Adventure Time

  Season 7 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 05/Apr/2010 Slumber Party Panic
02 01x02 05/Apr/2010 Trouble in Lumpy Space
03 01x03 12/Apr/2010 Prisoners of Love
04 01x04 12/Apr/2010 Tree Trunks
05 01x05 19/Apr/2010 The Enchiridion!
06 01x06 19/Apr/2010 The Jiggler
07 01x07 26/Apr/2010 Ricardio the Heart Guy
08 01x08 26/Apr/2010 Business Time
09 01x09 03/May/2010 My Two Favorite People
10 01x10 03/May/2010 Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
11 01x11 10/May/2010 Wizard
12 01x12 17/May/2010 Evicted!
13 01x13 24/May/2010 City of Thieves
14 01x14 07/Jun/2010 The Witch's Garden
15 01x15 14/Jun/2010 What is Life?
16 01x16 21/Jun/2010 Ocean of Fear
19 01x19 19/Jul/2010 The Duke
20 01x20 26/Jul/2010 Freak City
21 01x21 09/Aug/2010 Donny
23 01x23 06/Sep/2010 Rainy Day Daydream
24 01x24 13/Sep/2010 What Have You Done?
25 01x25 20/Sep/2010 His Hero
26 01x26 27/Sep/2010 Gut Grinder

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
27 02x01 11/Oct/2010 It Came From the Nightosphere
28 02x02 18/Oct/2010 The Eyes
29 02x03 25/Oct/2010 Loyalty to the King
30 02x04 01/Nov/2010 Blood Under the Skin
31 02x05 08/Nov/2010 Storytelling
32 02x06 15/Nov/2010 Slow Love
34 02x08 29/Nov/2010 Crystals Have Power
36 02x10 10/Jan/2011 To Cut a Woman's Hair
37 02x11 17/Jan/2011 The Chamber of Frozen Blades
38 02x12 24/Jan/2011 Her Parents
39 02x13 31/Jan/2011 The Pods
40 02x14 07/Feb/2011 The Silent King
41 02x15 14/Feb/2011 The Real You
42 02x16 21/Feb/2011 Guardians of Sunshine
43 02x17 28/Feb/2011 Death in Bloom
44 02x18 07/Mar/2011 Susan Strong
45 02x19 14/Mar/2011 Mystery Train
46 02x20 28/Mar/2011 Go With Me
47 02x21 04/Apr/2011 Belly of the Beast
48 02x22 11/Apr/2011 The Limit
52 02x26 09/May/2011 Heat Signature

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
53 03x01 11/Jul/2011 Conquest of Cuteness
54 03x02 18/Jul/2011 Morituri Te Salutamus
55 03x03 25/Jul/2011 Memory of a Memory
57 03x05 08/Aug/2011 Too Young
59 03x07 22/Aug/2011 Still
61 03x09 05/Sep/2011 Fionna and Cake
63 03x11 03/Oct/2011 Apple Thief
64 03x12 17/Oct/2011 The Creeps
65 03x13 24/Oct/2011 From Bad to Worse
66 03x14 07/Nov/2011 Beautopia
67 03x15 14/Nov/2011 No One Can Hear You
68 03x16 21/Nov/2011 Jake vs. Me-Mow
69 03x17 23/Nov/2011 Thank You
70 03x18 28/Nov/2011 The New Frontier
71 03x19 05/Dec/2011 Holly Jolly Secrets (1)
72 03x20 05/Dec/2011 Holly Jolly Secrets (2)
73 03x21 12/Dec/2011 Marceline's Closet
76 03x24 30/Jan/2012 Ghost Princess
77 03x25 06/Feb/2012 Dad's Dungeon

