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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Air Feather Friends

Abu is caught stealing dates from the merchants in the market place by Razoul, and is threatened with being jailed if he is ever caught again stealing fruit.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Abis Mal
Director: Toby Shelton

2 :01x02 - Bad Mood Rising

Aladdin and company are hired to make a king of a small village cheerful, as his mood is linked to the weather of the village by his psych, so if he's angry, the whole village will suffer from droughts and bad weather, but if he's happy, the village will have flourished gardens and sunny weather. Aladdin and company fail to make him happy (if fact, they do the opposite). Jasmine decides to tell him a story that will cheer him up, and she's successful in making him happy. Since the villagers want the king to stay happy, Jasmine is forced to stay in the village.
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Jan Strnad

3 :01x03 - To Cure a Thief

Abu continues to steal, which infuriates Aladdin. Aladdin decides to take drastic measures, and put a leash on Abu so he can keep an eye on him at all times. Abu is extremely angry about this, and runs away. Aladdin sends Iago to keep an eye on Abu, to make sure he doesn't steal, but he really wants him to keep Abu safe and bring him home, but won't admit it.
Director: Rob LaDuca

4 :01x04 - Do the Rat Thing

Aladdin tells Jasmine that she wouldn't be able to last a day as a street rat, so Jasmine sets out to prove him wrong by dressing as one and spending the day in the marketplace with Iago. Jasmine decides to make the identity complete by stealing a mirror, in which Jasmine looks into it and states that now, she's a street rat. Iago says that if she's a street rat, he's a frilled-lizard. Each of their statements become true, and Jasmine is now a rat, and Iago a frilled-lizard.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Prince Wazou
Director: Toby Shelton
Writer: Jan Strnad

5 :01x05 - Never Say Nefir

Aladdin and company take a trip to Getzistan, where they see that the place is demolished. When they begin to inquire him on what happened, the sultan pretends to not notice what he's talking about. He finally gives, and explains that Ned the Destroyer (a giant) destroys the town by night, and Nefir's imps rebuild it. Aladdin and Genie decide to put an end to it, but Genie confuses Ned the Destroyer with a smaller destroyer whom he believed he could take down. In the middle of trying to stop Ned, Genie shoots Ned with a tranquilizer, but it doesn't penetrate the skin; it bounces off, and shoots Aladdin. Aladdin grows tired of Genie's foolish acts, and leaves (after he is revived). Meanwhile, Nefir doesn't want to have Ned be successfully stopped, because then he'd be out of business, so he decides to put an end to Aladdin and Genie.
Guest Stars: Rene Auberjonois as Nefir
Director: Alan Zaslove

6 :01x06 - Getting The Bugs Out

The Sultan purchases a mechanical toy in the market place, which turns out to be a deadly machine, invented by Mechanicles, a perfectionist, who’s obsessed with ruling the world and machines.
Guest Stars: Charlie Adler as Mechanicles | Cam Clarke as Villager
Director: Toby Shelton

7 :01x07 - The Vapor Chase

Jasmine wants to do some good for Agrabah, so she purchases powder that burns better than fire wood for the citizens of Agrabah. Aladdin is skeptical, since the merchant was mysterious; they were also one whom he'd never seen before. Jasmine acts angry towards Aladdin, believing that he's jealous because it wasn't his idea. Aladdin's skepticism was correct, as it was Abis Mal who was the merchant, and the powder, when burned, releases a smoke god, whom Abis Mal plans to make do his bidding.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Abis Mal | James Avery as Haroud Hazi Bin
Director: Toby Shelton

8 :01x08 - Garden Of Evil

Twenty years ago, the Sultan passed through a plant-monster's garden, which he half-destroyed to cross. The monster arose, and planned to kill the Sultan, but he promised him that in twenty years, he'd give him his biggest treasure. Now that twenty years have passed, the monster has returned, and taken Jasmine, who is the Sultan's most valued treasure.
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Mirith Colao

