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It's Getting Hot in Here - Recap

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Adrianna's mom tells her the paparazzi are back. Adrianna is splashed
all over the tabloids, and none of it is good. Her mom thinks she should
sell her story. The record label wants their advance back, plus she
still owes a fortune on the house she rented. Adrianna doesn't know how
she'd go about it, since her publicist isn't even returning her calls.
Mom says not to worry. One of the tabloids is interested. She gives
Adrianna the number and asks her to think about it.

Navid arrives at Silver's. He kisses her, and when he tries to kiss her
again, she stops him. Last week was amazing, but when he leaves, she
gets sick to her stomach. She can't do this to Adrianna. Not even after
she and Navid are done. If somebody started dating her guy right after
they broke up, Silver would kill them. Navid figures they can keep it
quiet until some time has passed, but she refuses.

Liam is on his way out, and tells Charlie he'll see him later. A knock
at the door turns out to be Annie. Liam aims her at Charlie and keeps
going. They kiss, and he suggests they go hiking, but she says they need
to talk. She doesn't want to see him anymore. She plays the "no time for
a relationship card", and apologizes. Charlie says he is, too and Annie

Adrianna talks to the reporter. All he'll offer is $10,000 because she
has no new information. When she has some, she should call him back and
he'll be able to offer her more.

Naomi, Annie and Silver have lunch together. Silver has a brilliant
idea. Chicks weekend away, yoga retreat. Spa in the woods, sweat lodge
and everything. Adrianna joins them, whining about the paparazzi. Silver
invites her to join them for the yoga weekend, and she accepts.

Annie starts packing for the yoga trip. Deb made her invite Emily, so
she'll be joining them. She died her hair to look like Annie. She uses
everything of Annie's, she is single white femaling her. Dixon agrees
with Deb; it's no big deal. She has a yelling tantrum, and Emily hears
the whole thing.

The girls finish their drive up north, and Emily is sulking. When they
arrive, they see the whole place is tipis. Ade has an extreme reaction
when she finds that Ashton Kutcher is no longer following her on Twitter.

They're welcomed by the guru, and relieved of their cell phones. Ade
refuses, but the guru forces the issue.

Ryan and Deb are excited about an evening together at home, alone.

Noami is really hating their weekend away, and Adrianna wants to check
on her website. Annie tries to get through to Emily by telling her she
totally felt like an outsider when she arrived in Beverly Hills. She
just needs time to adjust.

Adrianna continues to bitch about losing everything. Naomi and Silver
confront her about getting what she deserves, given what she did. Ade
goes no holds barred, and Naomi throws it all right back at her.
Jealous? Oh, sure; Naomi always wanted to get in a car accident with a
talented guy, so she could steal all his music and be just like Ade.
Adrianna flounces out.

The girls do yoga outside by the water, and there's a lovely breeze. The
leader notices that Adrianna is gone, but Naomi figures she's just
trying to tweet with a rock and a twig. Annie begs off from the walk,
asking to be wakened in time for the sweat lodge, and Emily says no

Liam and Charlie play ping pong. Charlie is really good. Liam asks why
he looks so sad, and Charlie tells him Annie broke up with him
yesterday. Charlie asks if Liam knows if she's seeing someone else, and
Liam says no. Charlie has to decide if he's going to do the next
semester in Paris. He wasn't going to go, because of Annie but they're
over, so he may as well go. He'd be leaving next week. Liam says he
hopes he won't go, since he likes having his big brother around.

Navid and Dixon talk about his chest. Dixon is afraid his pecs are
getting too big. Ade's mom approaches Navid, it's urgent she speak with
Adrianna immediately. She tried to move her funds to her mom's bank
account to protect them from seizure, but she didn't sign a paper and
the bank won't move the funds without her signature. Her funds are
vulnerable. Navid knows she's in Ojai. He offers to bring the papers to
her. Dixon cracks a joke about Navid's future mother-in-law, and gets a
stone glare in response.

Naomi is still hating the weekend. It's time for the sweat lodge.
Adrianna rejoins them. Silver asks where Annie is, and Emily lies. She
says Annie is asleep, and she asked Emily not to wake her.

One of the fellow visitors sobs her way through sharing her past in the
sweat lodge. Adrianna gets picked by the guru to drop her burden. First
she has to say what role she played in how things unfolded. The guru
just keeps digging. Adrianna shares that she got pregnant and gave a
baby up for adoption two years ago. She figures she gave her baby up so
she could do something amazing with her life. But if she's just going to
be plain old Adrianna, then what did she give her baby up for. Her
friends gather around her in support.

Ryan and Deb are getting their evening together. He memorized the label
on the wine bottle to impress her. Dixon comes home, and Deb shoves Ryan
out the door. She tells Dixon she's trying out some new recipes, and
he's all excited, and starving.

The guru asks Silver her deepest desire, and she says she wants to get
into music. The guru pushes her just like she did Adrianna, telling her
she can make whatever she wants manifest, but she needs to say it.
Silver says the heat got to her, and she needs to leave. As she leaves
the tent, she sees Navid. She thinks he's not real, because of the sweat
lodge. She kisses him. They go in her tipi and start tearing each
other's clothes off as they kiss.

The guru tells Naomi she's next. She refuses to participate. This isn't
her kind of thing. She sets her face and refuses to answer. The guru
shares a story, and Naomi chooses to 'feed the good wolf'. She shares
that she was raped, and claims she's on the other side. She's moved on.
The guru tells her she should be very proud of herself, and that she's a
strong woman. A survivor. The guru asks her how she'll use this to grow,
and Naomi says she'd like to help others who have been through what
she's been through. She wants to use her wealth to help.

The guru is wrapping up the meeting, and Emily interrupts to thank
everybody. She says they are wonderful, and not at all shallow and
superficial like Annie said. She claims that Annie asked her not to say
anything to them about the things she says behind their backs.

Dixon is dragging out dinner. Ryan remains stuck in the pantry.

Annie confronts Emily about leaving her asleep. She starts coming down
on her hard, and the girls go to bat for Emily. Silver rejoins the
group, and Adrianna sees Navid. He hands over the papers, as Ade calls
him the best boyfriend in the world. Silver and Navid look miserable.

The girls all take their phones back, except Naomi. She's going to stay
the week. She wants to continue exploring some of the realizations she
had in the sweat lodge. She gives Silver her keys to get everybody home

Liam and Charlie have dinner. When Liam goes to get seconds, a text
comes through for him from Annie, and Charlie sees it. "I get why we
can't be together but it doesn't mean that it hurts any less."

Dixon is still dragging his way through dinner. Deb looks at her watch.
He finally heads upstairs to study, and she rescues Ryan. She doesn't
want the kids knowing she's dating their teacher, and he's fine with it.
He wants to keep seeing her. Emily sees them kissing.

Annie gets a text that says "Come see me tomorrow, we belong together"
from Liam.

Naomi is dressed like the guru, who tells her that from this day
forward, her life will never be the same.

Annie arrives, telling Liam she got his text. She shows it to him, and
he swears he didn't send it. But Charlie must have. Before he left, he
told Liam he wants him to be happy. Liam and Annie kiss.

Adrianna calls the magazine guy and tells him she has something for him.
She had a baby. He said that's good, but not good enough. If she were
trying to get her baby back, that would be a big story. She says she is.
She's trying to get her baby back.