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
79 04x01 02/Apr/2012 Hot to the Touch (2)
80 04x02 09/Apr/2012 Five Short Graybles
81 04x03 16/Apr/2012 Web Weirdos
82 04x04 23/Apr/2012 Dream of Love
83 04x05 30/Apr/2012 Return to the Nightosphere (1)
84 04x06 30/Apr/2012 Daddy's Little Monster (2)
85 04x07 07/May/2012 In Your Footsteps
86 04x08 14/May/2012 Hug Wolf
87 04x09 28/May/2012 Princess Monster Wife
88 04x10 04/Jun/2012 Goliad
89 04x11 11/Jun/2012 Beyond This Earthly Realm
90 04x12 18/Jun/2012 Gotcha!
91 04x13 25/Jun/2012 Princess Cookie
93 04x15 23/Jul/2012 Sons of Mars
94 04x16 30/Jul/2012 Burning Low
95 04x17 06/Aug/2012 BMO Noire
97 04x19 20/Aug/2012 Lady & Peebles
98 04x20 27/Aug/2012 You Made Me
100 04x22 17/Sep/2012 Ignition Point
101 04x23 01/Oct/2012 The Hard Easy
103 04x25 15/Oct/2012 I Remember You
104 04x26 22/Oct/2012 The Lich (1)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
105 05x01 12/Nov/2012 Finn the Human (2)
106 05x02 12/Nov/2012 Jake the Dog (3)
107 05x03 19/Nov/2012 Five More Short Graybles
108 05x04 26/Nov/2012 Up a Tree
109 05x05 03/Dec/2012 All the Little People
110 05x06 07/Jan/2013 Jake the Dad
112 05x08 21/Jan/2013 Mystery Dungeon
113 05x09 28/Jan/2013 All Your Fault
114 05x10 04/Feb/2013 Little Dude
115 05x11 18/Feb/2013 Bad Little Boy
116 05x12 25/Feb/2013 Vault of Bones
117 05x13 04/Mar/2013 The Great Bird Man
118 05x14 25/Mar/2013 Simon & Marcy
119 05x15 01/Apr/2013 A Glitch is a Glitch
120 05x16 08/Apr/2013 Puhoy
121 05x17 15/Apr/2013 BMO Lost
123 05x19 06/May/2013 James Baxter the Horse
124 05x20 13/May/2013 Shh!
125 05x21 20/May/2013 The Suitor
127 05x23 10/Jun/2013 One Last Job
128 05x24 17/Jun/2013 Another Five More Short Graybles
129 05x25 24/Jun/2013 Candy Streets
130 05x26 01/Jul/2013 Wizards Only, Fools
131 05x27 15/Jul/2013 Jake Suit
132 05x28 22/Jul/2013 Be More
134 05x30 05/Aug/2013 Frost & Fire
135 05x31 12/Aug/2013 Too Old
137 05x33 09/Sep/2013 Time Sandwich
138 05x34 16/Sep/2013 The Vault
140 05x36 30/Sep/2013 Dungeon Train
141 05x37 07/Oct/2013 Box Prince
142 05x38 14/Oct/2013 Red Starved
143 05x39 21/Oct/2013 We Fixed a Truck
144 05x40 04/Nov/2013 Play Date (1)
145 05x41 18/Nov/2013 The Pit (2)
146 05x42 25/Nov/2013 James
147 05x43 02/Dec/2013 Root Beer Guy
148 05x44 13/Jan/2014 Apple Wedding
149 05x45 20/Jan/2014 Blade of Grass
150 05x46 27/Jan/2014 Rattleballs
151 05x47 10/Feb/2014 The Red Throne
152 05x48 24/Feb/2014 Betty
153 05x49 03/Mar/2014 Bad Timing
154 05x50 10/Mar/2014 Lemonhope (1)
156 05x52 17/Mar/2014 Billy's Bucket List (1)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
157 06x01 21/Apr/2014 Wake Up (2)
158 06x02 21/Apr/2014 Escape From the Citadel (3)
159 06x03 28/Apr/2014 James II
160 06x04 05/May/2014 The Tower
162 06x06 05/Jun/2014 Breezy
163 06x07 12/Jun/2014 Food Chain
164 06x08 19/Jun/2014 Furniture & Meat
165 06x09 26/Jun/2014 The Prince Who Wanted Everything
166 06x10 03/Jul/2014 Something Big
167 06x11 10/Jul/2014 Little Brother
168 06x12 17/Jul/2014 Ocarina
169 06x13 24/Jul/2014 Thanks for the Crabapples, Guiseppe!
170 06x14 31/Jul/2014 Princess Day
171 06x15 07/Aug/2014 Nemesis
175 06x19 25/Nov/2014 Is That You?
178 06x22 04/Dec/2014 The Cooler
179 06x23 08/Jan/2015 The Pajama War
181 06x25 22/Jan/2015 Astral Plane
182 06x26 29/Jan/2015 Gold Stars
183 06x27 05/Feb/2015 The Visitor
184 06x28 12/Feb/2015 The Mountain
185 06x29 19/Feb/2015 Dark Purple
186 06x30 26/Feb/2015 The Diary
189 06x33 23/Apr/2015 Jermaine
190 06x34 30/Apr/2015 Chips & Ice Cream
191 06x35 07/May/2015 Graybles 1000+
192 06x36 14/May/2015 Hoots
193 06x37 21/May/2015 Water Park Prank
194 06x38 01/Jun/2015 You Forgot Your Floaties
195 06x39 02/Jun/2015 Be Sweet
196 06x40 03/Jun/2015 Orgalorg
197 06x41 04/Jun/2015 On the Lam
198 06x42 05/Jun/2015 Hot Diggity Doom