9 :01x09 - Much Abu About Something

Abu is believed to be the ruler of an ancient city, but Aladdin thinks he can't handle the task of keeping the city safe, so he decides to help him out. This makes Abu feel unworthy.
Director: Alan Zaslove

10 :01x10 - My Fair Aladdin

Aladdin learns poise from Iago, so he can fit in with Jasmine and her royal gatherings, but he feels awkward because he's not acting like himself. Meanwhile, Mechanicles is attempting to turn the whole desert's sand into glass by heating it at extreme temperatures.
Guest Stars: Charlie Adler as Mechanicles
Director: Alan Zaslove

11 :01x11 - Some Enchanted Genie

When Abis Mal steals Genie's lamp while he's sleeping, Genie sets out to find his lamp. En route to Abis Mal, Genie comes across a female Genie, named Eden. Eden has recently gained a new master, a homeless kid. Eden is currently feeding the boy when Genie arrives. He begins trying to out-do Eden by giving him more food. They end up making so many pizzas that they make a giant tower of pizza. Eden and Genie fall in love, and decide to go out on a date. But Eden ends up being captured by Abis Mal, so she misses their date. Genie thinks that she stood them up, and goes into depression. Since Genies always have to obey their master, she is forced to harm Genie, Aladdin, and the gang.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Abis Mal | James Avery as Haroud Hazi Bin | Debi Derryberry as Dhandi
Director: Toby Shelton

12 :01x12 - Web Of Fear

Colonies of sinister spider like creatures called the Unkhbut have kidnapped Jasmine.
Director: Bob Hathcock

13 :01x13 - Mudder's Day

AlMuddi, an extremely tall mud-like monster kidnaps Aladdin and company, with plans to eat them. Fortunately, the gang knows of AlMuddi’s weakness – water. However, they are currently located in the middle of a desert, with no water for hundreds of miles. With no water, does the gang have any hope for survival?
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as AlMuddi
Director: Alan Zaslove
Writer: Jan Strnad

14 :01x14 - Plunder The Sea

Aladdin must foil Mechanicles’ plans to destroy the Earth from his underwater attack machine with the aid of Captain Al Bahtross, an arrogant captain of a ship who appears to be fearless.
Guest Stars: Charlie Adler as Mechanicles

15 :01x15 - Strike Up The Sand

Sadira, a street rat, steals a ladle from a merchant in the marketplace, and Aladdin comes to her rescue before she’s thrown in jail by Razoul. Because of him saving her, she falls in love with him. Aladdin tells her that he’s engaged to Jasmine, which causes Sadira to become a sand witch, so she can make Aladdin fall in love with her.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Sand Beast | Kellie Martin as Sadira
Director: Alan Zaslove

16 :01x16 - I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like

Mechanicles is fed up with Aladdin putting an end to his dastardly plans of conquering the world, so he creates a hypnotic robot that makes Aladdin’s view on crime completely different – and turns Aladdin into a criminal!
Guest Stars: Charlie Adler as Mechanicles
Director: Rob LaDuca

17 :01x17 - Fowl Weather

There's a drought in Agrabah with scorching hot weather, so Aladdin decides to take a rain cloud from the rain forest, and bring it to Agrabah to bring the citizens rain. However, there is a keeper of rain clouds named Tundra, a peacock-looking bird. She refuses to loan them a cloud, so they decide to steal it from her, while Iago distracts her with his parrot-like charm. It works, and Iago falls for Tundra, and vice-versa. Tundra eventually notices a missing rain cloud, and blames Iago, thus ending their relationship.
Guest Stars: Whitby Hertford as Boy | Candi Milo as Tundra
Director: Alan Zaslove
Writer: Michael Ryan

18 :01x18 - Forget Me Lots

Abis Mal obtain the Rose of Forgetfulness, and plans to use it on the Sultan in order to make him forget that he’s the sultan of Agrabah, which is when he can attain the throne as the sultan. Unfortunately, he mistakenly grabs the Rose, and forgets his plan. Soon, Jasmine gets a hold of the Rose, and forgets who she is. Abis Mal decides to use this fortunate incident to help him gain the throne.
Guest Stars: James Avery as Haroud Hazi Bin | Jason Alexander as Abis Mal
Director: Alan Zaslove
Writer: Michael Ryan

