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In Case of Exposure - Recap

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The scene opens with Michael’s alarm going off. Anna is there too. She tells him that he needs to get up. He asks Anna why she is watching him in the morning. She says that she really can’t control when she appears. He asks where she goes when she is not there. She says that she doesn’t know. She says that she knows that he had a nightmare and says that it was a man who looked like him and when he opened his mouth, he said for him to get to work. He walks into a new and improved Clinica Sanando. He meets with a boy who tells him that he fell skateboarding. However, Michael sees that the skateboard doesn’t look like it has been used. He mentions that Steven was weary about talking about his dad. Kate is impressed and says that he is thinking like a family doctor. Ben Tucker, Steven’s father comes in and Michael and Kate see that there is bruising around Ben’s knuckles. Michael says that Ben has been punching someone. Suddenly, Ben gets angry with the vending machine and kicks it. He shatters the glass and cuts his foot. Steven comes out and asks why they called his father. Kate leads him back in the back office.

Michael fixes up Ben’s leg and Ben says that things have been making him crazy. Kate gets Steven to admit that Ben hit him. He says that before, Ben was good. Ben gets a call from his wife and says that he cut his leg and tells her that the doctor went down the hall. However, Michael is standing next to him. Michael realizes that Ben’s peripheral vision is gone. The police arrive and Michael tells them that Ben is going to need a MRI first. Kate suggests that they send Ben to Holt Neuro. Michael walks in and with Ben and he tells Rita that he is going to need an emergency MRI. Rita tells Michael FDNY Chief Hawthorn is in his office. Michael goes into see him and Chief Hawthorn says that he lied about needing to be seen. He says that it is Gemma, a firefighter. Gemma says that she is fine, but Chief Hawthorn fells otherwise because she stops in the middle of sentences. Michael talks to Gemma and she tells Michael that Chief Hawthorn cares for her. She tells Michael that she doesn’t take any medication. She pauses in mid-sentence. When she finishes the sentence, she tells him that it is nothing. However, Michael says that it is something and that they are going to run some tests. Rita tells Michael that Ben is ready for his MRI.

Michael runs the tests and afterward, tells Ben that he has a tumor. He says that it is pressing on the part of brain that controls emotions. Ben tells him to leave it in. Michael warns Ben that it could kill him. Ben tells him that he wants to let him die. Julie, Ben’s wife, comes in and Michael tells her that Ben has a brain tumor and says that he refused treatment. Michael goes up to E-Mo and tells him about Gemma. E-Mo performs the spinal tap on Gemma and talks to her. Gemma says that after the fire, she tripped on a fire hose and the guys at the station were hopping on one foot doing “the Gemma”. E-Mo asks if she reported it and she says that she didn’t. Afterward, Michael asks how the Spinal Tap went and E-Mo says that it was clear. E-Mo suggests that it could be PTSD. Kate texts Michael and tells him that he still owes her 2 hours. He goes to the clinic and Kate greats him. She asks about Ben and Michael says that he isn’t operating on Ben because he refused. She tells him that he needs to find Ben and convince him to do the operation. E-Mo walks in on Gemma listening to her radio. He talks to her about her family. He treats her like a PTSD patient, but she isn’t showing signs that she has it and says that she isn’t going to cry.

Ben gets into a room at the jail and Michael is there. He says that he came to convince him to take the surgery. Ben says that he deserves to die because he killed a woman back in September. He says that he didn’t see a woman run out in the street and he didn’t even stop. Michael realizes that the woman that Ben hit was Anna. Ben asks if Michael is going still do the surgery, but Michael is silent. Michael goes back to the clinic and asks Kate if she ever refused to treat someone who didn’t deserve it. She tells him that she hasn’t and that they have to always treat the unworthy. Michael goes outside and talks to Anna. She asks what is on his mind and he asks her if she ever thought about the “what if” scenario and she tells him that she hasn’t. She brings up the time they met and says that the “what if” doesn’t work.

Michael gets back into Holt Neuro and Rita says that Ben has been calling. E-Mo says that Gemma doesn’t have PTSD and says that she left when she heard a call on the radio. Rita gets a call from Chief Hawthorn. They go to the scene of the fire and see Gemma by the fire truck. She says that she tried to go in, but her mind kept freezing up. She says that she had the same problem with the fire with the kids. She admits that she heard the teachers and had to make a call to save the kids or the teachers. She tells him that she couldn’t put it in her report. Before Gemma can finish her sentence, she starts to have a seizure. Michael gives her a shot that calms her down. She has shallow breathing and they have to work on her again. At Holt Neuro, Gemma is having brain seizures and they find St. John’s Wort in her purse. That would explain the blank episodes and seizures. They calm down the seizures. Rita comes in and tells Michael that Steven called crying. Michael says that he doesn’t know why he would be allowed to live after he killed someone. Rita realizes who he killed and says that he will make the right decision.

Michael goes to Ben’s and says that he will do the surgery. However, he says that the woman that Ben hit, was his wife. Anna appears and asks why he didn’t tell her. Michael begins the surgery. Steven is in Rita’s office pacing. She asks where his mom is and he says that she went to get coffee. Rita asks what Ben was like before getting angry. He says that he used to spend time with him and he asks why Michael waited so long. Rita says that he will make things right. Inside surgery, he gets the tumor. E-Mo walks into Gemma’s room and shows the pills. He says that just because she takes pills, doesn’t make it bad. E-Mo tells her about his brother who refused to take medication. He says that he killed himself. He says that she needs to have therapy and Gemma says that she is on Administrative Duty. After the surgery, Michael goes in to see Ben and shows a picture of Anna. However, he says that is not the woman that he hit.

Later, Michael goes up to Anton and asks how to summon a spirit for a friend. He says that “he” would have to build a shrine and if the guy was Michael, he tells him to be patient. Later that night, Michael goes to the rooftop and takes out things that mean something to Anna. She appears after Michael blows out the candles. She tells him that she is not happy to be with him at this moment. He says that he is sorry and doesn’t blame her. He says that he didn’t know how to tell her. He tells her that Ben wasn’t the one who killed her. She asks who he killed and he says that he doesn’t know. Michael looks back to Anna, but she is gone. The episode ends.