In Case of Blind Spots - Recap

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The scene opens with a basketball practice game in progress. The coach eggs on the star player Sherry. Dr Kate is the unofficial team physio and when Sherry falls near the D, she rams her back against a ball stand. She feels alright, but Kate insists she needs an X-ray. The X-ray shows no fracture or major harm, but Kate explains she will have to rest because she definitely has a bruise that could take a couple of days to heal. However, Sherry is not up to sitting out, and insists Kate lets her play the big game – she promises to take it easy. Later, Kate ensures that Sherry comes back for another appointment. Then she takes her to meet Dr. Michael Holt and his colleague Zeke Barnes. Turns out Sherry’s mother abandoned her when she was 10. Then Kate took her under her wing.

They have been like sisters ever since. Later, when Michael leaves the office, and goes running, a woman frantically stops him saying she needs help. She saw a man stumble into the water, and he lies floating in it. She cannot get through to 911 after repeated trials, but Michael hopes he can help by taking the man to his hospital. Michael does not find his pulse beating, and when he asks how long the man has been in the water, the woman says 10 minutes. At the emergency table, the man is showing no signs of coming back to ‘life’. Getting his pulse is proving to be increasingly difficult. Michael, the nurses and assistants keep trying one thing after another, but the pulse is not coming back. Before long, Michael decides to pass warm saline water into his heart. He makes an incision near the man’s ribs, and drives a duct into his body. This time at least, his pulse starts showing like it exists.

And his body temperature is getting closer to normal. After Michael is done with the operation, Rita tells him about the strange signs E-Mo has been showing off late. He forgot to sign his prescriptions, never remembered he had a conference, and worst of all, Michael’s birthday slipped his mind in spite of Rita reminding him. Overhearing them is the spirit of Anna Paul – Michael’s ex-wife. Anna wants to know what he is hiding from Rita. E-Mo has Huntington’s disease. That is what he knows, but doesn’t think a test would be advisable. Although he is showing the symptoms, knowing about it will only worsen his misery. When Kate gets to the basketball court, she is livid to find Sherry practicing basketball. Although she doesn’t know, Kate has just spotted her making an expression that suggests her pain is kicking in. When Kate lets on she just saw that expression, Sherry admits to having a tingling feeling in her toes.

She cannot understand why, but Kate has a clue. However, when the coach arrives bucking up Sherry to get ready for the match, Kate tells him she should not play. However, the coach fails to understand why – her X-rays were okay. Was she lying? No, but her injury needs rest. Why doesn’t Kate call for resting the other girls, who have been playing with worse injuries? Kate doesn’t have an answer. The coach tells Sherry it is her call. She wouldn’t miss her game for the world, and runs up the stands to get her bag. However, she falls flat on her back – she can’t feel her toes. Kate immediately calls for an ambulance.
When taken to the hospital, her reports show she has had a disturbance in the blood flow because of her injury in the spinal area. Kate is worried, but Michael hopes nothing is too bad if the spine hasn’t broken. He will need to operate, which is frightening for Sherry, but Kate tells her Michael is the best. Just as Kate leaves with a thank you hug, Michael finds his other patient – the drowning man – walking with his IV’s.

Michael rushes him back to his bed, and asks about him. His name is Darren Holleran, and he works for an investment company at Wall Street. He had lunch with his sister, and after seeing her off, he couldn’t get a cab. As he made his way towards the subway, someone hit him on the head, yanked out his wallet, and then everything was black. He could feel extreme cold. And then he woke up in the hospital. He hopes they can get his sister Ella to the hospital. When she arrives, she lets on she hasn’t seen Darren for months. And besides, she doesn’t know why he is lying about his job. He had lost his job, his loft as well as his wife. After that he started staying with Ella. However, he has been behaving strange off late. Before long, he is heard yelling in his room, and trying to free himself. Where are his clothes? He needs to get back to office, and yells Bitch at his sister when he sees her. What kind of a sister kicks her brother on the street?

After Ella walks out livid, he blames Michael for spoiling his suit – it cost him two thousand dollars – and where is his watch – it was a Rolex! Later, when Michael meets E-Mo, he announces has been skydiving. Michael wonders if that is a risk taking habit people with signs of illness are prone to develop. However, when Michael is looking for advice, E-Mo wonders how he can give him grief over skydiving when he himself has been jumping into rivers to save someone. Back at the hospital, when Darren is being released, he remains at his narcissistic best, but E-Mo doesn’t find anything medically wrong. Michael hopes to catch early lunch with E-Mo, and he thinks Michael hopes to eyeball him over the Huntington’s thing. Yes, Michael wants to see if E-Mo can read the menu. On their way to a sushi place, they find Darren standing in the middle of high-speed traffic, but the truck that was about to hit him pulls to a halt a few inches from him.

When Michael and E-Mo rush towards him, he tells them he has lost vision – he cannot see a thing. At the hospital, the doctors try to figure what might have caused the blindness, but they cannot find a conventional reason. Kate announces she has manage to get State permission for Sherry’s surgery. And when Michael proceeds with it, he discovers something strange. It isn’t a hemorrhage in her spine. It seems to be some kind of puss. It could have only been caused by some kind of infection in the blood stream. But how. Before long, Michael notices a number of needle marks behind Sherry’s knees. It seems to be a lot more than they knew. Although Sherry is an unlikely candidate for drug abuse, Michael points out she could be doing steroids for getting an edge over other players at the basketball court.

Kate barges into Sherry’s coach office, and blames him for administering steroids. Livid, the coach lays back on her, saying he has never done that in 30 years of his career. Before long, Michael arrives there, and announces Sherry tested negative for steroids. She tested positive for opiates. The next day at Darren’s ward, he is screaming, and thinks he has spiders on his body. They are trying to kill him. However, after he is put back to sleep, E-Mo and Michael discuss the possibilities of alcohol abuse. It turns out with no alcohol in his system, it could mean only one thing. Kate arrives to see Sherry, who admits to taking the drugs, but only to ease her pain between matches. She wanted to get into college so badly, that she had to perform excellent in basketball. She felt she had to perform, and she did it for Kate.

After E-Mo reveals to Darren that they have figured out his habit of ingesting paint thinners because he had no money for alcohol, Darren tries to destroy the medical screens. However, E-Mo works his magic, and fetches him out of denial. When Michael confronts him about his denial over the Huntington’s issue, he already got himself tested. However, he hasn’t seen the report as yet. When he does, it is a negative. He must have been stressed, and when Michael reveals that has stopped him from firing E-Mo, he chooses to quit – he needs to see life – which he has always denied himself by living in fear all these years. Later, when Michael enters a café, he bumps into Kate, who tells him she thinks differently about having children now. What about Michael? The episode ends.