Blue Naomi - Recap

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Ade, Silver and Naomi are in the audience as Emily debuts. The play
wraps to a standing ovation on her behalf. In her dressing room, Silver
gets a naughty text from Navid. She lies about who it's from, and Ade
asks to borrow Silver's phone claiming her battery died. Funny, that; so
did Silver's! Emily arrives, and the girls break into cheers and
applause. Another actress swings through to congratulate Emily. She's
nice to her face, but after closing the door, Emily proceeds to shred
her. The threesome takes note.

Silver and Naomi chat as they walk down the hall. Naomi locks eyes on
her nerd, Max. He's not interested, and his face reflects it. Annie
touches base with them, apologizing for her behavior in the lunch room
when she attacked Emily. Silver suggests that Annie help celebrate
Emily's upcoming birthday, and she thinks that sounds like a great idea.
She's done with the jealousy and strife. Group hug.

Ivy is a bit wasted in class. She didn't write a sonnet - saved by the
bell. Everybody out. Ryan talks to Ivy on her way out, but he doesn't
get much of anywhere. She better have a sonnet ready to read tomorrow.

Silver is going to burn her gym clothes the day she graduates. Ade
arrives and claims that she knows who Navid is cheating with. She points
and looks beyond Silver at a student named Lila. Silver tries to talk
her down, since she has no proof, but Ade pushes on.

Emily approaches Liam and accuses him of avoiding her. She apologizes
for coming on to him like that and acknowledges that it was completely
inappropriate. She continues, and promises it won't happen again. Liam
admits that he's kind of flattered. He tells her he's not sure where his
head is at. Annie's gone all crazy, with getting suspended and
everything. She says she'll be there if he wants to talk, and Liam
thanks her.

Naomi continues stalking Max. They're in the library, and she makes all
sorts of effort to get his attention. Annie sees her and figures it must
be the end of the world. Naomi covers, and promptly leaves.

Navid tells Dixon he has a potential client. A BH plastic surgeon is
looking to shoot a series of commercials. Dixon is his smooth operator.
He asks if he can be paid, since he's doing the work. Navid says sure.

Ivy hooks up with Raj and heads off to get stoned.

Annie and Liam are having a heated discussion about breaking up. He
wants to take a little time off. She tells him it's over. Emily is, as
always, eavesdropping.

Max shows up in the lab, where Naomi is giving a private Victoria's
Secret show. He sees what she has to offer and heads off for debate
club. He's so not interested. She accuses him of being gay. He admits
that she's physically attractive, but in every other sense, she's so
unattractive that she disgusts him. She's an arrogant slob with a bunch
of stuck-up friends. She thinks that Max should be into her because
she's into him, but he's not.

Ivy and Raj have a blast on their skateboards. She stops to light up.
He's concerned that she's using too much. She's going to ditch school on
Tuesday and take him to a very cool skate park. He thinks he's a bad
influence, he doesn't like the girl she's becoming.

Naomia is hanging on Max' facebook while Silver does homework. Silver
sees the page, and wonders why Naomi is there. A bunch of his friends
are going to dress up in costume for an event, and Naomi looks interested.

Liam is working on a car when Emily arrives. She tells him she overheard
the fight, and wants to be sure he's okay. She asks him out for dinner
tomorrow night so he can take his mind off things. He says no, but then
says yes.

Navid makes an appointment with the plastic surgeon so they can do
dinner and take a meeting. Dixon is assigned to take the Ferrari in to
get it detailed. He loves his job.

Annie approaches Emily with Deb's invite to movie night with the family.
Emily is rude, and Annie tells her she gave up. Truce. Emily says sure,
but she has other plans.

Dixon eyeballs all the beautiful vehicles at the dealership. He sees
Snoop Dogg, and walks over to say hey. They chat a bit, and he offers to
let Dixon hear his new single.

Naomi shows up in a full Avatar costume - and she's the only one. The
guys were joking. Several have fun at her expense, and Max calls them on
it. She throws back in his face what he said about her friends. His are
just as bad.

Navid leaves a nastygram on Dixon's voice mail. He was supposed to have
the car back hours ago. Dixon is still riding with Snoop, listening to
his music.

Max follows Naomi out to her car. He's sorry. Really sorry. He's
flattered that she did that for him. Clearly he misjudged her, because
arrogant snobs don't do this to impress guys they barely know. And for
the record, she makes a smoking hot alien. He heads back in the theater,
but Naomi calls him back because she likes him, and she tells him all
the reasons why. He kisses her. They'll have to keep it on the down low,
though. Neither of them want their reputation ruined.

Ivy and Raj arrive home. She checks the voice mail and finds that Ryan
is leaving a message for Lauren. She deletes it, and Raj gets really
worried. She's destroying her life. Ivy thinks he's being a hypocrite.
Raj leaves.

Navid loses the sale because he has to drive the dentist in his own car,
instead of the Ferrari.

Emily and Liam had a great date. She invites him inside, and he refuses,
thinking Annie won't want to see him. Emily says everybody is gone, and
this way she can have him all to herself. Liam notes that Emily isn't as
innocent as people think. Once inside, Liam continues. She's not a
country bumpkin like Silver, Ade and Naomi have said. She spills a dose
of verbal acid in return, insulting the girls one at a time. As they
arrive in the next room, Annie and the three she's insulting are
revealed when the light is turned on. Emily calls Annie a bitch who set
her up, but Liam wants his share of the credit, too. Naomi stands up and
murmurs to Emily as she passes her, "Your life at West Bev is over."
Annie smiles as she cuddles with Liam.

Navid was apparently confused about formalizing the arrangement. He
thought he was Dixon's boss. Dixon thought they were partners. Snoop
Dogg wants to shoot his video there next week, "Boss."

Emily is packing to join her grandmother in the Ozarks. Beverly Hills
really isn't for her.

Silver, Naomi and Annie are back walking down the hall together, while
Max approaches with two of his nerd friends. They exchange glances and
keep walking.

Ivy sees Raj at the skate park. She wants to know why things got so
heated yesterday. She doesn't know what she did. Raj doesn't want to be
the person responsible for messing up her life. She doesn't get it. He's
on pot for chemo. Leukemia. It's actually why he's living at home with
his parents. His prognosis isn't good. Three-four years, if he's lucky.

Silver approaches Ade, who is going to email everybody a picture of
Lila, changing. She'll be so humiliated, she'll probably drop out of
school. Silver finally tells the truth. Ade hits send anyway. Silver
freaks, asking why. Ade tells her to check her phone. The person
changing isn't Lila. It's Silver.