19 :01x19 - Scare Necessities

Aladdin wants to give Jasmine the locket that she wants, but the store keeper convinces him that a rancid-smelling stuffed animal will suffice. He buys it for her, while Iago purchases a frightened, koala bear-like animal as a pet for Jasmine. Jasmine is upset with Aladdin’s gift, however, she is ecstatic when she sees Iago’s gift. When Aladdin is walking towards Jasmine, Iago trips him, making him nearly fall on the animal. Suddenly, the locket that Jasmine wanted appears in Aladdin’s hand. Everyone comes to realization whenever the animal becomes scared, he makes your wishes come true. Iago tries to benefit from this, as does Abu.
Guest Stars: Jeff Bennett as Amin D'Amoolah
Director: Rob LaDuca

20 :01x20 - SandSwitch

Sadira, still determined to win the love of Aladdin, performs a spell in which she and Jasmine switch lives. Sadira becomes the daughter of the Sultan and Aladdin's fiancé, while Jasmine becomes a street-rat who must steal for a living. The spell works on all of the humans on Earth, but animals (Iago, Abu, and Raja) aren’t affected by her spell, so they try to put an end to Sadira’s scheme. They are unsuccessful, as Aladdin believes they’ve just gone crazy. The animals decide to seek out Jasmine, to see if she was affected or not. She has, and believes she’s always been a street rat who’s never met Aladdin. But when she sees Aladdin’s eyes, she feels as if she’s known him all her life. She decides to accompany the animals on their quest to get Jasmine back on the throne of Agrabah as the princess. When Sadira learns of this, she decides to skip the formal, extravaganza wedding that was planned, and makes plans for her and Aladdin become husband and wife at once!
Guest Stars: Kellie Martin as Sadira

21 :01x21 - Lost And Founded

Abis Mal obtains a time machine, which he plans to use to prevent Jasmine’s ancient ancestor from founding Agrabah and becoming Sultan. Aladdin and company discover his plot, and must put an end to it at all costs, as if Abis Mal succeeds, he’ll not only become the Sultan of Agrabah, but he’ll erase Jasmine from existence.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Abis Mal | James Avery as Haroud Hazi Bin
Director: Bob Hathcock

22 :01x22 - Moonlight Madness

After Aladdin, Iago, Abu, and Genie go on an unsuccessful treasure hunt, Aladdin swears off going on anymore treasure hunts ever again. No sooner does Aladdin leave that a skeleton emerges from the ocean, and strolls up to Iago and Abu, telling them that he has information about a treasure of Aladdin. Iago claims he’s Aladdin, since the skeleton has never met Aladdin in person. He gives them a treasure map, but they need Aladdin’s assistance. The problem is Aladdin swore off going on anymore treasure hunts, and he has a private date with Jasmine, as well. When they tell him of the treasure, Aladdin refuses, but they convince him to help out. He can’t back out of his date with Jasmine, so he decides to have their date on the island that the treasure is located and plans to give them assistance every so often. However, the treasure seems to be guarded by a woman who turns into a wolf-like monster every time she is hit by the moonlight.
Director: Alan Zaslove
Writer: Mirith Colao

23 :01x23 - The Flawed Couple

Abis Mal and Mechanicles decide to team-up to extract their revenge upon Aladdin. They have the perfect plan, which involves using magical jewels that affect your mood/ emotions.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Abis Mal | Charlie Adler as Mechanicles
Director: Rob LaDuca

