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Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot? - Recap

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The scene opens with a pearly New Year for the gang at 90210; its New Year and new Annie; who with her new found inheritance might take up admission in Carnegie Mellon. Annie also finds it awful that she had to unfortunately get the news of Liam’s accident, from six thousand miles away. With an awesome “Hello to a New Year party” planned by Annie; she wastes no time embracing her new inheritance as she stylishly arrives back into town from Paris. Dixon also returns back from Paris, but unlike Annie, he comes home to open arms from Adrianna. The two have been trying to get their duo act at some high-profile gigs but have not been so lucky. This is until Austin hooks them up to perform at an awesome venue. Meanwhile, while her two best friends were away; Naomi has been busy with work. Austin and Naomi broke up after Austin allegedly cheated on her with Holly.

Austin says Holly snuck in and attacked him right after he came out of the shower but Naomi refuses to listen to him. Naomi has been so hard at work that her boss, Holly’s mother, gives Naomi the responsibility of hosting her very own event. Silver seems to be embracing her new boyfriend as well and it sounds it is getting serious. Greg decides to take their relationship to the next step – introducing Silver to her daughter. Silver happily accepts. Annie finds trying to start afresh with Liam, isn’t going to be as easy as she thought. While Annie was prancing around in Paris, Liam was slowly but surely recovering from his car accident. When Annie finally visits an injured Liam he is excited to see her, considering she never called him from Paris.

Although he is critical of her and also sarcastic, he tells her that when she was in trouble he left everything and ran to her; but when she heard about his accident, all she did was “shop for paperweights”. Annie does her best to apologize to Liam, and Liam too doesn’t want to “dredge up the past”. Annie wants to make it up to Liam by driving him home, just then a woman walks into the room. It turns out, Liam embraced his new year with the lovely young woman named Vanessa who just walked in; and who also happens to be the woman who accidentally hit Liam with her car but called the police to report a “hit and run.” Vanessa has also been taking care of Liam in the hospital since the night of his accident; much to the dismay of Annie. Liam is not the only one falling for a new beau, it turns out Ivy might be falling for Nick, her photography teacher.

They have returned back to Beverly Hills from their trip to New Guinea with googly eyes. Ivy tries to play it off, as just “rebound sex” because she feels it is too soon to be getting into it with a new guy. Meanwhile Navid, rattled from getting beat up from his uncle’s business partners, crashes on Dixon’s couch; with Dixon trying to get rid of him by telling him that “he needs some fresh air”. Meanwhile, Navid is scared to leave the apartment for fear that his uncle will find him. However, when his uncle sends Navid flowers with a cryptic message at Dixon’s address, he realizes that his uncle is aware of his whereabouts. Navid decides he needs to take matters into his own hands. He calls the police officer, Kat, and tells her his plans to settle things with his uncle by threatening him.

Kat tries to knock some sense into Navid but he is still shaken up about the beating. Wanting to protect Navid, Kat decides to go to the only person who could help – Silver. At first Silver is reluctant, but then she comes through by bringing Navid’s dad into the matter. Navid’s dad decides that he has to turn himself and his brother in for the wrong things he has done, and that this would be the only way to protect his family and Navid. Annie thinks she can make things right with Liam. With her new fortune, she decides to have Liam’s bike fixed. Liam is grateful for it but tells Annie that they can’t be together. When Dixon points out that it took the mechanic a long time to take off the maroon paint on the bike, Annie realizes that Vanessa said it was a black car that hit Liam.

She invites Liam and Vanessa to her party only to accuse Vanessa of lying about the accident. Liam is pissed at Annie; but Annie refuses to accept that things between her and Liam cannot be salvaged. Naomi is busy planning the debutant ball and while everything is going great her emotions are not in check. In order to get over Austin she decides to have rebound sex. In between making sure the food is delicious and that everybody is having a good time she decides to have her rebound sex while she’s working. Of course, her boss stops by and Naomi is caught having sex on the stage in front of the entire party. Naomi’s boss fires Naomi. However, Naomi tells her that her boss’ daughter cheated with her boyfriend.

Her boss has sympathy and lets it slide but advises Naomi that she has to be a strong woman and deal with her problems. As the clock comes to a new year the gang decides to go for what they really want this year. Annie decides that it is finally time to let go of Liam and encourages Liam to go after the girl he really likes. Though Annie loses the boy, she gains a future by deciding to start her year in school at Carnegie Mellon University. Ivy also decides to let go of her past and ring in the New Year with her new man, Nick. Navid is finally free from his family’s past and wants to spend his new future with Silver. However, Silver has already moved on and is only moving upward with her new boyfriend, Greg. Naomi decides to deal with her life by letting Austin know that she knows Austin didn’t cheat on her.

She also decides she needs to work on herself this year. Dixon and Adrianna patch things up and begin their New Year right with a new understanding of their business and personal relationship. The New Year has come and gone and some were successful in embracing a new future. Others, were able to let go of those in their past in time to start fresh with a new significant other. There will always be that one person who refuses to let go. And while others decided to start a new year with a new person or a new future, some decided to spend it working on their old selves. Of course, the New Year can’t come without some new secrets! The show ends with Silver meeting Greg’s adopted daughter. Can you guess the biological mother? The mother happens to be Adrianna. As Annie boards her flight to her new future in Pennsylvania, she realizes that she took Vanessa’s purse by accident. After perusing through her wallet, Annie realizes that Vanessa is not who she says she is.