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
200 07x01 02/Nov/2015 Bonnie & Neddy
201 07x02 03/Nov/2015 Varmints
202 07x03 04/Nov/2015 Cherry Cream Soda
203 07x04 05/Nov/2015 Mama Said
205 07x06 16/Nov/2015 Stakes: Marceline the Vampire Queen (1)
206 07x07 16/Nov/2015 Stakes: Everything Stays (2)
207 07x08 17/Nov/2015 Stakes: Vamps About (3)
209 07x10 18/Nov/2015 Stakes: May I Come In? (5)
210 07x11 18/Nov/2015 Stakes: Take Her Back (6)
212 07x13 19/Nov/2015 Stakes: The Dark Cloud (8)
213 07x14 03/Dec/2015 The More You Moe, the Moe You Know (1)
214 07x15 03/Dec/2015 The More You Moe, the Moe You Know (2)
215 07x16 07/Jan/2016 Summer Showers
216 07x17 11/Jan/2016 Angel Face
218 07x19 13/Jan/2016 Blank-Eyed Girl
219 07x20 14/Jan/2016 Bad Jubies
221 07x22 21/Jan/2016 Scamps
225 07x26 19/Mar/2016 The Thin Yellow Line
226 07x27 26/Mar/2016 Broke His Crown
228 07x29 09/Apr/2016 Beyond the Grotto
229 07x30 16/Apr/2016 Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension
230 07x31 23/Apr/2016 I Am a Sword
231 07x32 05/May/2016 Bun Bun
232 07x33 12/May/2016 Normal Man
233 07x34 19/May/2016 Elemental
234 07x35 26/May/2016 Five Short Tables
235 07x36 23/Jun/2016 The Music Hole
236 07x37 07/Jul/2016 Daddy-Daughter Card Wars

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S01 - #1 07/Dec/2008 Adventure Time (Pilot)
S01 - #2 10/Jul/2012 The Wand
S06 - #3 06/Jul/2015 All's Well That Rats Swell
S06 - #4 03/Aug/2015 Have You Seen the Muffin Mess

  Season 7 »
Type: Animation
Genres: Animation General, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Thursdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 15 Minutes
Premiere: April 05, 2010
Episodes Order: 30
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