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Series 1

1 :01x01 - Care and Protection

Nursing his terminally-ill wife, Det Insp Jack Frosts life becomes more stressed when, during a missing-child investigation, he unearths evidence on a 30-year-old case involving a skeleton chained to a locked strongbox that turns out to be empty.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Ricketts as Tracy Uphill | Jon Sotherton as DC Howard | Bill Rourke as Sgt Hanlon | Ian Driver as PC Jordan | George Thompson as PC Simms | Christopher Rickwood as PC Stringer | Martin Moss as PC Lambert | Martin Pearson as Sean Brennard | Phil Croft as Young Felton | Peter Quilter as Young Garwood | Katy Landis as Bank Clerk | Janet George as Nurse | Tricia Thorns as Pathologist's Secretary | Otis Munyangiri as Boy in Church Hall | Irene Skillington as Forensic Technician | David McKail as Dr Mackenzie | Olive Pendleton as Mrs Powell | Tim Wylton as Ronald Garwood | Ralph Nossek as Gerald Powell | Sion Tudor Owen as Brian Farnham | Arbel Jones as Tricia Harding | Helen Blatch as Annie | Rachel Victoria Roberts as Mary-Louise | Matt Bardock as DC Barnard | Claire Hackett as Linda Uphill | David Gooderson as Pathologist | Bill Stewart (1) as Sandy Longford | Paul Moriarty as Sgt Wells | Stuart Barren as Sgt Johnson | Neil Phillips as DCI Allen | Lindy Whiteford as Shirley Fisher
Director: Don Leaver
Screenplay: Richard Harris (2)

2 :01x02 - Not with Kindness

Frost investigates the murder of a teenage girl, and the case of a woman who has been receiving threatening phone calls. Meanwhile, at the Denton police station, there are threats, deaths, arson and a staff shortage.
Guest Stars: Bunny May as Geoffrey Rickman | John Bleasdale as Bernard Hicks | Diane Bull as Cheryl Bartlett | Steve Swinscoe as Sean Hamilton | Dominic Jephcott as George Compton | Fred Pearson as Church warden | Charles Dale (1) as Colin Fletcher | Denise Black as Jen Hamilton | Annabel Leventon as Marion | Amanda Elwes as Alex Compton | John Vine as Michael Bell | Lee Whitlock as Apprentice

3 :01x03 - Conclusions

Frost investigates an MPs son who is involved in a hit-and-run accident, and a robbery at a private casino, which occur on the same night. He gets a humorless new partner to assist him.
Guest Stars: David Killick as Pathologist | Peter Harlowe as Massie's Solicitor | Joan Scott as Mrs Lee | Martin Moss as PC Lambert | Jon Sotherton as DC Howard | John Lyons as DS Toolan | David McKail as Dr McKenzie | Bill Stewart (1) as Sandy Longford | Bill Rourke as Sgt Hanlon | George Thompson as PC Simms | Ian Driver as PC Jordan | Christopher Rickwood as PC Stringer | Elizabeth Hunt as Mrs Hickman | Tara Shaw as Woman in Launderette | Alan Gear as Bouncer | Caroline Harker as WPC Wallace | Stuart Barren as Sgt Johnson | Paul Moriarty as Sgt Wells | Tony Armatrading as Leslie Russell | Norma West as Stella Massie | Colin McCormack as Caretaker | Dominique Barnes as Sophie | Jane Hazlegrove as Maureen Shelby | Ben Daniels as Roger Massie | Vincent Regan as PC Shelby | Sue Johnston as Phyllis Bowman | Rowena King as Julia King | Caroline Paterson as Diana Webster | Douglas McFerran as Ronnie Eustace | Neil Phillips as DCI Allen | George Anton (1) as DC Webster | Alex Leppard as Mr Darbon | Geraldine Griffiths as Bett
Director: Anthony Simmons
Screenplay: Richard Harris (2)

