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ABC Saturday Night College Football

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
2 1x02 09/Sep/2006 Ohio State vs. Texas 10
3 1x03 16/Sep/2006 Nebraska vs. USC 10
11 1x11 18/Nov/2006 California vs USC 10
12 1x12 25/Nov/2006 Notre Dame vs USC 10
13 1x13 02/Dec/2006 Big 12 Championship Game: Nebraska vs Oklahoma 10
1 1x01 02/Sep/2006 #2 Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech. 8
5 1x05 23/Sep/2006 Notre Dame vs Michigan State 8
9 1x09 04/Nov/2006 UCLA vs California 8
6 1x06 30/Sep/2006 Ohio State vs. Iowa N/A
7 1x07 07/Oct/2006 Oregon vs California N/A
8 1x08 14/Oct/2006 Michigan vs Penn State N/A
10 1x10 11/Nov/2006 Texas vs Kansas State N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
14 2x01 01/Sep/2007 Tennessee vs California N/A
15 2x02 15/Sep/2007 USC at Nebraska N/A
16 2x03 22/Sep/2007 Washington State at USC N/A
17 2x04 29/Sep/2007 USC at Washington N/A
18 2x05 06/Oct/2007 Ohio State at Purdue N/A
19 2x06 20/Oct/2007 Michigan at Illinois N/A
20 2x07 27/Oct/2007 Ohio State at Penn State N/A
21 2x08 03/Nov/2007 Florida State at Boston College N/A
22 2x09 10/Nov/2007 Kansas at Oklahoma State N/A
23 2x10 17/Nov/2007 Oklahoma at Texas Tech N/A
24 2x11 24/Nov/2007 Missouri at Kansas N/A
25 2x12 01/Dec/2007 Big 12 Championship Game: Oklahoma vs Kansas N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
26 3x01 30/Aug/2008 Alabama vs Clemson N/A
27 3x02 13/Sep/2008 Ohio State vs USC N/A
28 3x03 20/Sep/2008 Georgia vs Arizona State N/A
29 3x04 27/Sep/2008 Illinois vs Penn State N/A
30 3x05 04/Oct/2008 Ohio State vs Wisconsin N/A
31 3x06 18/Oct/2008 Missouri vs Texas N/A
32 3x07 25/Oct/2008 Penn State vs Ohio State N/A
33 3x08 01/Nov/2008 Texas vs Texas Tech N/A
34 3x09 08/Nov/2008 Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech N/A
35 3x10 15/Nov/2008 Boston College vs Florida State N/A
36 3x11 22/Nov/2008 Texas Tech vs Oklahoma N/A
37 3x12 29/Nov/2008 Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State N/A
38 3x13 06/Dec/2008 Big 12 Championship Game: Missouri vs Oklahoma N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
1 4x01 05/Sep/2009 Alabama vs. Virginia Tech 10
11 4x11 28/Nov/2009 Georgia at Georgia Tech 9
13 4x02 19/Sep/2009 Texas Tech at Texas 8.5
4 4x04 03/Oct/2009 Southern California at California 8.5
7 4x07 31/Oct/2009 Southern California at Oregon 8.5
9 4x09 14/Nov/2009 Texas Tech at Oklahoma State 8.5
10 4x10 21/Nov/2009 Oregon at Arizona 8.5
3 4x03 26/Sep/2009 Notre Dame at Purdue OR Iowa at Penn State 8
6 4x06 24/Oct/2009 Oregon State at Southern California 8
5 4x05 10/Oct/2009 Michigan at Iowa 7.5
8 4x08 07/Nov/2009 Southern California at Arizona State 7.5
12 4x12 05/Dec/2009 2009 Big 12 Championship Game: Nebraska vs. Texas 7

