In Case of Abnormal Rhythm - Recap

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The scene opens with Michael talking to Gina and says that she has done well. He asks her to dinner and she accepts. Rita comes up and says that Clinica Sanando called and says that he is late for his shift. He says that he is on his way, but Rita tells him that he has Rachel Lewis, a new patient whose mother, Eileen, was a patient. Michael finds out that Rachel is getting married soon and Eileen tells him of the symptoms. Michael says that it is the stress of the wedding and says that they will run some tests. At Clinica, Kate waits for Michael to come in and a kid comes up and asks for lollipops. She gives him raisins instead. He isn’t happy. A woman comes in and says that she teaches at the school down the street. She says that she feels cruddy. Kate tells her to wait to be seen. Back at Holt Neuro, Michael tells Eileen that everything is fine on Rachel’s MRI and that it is probably stress. Eileen tries to get up and finds it hard. Michael rushes to her side and says that her breathing is shallow. He calls for a crash cart.

Michael looks at the results and says that her heart is abnormal and says that Eileen has to go to the hospital. He says that it could have been caused by stress and alcohol. Rachel says that Eileen has been sober for years, but Eileen says that she has been drinking again. Rachel is upset and says that she promised her. She runs off. Eileen says that she needs to fix this and says that she wants to be able to be there for her daughter and he says that he will give her a shot, but she needs to go to the doctors and get treated. Eileen goes out against Medical advice. Kate goes into the room and inspects the teacher, Julia. She says that she probably picked up something from the kids. She says that it is Tuesday, but Kate says that it is Friday. She laughs and says that is right. She asks Kate to call her boyfriend, Hank. She tries to remember the number, but can’t do it.

Michael gets into Clinica and the nurse says that Kate wants everyone to clock in. Michael laughs and walks into a room to find that Anton is there meditating with other people. He asks Michael if he is going to join them and he laughs. Kate comes up to Michael and says that he is late. Michael asks about Anton’s meditation class and Kate says that they are going to have those types of classes to add to the collective. Michael says that it is nonsense. He asks what she has for him and she points his way to Julia. Michael looks at her and finds out that she can’t look at the ceiling. Michael and Kate realize that she has a contagious disease and says that she is going to need a spinal tap. Michael and Kate see that Julia went into the lobby and Michael asks why she is out there. One of the patients says that Julia taught her son last her. Julia asks how she go out there and Michael tells the nurse that no one comes in or goes out until they find out what is going on with Julia.

Kate goes up to the patients and says that they are waiting for the results and no one can leave yet. Michael comes out of the room and gets a call from Rita. She tells him that Julia is not contagious. Rita gets off the phone and Rachel comes in and tells her that Eileen was in the office and that she had a big fight with her mother. Now, she doesn’t know where she would have gone. Rita gives the name of the cardiologist next door that Michael told her to go see. Back at Clinica, Michael and Kate go in to see Julia and tell her that she doesn’t have a contagious disease. Michael sees a scratch that she has been scratching and it is infected. They ask her if she and Hank have gone camping. She says that they have and that there were a lot of bugs. They go outside and Kate says that she could be infected with a number of diseases. Anna shows up behind and says that Julia is going to die if that is the case. Kate goes in to run more tests and Anna tells Michael that he needs to prepare for Julia to die. He says that he is not going to let that happen. Rita calls and says that Eileen is there and that her right side is limb. Michael says that he has to go back to his office for an emergency.

He gets into surgery and Eileen says that she has to say sorry to her daughter. He says that he needs to get the blood clot out. In the room, everything goes well at the beginning. Rachel comes in and says that she is there. Rita says that Michael is in surgery and that he is going to be successful. Michael runs into a problem. He sees that there is a second clot as well. Rita talks to Rachel again and tells her that Eileen always talked about Rachel when she was in school. Rachel feels bad because she told her to not come to the wedding because there is no place for a drunk in the wedding. Back in surgery, Michael is still trying to go after the clot and is having a hard time. The team keeps Eileen alive barely as Michael manages to get to the other clot and release it. He comes out and says that she made it out of surgery and Rachel hugs her and thanks him. Rita comes back with the tests results of Julia’s test and it is the Rabies Virus. She is going to die. Michael tells Rita to call Kate and tell her that he is on his way. Gina shows up and Michael says that they are going to have to reschedule.

Michael gets to the Clinica and says that Julia is symptomatic and that she is going to die. Hank, Julia’s boyfriend, comes up and Kate leads him to her. He leans in to kiss her, but Kate says that Julia is going to die from Rabies and that Hank needs to get tested. Hank says that it is all his fault and Michael talks to Kate and says that there is an experimental procedure that could possibly save her life. He says that they put her into a coma to protect her brain. He says that she has to decide now. She decides to try it and Michael calls over to Holt Neuro and tells them that they need to get a girl with Rabies into a coma. Kate asks if Julia has any family to make medical decisions. She says that Hank is the only one and they aren’t married. Hank asks her to marry him and Anton says that he can marry them on the way. Michael agrees to it. Kate gives her ring to them to use. In the ambulance, Anton marries Hank and Julia. Hank puts the ring on her finger and then she goes into V-Tech. Anton watches as Michael tries to save her, but it is too late maybe. They get to hospital to find that it was too late. Michael and Anton allow him to have a moment with his wife. Anna is watching over the body.

Later that night, Michael greets Eileen when she gets up. She thanks Michael and says that she felt like she was leaving and saw the light until she heard Rachel’s voice and then she woke up. Anna asks him to explain what happened and he says that it was all in her head. Anna laughs and says that it more likely that Rachel and Eileen have unfinished business. Rachel comes in and gives her mother a hug. Michael leaves them alone and calls out Anna’s name in the hall. She is gone. The episode ends.