Series 2

4 :02x01 - A Minority of One

When Frost learns the identity of Natalie's son, he's sure he has found his murderer. Frost also links Natalie's boyfriend, Aspinall, to the robberies but doesn't know where to find him.
Guest Stars: Jane Wall as Baker's girlfriend | Corinne Skinner-Carter as Mrs Lansdale | Valentine Nonyela as Ritchie Gibbs | Anya Phillips as Natalie Bell | Sheila Kelley (1) as Doreen Gilbert | Alexander Newland as Davis Clark | Karen Meagher as Lab liaison officer | Gabrielle O'Brien as Hospital receptionist | Billy Hartman as Dave Cowden | Steve Nicolson as Det Const Cottam
Director: Roger Bamford

5 :02x02 - Widows and Orphans

Frost learns both victims belonged to the same seniors club and were driven to and from the club by volunteer drivers. Frost seems to have it in for Roy, one of the drivers.
Guest Stars: Graham Turner as Vicar | Christopher Fulford as Ronald Gould | Clara Salaman as Kathy Reynolds | Rose Hill as Mrs Ryder | Steven Mackintosh as Dean Hoskins | Margery Mason as Mrs Archer | Pamela Cundell as Mrs Barrett | Max Mason as Desmond Ryder | Peter Benson as Bernard Elliott | Richard Beale as Mr Proctor | Michael Hadley as John Newcombe
Director: Roy Battersby

6 :02x03 - Nothing to Hide

Jack is called out to deal with the accidental death of a known drug addict, and finds himself teamed up with a new Detective Constable who has an attitude problem after being demoted from Inspector for assaulting a superior officer. The case takes a surprising turn when the post-mortem reveals the deceased was actually battered to death.
Guest Stars: Linda Bassett as Mrs Cornish | Marion Bailey as Eileen Grant | Vivienne Ritchie as Linda Patten | Ewen Bremner as Gordon Hicks | Albert Welling as Dr Royce Patten | Tony Bluto as Security guard | Michael Feast as Trevor Hine | Barry Jackson as Walter Peters | Lorraine Peters as Butler's neighbour | James Saxon as Mortuary attendant
Director: John Glenister

7 :02x04 - Stranger in the House

In an effort to catch the rapist, Frost jeopardizes the safety of a junior female officer.
Guest Stars: Gavin Richards as Les Wingham | Vanessa Hadaway as Joanne | Terence Budd as Martin Cook | Mark Burdis as PC Naylor | Bill Leadbitter as Gordon Perryman | Len Collin as Nick Daish | Brian Bovell as Terry Bamtema | Jean Ainslie as Mrs Collings | Zoe Hilson as Emma Fox |
Uncredited: Colin Buchanan as Desk Constable
Director: Don Leaver

Series 3

8 :03x01 - Appropriate Adults

Frost leads an investigation into the disappearance of a six-year-old girl. His only suspect is a Down's syndrome sufferer who has a secret he will not reveal.
Guest Stars: Vilma Hollingbery as Jeanette Conrad | Harriet Bagnall as Sally Martin | Elizabeth Estensen as Susan Mackintosh | Alex Walkinshaw as Pearce | Timmy Lang as Billy Conrad | Rob Edwards (1) as Dr Drabble | Rupert Holliday-Evans as Richard Martin | Heather Canning as Mrs Tenant | Nick Reding as Parker | Arthur Whybrow as Dave Conrad
Director: Herbert Wise

9 :03x02 - Quarry

When a young animal rights protester is seriously injured at a meeting of the local hunt club and dies in hospital, Frost's only suspect is quickly ruled out when another body is discovered.
Guest Stars: Peter McNamara (1) as Trevor Cooper | Mark Burdis as PC Naylor | Del Henney as John Kearns | Sean Pertwee as Dazza Scott | Mary Healey as Kate | Derren Litten as PC Hobbs | Nimmy March as Mrs Pardoe | Michael Byrne as Alex Ormrod | Allie Byrne as Ruth Ormrod | Duncan Bell as Peter Winrow | Malcolm Sinclair as Chief Constable | Richard Graham (1) as Tony Walder

