Season 1

1 :01x01 - Sibling Rivalry

In the series opener, the ten models, Adrian, Briana, Britt, Kelly, Sabrina, Sean, Talesha, Teddy, Tracie, and Vinci are all introduced. They are all working for Irene, founder of the Irene Marie Agency.

Britt is introduced as the new girl from Kansas, who's a bit overwhelmed by the big-city life of South Beach, Miami. It's revealed that she doesn't know how to dance, but her welcoming roommates try to coach her.

Meanwhile, Sabrina is having her own issue. Irene isn't pleased with Sabrina's pictures because she doesn't seem to be bringing any life to them, unlike her twin sister Kelly. She's offered a test shoot to see if she really is capable of bringing life through her eyes and break away from her sister's shadow.
Songs: Stars -- Ageless Beauty, Kelly Clarkson -- Behind These Hazel Eyes, Common -- Go, Ester Drang -- Great Expectations, The Churchills -- I'm A Sucker For A Girl In Uniform, Valeria -- Oh La La, Raul Cela -- Pema Reggaeton Remix, Of Montral -- Repudiated Source, Destiny's Child -- Soldier, Augustana -- Stars and Boulevards, Paradise Boys -- There's A Riot Goin Off, Petey Pablo -- Vibrate

2 :01x02 - Model Misbehavior

The agency is concerned about the attitude that Vinci has been having on her recent photo shoots.
Songs: Timo Maas -- 4 UR Ears, Allistar -- Blackout, The Dirty Novels -- Candy Can't Walk, Astronaut -- Chemical Drag, Natasha Bedingfield -- Unwritten

3 :01x03 - Skin Deep

Sabrina's face breaks out, and the agency tells her not to go on a casting, but Kelly persuades her to go anyway.
Songs: Sia -- Breath Me, Pharrell (feat. Gwen Stefani) -- Can I Have it Like That, Ashlee Simpson -- Catch Me When I Fall, Kojo -- Hot Comb, Ernest Buckley -- How Can I?, Citizen Cope -- If There's Love, Astronaut -- Shutterbug (Reprise), Palomar -- You Dance Bad

4 :01x04 - Just Another Girl

Britt's attracted to Teddy, but decides not to pursue it because he's such a player.
Songs: M. A. Rose -- Are You Ready?, Ester Drang -- Everyone is a Victim, Ester Drang -- Grave Mistake, Of Montreal -- I Was Never Young, The Dirty Novels -- Show Me, The Churchills -- We're All Light And Stars, Chuck Prophet -- You've Got Me Where You Want

5 :01x05 - Quarter-Life Crisis

Kelly tires of losing jobs to bustier models and decides to have breast augmentation.
Songs: The Churchills -- Do You Want Me To Go Away?, Sonya Kitchell -- Fly Away, Fanatic -- If You Wanna, Locksloy -- In Love In Time, Astronaut -- Supa Kid, Beston -- Tear of Joy, Libbie Schrader -- War On Science, Libbie Schrader -- War On Science

6 :01x06 - She Wears It Well

Sabrina wins a big job over her sister, and Kelly feels threatened and resentful. Meanwhile, Teddy romances Heide after Britt turns him down.
Songs: Statistics -- Begging To Be Heard, Drawzilla -- G-Unit Remix, Anna Nalick -- In The Rough, Fanatic -- It's Me, Alicia Keys -- Karma, Omarion -- Touch

7 :01x07 - What Goes Around

Tracie loses a job to the younger Talesha and realizes her modeling career may be over. Meanwhile, Teddy's feelings for Heidi change when he sees her partying with other guys.
Songs: Jamiroquai -- Canned Heat, Tal M. Klein -- Dirty Dirty, Ester Drang -- Everyone is a Victim, Mya -- Free, Kanye West -- Heard 'Em Say, Thomas Anderson -- Is This Love, The Headlights -- It Isn't Easy To Live That Well, Chris Brown (2) -- Run It, JC Chasez -- Some Girls (Dance with Women), Ludacris -- Stand Up, Young Mozart -- Yo Quiero Raggaeton

8 :01x08 - Mixed Messages

Envious of Sabrina's recent success, Kelly doesn't tell her about a big casting and goes without her. Sabrina's irate when she finds out later.
Songs: Tal M. Klein -- 25 Summer's Glow, Ester Drang -- Caledonia, Ester Drang -- Come Back Alive, Locksloy -- Don't Make Me Wait, Tal M. Klein -- Funky Slide, The Leaf Album -- Malmo, The Paradise Boys -- Pale Yellow Sun, Young Mozart -- Passion Reggaeton, The Leaf Album -- Seal Beach, Tal M. Klein -- Slow Nights, The Paradise Boys -- Thunderbird, Ester Drang -- White Lies

9 :01x09 - Over Exposed

Britt begrudgingly does a borderline pornographic shoot, while drama erupts over Tracie's dinner plans.
Songs: Anthony David -- Ain't Enough For Me, P. J. Harvey -- Good Fortune, Chantal Kreviazuk -- In This Life, Slip of A Girl -- Now I'm Fingered, The Leaf -- One Minute, The Summer Obsession -- Over My Head, M. A. Rose -- Pretty People, Tal M. Klein -- Release Me, The Commons -- Simple Things, Tal M. Klein -- Sun Spots, Orbis -- Tempest, Ying Yang Twins -- Wait (The Whisper Song), Macy Gray -- Why Didn't You Call Me

10 :01x10 - A Kiss Goodbye?

Teddy wonders if Britt still has feelings for him after she freaks out during a romantic casting; and Kelly is requested by one of Sabrina's former clients.