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
24 5x12 04/Dec/2010 BIG 12 Championship Game at Cowboys Stadium - Oklahoma vs. Nebraska 8
14 5x02 18/Sep/2010 Texas at Texas Tech or Notre Dame at Michigan State 5
17 5x05 09/Oct/2010 Florida State at Miami (Fla.) 5
18 5x06 23/Oct/2010 Oklahoma at Missouri 5
19 5x07 30/Oct/2010 Ohio State at Minnesota or Oregon at Southern California 5
15 5x03 25/Sep/2010 Oregon St at Boise St 4.7
13 5x01 04/Sep/2010 LSU at North Carolina 4.5
16 5x04 02/Oct/2010 Stanford at Oregon 4.5
20 5x08 06/Nov/2010 Arizona at Stanford or Missouri at Texas Tech 1
21 5x09 13/Nov/2010 Oklahoma St. at Texas or Clemson at Florida St. or Southern California at Arizona N/A
22 5x10 20/Nov/2010 Nebraska at Texas A&M or Florida St. at Maryland or Southern California at Oregon St. N/A
23 5x11 27/Nov/2010 Oklahoma at Oklahoma St. or Notre Dame at Southern California N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
26 6x02 17/Sep/2011 Ohio State at Miami (Fla.) or Oklahoma at Florida State 8
27 6x03 24/Sep/2011 Missouri vs. Oklahoma at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium 8
29 6x05 08/Oct/2011 Ohio State vs. Nebraska at Memorial Stadium 8
31 6x07 29/Oct/2011 Stanford at USC or Clemson at Georgia Tech 8
32 6x08 05/Nov/2011 #17 Kansas State at #3 Oklahoma State or Notre Dame at Wake Forest 8
34 6x10 19/Nov/2011 USC at Oregon or Oklahoma at Baylor 8
36 6x12 03/Dec/2011 Oklahoma at Oklahoma State 8
25 6x01 03/Sep/2011 Oregon vs. LSU at Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas 7
28 6x04 01/Oct/2011 Notre Dame at Purdue or Nebraska at Wisconsin 7
30 6x06 22/Oct/2011 Washington at Stanford or Texas Tech at Oklahoma 7
33 6x09 12/Nov/2011 #6 Oregon at #3 Stanford 7
35 6x11 26/Nov/2011 Notre Dame at Stanford 7

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
39 7x03 22/Sep/2012 Clemson at FSU 8
40 7x04 29/Sep/2012 Wisconsin at Nebraska 8
42 7x06 20/Oct/2012 Florida State at Miami (FL) 8
44 7x08 01/Dec/2012 Texas at Kansas State 8
37 7x01 01/Sep/2012 Cowboys Classic: Michigan vs. Alabama (Arlington, Texas) 7
38 7x02 15/Sep/2012 Notre Dame @ Michigan State 7
41 7x05 06/Oct/2012 Nebraska at Ohio State 7
43 7x07 27/Oct/2012 Notre Dame at Oklahoma 7