10 :03x03 - Dead Male One

While Adie clings to life in the hospital, his teammates, Paul and Jamie, receive threats, and Frost believes they are related to a corrupt business deal the three soccer players were involved in. The case of the unidentified driver grows more mysterious.
Guest Stars: Paul Slack as Tenant | Jane Wall as Tonia Reece | Larry Lamb as Mike Ross | Karl Haynes as Ray Walsh | Joe Duttine as Terry Blakeway | Joseph Kpobie as Darren Matthews | Berwick Kaler as Dave Leecroft | Melissa Wilson as Nikki | Danny Dyer as Shaun Everett | Steve Ryan as Football steward | James Ottaway as Mr Adams | Craig Kelly as Paul Gower | Alan Hunter (1) as Colin Drysdale | Lindy Whiteford as Shirley Fisher
Director: Roger Bamford

11 :03x04 - No Refuge

Boxley disappears after his hideaway is firebombed. Frost rounds up all the suspects in the robbery. Boxley turns up but is still in danger. It turns out Boxley was having an affair with his son's girlfriend.
Guest Stars: Huggy Leaver as Des Conrad | Billy Murray as Bill Boxley | Kate Maravan as Jamie Webster | Charlie Creed-Miles as Alan Teal | Charlotte Cornwell as Marion Parfitt | Shirin Taylor as Helen Cartwright | Lindy Whiteford as Shirley Fisher | James Hayes (1) as Jimmy Dunne | David Carr (1) as Michael Heathfield | Susan Brown (1) as Stella Boxley
Director: Don Leaver

Series 4

12 :04x01 - Paying the Price

A fire leaves Frost homeless just as he's given a kidnapping case. With nowhere else to go, he sets up a 24-hour operation at the home of the victim's sister, who received the ransom demand. The case drags on: a likely suspect is found murdered, and the ransom demand escalates.
Guest Stars: Emma Cunniffe as Michelle Robins | Owen Aaronovitch as Fire officer | Olwen May as Doctor | Marc Warren (2) as Graham McArdy | Linda Henry as Sue Venables | Ysobel Gonzalez as Linda Brook | Juanne Fuller (1) as Jo Thorn | Colette Brown as WPC Claire Toms | Danny Webb as Karl Edwards | Camille Coduri as Pauline Venables
Director: Ross Devenish

13 :04x02 - Unknown Soldiers

During a very busy day, Frost defuses a hostage situation in which he's the hostage. Then he learns of a soldier who was shot dead during an exercise. The army refuses to let him investigate because it is outside his jurisdiction, but Frost persists. Meanwhile, an armed robbery case is a distraction.
Guest Stars: Sam Kelly as Scully | Rosalind March as Mrs Marson | Eileen O'Brien as Mrs Hockey | Sean Gilder as Cpl Devenish | Marston Bloom as Capt Ward | Benedict Sandiford as Pte Richards | Harmage Singh Kalirai as Said | Saira Todd as Sgt Donovan | Francis Lee as Soldier at gate | Cherith Mellor as Mrs Meredith | Ralph Brown as Capt Carlisle | Matthew Scurfield as Dave Chaplin | Badi Uzzaman as Old Indian man | Ian Flintoff as Mr Meredith | Nicholas Jones (1) as Major Harvey | Daniel Newman (1) as Steve Marson | David Bradley as Les James
Director: Adrian Shergold

14 :04x03 - Fun Times for Swingers

A naked woman commits suicide by throwing herself from the roof of Denton Church. When the body of the woman's lover is found the next day, Inspector Frost's investigation uncovers a male escort service.
Guest Stars: Jan Harvey as Yvonne Newbiggin | Anthony Schaeffer as Lawyer | Jonathan Phillips as Damien Law / Frankie Barton | Christopher Driscoll as Bob Bowker | David Dixon (1) as Barry Curzon | Mel Martin as Jane Fanshawe | Tilly Vosburgh as Joy Barton | Isla Blair as Rosalie Martin | James Faulkner as Clifford Hastings | Martin Jarvis as Harvey Wade
Director: Adrian Shergold
Writer: Alma Cullen

