Kit Nelson - Recap

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The scene opens pretty harmlessly, with what looks like a doting father admiring his sleeping son. Suddenly he starts to choke him, by covering his nose and mouth. He tells the child “scream and I will kill your brother”. Next scene; Alcatraz recreation yard circa 1960. The same child killer is shown standing in the prison yard. He is accosted by the other prisoners, who assault him, all the while calling him a “child killer”. The prison guards look on; but don’t interfere. The deputy warden Tiller too comes and watches, but doesn’t interfere. The prisoners have managed to draw the killer’s blood. Seeing this, Tiller instructs the guards to get the murderer in, before the rest of the prisoners kill him. Elsewhere Diego is sketching, what looks like a comic book. A geeky guy walks in and tells Diego, what a great life he has, sketching comic books and working for the cops and all.

They are shown tapping the police scanner on their laptop. They hear a cop mentioning on the radio that an 11 year old has gone missing. Diego rushes to a file cabinet, where he digs out a file, with newspaper cutouts of 11 year olds reported missing at different points in time. Meanwhile, in the hospital Hauser and Madsen are discussing Lucy’s condition. Diego comes to the hospital and informs the two about the missing 11 year old. He tells them that a Chrysanthemum was found on the child’s bed, just like in the cases of three 11 year olds missing in 1958. He suspects that the serial killer Kit Nelson is back. Diego describes for the two, the exact modus operandi that is followed by the killer. He finishes by saying that the abducted kid would be dead within 48 hours. Meanwhile, Diego briefs Madsen about every little detail regarding Kit Nelson’s life.

He tells her that Kit had a kid brother who died of a disease at age 11. At the crime scene, is shown the Chrysanthemum on the bed. Madsen shows the child’s mother a photograph, which she recognizes as Warren, a guy working at Keller’s Hardware. Madsen informs the mother that the man in the photograph is a suspect in a different case. The brother of the missing child recognizes the man in photograph, telling Madsen that, he had offered him candy. He confesses to Madsen that he pretended to asleep when the man entered his room in the night; because he was scared. Elsewhere, Kit Nelson is shown taking the kidnapped kid fishing, in a lake; all the while warning him to keep shut. The next scene is again set in the 1960. It shows Kit in a prison infirmary badly bruised, being treated by a doctor. Thanks to his reputation, the doctor too isn’t very sympathetic towards Kit. He hears a mocking laugh from the other side of the infirmary partition. The man stops laughing and warns Kit to be weary of the doctor.

He also advises Kit to make friends, if he wants to survive in the prison. The partition screen is removed, revealing a man who sounds cool, composed and downright sadistic about killing. Back to the present, and Madsen showing the hardware store owner the photograph of Kit, for identification. The owner denies ever having seen him. And the Warren working at his store is someone different; who he calls out to. He also informs Madsen that there was a break-in and Warren’s uniform was stolen along with kids fishing poles. He informs Diego that there is a recreation area round there, where people fish. Meanwhile, Kit is on a boat with the child, in the middle of a lake; fishing. Suddenly he removes his life jacket; and tells the kid who is still wearing his, to get into the water. On seeing the kid not reacting, he removed his life jacket and throws him into the water. He too jumps into the water behind the kid; and in the water tells the kid to hold him under the water, for as long as he can.

The kid does as instructed, but Kit bobs out of the water in a while. Now it’s his turn to do the same to the kid. Meanwhile, Madsen and Diego are at the lake investigating. Diego tells Madsen how Kit plays with his victims before killing them. Next, Kit and the child are shown in an empty movie theatre watching a monster movie. Back to 1960. A wheel-chair is brought in by the jail warden to take Kit out of the infirmary. He wants to talk with Kit. The warden has decided that Kit would remain in solitary confinement, so as to stay safe. But the main reason for this meeting is to inform Kit, that his father wants to pay him a visit. Although Kit clearly doesn’t want to meet his father, the warden is persistent. Back in the present, Hauser rants to someone on the phone, that he is too busy attending to the girl in the hospital, to be a part of the present investigations. Meanwhile, Diego and Madsen are at the child’s house, inquiring with his mother, about the things he likes doing. Suddenly Diego has an epiphany regarding cherry pie. Hauser arrives at the scene, he feels making the child’s house look like a crime scene, and circulating flyers regarding the missing kid, would prove counterproductive. Diego feels otherwise.

