We All Fall Down - Recap

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The episode begins with Dixon and Annie relived to see that they are both ok. They worry whether Navid and Adrianna are safe after the mishap at the concert venue. At Naomi’s, Jordan arrives and tells her that he knows the sacrifice she made to get him his life back. He is really keen on getting back together with Naomi, but she says she has made his mother a promise that she wouldn’t and plans to keep her word. On seeing that Naomi is adamant, Jordan reluctantly leaves. Soon after, Naomi gets a call from Dixon. Liam and Sydney are about to leave for Australia, when Liam is shocked to learn about the explosion at the Spencer Blaine concert.

Sydney urges Liam to go and make sure his friends are ok. At the concert venue, Navid is wheeled out on a gurney by rescue workers. He is fine except for a few minor injuries. Navid is worried on learning that Adrianna hasn’t been rescued yet. He goes in to look for her, when told by a rescue worker that it might take more than 3 hours to get everyone out. Inside, Navid finds Adrianna with her foot stuck under some debris. Navid calls Dixon, who hands the phone over to a rescue worker. The worker tells Navid to stay put with Adrianna. There are live electrical wires all over the place, which is why it’s dangerous for them to come out till the place is cleared. The rest of the gang has gathered outside. They eagerly wait for Navid and Adrianna to be rescued.

The gang does some volunteer work, helping out the victims, while waiting for Navid and Adrianna to be rescued. While Liam is busy helping the victims, Annie walks up to him and as per Silver’s advice, tries gauge if he is still interested in her (Annie). She is disappointed on learning that Liam is still planning to go to Australia and that Sydney has booked tickets for later in the day. Liam clearly still has feelings for Annie, but doesn’t really have the courage to tell her. Naomi throws together a major relief benefit, so she can overhaul her image, which has been tainted thanks to the Prince Harry episode. Adrianna calls Silver from under the rubble and expresses her condolences, saying Navid told her about the baby. Silver is touched that despite her recent behavior Adrianna is worried about her.

Silver gets a call from her doc, informing her that she has tested positive for malignancy and has cancer. Liam is surprised on learning from Dixon that Annie is planning to move to Paris for good. Dixon says it’s because she is still holding a torch for him (Liam). At the relief benefit, Naomi introduces the Goo Goo Dolls, who are there to perform. While Navid is busy watching the Goo Goo Dolls on his cell phone, Adrianna panics, saying she smells gas. Outside, Dixon tells Silver there is a gas leak. The utility company had thought they had turned off everything, but turns out; a line under the theatre has ruptured. Naomi is informed that her rescue effort is actually impeding the rescue because the rescue equipment has to come through the area, where she is hosting the concert.

She immediately pulls the plug on the concert and orders the gathered crowds to vacate the area. Inside, Adrianna has begun panicking, while Navid is doing his best to calm her down. With tears in her eyes, Adrianna recalls, how Navid has always been by her side whenever she has needed him. The two of them mutually decide to get a place of their own and move in together once they get out. While they are busy confessing their love for each other and kissing, a rescue worker, who has made it in, tells them that they will soon be rescued. The duo is overjoyed on hearing this. Outside, Annie gives Naomi the news that the rescue workers have gotten through and stopped the gas leak. Naomi is relived that Adrianna and Navid are going to be fine.

A while later, Jordan arrives with his mother to have a talk with Naomi. Jordan’s mother tells Naomi that Prince Harry has agreed to go to rehab after what recently happened. His father the emperor wants to meet the girl, who convinced his son to go to rehab. Naomi agrees to do his mother this favor, but wants something in return. Jordan steps in, saying Naomi will only help if she (his mother) consents to his and Naomi’s relationship. His mother reluctantly agrees. Naomi and Jordan are overjoyed that they beat his mother at her own game. At the Offshore, while Liam and Sydney are packing all their stuff to leave for Australia, Sydney figures out that Liam still loves Annie. She suggests that he tell Annie, how he feels, but Liam is reluctant. He tells her that every time he and Annie have been together he has ended up hurting her.

Sydney refuses to believe that and tells him to read the end of Annie’s book. She then leaves with tears in her eyes. Meanwhile, Adrianna and Navid are being helped out by the rescue workers. Outside, Silver breaks down and tells Dixon that she has cancer. Dixon gives her a pep talk, saying she has to keep fighting until she can fight no more. He also tells her that he and the rest of the gang will always be by her side. While Navid and Adrianna are being rescued the rubble beings to come down on them. The rescue worker tells Navid that they need to move quickly. Adrianna, who has been brought out safely, is shocked on learning that Navid is still trapped under the rubble. Adrianna breaks down and begins to panic. The gang tries calming her down. Soon after, Navid is wheeled out.

Although a little dazed, he seems ok. Adrianna accompanies Navid to the hospital. After seeing off Adrianna and Navid, Annie tells the gang that she is leaving for Paris because nothing’s changed between her and Liam. Annie bids all her friends a tearful goodbye. Silver calls her doc and tells her that she wants to go ahead with the surgeries because she wants to fight the cancer. Liam comes looking for Annie and is told by Dixon that he just missed her. Before Annie can fly out in Jordan’s plane, Liam lands up on the runway riding his bike.

After stopping the plane, Annie gets out and Liam tells her that he read her book and just like in the book he wants to be with her no matter what. He tells her that he loves her and always has. He then gets down on one knee, ring in hand, and proposes to her. Annie says an emphatic “yes” with a smile on her face. The whole gang is texted, saying Liam and Annie are engaged. They are all overjoyed with the news. The series ends at this point.