15 :04x04 - The Things We Do for Love

A physiotherapist is found with her throat slashed in a busy car park. Police have little go on until Frost looks in the victim's electronic organizer, where he finds the name of a religious author and pillar of the local church. At first the writer denies knowing the woman, but Frost confronts him with love letters exposing an affair with the victim.
Guest Stars: Glyn Grain as Boris Ivanovich | Sally Rogers as Vicky Philips | Belinda Sinclair as Ruth Meyerbridge | Kacey Ainsworth as Carole Nash | Anthony Lewis (1) as Barnabas Meyerbridge | Michael Kitchen as Jonathan Meyerbridge | Tim Barker as Newsagent at ram raid | David Ryall as Edward Gull | Lill Roughley as Mrs Charteris | Malcolm Terris as Sykes
Director: Peter Smith (1)

16 :04x05 - Deep Waters

Frost still believes his instincts are right in the knifing case, but is forced to release his prime suspects after a run-in with their solicitor. Those same instincts lead him to a breakthrough in the assault case at the university.
Guest Stars: Amerjit Deu as Anil Chandani | Peter Needham as Caretaker | Damian Lewis as Adam Weston | Tamzin Malleson as Helen Tudor | Jonathan Hyde as Dr Keith Michaelson | Paul Alexander as Ken Tudor | Francis Magee as Rod Bainbridge | Darren Tighe as Tony Jarvis | Jay Simpson as Peter Bainbridge | Gillian Bevan as Suzanne Michaelson | Stephanie Turner as Mrs Jarvis | Ian Curtis as Gareth King
Director: Don Leaver

Series 5

17 :05x01 - Penny for the Guy

A ruthless kidnapper holds a supermarket chain to ransom by threatening the life of a young boy.
Guest Stars: Carol Harrison as Susie Stansfield | Charles De'Ath as D.C. Collier | Jean Marie Coffey as Julie Kirkby | Tony Curran as Craig Hudson | Fiona Dolman as Fiona | Bruce Jones as Tommy Dunstan | Bill Riddoch as Hammond | Daniel Casey as Gratin | Philip Stone as Finch | Helena McCarthy as Mrs Way | Michael Angelis as Reggie Stansfield | Miles Anderson as Sir Richard Cordwell | Sarah Smart as Carol Stansfield | Jake Nightingale as Terry Green
Director: Paul Seed

18 :05x02 - House Calls

Dour DI Jack Frost suspects a man he arrested years before for a series of bizarre assaults on children could have returned to the area and recommenced his unsavory activities. He tracks down the culprit, who swears he's turned over a new leaf, and decides not to charge him.
Guest Stars: Polly Kemp as Dr Hamilton | Caroline O'Neill as Maggie Hoxton | Ian Peck as Phil Collard | Melanie Jessop as Caroline Fleming/Evans | Amanda Garwood as Lady GP | Peter Geddis as Neighbour | Tom Radcliffe as Mark Grover | Shelagh Fraser as Mrs Hinkley | Peter Waddington as Rail inspector

19 :05x03 - True Confessions

Frost is suspended from duty when his quest for the truth in the case of two wealthy brothers accused of murder goes too far. Meanwhile, a new lady friend enters his life.
Guest Stars: Gwyneth Powell as Kitty Rayford | David MacCreedy (1) as Det Insp Moore | Yolanda Vazquez as Jeanette Barr | Gwyneth Strong as Det Supt Bailey | Angela Lonsdale as WPC Harman | David Beames as Alex Barr | Anthony Calf as James Barr | Noel Johnson as Father Clark | Kenneth Cope as Charlie Fairclough

20 :05x04 - No Other Love (a.k.a. Love Me Tender)