24 :01x24 - Rain Of Terror

Iago decides to give Tundra a vacation by taking over her job as the controller of weather, with the help of Abu and Genie. Iago does a great job as the controller of weather, until he makes a deal with Malcho where he gives him Tundra’s weather medallion (which enables the possessor to control the weather). Malcho decides to use his new found power to wreak havoc on the rain forest, and the world, as well. It’s up to Iago to get Tundra’s medallion back to save the rain forest.
Guest Stars: Hector Elizondo as Malcho | Candi Milo as Tundra
Writer: Michael Ryan

25 :01x25 - Dune Quixote

Sadira is more determined than ever to win the heart of Aladdin, and she’s back with a new plan! This time, Sadira decides to turn Aladdin into a knight in a make-believe world with a noble stallion (Abu, who is changed into a horse), in which she is a princess in need of rescue from a deadly dragon. She casts a spell on Aladdin, sending him into the world, where she plans to go in right behind him, when Genie, Jasmine, and Iago show up. They prevent Sadira from going into the fairy tale world, and Genie is forced to mix genie-magic and sand-magic to get Aladdin out of the faux reality. He is successful, however, Aladdin still believes he’s a knight who must rescue a princess, and Abu has not been completely changed back from a horse (he’s now a donkey). The only way to break the spell is for Sadira to kiss Aladdin. Jasmine reluctantly agrees, but Aladdin has already left, and everyone must find him before he makes a mess of things.
Guest Stars: Kellie Martin as Sadira
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Jan Strnad

26 :01x26 - The Day The Bird Stood Still

Abis Mal attains a bubble bath that will turn the user of it to stone. He replaces the Sultan's bubble bath with the stone-inducing version, in hopes that the Sultan will use it, and when he turns to stone, Abis Mal can take the throne. His plan goes down the drain when Iago sneaks into the Sultan’s chambers and takes a bath in the Sultan’s bathtub, using the bubble bath. Iago slowly begins turning to stone, and he’ll be completely stone by sundown.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Abis Mal | James Avery as Haroud Hazi Bin
Director: Alan Zaslove

27 :01x27 - Of Ice And Men

Aladdin and company take a trip to the frozen north, where they meet Frijheed, an ice-covered man who can create ice and snow with his mind. Aladdin sees it fitting that he journeys with the gang back to Agrabah, where his talents can benefit the citizens who are being burned by the scorching-hot weather. He agrees, and comes to Agrabah, where his talents are recognized. Soon, he becomes too consumed with his new found popularity, and creates a blizzard in Agrabah. Aladdin and company must put an end to Frijheed, to prevent the citizens from getting sick.
Guest Stars: Dan Castellaneta as Frijheed
Director: Alan Zaslove

28 :01x28 - Opposites Detract

Aladdin and company encounter a dragon on a trading mission.

29 :01x29 - Caught By The Tale

Two kids love the stories of the heroic adventures of Aladdin, so Genie, Iago, and Abu tell the kids stories in which Aladdin is overshadowed by their “greatness.” All goes well until Abis Mal starts telling the kids stories where Aladdin is a villain and Abis Mal is a hero.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Abis Mal
Writer: Mirith Colao

30 :01x30 - Elemental, My Dear Jasmine

An evil sea mermaid named Saleen has the elemental power of water. She usually uses this ability to capture sailors’ wives, so she can attain their love, but this time she has accidentally caught Jasmine. When Saleen finds out that Jasmine has a boyfriend that she finds attractive, she decides to keep Jasmine trapped in reflections of water, while she assumes the identity of a human, so she can obtain Aladdin’s love.
Guest Stars: Julie Brown (3) as Saleen
Director: Alan Zaslove
Writer: Mirith Colao

31 :01x31 - Smolder And Wiser

Abis Mal threatens Agrabah with a fire elemental named Magma that causes destruction.
Guest Stars: Tone Loc as Magma | Jason Alexander as Abis Mal | James Avery as Haroud Hazi Bin
Director: Rob LaDuca

32 :01x32 - The Game

Genie has never won a game against carpet, but when he meets two game-loving wizards, how far will he go just to win?
Director: Alan Zaslove

