In Case of Missed Communication - Recap

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The scene opens with Michael finishing up with his last patient at Clinica Sanando for the week. Kate comes though with some equipment for the trauma room. Kate asks if Michael is going to join them for Thanksgiving at the Clinica. Milo and Christina come up behind and tell Michael that it is the first Thanksgiving that the Clinica is having. She asks if Michael is going to stay and he says that he can’t. Anna shows up behind him and tells him to stay. Anton says that he knows that Anna is there. Michael walks away and Anna tells Michael that it would be nice if he stayed. However, he says that he has to go. Michael gets to Holt Neuro and Lenny, Rita’s son comes up. He tells that he didn’t tell Rita that he was coming home from Afghanistan. Michael goes inside and tells Rita that he doesn’t want his usual drink and says that she better get two root beer floats with Rocky Road ice-cream. Knowing that is her son’s favorite drink, she goes around the corner of the hall and sees Lenny. She hugs him and tells him that she can’t wait to tell Lenny’s father.

At the Clinica, two men are arguing about Cranberry sauce, and Zeke gets in the middle of it. He says that people are coming in just because and he needs a break. He goes outside to take a smoke break when a bus comes up. The driver comes out and says that he needs Zeke’s help. They find a man named Dennis, a regular on the bus. He is having problems breathing and Zeke gets him inside. Kate helps out and says that there is a ventilator somewhere. They put a tube in Dennis’ throat and Zeke says that there is no Ventilation Kit. Zeke finds a medical bracelet in Dennis’ jacket. It says to not resuscitate. Zeke asks Kate what they are going to do now that they resuscitated a man who didn’t want to be saved. Kate tries to get a hospital while Zeke tries to find if there is any next to kin. However, Kate is not having any luck with getting a hospital to take Dennis because of the Do Not Resuscitate. Zeke tries to find out what is wrong and Anton comes in to get more stuffing. Zeke asks for Anton’s help and Anton says that Dennis has a lot of negative energy, especially around his heart. Zeke thinks that it could be neurological.

He calls Michael and tells him that he is going to need his help. Michael tries to refuse, but Zeke says that the man is going to die otherwise. Michael walks into the family reunion and tells them that he has to go. He wishes them a Happy Thanksgiving. Michael gets to the Clinica and diagnoses Dennis. He says that he needs to be in an ER. Zeke tells him that Dennis is DNR. Michael laughs and asks if they are joking. Kate says that he would have done the same thing. Michael gets a call from Len, Rita’s husband. He says that Lenny has been in a motorcycle accident and Michael goes there. He arrives to find that Lenny is underneath a car and sees that he thinks that he is still in Iraq. Michael tells him that he is going to be alright now. He gets him into the ambulance and asks if he can feel his legs and he says that he can’t. They get to Holt Neuro and Rita asks if he is going to be alright. Michael says that he wasn’t responding to touch on his legs. They get him in the MRI and find that he is not bleeding in his brain. However, they find that he has a Jefferson Fracture and it is pressing on his spine. The paralysis will go away after they do surgery. Both Rita and Len tell Michael to proceed with the surgery.

Back at the Clinica, Dennis comes to and chokes on the tube. He signals for something to write with and writes down for them to stop. They take the tube out of him and he tells them that he wants to die because he has nothing to live for. He says that his wife died from lung cancer and that his daughter, Kelly. Zeke tells that Kelly is on her way there. Kate asks to talk to Zeke and asks him why he lied. He says that he doesn’t want Dennis to drop dead two steps out of the door. Zeke says that he will find Kelly. Michael’s assistant comes in and he shows that Lenny has an AVM, a tangle mess of arteries and veins. Michael asks if there is a need to put Lenny on a machine, is he allowed to do so. They agree. At the Clinica, Zeke talks to Christina and asks if Michael has always been grumpy on Thanksgiving. She tells that Michael has a reason to since the last Thanksgiving he had. Kate doesn’t have any luck finding Kelly. Kate sends Zeke to find Kelly. He goes up to a woman and says that he is looking for Kelly. She says that she is Kelly and says that her father deserves to die. Zeke says that he might want to apologize. However, she says that it is too late. Michael gets into his office to find Rita and Len arguing. He says that Lenny told him that he would rather be dead then be hooked to a machine. He says that he found a Living Will from Lenny. Rita says that she doesn’t care. Michael says that he has to do what Lenny wants. Rita storms off. Outside, Anna talks to Michael and says that it is terrible when a family can’t talk to each other on Thanksgiving. He tells Anna the truth of what happened to him on Thanksgiving when his father ran at his mother with a knife and how she left out the door. He says that he got really good believing that his mom was dead.

The surgery begins and Michael works and gets the lost bone fragment out. However, Lenny starts to heat up. He tells them to cool Lenny down because they can’t put him on a machine. They manage to do it. Michael comes up to Rita and tells her that the surgery was fine. At the Clinica, Dennis tells Zeke and Kate that he is leaving and is upset that Zeke lied to him about Kelly. However, Kelly is there and she tells him that she is ready for his apology. Dennis is confused and says that she needs to apologize to him. She asks what is wrong with his voice and eye. Kelly says that she isn’t going anywhere. Zeke tells them to get back there no questions asked. Kate tells Milo that she needs him to do something for her. She calls Michael and tells Michael the symptoms that Dennis has. He diagnoses it with no problem. She says that is what she thought. Milo arrives at Holt Neuro and asks if he is coming for Thanksgiving. He says that he has other plans.

Milo gets back to the Clinica and gives Kate the medicine. She administers it and Dennis feels 100% better. Kate says that he doesn’t have cancer and tells him that it is treatable, but he needs to tell them that he wants the treatment. Kelly tells him that he needs to fight to stay alive just like her mother did. He tells Kate that he won’t fight them anymore. Michael gets into Lenny’s room and makes sure that everything is fine. He can move his toes and it looks like he is going to do fine. They invite Michael to eat Thanksgiving dinner with them, but Michael decides to go somewhere else. At Clinica Sanando, Zeke apologizes to Kate for yelling. She tells him she is doing a great job. Kate asks why he fought to keep Dennis alive. He says that he hates to lose someone whose time isn’t up. Zeke goes to visit his mother who is fighting to stay alive and he tells her that she is a fighter. Michael goes into Clinica Sanando and makes a plate. Michael tells Christina that he thinks that it is time to face the truth of what happened on Thanksgiving. She smiles and the episode ends.