Madsen and Hauser have a disagreement about letting Diego work with them. Diego walks into a deli, inquiring if they serve cherry pie. He shows the waitress Kit’s photograph asking, if he had been in there with a kid to have pie. The waitress replies in the negative. Meanwhile, Madsen is trying to figure out what Diego meant when he zeroed in on cherry pie having something to do with things. Hauser and Madsen conclude that Diego is integral to their investigation. Diego is investigating Deli’s serving cherry pie. While he is enjoying a cherry pie in one; he sees the killer over his shoulder, sitting in a booth with the kid, ordering cherry pie. Just then he receives a call from Madsen, and with the killer around; he talks in cryptic, divulging the name and the location of the diner. While Kit and the kid are having the pie, we flash back to 1960 again. Kit’s father has come to meet him. Seeing his condition, the father feels; his son got what he deserved. From all that the father said, it turns out; Kit is the one who killed his brother, as he was jealous of him.

She died knowing that Kit was the culprit, but protected him as she didn’t want to lose both her sons on the same day. She left him a dry Chrysanthemum. Kit denies everything and says that it was scarlet fever that killed his brother. The father hearing all this, is glad that his son is rotting in Alcatraz. Back in the present day, Kit is finished with the pie and is leaving with the kid. Diego tries his best to delay them. When nothing else works, he calls Kit by his name. He encourages the kid not to give up. Madsen arrives at the scene; Kit points a gun to the kids head. Fearing for the kid’s life, Madsen lets go of her gun, and throws away her car keys. As instructed by Kit, both Diego and Madsen handcuff themselves to a nearby dumpster. Kit makes good his escape. Diego goes over Kit’s stuff, in order to find some clue to his next move. He is desperate as he blames himself for letting Kit get away; and further jeopardizing the kid’s life. Diego finds expensive cigarette packs amongst Kit’s stuff. For Kit to get them in prison was impossible. They dig up stuff, and find that Kit worked for a cement company CNC.

And money was credited by them to his accounts. CNC was into building bomb shelter, in the 60’s before they went belly up. Diego and Madsen, suspect that Kit might be hiding in one of the many, he knows the location to. They zero in on one, in the neighboring area. Meanwhile, Kit is busy scaring the kid, with his erratic behavior. Back to the 60’s, Kit is thrown into a metal room; in solitary confinement. Inside is the warden. Who very scarily describes the origin of matches, while lighting them in the dark room. He ultimately asks Kit what he did to his brother. Kit maintains that he is innocent. The warden doesn’t believe him. With lighting the last match, the warden gives Kit a last chance to come clean. Petrified, Kit confesses. Kit tells the warden how much he liked doing it, also every detail of how his brother died.

Kit says he put the flower on his mum’s bed after killing his bother. A consolation prize. The warden leaves Kit in the solitary and closes the door behind him. Back in the present, Kit is shown looking at the very same box of matches. The kid is cold and hungry, Kit throws him a blanket. With rain pouring down heavily, Madsen and Diego have reached the bunker. The kid has somehow managed to escape from the bunker. Diego and Madsen hear the kid calling for help and run his way. Kit is close behind giving a chase. He manages to catch up and grabs hold of the kid. Madsen arrives just then and points a gun at Kit. Hauser shoots Kit. Although petrified the kid is now safe, and Kit dead. It turns out Diego was traumatized at the age of 11, hence he could identify with the whole situation. Hauser tells Diego that he wants to work with him, as he has an in-depth knowledge of Alcatraz, but wants him to behave like an adult not a 11 year old.

Diego pays the child a visit to gift him a few comics, and to ask him how he is doing. The kid confesses that he is still scared. The episode ends with Diego sorta telling the child his traumatic childhood experience, and how he too managed to escape. And how he drew courage from that incident, instead of feeling scared. Hauser lugs the body of Kit to the doctor’s table. The episode ends.