33 :01x33 - Snowman Is An Island

Aladdin and friends are forced to go through a castle when there's no other way around, and the only resident, a yetti that is the lord of the castle, decides he wants Genie to stay and be his court jester due to his limitless talent possibilities.
Director: Alan Zaslove

34 :01x34 - The Animal Kingdom

Aladdin, while riding on Carpet over a forest, falls off of Carpet, landing into the trees, and breaking his arm. Aladdin awakes to find himself in the bed of an unknown person in a tree house. He finds that the area that he is in is a town that is run by talking animals. They are prejudice against humans, as humans have destroyed forests around their area many times. Aladdin tries to show them that humans aren’t all bad, but is unsuccessful.
Guest Stars: Michael Dorn as Brisbane

35 :01x35 - Power to the Parrot

Aladdin degrades Genie’s work as a genie, believing it to be a simple, easy job. Genie decides to make Iago eat his words by switching lives with him. Genie becomes a normal person, while Iago is a genie (but still a parrot). At first, Iago is the hit of the town, giving everyone water during the drought, food to the homeless and poor, and performing other good deeds. However, because he gave out free water, the merchants selling water can’t benefit from their products, just as the merchants selling food can’t, which causes a feud. Another problem arises when Iago gives Abu the power to change anything he touches to gold, which prevents Abu from being able to eat anything, as the food he touches turns to gold.
Guest Stars: Dan Lawer as Salesman
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Jan Strnad

36 :01x36 - The Sands of Fate

Aladdin, Iago, Abu, and Genie are crossing the deserts when they encounter two groups of marauders who are battling each other. One group is carrying a treasure chest-like container that is holding a diamond-like jewel. When a marauder knocks it off a horse, the jewel hits the ground, sending everyone around it back in time about a day or so. Aladdin and company aren’t affected by it, but are curious as to what happen. They discover what’s happening when the same event occurs the next day. Aladdin tries to stop the jewel from touching the ground, but he is unsuccessful, and he is taken back in time with the raiders this time! When Genie, Abu, and Iago seem him, he is now a raider, and doesn’t recognize them. Abu tries to stop them, but is taken back in time as well. Finally, Genie takes shot at it, where Aladdin cleverly tricks him into going into a glass bottle, in which he cannot escape. It’s up to Iago to save the day now.

37 :01x37 - The Citadel

The evil sorcerer, Mozenrath, is contemplating taking over the world, but he needs the aid of a person who is virtually fearless, and will face dangerous challenges. To find the perfect person, he creates a winged monster that terrorizes Agrabah. Whoever comes to the rescue will be the person he chooses. Aladdin learns of the monster that’s roaming the city, attacking various civilians, and decides that he must stop it. Aladdin is successful, and Mozenrath tells him that he will hire him to work for him as his aid. Aladdin declines, so Mozenrath decides to force him into helping him by kidnapping Genie, and releasing a Thirdak on him, a monster that eats magical creatures.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Brandis as Mozenrath
Director: Alan Zaslove

38 :01x38 - Poor Iago

Everyone is fed up with Iago's greed when he attempts to rob the royal treasury, so Genie casts a spell on him to make him non-greedy. This spell backfires, making Iago a giving person – so giving that Iago robs the royal treasury to give the jewels to the poor! He becomes a fugitive for stealing the jewels, and must avoid Razoul, who plans to put Iago in jail.
Director: Alan Zaslove

39 :01x39 - The Secret of Dagger Rock

Mozenrath captures Aladdin and decides to make him his hostage unless Jasmine brings the Genie into Dagger Rock by sunset. The Sultan will not allow Jasmine to go out and get killed, so instead, she disobeys her father and finds Aladdin, along with Genie to help her with the situation. They arrive at Dagger Rock, just to see that Mozenrath wants Genie for his powers by putting him in the Crystal of Ix. But Jasmine stops that by putting Mozenrath into the Crystal of Ix, thus, saving the day.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Brandis as Mozenrath
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Mirith Colao

