In Case of Letting Go - Recap

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The scene opens with E-Mo arriving at Holt Neuro and Rita is delighted. She knows her bear hug could be brutal, but E-Mo has been paragliding. When Rita says he could start working again, Michael arrives with a joke – he doesn’t take walk-ins. Before long, Michael finds it hard to believe whom he is looking at. It is Lilly, Michael’s high school sweetheart, who has tracked him down from the school alumni, and wants him to go to the reunion. However, that is tomorrow, and Michael’s got a thing. He cannot leave his work behind. It turns out Lilly has had an accident as her cabbie rear ended somebody, and she went flying forward jamming her knee between the seats. She shows them the knee cap, but Michael notices a bruise mark on her head.

However, she doesn’t remember being hit on the head. Michael insists on a scan. When Lilly asks if that is necessary at all, Michael is paid to be paranoid. Meanwhile, Zeke is rehearsing with his band. He can’t hear himself, and stops the music to talk with the sound man. The band drummer is trying to tell the pianist she is getting the rhythm wrong, and before long, he cuts his hand as the piano stand gives way. The cut is not too deep, but it hurts when Zeke asks him to close his fist. He might have a fracture. Back at the clinic, it turns out Lilly has a cerebral hematoma. From the scans, Lilly and Michael notice a dent in her brain, and although she has had no symptoms yet, he suggests she stays a night at the hospital. However, she decides not to. She can put up in a nearby hotel, and agrees to come for a check up the next day.

However, on the way out, she has a memory lapse, and before long, she is screaming in pain holding her head. Michael runs with her in his arms, summoning Rita and announcing he will have to drain the blood in her head immediately. Meanwhile, drummer Scotty arrives in Zeke’s clinic, and after a little prank on Kate, it turns out that the cut has turned infectious. Zeke will administer some antibiotics and take care of his hand, but he would rather have Kate touch him. She will take pity on him, but he is not funny. At the treatment room, Scotty points out Kate may be hot, but she is sad in the eyes. All she might need is the love of a good drummer! Meanwhile, Michael tells E-Mo his X-rays look good for now, and Lilly will be fine. She will be able to play again – piano. She is a virtuoso, and teaches in Georgetown University.

Later, when Zeke checks on Scotty, it is not looking good. He has run up a high temperature, and his hand has gone numb. However, he is at his flirtatious best. Before long, it turns out Scotty has a badly swollen arm. Although it is numb, he is going ‘yeawo’ when Kate tries to check. It is flesh eating bacteria that has gotten into his hand, and it is not funny – he might end up losing his hand. Are they out of their minds? He is being readied for an operation, when Kate and Zeke notices a pick line. Why does he have a pick line on his arm? Turns out he had lymphoma – back in college – but he never thought that was necessary to mention.
Back Michael’s clinic, when Lilly wakes up, she wonders why Michael is looking so old. She does not recognize her boyfriend, even when he shows her their picture. He learns from Michael that Lilly cannot recollect anything after her teenage years, and that is why she thinks Michael is old.

How long will it take he thinks? Michael tells him this type of syndrome may not have any chances of recovery. She will probably never remember who her boyfriend is anymore. Back at the other clinic, Zeke is calling an ambulance to take Scotty into the hospital to run some tests. When Zeke asks Scotty why he never mentioned anything about his lymphoma, he says he didn’t want to be the cancer guy. Early next morning, when Michael arrives at the clinic, he discovers Kate. However, she denies having slept at the clinic last night, but soon lets on she is avoiding her husband. But she promises to go home later that day and face the music. When Zeke shows up at the new place where Scotty is admitted, he explains why all the chemo he received years back is a big issue. He might have leukemia, and his bone marrow has already stopped producing enough blood cells. Is there a way out – there is, and it includes bone marrow transplant. That gives Scotty some hope.

When Michael is about to operate Lilly’s brain, all the other doctors in the room are telling him there is no chance he can save her. Ann’s spirit is also discouraging him. Does he want her to lose whatever ability she has? Does he want her to stop being able to walk or play the piano. Michael stops on the brink of starting to operate. Later, when Michael hopes to get Lilly to remember her life, he puts her on the piano. She plays as good as she used to, Michael is happy. They get talking for a while, but it doesn’t take long for her to collapse again. Meanwhile, Scotty has come to know he has leukemia. A bone marrow transplant may be the complete cure, but with many challenges. He is livid, and loses his peace of mind. Before long, he is yelling at Zeke, and would only have Dr. Henderson stay.

Meanwhile, Michael is back in his office, and laying to Ann’s spirit for stopping him. Does she know what it feels like for him? However, Ann points out they are supposed to point out each other’s mistakes. Michael yells back that was long ago – before she was dead. And now that she is, he doesn’t want her meddling with his work. Get out, he yells three times when she says he should move on. However, E-Mo finds him yelling at no one, and is worried. Michael says he was doing that at himself. Later, when Zeke meets Kate at a café, he lets on about his mother’s cancer. She is about to die, and then there is Scott. It is hard to make friends at their age, but Scotty became a brother in spite of the short time they know each other. Kate says he should let Scotty be in the hands of a specialist now. He did say that, and not in such a nice way.

Before long, Kate drags Zeke to Scotty’s hospital room, and gets them back together. Scotty shouldn’t be pushing Zeke away, and Zeke should be a friend, and not a doctor to him. Later, when Michael visits E-Mo, he lets on about the visits he keeps getting from his dead ex-wife. E-Mo tells him if that happened to him, he would take their messages rather seriously. It is a deep and touching moment for Michael, and later, he visits Lilly on her bed. He puts on her favorite music (Mozart) and speaks to her as she lies unconscious. He has to let her go. Holding her hand, he puts the monitor on a standby. After that he takes to the elevator, and finds Kate, who asks him what is wrong. When he is not saying, Kate goes on and on about men hiding their feelings. However, the next thing she knows is they are kissing each other. Later, they arrive at the gig, and surprisingly, Michael will fill in for Scotty, which he had earlier refused when Zeke asked. Before long, the band is rolling, and Michael is impressive. The episode ends.