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In Case of Heart Failure - Recap

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The scene opens over at Clinica Sanando. Michael’s getting ready for an awards ceremony at the Roosevelt Hotel, where he’s being honored for his achievements in Neurological Research. When Zeke mentions that Michael should bring Kate as his date, Kate and Michael verbally stumble over each other; as they clearly have feelings for each other and clearly don’t know how to address them. Kate’s been trying to bring up the kiss for the last week, but Michael keeps on dodging her questions; as he clearly can’t figure out, how to address that issue. At the hotel, Michael talks to Gene, a man who took photos of Michael for Time Magazine and is also being honored for his work. Gene tells him he met the love of his life, Trish, 2 weeks ago in India. Michael notices Gene is nervous and sweating while he’s accepting his award, and Gene then faints and bangs his head against the podium; much to everyone’s shock and horror.

Gene says it was just nerves and jetlag, but his 101 degree temperature tells differently; there is clearly something more serious underneath the surface, and Michael seems visibly worried by this. After Michael does some lab work Gene’s temp raises to 102; clearly again a worrying sign, from the look of things. Michael finds Gene in an OR taking pictures, where he says he feels weak and has a headache. Gene says he didn’t notice because Trish was by his bedside. Michael tells Gene he’d like to do an HIV test, but Gene tells him he and Trish haven’t slept together until now, so that’s one possibility that can be ruled out. When Gene tries to get up he can’t catch his breath, so Michael puts him on oxygen. Later, Rita tells Michael Gene’s temp went up again to 103; the symptoms are clearly worrying. After Gene’s mom shows up, Gene stops breathing and needs an emergency intubation.

While in the OR, Michael finds out Gene is bleeding in his throat from a diffused rhonchi. Gene is also in liver failure and his kidneys are shutting down. Rita comes out to tell Trish and Gene’s mom that Gene has stabilized. Later, Trish comes in to Gene’s room and says her gums were bleeding. Michael finds a lesion in Trish’s lip, and says that the lesion gave Gene a virus that led to a super-infection; and thus to all that is happening to him right now. Michael says the infection is treatable for both Gene and Trish; and that Gene will be alright. Trish runs out and tells Gene she’s sorry for putting him in so much pain; guilt clearly written on her face. Later, Gene calls Trish and tells her to come back, as he clearly isn’t angry with Trish for giving him the virus. Trish comes in and says she’ll never leave him again. The other case dealt with a woman named Louise. Louise tells Kate that she went Ice skating with her husband the day before and got her foot slammed into a wall when a kid knocked her down.

She woke up with a swollen foot, and an x-ray shows that she fractured her big toe; hence the swollen foot. Kate tells her the bone will heal itself and she just has to wear a special shoe; in order for it to heal. Louise mentions that she had a heart transplant 6 months ago and she feels tired, so Kate decides to do a blood panel. Kate gets a call from an organ donation administrator and figures out the heart Louise has came from Anna. Kate decides to tell Michael about it. Anna comes in and overhears their conversation. Michael looks at Louise’s heart and says her fatigue is a reaction from her meds. Michael doesn’t tell Louise about Anna, and when Anna asks him why, he says she didn’t need to know; as it’s not important at this point. Kate and Michael then talk about their kiss, which is clearly the elephant in the room. Michael tells Kate he wasn’t thinking straight and he crossed a line, he sounds apologetic. Kate says they’ll keep it professional, from here on end. Anna is also there and was excited to hear about their kiss.

Kate tells Louise that she’s anemic and needs to take iron pills with prunes. Michael then comes in and listens to Louise/Anna’s heart. Later, Louise comes back to Clinica Sanando with a rash on her back. Michael thinks she has FES, which is caused by fatty acids being released into her blood after she broke her toe. Michael can’t wait for the ambulance so he tries to take Louise to the hospital in his car, but traffic is packed so they take a cab. In the cab, Michael tells Louise about Anna. The cab then screeches to a halt when a boy with a red ball walks in the road. The cab is then hit by a truck. Michael and the driver are fine, but Louise can’t feel much or move her legs. Michael then climbs out and tries to get Louise out with a tire iron.

Against the emptying tank of gas slowly leaking from the cab, Michael is able to get Louise out of the cab before it explodes; much to their relief. Michael then finds Louise’s collar bone is pushed in and cutting off the blood flow to her heart; thus she was unable to feel anything. Michael uses pliers to pull her clavicle up, but hears no heart beat afterwards; much to his dismay. Michael continuously tries CPR, but is unsuccessful. Anna stands next to him and begs “please don’t let her die”, then disappears. So was Anna only “alive” because of her heart in Louise’s body? Did she disappear forever? The reason for Anna’s appearances could be, because of her heart still being alive, from the look of things. Kate and Michael discussed their kiss earlier.

Harrison and Kate also fought about Kate not being at home and Harrison’s actions. Kate tells Zeke that her marriage to Harrison is on life support. Harrison later comes in and tells Kate he wants to start a family, to which Kate is unresponsive. Harrison also tells her that he got an offer to be the CEO of a new medical start up in Houston. When Kate says she doesn’t want to leave the clinic, Harrison tells her that he sent her resume in and they want Kate to run a new free clinic there. He asks her if they can start over; and he really seems to mean it, as he really seems to want Kate to be a part of his life.

We wonder the whole episode if Kate decided to go to Houston to start a new life with Harrison, or stay in NYC and possibly start a relationship with Michael. At the end of the episode, Kate tells Michael she’s not moving to Houston, but staying in NYC to work on her marriage. Michael asks her if that’s what she wants, but a potential patient walks in and keeps her from telling the answer. The last moment of the episode is Kate asking Michael to give her a hand.