of the agency was an old girlfriend years ago. It now looks like Bridget will get another chance to be the model that she knows she can be.
Guest Stars: Jamie Nations as Director | Jill Walter as Receptionist | Raquel Welch as Jackie
Director: James Widdoes

63 :03x11 - Princetown Girl

Bridget breaks the news that she has the chance to go to Princetown with a Tennis scholarship. The only trouble is, she has a D in Ms. Krupp's class, and she needs a C for the scholarship. Cate helps Bridget out by bribing her without a flu shot unless she can help. All this really makes Kerry mad because she was the one who was supposed to go to an Ivy League school, and when Cate helps Bridget, it proves Kerry's point on Bridget always being given the easy way out of things.
Guest Stars: Suzy Nakamura as Mrs. Krupp
Director: James Widdoes

64 :03x12 - A Very C.J. Christmas (a.k.a. A Very Cool Christmas)

To keep C.J. from spending Christmas alone in Las Vegas, the Hennessy household bends over backwards to recreate one of Cate's first holiday memories to entice him to stay. Meanwhile, Rory decides to break up with his wealthy girlfriend when he fears that he won't be able to buy her a Christmas gift worthy of her upper class status.
Guest Stars: Sarah Rafferty as Danielle | Kimberly McConnell as Rebecca | David Garry as Robert | Michael Kostroff as Photographer
Director: James Widdoes

65 :03x13 - The Sub

Cate is shocked to discover that Principal Gibb has hired C.J. to be a substitute teacher at the high school. But when C.J. catches Rory cheating on a test, he is torn about reporting it when Cate tries to persuade him to look the other way. Meanwhile, when Bridget breaks her leg because of Kerry's blunder, she makes her little sister's life a living nightmare.
Guest Stars: Andy Morrow as Billy | Nicholas E. Barb as Joey | Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb | Owen Williams as Tom
Director: James Widdoes

66 :03x14 - C.J.'s Temptation

While Cate finds herself becoming jealous of Principal Ed Gibb's new girlfriend, Cheryl, C.J. is asked by Ed to help tutor Cheryl for her G.E.D.s -- and finds himself unwittingly being hit on by her. Meanwhile, Rory feels awkward after Cate accidentally interrupts him during a private moment.
Guest Stars: Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb | Pamela Anderson as Cheryl
Director: James Widdoes

67 :03x15 - Old Flame

After sending an email to former college flame Matt to see how he's been doing over the years, Cate becomes fed up with the unreasonable demands of her family and locks herself in her room for some alone time. But she's shocked when Matt shows up at her window and whisks her off to re-live some adventurous, old times - then she begins to question if his rebel lifestyle is just a front.
Guest Stars: Ed O'Neill as Matt | Sherry Brown (1) as Matt's Wife
Director: James Widdoes

68 :03x16 - Closure

When Cate and C.J. discover that Kerry has been e-mailing Bruno -- the boy she had a fling with in Europe -- they secretly try to snoop in her computer to find out what the two have been up to. But unbeknownst to them, Bruno is in the house and hidden in the attic by Kerry, while Bridget tries her best to talk her little sister out of doing something she may regret. Meanwhile, Jim discovers Rory's clandestine poker game and decides to deal himself in to teach Rory and his friends a lesson about gambling.
Guest Stars: Jamie Starr as Leo | Artie Lee Anderson as TV Announcer | Erin Sanders as Riley | Kyle Howard as Bruno
Director: James Widdoes
Writer: Seth Kurland

69 :03x17 - Volleybrawl

Cate's alleged antics at Kerry's volleyball game threaten to make her team forfeit the match. Meanwhile, C.J. has a crush on Kerry's volleyball coach, and Bridget becomes upset when one of her friends begins dating her ex-boyfriend.
Guest Stars: Lee Garlington as Leslie | Andy Morrow as Richardson | Jere Burns as Comissioner | Lynn Manning as Blind Man | Kristin Brye as Heather | Gabrielle Reece as Maggie
Director: Barnet Kellman

70 :03x18 - Freaky Friday

After watching the film Freaky Friday, Cate awakens to find that she has switched bodies with Bridget, C.J. has changed places with Jim, and Rory has swapped places with his hamster. The only one not affected is Kerry - who begins to find the entire mishap amusing.
Guest Stars: Micah Alberti as Kenny
Director: James Widdoes

71 :03x19 - Torn Between Two Lovers

CJ gets a date with Ms. Krupp against Cate and the kid's wishes. But everything is changed when Cheryl surprises him in a sexy outfit in his classroom. Now he is torn between two lovers, both inviting him to dinner on Valentine's.
Guest Stars: Suzy Nakamura as Mrs. Krupp | Pamela Anderson as Cheryl
Director: James Widdoes

72 :03x20 - C.J.'s Real Dad

C.J. is shocked and delighted when his biological father - a motivational speaker and "little person" - reveals himself for the first time to his wayward son. But Jim doesn't trust the man and thinks he may have ulterior motives for the visit.
Guest Stars: Danny Woodburn as Lyle | Mary Page Keller as Traci | Ruben Studdard as Guy
Director: James Widdoes
Writer: Rob Hanning

73 :03x21 - The After Party

After turning down Bridget's request to throw a "harmless" after-prom party in a hotel room, Cate decides to throw a school-sanctioned party at the house - which totally embarrasses her kids. Meanwhile, Kerry tries to make a political statement by inviting a girl to the prom, and Rory is overjoyed when a hot senior asks him to the dance.
Guest Stars: Liam Kyle Sullivan as Zac | Kimberly Kevon Williams as Friend | Leighton Meester as Nikki | Matt Lanter as Brendon | Vanessa Lengies as Monica
Director: Pat Doak

74 :03x22 - The Teachers Lounge

When Cate and C.J. discover that Kerry has been e-mailing Bruno -- the boy she had a fling with in Europe -- they secretly try to snoop in her computer to find out what the two have been up to. But unbeknownst to them, Bruno is in the house and hidden in the attic by Kerry, while Bridget tries her best to talk her little sister out of doing something she may regret. Meanwhile, Jim discovers Rory's clandestine poker game and decides to deal himself in to teach Rory and his friends a lesson about gambling.
Guest Stars: Lindze Letherman as Megan | Wendie Jo Sperber as Mrs. Wells | Michael Milhoan as Mr. Edwards
Director: James Widdoes

75 :03x23 - The Sleepover

After Principal Gibb and Cate fall asleep at the house while watching a movie, the family catches them and falsely assumes that the two are having a relationship. Meanwhile, Bridget, Kerry, Rory and C.J. are forced to go ice-fishing with Jim in order to spend quality time with their grandfather - but unbeknownst to them, Jim would much rather be left alone and is forced to keep up a happy fagade.
Guest Stars: Rick Batalla as Crew Guy No. 1 | Armando Heredia as Crew Guy No. 2 | Sebastian Feldman as Crew Guy No. 3 | Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb | Rachael Harris as Margaret Brandenbauerbern
Director: James Widdoes

76 :03x24 - Ditch Day

Cate doesn't want to tell the family that she is dating Principal Gibb, and she finds it even harder when she's confronted at every angle at school...even though it is Ditch Day and hardly anyone else shows up!
Guest Stars: Kenneth Kimmins as Mr. Kolodny | Adam Arkin as Principal Ed Gibb | Nicole Richie as Ashley
Director: James Widdoes
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 2002
Ended: April 15, 2005
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