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
54 8x10 31/Aug/2013 Syracuse vs. Penn State 8
55 8x11 31/Aug/2013 2013 AdvoCare Texas Kickoff - Mississippi State vs. Oklahoma State from Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas 8
64 8x20 02/Sep/2013 Florida State at Pittsburgh 8
94 8x50 28/Sep/2013 USC at Arizona State 8
96 8x52 05/Oct/2013 LSU at Mississippi State 8
99 8x55 12/Oct/2013 Alabama at Kentucky 8
100 8x56 15/Oct/2013 UL-Lafayette at Western Kentucky 8
111 8x67 01/Nov/2013 USC at Oregon State 8
119 8x75 19/Nov/2013 Kent State at Ohio 8
45 8x01 29/Aug/2013 Tulsa at Bowling Green 7
46 8x02 29/Aug/2013 Rutgers at Fresno State 7
58 8x14 31/Aug/2013 Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky 7
65 8x21 06/Sep/2013 Wake Forest at Boston College 7
77 8x33 13/Sep/2013 Air Force at Boise State 7
87 8x43 20/Sep/2013 Boise State at Fresno State 7
105 8x61 22/Oct/2013 Louisiana-Lafayette at Arkansas State 7
120 8x76 20/Nov/2013 Northern Illinois at Toledo 7
123 8x79 23/Nov/2013 Kentucky at Georgia 7
47 8x03 30/Aug/2013 Texas Tech at SMU N/A
48 8x04 30/Aug/2013 FAU at Miami N/A
49 8x05 31/Aug/2013 Buffalo at Ohio State N/A
50 8x06 31/Aug/2013 Purdue at Cincinnati N/A
51 8x07 31/Aug/2013 Villanova at Boston College N/A
52 8x08 31/Aug/2013 Rice at Texas A&M N/A
53 8x09 31/Aug/2013 BYU at Virginia N/A
56 8x12 31/Aug/2013 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game - Alabama vs.Virginia Tech from Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia N/A
57 8x13 31/Aug/2013 Washington State at Auburn N/A
60 8x16 31/Aug/2013 2013 Cowboys Classic - TCU vs. LSU from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas N/A
61 8x17 31/Aug/2013 Northwestern at California N/A
62 8x18 01/Sep/2013 9th Annual MEAC/SWAC Challenge Presented by Disney - Mississippi Valley State at Florida A&M from Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida N/A
63 8x19 01/Sep/2013 Ohio at Louisville N/A
66 8x22 07/Sep/2013 Florida at Miami N/A
67 8x23 07/Sep/2013 USF at Michigan State N/A
68 8x24 07/Sep/2013 Cincinnati at Illinois N/A
69 8x25 07/Sep/2013 San Diego State at Ohio State N/A
70 8x26 07/Sep/2013 Oregon at Virginia N/A
71 8x27 07/Sep/2013 Toledo at Missouri N/A
72 8x28 07/Sep/2013 Old Dominion at Maryland N/A
73 8x29 07/Sep/2013 South Carolina at Georgia N/A
74 8x30 07/Sep/2013 Texas at BYU N/A
75 8x31 07/Sep/2013 UAB at LSU N/A
76 8x32 07/Sep/2013 Notre Dame at Michigan N/A
78 8x34 14/Sep/2013 Louisville at Kentucky N/A
79 8x35 14/Sep/2013 Bowling Green at Indiana N/A
80 8x36 14/Sep/2013 Tulsa at Oklahoma N/A
81 8x37 14/Sep/2013 Nevada at Florida State N/A
82 8x38 14/Sep/2013 Georgia Tech at Duke N/A
83 8x39 14/Sep/2013 Vanderbilt at South Carolina N/A
84 8x40 14/Sep/2013 Mississippi State at Auburn N/A
85 8x41 14/Sep/2013 Kent State at LSU N/A
86 8x42 14/Sep/2013 Marshall at Ohio N/A
88 8x44 21/Sep/2013 Vanderbilt at UMass N/A
89 8x45 21/Sep/2013 North Carolina at Georgia Tech N/A
90 8x46 21/Sep/2013 San Jose State at Minnesota N/A
91 8x47 21/Sep/2013 Arkansas at Rutgers N/A
92 8x48 21/Sep/2013 West Virginia at Maryland N/A
93 8x49 28/Sep/2013 Navy at Western Kentucky N/A
95 8x51 05/Oct/2013 Rutgers at SMU N/A
97 8x53 12/Oct/2013 Memphis at Houston N/A
98 8x54 12/Oct/2013 Boston College at Clemson N/A
101 8x57 19/Oct/2013 Minnesota at Northwestern N/A
102 8x58 19/Oct/2013 UConn at Cincinnati N/A
103 8x59 19/Oct/2013 Navy at Toledo N/A
104 8x60 19/Oct/2013 BYU at Houston N/A
106 8x62 26/Oct/2013 Nebraska at Minnesota N/A
107 8x63 26/Oct/2013 Houston at Rutgers N/A
108 8x64 26/Oct/2013 Wake Forest at Miami N/A
109 8x65 26/Oct/2013 Michigan State at Illinois N/A
110 8x66 26/Oct/2013 Duke at Virginia Tech N/A
112 8x68 02/Nov/2013 Bethune Cookman at NC Central N/A
113 8x69 09/Nov/2013 Notre Dame at Pittsburgh N/A
114 8x70 16/Nov/2013 Indiana at Wisconsin N/A
115 8x71 16/Nov/2013 Cincinnati at Rutgers N/A
116 8x72 16/Nov/2013 Michigan State at Nebraska N/A
117 8x73 16/Nov/2013 Florida at South Carolina N/A
118 8x74 16/Nov/2013 Wyoming at Boise State N/A
121 8x77 22/Nov/2013 Navy at San Jose State N/A
122 8x78 23/Nov/2013 Cincinnati at Houston N/A
124 8x80 30/Nov/2013 Duke at North Carolina N/A
125 8x81 30/Nov/2013 Temple at Memphis N/A
126 8x82 30/Nov/2013 Baylor at TCU N/A
127 8x83 30/Nov/2013 Virginia Tech at Virginia N/A
128 8x84 30/Nov/2013 Clemson at South Carolina N/A
129 8x85 30/Nov/2013 Tennessee at Kentucky N/A
130 8x86 30/Nov/2013 New Mexico at Boise State N/A
131 8x87 30/Nov/2013 San Diego State at UNLV N/A

