In Case of Co-Dependents - Recap

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The scene opens with Singer Shawnie Baker arriving concealing her face with a hooded jacket at Michael Holt’s clinic. She is rude with Rita, even though she goes gaga over how much her signing meant to her son. Shawnie is pissed about mentioning medical history in the online forms, and accuses Holt’s clinic of possible media leaks. Rita explains the clinic is more than strict about health information leaking out in the press, and she will have to wait for another half hour. Is Dr. Holt attending someone else at the expense of her time? She sent in 10 am for appointment. Rita shows the email sent to her. What is the appointment time mentioned here? 11? So she will have to wait. Meanwhile, Kate is having an argument with her husband over her unwillingness to take up the new offer he has found her. She is happy with the job, and wants to no change.

However, the husband does not get to see her, and wants her to take a job doing which she can spend more time with him. Besides, they can be in a better neighborhood as well. After the doctors arrive in the clinic, Anton is irritated, and wants Zeke to drop asking him questions about the shoulder that took a bullet couple of weeks ago. As the patients come in, the side clinic gets overcrowded, and in the waiting queue is a little girl. Her mother is not open about why she has been out of school. She says they have just moved in, but refuses help when a social worker offers to put the kid in a school. Before long, Shawnie is complaining to Michael about being on the verge of losing her career. When he says that is not his area of expertise, she breaks down saying she was booed off the stage in her last performance. Besides, she felt like she was performing in quick sand. Her brain feels horrible, and as she tells the symptoms – fuzzy memory, feeling pukish, spinning of the head and other brain difficulties, it turns out the little girl in the waiting queue at Zeke and Anton’s clinic also has similar problems.

Before long, she screams and jumps out of her seat, and is afraid of grandma’s ghost right next to her seat. Rita is giving Michael grief over Shawnie’ lifestyle. She is so neurologically impaired she forgot to put on her panties. Rita goes on saying Shawnie has hidden her alcohol problems, and much more although everyone knows she has spent time in rehabs, twice. Rita doesn’t want him to waste his time on a patient like that, but Michael guesses Shawnie has been rude to her. And he can take care of patients who hide their problems. And he already guesses Shawnie’s problems stem from alcohol abuse. Back at the smaller clinic, little girl Simone appears to have what most people call erroneously stomach flu – viral gastroenteritis. Her mother asks Kate how that can cause her to see ghosts. She tells her extreme dehydration can cause hallucinations. So she will put her on IV’s for a while, and hope she recovers. Simone gets scared at the needle in Kate’s hand.

Back at Holt’s clinic, when Shawnie wants no needles, she thinks a blood test is not necessary. But Michael knows she has been through substance abuse. She had been through a phase she claims, when she was a kid. Michael says she still is a kid, but Shawnie doesn’t think so because she has been taking care of herself since she was fifteen. Has Michael lost anyone? His father died when he was 13, but he doesn’t think about it. Shawnie does, about her parents, and regrets the fact that they weren’t here to see her make it. Michael suspects alcohol abuse, but Shawnie’s symptoms are new. She has been clean for six years. Meanwhile, Anton is trying his first yoga lesson after he was shot. He is trying to center himself, but doesn’t want Zeke to keep asking of him. Before long, he is aggressive, and yells him out of the room. Later, Christina comes asking about Anton at the clinic.

She lets on last night was bad, and he apparently was trying to throw his left arm off the bed. Meanwhile, Shawnie is under an MRI scanner. She begins feeling uneasy and abnormally hot. Before long, she is getting a burning sensation and trying to thump her way out of the machine. Michael is sure nothing is wrong and she should not be feeling that way. After a while, he tests her skin but finds no rash or anything abnormal. She says it feels like sun burns, and shrieks in pain when he touches her. However, she has to let him run a complete blood panel. Michael says she could be cleared of possibilities such as hepatitis, leukemia and advanced stages of cancer. After Michael leaves, she starts feeling cold. Feeling cold is Simone as well. Kate explains it can do that. Simone saw ghosts again, but she never screamed this time. It was her grandma, who said she will die, and go to heaven so that she is not lonely anymore. Shawnie’s manager arrives at the hospital, and he is hyper about the pop star’s privacy.

Michael shows him the brain scans, where they find nothing abnormal. The manager thinks she can get on with shows, but Michael cannot clear her record yet. Before long, Shawnie is feeling pukish. When Kate goes to check on Anton, she discovers he cannot feel his left hand. Anton is not believing this is related to a defect in his brain, and opines it is the predatory energy of the woman who shot the bullet, that is making him act that way. Kate argues, and he is yelling at her. Before long, smash his hand goes into the glass window. When Simone’s mother is leaving with her kid, she seems to be having a headache. However, she is apparently not concerned about it, and leaves abruptly when Kate suggests she gets a test done. Zeke announces Anton has barricaded himself hoping to get better. Back at Holt’s lab, Shawnie is crying, missing her parents.

Rita sits down with her, and tells her she has tested positive for meth. She uses pressure as an excuse, but Rita tells her that never goes away. Besides, her story is about losing her job as a nurse because she was caught drinking on her job. Although Michael has given her the opportunity, she misses what she loved the most – nursing. Why is she saying this to Shawnie? Because she knows performing is what Shawnie loves doing, and shouldn’t lose her career to drugs. After Christina complains about Anton, Michael wants him to let him try a solution for the damage that may have occurred in his brain. All it requires is passing cold water through his ears. Anton is excited because that is a shaman technique as well. After he is cured, Michael hears about the uncanny similarity between Shawnie’s problems and those of little Simone. It turns out her mother has given out no address, but what gives him a hint is the fact that a pop star had fired her maid over issues with selling her privacy.

Before long, he knows there is a connection with the basement apartment Shawnie’s manager talked about when he was complaining about her career and lack of financial backup. After Michael tells Rita to ask the manager to get there with the keys, he arrives there, and finds electrical disturbances. Carbon monoxide poisoning in the basement house is the most likely risk. Inside the apartment, he finds Simone alone, who thinks Michael is a ghost, but does not fight him when he runs out of the place with her. They get back to hospital, and find out with tests that Shawnie has been having the same problems. She gets to know her maid has been staying in the basement apartment, but she later says her mother would have probably done the same to protect her child. After release she has nowhere to go and is contemplating a hotel, but over her manager’s dead body. She will be staying at his place with his wife to look after her. Michael later tells Simone and her daughter to stay overnight – no payment required.

When Kate hopes she has arrived at a restaurant to surprise her husband, she discovers he is with a divorce attorney friend, whom she never suspected was actually doing her job while she was with her husband. Kate’s husband, although hesitantly, reveals he is working on claims protection – as he foresees a divorce between them. Kate leaves with tears in her eyes, and ends up in a bar. It turns out the place is perfect for people looking to hit on one another, and definitely not for devotedly married women. However, she could do better with Michael’s company. After he arrives, he stops her from getting wasted, and puts her in a cab to drive her home. Kate wonders why Michael never needs anybody. The episode ends.