40 :01x40 - In the Heat of the Fright

Mirage, an evil-incarnate feline female comes into a town and tries to scare Aladdin and the others to create fear, which might convince them to leave. But Aladdin will not allow that, so instead, he stays, trying to fight Mirage when she puts them into a nightmare in Morbia, her home lair and world.
Guest Stars: Bebe Neuwirth as Mirage
Director: Alan Zaslove
Writer: Mirith Colao

41 :01x41 - The Seven Faces Of Genie

Aladdin and company visit Getzistan again, where Genie decides to try out a new spell in which he splits himself into seven different genies. The spell goes haywire, and there become seven Genies, each with a different personality.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Abis Mal | James Avery as Haroud Hazi Bin
Director: Rob LaDuca

42 :01x42 - The Wind Jackals Of Mozenrath

Mozenrath obtains the aid of a wind jackal to use in his next attempt at ruling the world, so Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu travel to the Land of the Black Sand in an attempt to stop him. They leave behind Genie, Iago, and Carpet because there are magical detectors all over the Land of the Black Sand, and Genie and Carpet would set it off. They leave behind Iago because he talks too much. They don’t inform Genie, Iago, and Carpet of this, so they assume they decided to go on a treasure hunt and leave them behind. Iago, Abu and Carpet decide to tag along with Aladdin and company, unaware that their very presence will set off the detectors (except Iago).
Guest Stars: Jonathan Brandis as Mozenrath
Director: Alan Zaslove

43 :01x43 - A Clockwork Hero

Mechanicles tries to build himself a gigantic robotic son, which he plans to train to wreak havoc upon Agrabah, and eventually, the world. The robot has many flaws, preventing it from operating, so Mechanicles goes back to the drawing board. Meanwhile, Waheed is becoming an aspiring hero, in hopes of growing up to be like Aladdin, though he continues to mess up, causing Aladdin to finally suggest he stop before he injures himself or another. While wandering around the city, Waheed stumbles upon Mechanicles’ workshop, where the gigantic robot catches his eye. He climbs inside of it, where he notices that the robot can be manually operated. He decides to use this new found power to aid him in his quest to become a hero.
Guest Stars: Charlie Adler as Mechanicles
Director: Alan Zaslove

44 :01x44 - Mission: Imp Possible

Nefir slips Aladdin a fatal poison of which only he has the cure for. If Genie doesn't help Nefir get the Golden Silk of Panacea, then Aladdin is doomed.
Guest Stars: Rene Auberjonois as Nefir
Director: Alan Zaslove

45 :01x45 - Stinkerbelle

Aladdin and Jasmine travel to Odiferous to attend Uncouthma's wedding, but someone is trying to ruin the happy couple's wedding day. Meanwhile, Uncouthma’s wife begins to fall in love with Aladdin because of him being so small and fragile, unlike Uncouthma.
Guest Stars: Tino Insana as Prince Uncouthma
Director: Alan Zaslove

46 :01x46 - Shadow Of A Doubt

Mirage returns with a huge, evil plan, one that Aladdin may not be able to handle. A structure in the front of the city is destroying everything in its path with its shadow. Mirage decides to give Aladdin a chance to save the city, by telling him that he can stop the structure by retrieving the correct mirror that portrays the “true you” from a cave that contains many other mirrors as distractions.
(see recap for thorough details)
Director: Alan Zaslove
Writer: Mirith Colao

47 :01x47 - Smells Like Trouble

The newlyweds Uncoustma and his wife return since their previous appearance, and this time, with a child. Their son is strong, and believes that brawn can solve all problems and is superior to brain. Trouble occurs in Uncoustma’s land when lizards begin poisoning the town’s supply of cheese, turning anyone who eats it extremely ill.
Guest Stars: Tino Insana as Prince Uncouthma | Elizabeth Daily as Prince Uncouthma's Son | Ron Perlman as General Gouda
Director: Alan Zaslove

