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In Case of Complications - Recap

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The scene opens with Michael watching, as metropolitan workers slide through the aisles with their heavy equipment through the hospital. Michael looks perplexed until Anton gives him company, and the two of them look on at Christina and a fellow doctor in love exchange. Antoine lets on his tantric mood allows Christina to be interested in another soul. Michael meets Kate’s husband, to whom he has to confess a bump in one of his projects, and later, when he is about to get to his pharmacy chamber, his ex-wife’s spirit has arrived. She points out how Kate and her husband have been behaving in a strange way. There is a lot to suggest they are falling out of love. Michael suggests they are a busy set, when she explains that is what happened to them.

Before long, Kate is at Michael’s pharmacy, and after she gets her stuff, she lets on that Michael has to delay his court visit by a few minutes – a little girl awaits his nimble fingers with broken glass stuck in her feet. The girl gets her surgery done, when her father helps her complete her school project. However, when he gets up and looks at his daughter’s wound, he loses balance, feels dizzy and collapses. Michael yells out for help. Later, when Mr. Sanchez gains consciousness, he has a low blood pressure, and Michael, who already knows he hasn’t had much for breakfast, suggests he gets something to eat. Michael has something else to attend to, but he is getting late for court. So he leaves. Kate and Zeke discover that Sanchez’s condition is deteriorating. He is unable to leave the hospital, and feels like someone is sitting on his chest.

Michael is in the witness box at court, when he testifies in favor of the defendant who is being accused of setting a building on fire. Among the ones killed in the fire are an old couple, and a child girl. Michael tells the court that the defendant had a brain cancer, which he diagnosed. That was the cause of his madness. The tumor caused him to lose sense of what might happen, and pushed him into reckless behavior. After Michael removed the tumor, the defendant spent hours in remorse. He can confirm that the defendant cannot be held responsible for his actions, which were taken during the time the tumor existed. When the DA has no questions, the little girl’s father lays into Michael. Outside the court, he asks Michael if he would be able to sleep in the night. His family won’t.

Back at the hospital, Sanchez wants to know what is wrong - his heart rate is high, and he feels pain only in his chest – not anywhere else that would suggests a heart attack. However, he feels a great deal of pain in his lower abdomen. Kate knows it is gastric tenderness radiating to his chest. Later, Zeke gets back to the clinic, where Anton is doing up the venetian curtains. He is suggestive with words, and later tells Zeke he should be careful with Christina. She is fragile. Before long, Zeke has a woman in the enclosure – someone who looks harmless and has a gun. Before long, she has Zeke hostage. She makes him turn off the lights, but Kate wants to know why the lights are off when she is at the neighboring room.

When Kate comes in saying Sanchez has a problem, Zeke lets on they have a bigger problem, okay? Tracy points her gun at Kate, and she thinks Tracy’s here for robbing drugs. They do not have drugs here, and Tracy can see for herself. Kate throws her the keys, but she doesn’t want that. Tracy wants to know who else is in there – just a patient? Yes. Okay. Tracy tells them to put their cell phones away, and keep them on a desk. Before long, Anton comes in complaining about the lights. So they lied to Tracy? Zeke tries to explain he is just a handyman. Tracy tells him to put his cell phone away, but he doesn’t have one. Although Tracy finds that hard to believe, she is kind of satisfied when he empties his pockets. Kate asks, if Tracy’s not here for drugs, why doesn’t she just say why she is here. Micheal Holt, comes the reply.

Meanwhile, Michael is about to leave for the clinic to finish his charts. When Rita points out it is pretty late, he lets on Kate would stay up late doing paper work. Rita reminds him she is married. In comes the ex-wife spirit saying Kate may not stay married for too long now. Feeling teased , Michael decides to bunk the charts. Before long, patient alarm brings the troops to the clinic, but Zeke manages to keep them out with alibis. When the alarm goes off again on Sanchez, Tracy is shaken, but she allows the doctors to proceed with treatments. They are all moving together. However, when Kate tries explaining that Sanchez needs to be moved to another facility, Tracy commands no one is moving out. Before long, she orders Anton to be tied up. She throws Zeke a bunch of tapes, and has Anton tied up around his fists and ankles.

Tracy sends a message to Michael from Kate’s cell phone, saying help is needed. Michael is on his way. In the meantime, Zeke and Kate perform surgery on Sanchez. Before long, Michael arrives to find out what’s been happening. He is told to get on his knees. However, he tries reasoning out – and the reply comes distinctly from Tracy – “down on your knees,” she says. Rita is calling on Michael’s mobile phone. He explains he needs to check on it, but Tracy wants the phone in her hands. She takes it, and throws it bang on the wall. Rita thinks Michael disconnected the phone, which he never does. She already figures something is wrong, but doesn’t know what. She tries calling on the land phone, which also goes boom, as Tracy fires a bullet into it. By the sound of it, Rita knows something is definitely wrong. She calls 911.

As Tracy rages on, Zeke wittingly drops a bowl full of tools creating a clamber of noises. Tracy tells him to pick those up, but he says he can’t – these are sterilized material. Tracy forces him, but he can’t. Michael and Zeke exchange a look, after which Michael tells Tracy to look at him. He doesn’t know why she is here or what she wants. Tracy is already getting hysterical, but Zeke has already kicked a scalpel sliding it down between Anton’s feet. However, Tracy is busy telling her story. Her daughter, Rebecca died in the fire. The fire that Jake Preston, Michael’s brain cancer patient, had set. She was doing her homework, which she always did before watching TV. That’s when her husband came in and told her he smelt something burning.

As she goes on about her husband coming home, and her daughter parting, Anton has managed to free himself, but just as he is about to leap, Tracy turns around and fires a bullet. Anton’s hit on his shoulder. Panic strikes, but Tracy is now hysterical – she didn’t mean to do that. Will she allow Michael to do something? No, he has to stay where he is. Anton is hardly able to breathe, and almost collapses as if it is his time. That is when Michael asks her if she would have Rebecca see her shooting a man. May be dead people aren’t the way they seem to be – they could be looking at us while we do our actions. “Oh God,” she misses her daughter so much, and bam goes Michael to fire a bullet into the ceiling and snatch her gun. And then, he puts in all his energy into saving Anton, and Sanchez as well.

Before long, the cops arrive, and Tracy is taken away. And then Sanchez’s daughter shows up – her father was supposed to show up at the hospital, but he never did. She knows he is inside. And next comes Michael’s sister, Christine. She is happy to find Zeke unhurt. When Anton is riding out in the stretcher, he lets on he would wish to see her in the hospital. The episode ends.