Into The Wild - Recap

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The episode begins with the girls having a meal together. Naomi says she will tell Max about her kiss with Alec, after she whisks him away for a romantic weekend. Adrianna says Dixon is feeling better and therefore they are going to start focusing on their careers again. Navid on the other hand shows Liam the blueprints of their club. Liam is taking a business class, so he can get a loan to revamp the bar. Max returns home from his trip and Naomi gives him a warm welcome. She tells him about a weekend vacation she has planned for the just the two of them. Max though, wants to go camping; Naomi isn’t too crazy about the idea, but reluctantly agrees.

Adrianna comes back home and is shocked to see Taylor sitting with Dixon. Dixon tells Adrianna how Taylor is helping him get his music career back on track. Dixon then suggests that Taylor could help Adrianna too while he is helping him out. Adrianna isn’t too happy with the suggestion, but plays along. “Taylor, welcome to our lives” Dixon says. Annie has met a new guy named Colin and tells Naomi he is new in town and therefore she is showing him around. “He is a computer geek just like Max” Annie says. Annie though, isn’t sure if she will see Colin again, as the thought of dating someone stresses her out. Navid is busy readying the bar, and Dixon pays it a visit to see how things are shaping up. Dixon tells Navid, Taylor has decided Dixon would be performing for the bar’s opening night.

Navid is surprised to hear this as Taylor hasn’t told him anything about it. Dixon asks Navid if he is cool with it, and he says that he is. Max and Naomi are out camping in the wilderness. Naomi brings Max to a campsite she has chosen for them. Max is surprised to see that it’s a bit too high brow to be a campsite, with people having fine food and Champaign. The campsite also has things like a masseur and personal chef, besides other comforts. “It’s very different from what I expected” Max says, hesitantly. “We are going to have the most romantic weekend ever, I promise” Naomi says. Colin asks Annie out to dinner, but she lies that she is seeing someone. Adrianna meets up with Taylor and tells him he isn’t going to be able to “worm” his way back into her life.

Taylor assures her he is planning to do no such thing, and his relation with her from now on will be purely professional. He basically tells her that he only wants to help her promote her career. “I have no problem keeping our relationship professional, do you?” he asks her. “Of course not” she immediately replies. Dixon, Liam and Navid too are out camping for the weekend. Liam leaves to gather some firewood and when he is back, he sees Navid and Dixon missing. It is then show that Navid and Dixon are busy setting up a tent. Navid loses his cool when Dixon finds it difficult to set up the tent. He tells Dixon that he is getting better, but still isn’t “a 100%” and therefore isn’t ready to open his club.

Navid tells Dixon how much he has riding on the club opening and therefore can’t take a risk of allowing a guy in a leg-brace to kick off things. Dixon is hurt by the things said by Navid and decides to leave. Dixon then drives away in the car they came in and Navid is in a quandary about how he should get back home from the wilderness, with his transportation gone. Then at a distance Navid sees a campsite and proceeds towards it. Naomi and Max on the other hand are about to embark on a ropes course. The two meet Ryan Lochte at the course. He tells them the course is loads of fun. Basically the course is formulated in such a manner that it helps build trust and confidence between partners. Things don’t go well while they are at it and Naomi loses her cool and tells Max, how she wanted to have a relaxed weekend as a couple.

Naomi returns to her tent and finds Navid sitting there. He tells her the reason why he is there and she tells him that her weekend isn’t going very great either. Navid then discovers that Liam’s co-star is taking to the news channels about how Liam is lost in the woods, and how she shall help every step of the way in looking for him. Adrianna rehearses for her music video with Taylor as her only audience. The music video basically has her pole dancing sensually. She then walks up to Taylor and kisses him. She realizes her mistake and rushes away. Annie tells Silver she doesn’t want to date Colin because she would then have to tell him, she had earlier dated a priest and before that she was essentially a prostitute.

She feels no guy would want to date someone with that kind of a past. “I am damaged goods” she concludes. Silver argues that she is more damaged that Annie, as she is having a baby with a gay guy. Silver suggests that Annie should go out with Colin and if later he finds out about her past, she can deal with it then. Annie agrees with her and decides to pay heed to her advice. Liam’s co-star manages to find him in the woods. “How did you find me?” Liam asks visibly surprised. “I grew up hunting and fishing in Montana. I know how to take care of myself” she replies. The two then have a heart to heart and seem to bond. Naomi, who has been looking for Max all over the campsite, finds him lying alone under a tree.

She apologizes to him for earlier and for running the whole weekend. Max says he knows she feels the ropes course is silly, but it’s important for him that Naomi be able to trust him. Max feels Naomi wants to tell him something, but she says there is nothing. Max then says “Naomi I know about the kiss”. Max then hands her the photos of her and Alec kissing. “Alec trusted me enough to tell me the truth and you didn’t” he says and walks away. Max later asks her as to why she couldn’t simply tell him the truth. She in turn says that Alec is the one who set her up by kissing her and then taking photos of it. “He was trying to prove that you had cheated on me once and that you would do it again” Max says. Max then adds how Alec had told him she would never tell him about the kiss, but Max was sure that she would, but adds that he has been proven wrong. Naomi with tears in her eyes apologizes to Max for not telling him the truth, and promises to him that she will “try to do better”. “You really hurt me Naomi. I don’t know if we can go back to the way we were before” Max says.

Dixon tells Navid, Liam wants him to open the bar, so there is really nothing much Navid can do about it. Naomi signs up to work at a strip club; as she loves the attention the strippers get. Annie and Colin return from their date together and Annie tells him how, it was probably the best date she ever had. Naomi on the other hand seems to be planning something to get back at Alec. The episode ends at this point.