The inspector investigates two domestic cases: one tragically straightforward, the other cruelly deceptive.
Guest Stars: Ashlie Walker as Suzanne Lawson | Jean Rimmer as Dr Stone | Diana Payan as Eva | Charles Simon as Harry | Luisa Bradshaw-White as Joanna | Jean Heywood as Olive | Diane Keen as Janet | Dean Harris as Terry Wilson | Mark Lambert as Peter Lawson
Writer: Sian Orrells

Series 6

21 :06x01 - Appendix Man

Overwhelmed with grief at the death of a colleague, Frost tenders his resignation. But Superintendent Mullett maneuvers Frost back into service. Hazel Wallace, formerly a uniformed woman police constable, is now a full DC responsible for investigating the suspicious death of a reclusive art collector.
Guest Stars: Dominic Letts as Lester Bryce-Jones | Joseph Kpobie as Darren Matthews | Ian Driver as Det Const Jordan | David Summer (1) as TV journalist | Jane Wheldon as Mrs Dale | Simone Bendix as Joanna Kenworthy | Thomas Wheatley as Chief Constable | Paul Williamson (2) as Chairman | Chris Armstrong as Fisherman

22 :06x02 - One Man's Meat

Frost becomes embroiled in the death of a runaway teenager found drowned in the Denton River. A health officer who was investigating illegal practices at a meat-processing plant goes missing and his body washes up down river. Meanwhile, the inspector returns to his refurbished house, and to pay off his bills takes in a lodger.
Guest Stars: Joe Montana (2) as Joop | Howard Crossley as Dave Hurley | Tom Georgeson as Jim Scott | Elizabeth Downes as Marjorie Deering | Cyril Nri as Warren Barber | Niall O'Brien (1) as Gerry Ryan | Martin Gower as Geoff Owens | Jenny Howe as Anne Waldron | Eluned Jones as Christine Owens
Director: Alan Dossor

23 :06x03 - Private Lives

Frost investigates an attempted armed robbery at a local brewery and comes face to face with an old adversary. His new partner, DS "Razor" Sharpe, is called to the scene of a hit-and-run where a woman is critically injured. Forensic evidence reveals the hit-and-run was not an accident. The subsequent investigation into the life of the victim leads to tragedy. A stakeout at the brewery ends in a violent chase.
Guest Stars: Paul Brightwell as Leo Armfield | Timothy Davies (1) as Dr Jones | John Arthur as Pub landlord | Sidney Livingstone (1) as Security guard | Peter Egan as Richard Darrow | Peter Benson as Bernard Elliott | Jerome Willis as Walker | Maureen O'Brien as Marion | Tom Chadbon as Graham Rutherford

24 :06x04 - Keys To The Car

Frost faces off against an old enemy, a lawyer named Warrinder. Round one goes to the solicitor when the inspector takes things a little too far in the interrogation of a drug dealer represented by Warrinder. Frost is partnered with the "by-the-book" Sgt. Dorridge. Meanwhile, a con artist tries to steal a vacationing Supt. Mullet's car.
Guest Stars: Manouk Van Der Meulen as Marijke Hoogenbloom | Alexi Kaye-Campbell as Richie Dearne | Hannah Yelland as Philly Williams | Keith Ladd as Usher | John Warnaby as Warrinder | Arthur Kelly as Pain-Bartender | Hetty Baynes as Amanda | Anthony Smee as Teddy Joyner | David Gillies as Det Insp Holmes | James King (1) as PC #1
Director: Adrian Shergold

Series 7

25 :07x01 - Line of Fire (1)

When a local power station worker falls to his death after he has robbed and then a young detective is murdered and Frost wonders if it is related to the investigation he was working on before his death.
Guest Stars: Daniel Caltagirone as Ray English | Ali Bastian as Lisa Harper | Graeme Hawley as RCS Det 1 | Sally Knyvette as Mrs Harper | Beth Goddard as Helen Fox | Martina Laird as Miriam Madikane | Jack Chissick as Man with cat | Joan Campion as Mrs Lampkin | Lesley Nicol as Mrs Cockroft | Nicky Henson as Det Supt Larry Finlay
Director: Robert Knights

26 :07x02 - Line of Fire (2)

