January 26, 2006 Cruise Ship Cover Up? - Recap

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Merrian Carver was an investment banker with a 13 year old daughter and an ex husband (who lived in England). In August 2004, she decided to travel from her Cambridge, Mass. home and embark on an adventurous 7 day Alaskan cruise. After the 2nd day, Merrian was missing.
When her family insisted on someone looking into it, officials discovered that not only did the cruise line seem to ignore her disappearance, but they even emptied out her cabin and simply ‘got rid of’ all her belongings. While some things were found in storage, when investigators asked for help from the cruise line, they got just the opposite. Efforts were blocked rather than assisted. Since these (and most other cruise ships) are not U.S. registries, different laws, if any at all, don’t always serve the passenger.