Bad Mood Rising - Recap

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Aladdin, Jasmine, and the rest of the gang travel to a small village, in which a young king’s mood unintentionally affects the whole village physically with his mind. When the king is happy, the village is a nice place, with blue skies, green grass with growing crops and blossoming flowers and trees. However, when the king is in an unhappy mood, the village suffers from a drought, dark skies, which make the village suffer. When the king is mad, the village suffers severely, with thunder and lightning, tornadoes, and more.
After a surprise birthday party, the king becomes in an unhappy mood, upset that he was not informed. Aladdin and company have traveled to the village to try and cheer him up, otherwise the town’s people will starve from the drought, which causes the crops not to grow. Genie’s act fails, so Aladdin decides to put on a show where he juggles swords, but the king is not amused; that is, until Aladdin is in danger, stating he’s never juggled so many swords. He eventually juggles so many that the swords escape from his hands, nearly killing the king. Jasmine decides to tell an interesting story, which makes the king happy. When she’s ready to go, the adviser to the king refuses it, knowing the king will become angry again if she leaves. Jasmine decides to stay with the king after a struggle to save the town’s people, but Aladdin wants her back. He decides to have Genie turn his friends into Jasmine's "family" who want her back. The king can't take their sadness, and let's Jasmine go free. He learns what it's like to do something nice, and enjoys it. He decides to perform good deeds for everyone.