As Frost works to identify the detective's killer things become more complicated as he must deal with a bizarre series of pet shootings. He must enlist the help from a computer system run by a junior WPC.
Guest Stars: Reece Andrews as Marksman | Richard Stone as Security guard | Emma Cooke (1) as Sally Wainwright | Adrian Schiller as Solicitor | Daniel Caltagirone as Ray English | Beth Goddard as Helen Fox | Martina Laird as Miriam Madikane | Joan Campion as Mrs Lampkin | Lesley Nicol as Mrs Cockroft
Director: Robert Knights

Series 8

27 :08x01 - Benefit of the Doubt (1)

Denton’s female population must look out for a con man that has been posing as Frost. Frost is made to work with a soon to be wash out who has drug problems to work out why a women was killed by the railroad and then a surgeon turns up dead.
Guest Stars: David Gooderson as Pathologist | Peter Edbrook as Rollo | Peter Benedict as Pinkley | Sophie Thursfield as Louise Ingram | Bill Fellows as James Ingram | David McKail as Dr. McKenzie | Sophie Walker as Miss Redmond | Clive Hayward as Paul Hobday | Eamon Geoghegan as Site Manager (as Eamon Geoghagan) | Gordon Salkilld as Patient | Brigid Zengeni as Night Nurse | David Durham as Maintenance Man | Anthony Fox as Security Manager | Michael Moreland as Prentice | James McKenna (1) as Sgt Brady | Arthur White as Ernie Trigg | Paul Mari as Track Manager | Sheila Ruskin as Mrs Royden | David Horovitch as Jameson | Dermot Crowley as Dr Bennet | Arkie Whiteley as Dr Helena Gibson | Colin Farrell (2) as Brewer | Joanne Frogatt as Anne (as Joanne Froggatt) | Bella Hamblin as Woman #1 | Colin Mace as Anderson | Chris Gascoyne as Dr Bill Hughes | Frank Kovacs as Dr Retnik | Robert Glenister as Reid | Heidi Monsen as Mrs Stevenson
Director: Roger Bamford
Screenplay: David Gilman

28 :08x02 - Benefit of the Doubt (2)

Frost has solved the railroad murder and must come to terms with having a daughter that he never knew he had. Det. Reid is found nearly dead in a public toilet after looking for contraband cigarettes. Frost still must solve the murder of the surgeon.
Guest Stars: Colin Farrell (2) as Lawrence Dale Brewer | Arkie Whiteley as Dr Helena Gibson | Gordon Salkilld as Patient | Vass Anderson as Mr Brandon | Dermot Crowley as Dr Bennet | David Horovitch as Jameson | Sheila Ruskin as Mrs Royden | John Ashton as Ridley | David Birkin as Tim Hamilton
Director: Roger Banford
Writer: David Gilman

Series 9

29 :09x01 - Mistaken Identity (1)

A body with no identification is found in a local reservoir, and a couple fall victim to a brutal killer in their own home. Frost is assigned a new, female, West Indian detective constable, Ronni Lonnegan, and gets off to a bad start with a few racially insensitive remarks. He then reluctantly accepts the help of a psychological profiler, psychiatrist Pam Hartley, who he met at a conference. Meanwhile, there is an inspection of Denton Police underway, and Frost's old-fashioned methods are not endearing him to the inspector, so Supt Mullett is forced to give him more support than usual.
Starring Roles: David Jason as Detective Inspector Jack Frost | Bruce Alexander as Superintendent Mullett | John Lyons as Detective Sergeant George Toolan | Arthur White as Ernie Trigg | James McKenna (1) as Sgt Brady | David Gooderson as Derek Simpkins | David McKail as Dr. McKenzie |
Guest Stars: Susan Penhaligon as Pam Hartley | Michelle Joseph as Det Const Ronni Lonnegan | Michael Cochrane as Babcock, HMI | Barrie Ingham as Arnold Harris | Jason Merrells as Michael Patterson | Julian Wadham as Harry Monkton | Annette Ekblom as Fiona Monkton | Gerrard McArthur as Paul Harris | Sherry Baines (1) as Jean Harris | Barry Jackson as Walter | Jonjo O'Neill as Jeffrey Meadows | James Flynn as Paul Mathews | Kate Maberly as Melanie Monkton | Sidney Kean as Fabriani | Ben McCosker as Steve Nesbit | Bill Riddoch as Hammond | Natalie Morse as Rita | Sarah Nash as Mrs. Pomeroy | Martin Oldfield as Speaker | Andrew French as Engineer | Colin Meredith as Canoe Instructor | Reece Andrews as Officer
Director: Roger Bamford
Writer: David Gilman

