Season 3

79 :03x01 - The Hunted

Mozenrath hires Muktar, a kidnapper who uses his target’s weaknesses against them to capture them, to kidnap all of Genie’s friends, forcing Genie to surrender himself to Mozenrath if he wants his friends to live.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Brandis as Mozenrath

80 :03x02 - Riders Redux

The Agrabian palace guards are trying in vain to get treasure shipments past a gang of Marauders, but somehow the bandits are always able to get the drop on them. Eventually, the representatives of the kingdom Agrabah is trying to transport the treasure to decide to call in the Riders of Remon to protect their interest. However, the Marauder leader is using a magic hourglass capable of temporarily freezing time to get the drop on whoever is in charge of protecting the treasure caravans.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Various
Director: Alan Zaslove

81 :03x03 - The Book Of Khartoum

Mozenrath gains the aid of The Book of Khartoum in obtaining more magical power. The Book of Khartoum instructs Mozenrath to attain more magical energy, so that they can turn him back into his human form, so he’ll no longer have to be trapped as a book. Mozenrath decides to use a genie’s magic, so he kidnaps Genie at the beach, who was waiting for Eden, as they were supposed to have a date that night. Eden learns of what has happened, and bombards through Mozenrath’s fortress to release Genie. She decides to sacrifice herself for Genie, but Mozenrath double crosses her, and decides to use them both for their magic.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Brandis as Mozenrath | Tony Jay as Khartoum

82 :03x04 - While The City Snoozes

While Aladdin and company were away on vacation, Mirage invaded Agrabah, and planted music box, that plays an irresistible lullaby, which makes all who listen to it struggle to stay awake. When Aladdin and company return, everyone is asleep, which is all a part of Mirage’s plan. She learns that Aladdin is back, and turns everyone who’s fallen asleep into warriors after Aladdin and company. Soon, Aladdin’s friends fall asleep, and attack Aladdin, leaving him the sole person in Agrabah who’s left to close the music box and stop Mirage’s takeover.
Guest Stars: Bebe Neuwirth as Mirage

83 :03x05 - Two To Tangle

Mozenrath’s magical glove is destroying his body, so Mozenrath needs a replacement. He comes to the decision of using Aladdin’s body, and partly takes over Aladdin’s mind. There’s only room for one person in Aladdin’s body, so Aladdin must fight to make sure he’s the one who stays in his body.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Brandis as Mozenrath

84 :03x06 - The Ethereal

Jasmine has been having strange dreams, in which she envisions the destruction of Agrabah. Jasmine is frightened by these visions, and tells the others of her dreams. They don’t believe her, and assure her that it was just a dream. They are forced to eat there words when a strange creature, called The Ethereal, comes to Agrabah, judging the city, and its citizens. She doesn’t like what she sees, and decides to destroy Agrabah. After Aladdin’s attempts to stop her box of destruction fails, Jasmine feels that it’s up to her to save her city.
Guest Stars: Kath Soucie as The Ethereal

85 :03x07 - The Shadow Knows

Ayam Aghoul comes up with a new plan, in which he’ll use his shadow to steal the shadows of Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Abu, and Iago, so if they don’t receive their shadows back before sundown, they’ll have to join him in the Netherworld.
Guest Stars: Hamilton Camp as Ayam Aghoul

86 :03x08 - The Great Rift

When Aladdin finds a trunk with three gems in it in a destroyed kingdom, he takes them back to Agrabah, only to find out that they were really three people (one sister, two brothers). Aladdin apologizes and they have a party, but the joy is short-lived when they find out the siblings are trying to take over Agrabah. Soon Aladdin learns of "The Great Rift," that appears every time the siblings fight. Now The Great Rift is destroying the town, just like it destroyed the sibling’s town. Can Aladdin stop the siblings from fighting?
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 05, 1994
Ended: November 25, 1995
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