48 :01x48 - The Way We War

Nefir and his imps are making Agrabah and Odiferous go to war. The imps are supplying both cities with war supplies and making a nice profit off it at the same time.
Guest Stars: Tino Insana as Prince Uncouthma | Rene Auberjonois as Nefir

49 :01x49 - Night Of The Living Mud

Aladdin is taking a day off of protecting the city, where he plans to just kick-back, and relax. No sooner does he decide this does Iago track in mud on the Palace floors. However, this mud is unique, as it is the mud that composes AlMuddi, who has returned with a vengeance upon Aladdin and all of his loved ones.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as AlMuddi
Director: Alan Zaslove

50 :01x50 - Egg-stra Protection

A griffin is terrorizing Getizstan because Abis-Mal stole her egg. He believed that the egg gives you special powers. But it turns out, that they just make your hair grow uncontrollably.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Abis Mal | James Avery as Haroud Hazi Bin
Director: Rob LaDuca

51 :01x51 - Heads, You Lose

Aladdin and friends are tricked into finding an evil wizard's head, and when they do the wizard attaches his head to his body. Then he unattached Aladdin's head from his body, and now the others have to figure out how to put it back on. While Aladdin’s head is separated from his body, he is not in pain at all, and they are turned into separate individuals. Aladdin’s head becomes arrogant and afraid to take risks, while Aladdin’s body is warm, loving, and a thrill-seeker.
Guest Stars: Susan Yezzi as Guard # 1 | Dan Lawer as Gurad # 2 | Tim Curry as Kalif Khapok
Director: Rob LaDuca

52 :01x52 - The Love Bug

Tundra enlists the aid of Aladdin and company when she notices a large amount of trees being destroyed. When they arrive at the rain forest, they discover the source of the missing trees is termites. Genie decides to shrink himself and Aladdin, in order to get down to the size of the termites, and destroy them. They come to realization that the termites are mechanical, so the only person who could possibly be behind the crime is Mechanicles. When they head off to Mechanicles’ hideout, Iago decides to go ahead, and stop Mechanicles solely, in order to impress Tundra, whom he is still in love with. Iago ends up being trapped by Mechanicles, and Mechanicles recognizes him as Aladdin’s parrot. He then sets traps for the rest of the gang, and succeeds on capturing them.
Guest Stars: Charlie Adler as Mechanicles | Candi Milo as Tundra
Director: Alan Zaslove

53 :01x53 - When Chaos Comes Calling

Aladdin gets overconfident, and thinks he can overcome any challenge, so Chaos (the “Lord of Randomness and Impulsiveness”) gives him a real challenge.
Guest Stars: Scott Weinger as Evil Aladdin | Bebe Neuwirth as Mirage | Matt Frewer as Chaos
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Tad Stones

54 :01x54 - Armored And Dangerous

Dominus Tusk, a rampageous monster, who plans to conquer Agrabah next. He’s never been unsuccessful in conquering a town, so this worries the Sultan. He decides to take matters into his own hands, and dons the armor, which is said to give you the awesome strength of the warrior who wielded it. The Sultan defeats Dominus Tusk, and decides to wear the armor forever more, in order to keep his current state as the protector of the city. However, the soul of the warrior who wielded the armor lives on in the armor, and the Sultan becomes controlled by it. He becomes aggressive and evil, so Aladdin and company must put a stop to it.
Guest Stars: Tim Curry as Kaleem | Jim Cummings as Dominus Tusk
Director: Rob LaDuca

55 :01x55 - Shark Treatment

In order to gain a new undersea playmate, Saleen crashes a delivery ship sent by the Sultan, in hopes that Aladdin will investigate. Her plan works as she planned, and she turns Aladdin into a shark so she can attain a new undersea playmate.
Guest Stars: Julie Brown (3) as Saleen
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Mirith Colao

56 :01x56 - Black Sand

Mozenrath replaces all of Aladdin’s friends with undead mamlocks, by using his Black Sand magic.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Brandis as Mozenrath
Director: Alan Zaslove