30 :09x02 - Mistaken Identity (2)

Background enquiries turn up two previous deaths, which appear related to the case. But their initial suspect, armed bank-robber Charlie Lehman, turns out to have died in prison over a year earlier. As they work to profile the killer they are hunting, Frost starts to get close to Hartley personally as well as professionally, though neither realizes just how closely she is linked to the case until it is almost too late. Frost has a race against time to find where she is being held.
Guest Stars: Jason Merrells as Michael Patterson | Steve Weston as Engineer | Annette Ekblom as Fiona Monkton | Joanna Bacon as Tessa Meadows | Liam Noble as Lionel Grange | Julian Wadham as Harry Monkton | Barry Jackson as Walter | Barrie Ingham as Arnold Harris | Michelle Joseph as Det Const Ronni Lonnegan
Director: Roger Bamford
Writer: David Gilman

Series 10

31 :10x01 - Hidden Truth

A vital witness to a gangland killing goes missing before she can give evidence in court, And frost finds himself under pressure to find her and her son before a hit man can get to them. Frost thinks he has won the lottery but he has lost his ticket!
Guest Stars: Simon Meacock as Tinley | Arthur White as Ernie Trigg | James McKenna (1) as Sgt Brady | Sarah Kirkman as D.C. Giles | David Gooderson as Simpkins | Bill Riddoch as Hammond | Danielle Lydon as Tracy (as Daniele Lydon) | Adrian Preater as Surgeon | Jeremy Peters as Senior Prison Officer | Reece Andrews as Team Leader | Julie Higginson as Patricia | Sean Blowers as Sgt Hadley | Michael McKell as Flynn | John Harding (1) as Sullivan | David McKail as Dr. McKenzie | Donald Sumpter as Maynard | Robert Glenister as DS Reid | Beatie Edney as Sheila | Sophie Stanton as Cathy | Gary Powell (1) as Starky | Stuart Bowman as Russell | Robert Horwell as D.C. Chandler | Leagh Conwell as Robbie | Helen Masters as Cleary
Screenplay: David Gilman

32 :10x02 - Close Encounters

When Denton's last quarry is vandalized and bodies start showing up, Frost becomes suspicious when the only witness in an autistic boy. When Frost finds a baby in his office he is confused, but he is then delighted when he learns it belongs to DS Hazel Wallace. Meanwhile more bodies keep showing up at the Quarry. Will Frost be able to find the person responsible before more people die?
Guest Stars: Sam Graham as Ben Stokes | Jim Sturgess as Lawrence Burrell | Sheila Whitfield as Sally Stokes | Jane Gurnett as Janet Carter | Rob Spendlove as Martin Burrell | Elizabeth Rider as Helen Burrell | Wayne Foskett as Les Jameson | Jimmy Yuill as Charles Lightfoot | Paterson Joseph as Colin Stokes

33 :10x03 - Held In Trust

Frost remembers a clue and dashes out of his promotion interview. Meanwhile, the prime suspect tries to provoke Reid to hit him so he can sue the police, but it's Frost's emotions that eventually get the better of him.
Guest Stars: Robert Glenister as DS Terry Reid | Julia St. John as Amanda Chase | Emma Pierson as Alice Thompson | Debby Bishop as Josie Metcalf | Emma Amos as Emma Palmer | David McKail as Dr McKenzie
Director: Roger Bamford
Writer: David Gilman

