In Case of (Re)Birth - Recap

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The scene opens with Michael with a woman. They are kissing. She says that she has to go back to work and Michael tells her that he will call her again. However, she doesn’t believe her. Michael comes up to E-Mo. He says that he was “talking” to the owner. E-Mo says that he can see that is not true. They look at a painting and the artist, Charlie, comes up and tells them that he drew this without lifting his pen. He is very energetic and Michael and E-Mo are shocked with his excitement. E-Mo offers to buy it. Later, Michael leaves and sees Charlie besides a dumpster vomiting. He asks if he can take a look at him. He looks in Charlie’s eyes and Charlie says that he has had headaches because of images coming to him to draw. He says that he drew the paintings in the gallery in a couple of weeks, but has a lot more back at home. He says that he doesn’t sleep that well nor does he eat that well. However, he is fine. Michael asks him to come see him, but Charlie declines.

At Clinica Sanando, Christina is helping out at the Clinica and Michael comes up and asks what she is doing there. She tries to mention Michael’s birthday, but he is not interested. He asks Hector for the first patient and leaves. Hector whispers a “your welcome” and Christina says that Hector shouldn’t take it personal because he is in a mood. A woman named Maribel complains of pains. She is about to give birth. Kate delivers the baby and it is a baby boy. She is not too happy about it. She is 16 years old. She tells Kate that there is no one to call. Autumn congrats Kate on delivering the baby and Kate says that the mother is a minor and is going to need help. She says that she will call her friend at the Woman’s Shelter. Kate and the other nurses ogle over the baby and Kate takes him to his mother. However, Maribel is gone. Kate asks if Michael saw a teenage girl, but he hasn’t. He comes in to Kate and the baby and asks if he is alright. She says that he is. Christina asks if he wants to see a baby, but he isn’t interested. Kate is worried that Maribel didn’t deliver the placenta yet and it could be dangerous for her.

Zeke comes in and says that the baby is going to go in the system if they can’t find him a home. They still can’t find Maribel. Christina says that she will hold onto the baby until they find out. Zeke smiles at Christina when she holds the baby and says that she still has what it takes. In the car, Michael listens to all the celebrities with birthdays today. Anna is there and she laughs because Michael is just mad because they didn’t mention his name as one of the celebrities. She asks if he is alright. She tells him to live each day as it his lasts. Michael gets into his office and finds Charlie there. Rita says that she can’t move. Charlie says that the headaches are getting worse. They take a look at the MRI and find that Charlie has a tumor. However, Charlie doesn’t care about it and says that is beautiful. This is why Charlie can see things differently and that he wants to draw and paint. Michael says that he wants to operate, but E-Mo offers that they look at other options too. Michael says that they will prep him regardless.

Back at Clinica Sanando, Kate tells Autumn that they need to find the father and Autumn says that is not their job. Zeke comes up and asks what is going on. Kate says that Maribel said something about the father. Zeke remembers the name “Lucky” and pulls a file. She tells him to make the house call. Anton comes up and asks if he can give the baby a blessing and she agrees. Zeke goes up to a person across the street from “Lucky’s” house and comes back to tell Kate that “Lucky” was killed months ago waiting for a bus. The mother isn’t at the house though. She moved out. They need to track her down. At Holt Neuro, Rita asks E-Mo if he likes Red Velvet Cupcakes to celebrate Michael’s birthday. He doesn’t remember the conversation, but then remembers it when Rita tells him about it. Charlie’s wife comes in and asks about Charlie. E-Mo talks to her and says that there is a “sit and wait” method. Michael comes in and tells her to come with him. Michael overhears the conversation that E-Mo had with her.

They go to his office and Michael says that they will operate right away. However, for fear of having Charlie loose his newfound gift, she is unsure about the surgery to remove the tumor. She tells Michael about how he was failing at his job until this happened. Michael says that it could kill him. They go ask what Charlie has to say about it and find him drawing on the walls of the hospital room. He says that he has to get it out and draws frantically. Charlie says that he wants the tumor out because it is constantly hurting him. Charlie’s wife agrees and says that they have to do what Charlie says. Back at the Clinica, Autumn says that she has to get the baby to Child Services if the grandmother doesn’t take him. However, Maribel comes in and asks for help. Zeke goes to “Lucky’s” mother and she tells him that she had to move out. At the Clinica, Maribel says that she had to come back and asks what is going to happen to her baby. Kate says that they will find him a good home. Back at “Lucky’s” mother’s home, Zeke tells that Maribel, “Lucky’s” girlfriend just delivered the baby. She tells Zeke to get out of her house.

At Holt Neuro, Michael is looking at the procedure and E-Mo says that he can’t believe that Michael is going through with this because of the many dangers that surround the area. Michael says that Charlie is going to be fine because he is trained. E-Mo says that there are other options and what would Michael do if someone took his “gift” away. Michael says that his gift is because of years of study and practice. Charlie’s “gift” is from cells moving around. E-Mo says that he is going to talk to Charlie, but Michael says that E-Mo is fired if he does. Michael goes through the notes. Anna says that she loves it when he talks like that. He stops the recording and tells Anna that he is busy. She asks where Michael got the sunflowers from. Michael thinks and says that they must be from his mother because he would give his mother sunflowers, but thought that they were sun flowers. Rita comes in and says that Kate needs more help. He offers to go. At the Clinica, Kate asks Zeke about the grandmother, but he says that it is a “no go”. She tells him that Maribel won’t stop bleeding and says that she will try to massage the uterus manually.

Michael comes in and finds Christina holding the baby. She says that she feels a connection to the baby and says that she wants to foster it. Michael laughs and Christina says that she knows that the baby brings up bad memories for Michael. Kate comes in and asks for help with Maribel. They go in to find that Maribel is hemorrhaging. They operate and the bleeding slows down. However, she starts to bleed. They do a procedure quickly so that they will not only save her life, but to also allow her to have children in the future. At Holt Neuro, Charlie is out of surgery and tells E-Mo that it is gone. The talent is gone. E-Mo takes him to the top of the building and says that the talent is inside of him, he just needs to see it better. He looks at the skyline and draws. “Lucky’s” mother comes into the Clinica and says that she would like to see the baby. Christina shows the baby and is emotional that she won’t be fostering the baby, but she understands. Zeke goes in and tells Maribel that “Lucky’s” mother is there. She tells her that she will be able to see the baby anytime.

The staff at Clinica Sanando realizes that it is Michael’s birthday and Rita brings in the cupcakes. They celebrate Michael’s birthday and Anton asks if Michael wants a birthday blessing and he declines. Later that evening, E-Mo comes over to Michael’s and tells him that he brought Scotch. They sit around talking about the fact that Michael’s father died from drinking at 38 years old and apologizes for being moody. E-Mo says that his father died of Huntington’s disease. Michael suggests that he get tested, but E-Mo says that he would rather live without knowing whether or not he is going to die. The episode ends.