57 :01x57 - Love At First Sprite

When groups of a new type of creature called “sprites”, which are really small, flying human-like creatures with different colored skin, come to Agrabah looking for a good time, they meet Aladdin and company, and show them a good time. Sprites are different from how they appear, as they are extremely strong for their height, so they use this strength to carry Aladdin and company, enabling them to fly, which makes Carpet feel unwanted.
Guest Stars: Nancy Cartwright as The Sprites
Director: Rob LaDuca

58 :01x58 - Vocal Hero

Butterfingers is working for Mozenrath, who hired him to kidnap the Sultan. To make it easier for him, he uses a special concoction that turns the Sultan into a golden statue. Aladdin and Genie try to stop him, but are unsuccessful, so Iago decides to take a shot at getting him back.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Brandis as Mozenrath | Jeff Bennett as Amin D'Amoolah
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Jan Strnad

59 :01x59 - The Lost City Of The Sun

Mozenrath discovers an ancient city in the desert that has a monument that gives who ever uses it great magical power. The city is buried beneath the sand, so Mozenrath enslaves sprites to do the digging for him. A few escape from his clutches, and alert Aladdin of the situation. He decides to put a stop to Mozenrath.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Brandis as Mozenrath | Nancy Cartwright as The Sprites
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Mirith Colao

60 :01x60 - As The Netherworld Turns

Iago and Abu are looking for a magic glass ball in Jafar’s old lab because they hear that it enables you walks through walls. Once they do, they both rub it, and sure enough, they can walk through walls, but there's one catch: they are sent to the Netherworld, the Land of the Dead. Although Abu and Iago can see Aladdin and company, Aladdin and the others can't hear them either, due to them being in an alternate universe. They are not dead, however, but Ayam Aghoul is trying to make them permanent guests.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as The Sultan's Grandfather | Hamilton Camp as Ayam Aghoul
Director: Rob LaDuca

61 :01x61 - Seems Like Old Crimes (1)

Aladdin and Abu are alerted by an old friend that the three people that they knew in the past have been changed into different species, and are wreaking havoc in the city. Aladdin knows that it's his job to stop them. However, Iago, Jasmine, and Genie have never heard of them, so Aladdin tells them about how he met them.
Guest Stars: Michael Bell (1) as Aziz | Keith David as Meenos | Charity James as Vatima
Director: Alan Zaslove

62 :01x62 - Seems Like Old Crimes (2)

Now that everyone knows the story of the connection between the criminals and Aladdin and Abu, they go after them to put a stop to the chaos they have been creating.
Guest Stars: Charity James as Vatima | Michael Bell (1) as Aziz | Keith David as Meenos
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Mirith Colao

63 :01x63 - From Hippsodeth, With Love

Queen Hippsodeth has fallen in love with the Sultan of Agrabah, but King Pecter has fallen in love with her and so this deadly love triangle means trouble for the Sultan and Agrabah.
Guest Stars: Kate Mulgrew as Queen Hipposedeth
Director: Alan Zaslove
Writer: Mirith Colao

64 :01x64 - Destiny On Fire

Aziz is back, and he's turned the Sultan, Jasmine, and the rest of Agrabah into slugs, while Aladdin and the rest of the gang are on vacation. Rasoul is the only one from the palace who's managed to escape, so he tags along when Aladdin goes out to stop Aziz. Aladdin and Rasoul must find a way to work together to finally beat Aziz without fighting each other in the process, as he has cast a spell on them, in which whenever they argue, chains connect them, that only go away once they settle the disagreement.
Guest Stars: Michael Bell (1) as Aziz
Director: Rob LaDuca
Writer: Mirith Colao

65 :01x65 - The Return Of Malcho

Aladdin is in charge of Agrabah while the Sultan, Jasmine, and Genie are away on a vacation. And it seems they've chosen a bad time to take a vacation, as Malcho has decided to receive vengeance upon Iago for defeating him.
Guest Stars: Hector Elizondo as Malcho
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 05, 1994
Ended: November 25, 1995
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