Series 11

34 :11x01 - Another Life

Frost returns to duty after his suspension for attacking a child killer. His first case is to identify a man found in floating in the canal. And a body is found with the right foot hacked off and replaced with a left. Frost discovers that the man with two left feet was passionate about ballroom dancing.
Guest Stars: Amanda Root as Delores Delmont | Sally Dexter as DS Maureen Lawson
Director: Roger Bamford
Writer: David Gilman

35 :11x02 - Dancing In The Dark

Frost's efforts to boost his stamina by joining a gym are interrupted when his workload piles up. The body of a man is found atop a mountain of glass at a recycling plant with little to identify him. And a businessman is caught in an embarrassing situation by his daughter's best friend who uses the opportunity get money out of him.

Frost discovers the dead man's wife has been seeing a hypnotherapist. The tragic affair with the businessman and the young lady seems linked to stolen passports and illegal immigrants from Poland.
Guest Stars: Ania Dykczak as Renata | Louisa Gilpin as Sarah Richford | Reece Andrews as Aru Commander | Jill Baker as Elizabeth Richford | David Gooderson as Derek Simpkins | Simona Dumitrescu-Armstrong as Ivanna | Simeon Truby as Peter Lacy | Vicky Dobravolski as Ania | Sue Ellen Koczwara as Interpreter | Ava Hunt as Gloria | Nicholas Burns as D.C. Tranter | Sandy McDade as Dianne Hawkins | David McKail as Dr. McKenzie | Andy Quine as Tony Pember | John Wilson (1) as Security Guard | Amber Sainsbury as Heather Wills | Clive Wood as Stephen Richford | Noel Clarke as Kenny | James McKenna (1) as Sgt Brady | Arthur White as Ernie Trigg | Zoë Henry as DC Victoria Cook | Julian Rivett as Terry Hirst | Renny Krupinski as Frank Wills | Patrick Baladi as Edward D'Arblay | Jeremy Gittins as Marcus | Peter Forbes (1) as Morgan | Andrew Dunford as Colin Bayliss | Claire Cox as Julie Brown
Director: Roy Battersby

Series 12

36 :12x01 - Near Death Experience

Frost's trusted colleague, DS George Toolan, is critically injured through what may have been carelessness on Frost's part. The inspector's troubles increase when the local priest is found at the scene of a ritualistic murder, covered in the victim's blood. Evidence suggests the murderer's latest killing is a direct challenge to the police and to Frost in particular. With the clock ticking, Frost takes a gamble and puts his own life in jeopardy to corner the killer.
Guest Stars: Amanda Royle as Helen Croft | Lia Williams as Sylvia Ford | Jeff Rawle as Steve Markham | Danny Webb as Father David Rose | David McKail as Dr McKenzie
Writer: David Gilman

Series 13

37 :13x01 - Endangered Species

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Guest Stars: Ashley Artus as RSPCA Officer | Claire Cox as Julie Brown | Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Student | David Gooderson as Derek Simpkins | Sian Brooke as Carol Haymarsh
Director: Roy Battersby

Series 14

38 :14x01 - Mind Games

Frost and the team investigate the case of a person who has been missing for twenty years when the case is re-opened after the remains of a teenage girl's body are found.

39 :14x02 - Dead End

Frost isn't happy when he has to work with DS Marsh after they have clashed in the past. They try to put the past behind them when they investigate the kidnapping of a bus driver and his conductress. They also look at the murder of children's entertainer.

40 :14x03 - In the Public Interest

After three naked male bodies are found buried in the form of a triangle, Frost and the team investigate if it is part of a satanic ritual.

Series 15

Touched by Frost: Goodbye Jack

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41 :15x01 - If Dogs Run Free (1)

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Guest Stars: Branko Tomovic as Marek Lisowski

42 :15x02 - If Dogs Run Free (2)

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Guest Stars: Branko Tomovic as Marek Lisowski
Warning: A Touch of Frost guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 105 Minutes
Premiere: December 06, 1992
Ended: April 05, 2010
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