A.N.T. Farm

  Season 3 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 06/May/2011 TransplANTed
02 01x02 17/Jun/2011 ParticipANTs
03 01x03 24/Jun/2011 The PhANTom Locker
04 01x04 01/Jul/2011 SciANTs Fair
05 01x05 08/Jul/2011 StudANT Council (ConstituANTs)
06 01x06 15/Jul/2011 Bad RomANTS
07 01x07 29/Jul/2011 The InformANT
08 01x08 12/Aug/2011 ReplicANT
09 01x09 19/Aug/2011 ClairvoyANT
10 01x10 26/Aug/2011 ManagemANT
11 01x11 16/Sep/2011 PhilANThropy
12 01x12 23/Sep/2011 FraudulANT
13 01x13 30/Sep/2011 ReplacemANT
14 01x14 07/Oct/2011 MutANT Farm
15 01x15 28/Oct/2011 CANTonese Style Cuisine
16 01x16 04/Nov/2011 IgnorANTs is Bliss
17 01x17 18/Nov/2011 Slumber Party ANTics
18 01x18 25/Nov/2011 America Needs TalANT
19 01x19 09/Dec/2011 SANTa's Little Helpers
20 01x20 20/Jan/2012 You're The One That I WANT
21 01x21 27/Jan/2012 PerformANTs
22 01x22 24/Feb/2012 Some EnchANTed Evening
23 01x23 02/Mar/2012 PatANT Pending
24 01x24 30/Mar/2012 Ballet DANTser
25 01x25 13/Apr/2012 Body of EvidANTs

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
26 02x01 01/Jun/2012 Creative ConsultANT
28 02x03 08/Jun/2012 FANTasy Girl
29 02x04 22/Jun/2012 MisrepresANTation
30 02x05 29/Jun/2012 ANTswers
31 02x06 06/Jul/2012 The ANTagonist
32 02x07 13/Jul/2012 EndurANTs
33 02x08 20/Jul/2012 AmusemANT Park
34 02x09 10/Aug/2012 ContestANTs
35 02x10 24/Aug/2012 ConfinemANT
36 02x11 07/Sep/2012 IntelligANT
38 02x13 05/Oct/2012 MutANT Farm 2
39 02x14 26/Oct/2012 Detective AgANTcy
40 02x15 02/Nov/2012 ScavANTger Hunt
41 02x16 23/Nov/2012 ChANTS of a Lifetime
43 02x18 01/Feb/2013 InfluANTces
44 02x19 05/Apr/2013 IdANTity Crisis
45 02x20 26/Apr/2013 RestaurANTeur

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
47 03x02 07/Jun/2013 IndependANTs
48 03x03 28/Jun/2013 Animal HusbANTry
49 03x04 12/Jul/2013 Secret AgANT
50 03x05 26/Jul/2013 Past, PresANT, and Future
51 03x06 02/Aug/2013 Angus' First MovemANT
52 03x07 09/Aug/2013 Unforseen CircumstANTs
53 03x08 23/Aug/2013 PANTs on Fire
55 03x10 27/Sep/2013 Uncanny ResemblANTs
56 03x11 04/Oct/2013 MutANT Farm 3.0
58 03x13 15/Nov/2013 FinANTial Crisis
59 03x14 06/Dec/2013 SilANT Night
61 03x16 28/Feb/2014 MeANT to be?
62 03x17 21/Mar/2014 The New York ExperiANTs

  Season 3 »
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy, Family, Music, Talent, Teens
Status: Ended
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: May 06, 2011
Ended: March 21, 2014
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