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Airdate Title Rating 
132 9x01 27/Aug/2014 Abilene Christian at Georgia State N/A
133 9x02 28/Aug/2014 Wake Forest at Louisiana-Monroe N/A
134 9x03 29/Aug/2014 Texas – San Antonio at Houston N/A
135 9x04 30/Aug/2014 2014 Croke Park Classic: Penn State vs. UCF from Dublin, Ireland (LIVE) N/A
136 9x05 30/Aug/2014 Western Michigan at Purdue N/A
137 9x06 30/Aug/2014 Indiana State at Indiana N/A
138 9x07 30/Aug/2014 Appalachian State at Michigan N/A
139 9x08 30/Aug/2014 California at Northwestern N/A
140 9x09 30/Aug/2014 William & Mary at Virginia Tech N/A
141 9x10 30/Aug/2014 North Carolina Central at East Carolina N/A
142 9x11 06/Sep/2014 Central Michigan Chippewas at Purdue Boilermakers N/A
143 9x12 06/Sep/2014 McNeese State Cowboys at Nebraska Cornhuskers N/A
144 9x13 06/Sep/2014 Akron Zips at Penn State Nittany Lions N/A
145 9x14 06/Sep/2014 Ball State Cardinals at Iowa Hawkeyes N/A
146 9x15 06/Sep/2014 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Tulane Green Wave N/A
147 9x16 06/Sep/2014 San Jose State Spartans at Auburn Tigers N/A
148 9x17 06/Sep/2014 San Diego State Aztecs at North Carolina Tar Heels N/A
149 9x18 06/Sep/2014 Air Force Falcons at Wyoming Cowboys N/A
150 9x19 06/Sep/2014 Colorado State Rams at Boise State Broncos N/A
151 9x20 12/Sep/2014 Toledo Rockets at Cincinnati Bearcats N/A
152 9x21 13/Sep/2014 Boise State Broncos at University of Connecticut (Uconn) Huskies N/A
153 9x22 13/Sep/2014 Indiana Hoosiers at Bowling Green Falcons N/A
154 9x23 13/Sep/2014 Syracuse Orange at Central Michigan Chippewas N/A
155 9x24 13/Sep/2014 Arkansas State Red Wolves at Miami Hurricanes N/A
156 9x25 13/Sep/2014 Mississippi State Bulldogs at South Alabama Jaguars N/A
157 9x26 13/Sep/2014 Southern Miss Golden Eagles at Alabama Crimson Tide N/A
158 9x27 13/Sep/2014 Louisiana Monroe Warhawks at LSU Tigers N/A
159 9x28 13/Sep/2014 Navy Midshipmen at Texas State Bobcats N/A
160 9x29 13/Sep/2014 Rice Owls at Texas A&M Aggies N/A
161 9x30 13/Sep/2014 Arizona State Sun Devils at Colorado Buffaloes N/A

S07 - #120/Oct/2012Baylor at Texas7
S07 - #201/Dec/2012Cincinnati at Connecticut7
S07 - #301/Sep/2012Miami at Boston CollegeN/A
S07 - #408/Sep/2012USC at Syracuse (East Rutherford, N.J.)N/A
S07 - #508/Sep/2012Penn State at VirginiaN/A
S07 - #615/Sep/2012North Carolina at LouisvilleN/A
S07 - #715/Sep/2012California at Ohio StateN/A
S07 - #822/Sep/2012Oregon State at UCLAN/A
S07 - #929/Sep/2012Ohio State at Michigan StateN/A
S07 - #1013/Oct/2012Texas at OklahomaN/A
S07 - #1120/Oct/2012University of South Florida at LouisvilleN/A
S07 - #1220/Oct/2012Virginia Tech at ClemsonN/A
S07 - #1327/Oct/2012USC at ArizonaN/A
S07 - #1401/Dec/2012Boise State at NevadaN/A
S08 - #1500//2013N/A
S08 - #1623/Nov/2013Virginia at MiamiN/A
S08 - #1728/Nov/2013Alabama State vs. StillmanN/A
S08 - #1806/Dec/201317th Annual MAC Championship Game: Northern Illinois vs. Bowling Green at Ford Field in Detroit, MIN/A
S08 - #1907/Dec/201315th Annual SWAC Championship Game: Jackson State vs. Southern at Legion Field in Birmingham, ALN/A
S08 - #2007/Dec/2013South Florida at RutgersN/A
S08 - #2107/Dec/20139th Annual Conference USA Championship Game: Marshall vs. Rice at Rice Stadium in Houston, TexasN/A

    Season 9 »
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Classification: Sports
Genre: Sports
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Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 210 Minutes
Premiere: September 02, 2006
Episode Order: 12
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