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Season 7

230 :07x01 - The Hatbox

After being caught cheating on a test, a college student begins to suspect that his professor murdered his wife.
Guest Stars: Billy Gray as Perry Hatch | Paul Ford as Professor Jarvis | Frank Maxwell as Lt. Roman
Writer: Henry Slesar

231 :07x02 - Bang! You're Dead

A young lad decides to go out and play. Unfortunately, his uncle's gun is lying around and he grabs it thinking it's a toy.
Guest Stars: Lucy Prentis as Amy Chester | Dean Moray as Gary | Kelly Flynn as Stephen | Juanita Moore as Cleo | Biff Elliot as Fred Chester | Craig Duncan as Clerk | Marta Kristen as Jiffy Snack Girl | Mary Grace Canfield as Supermarket Customer | John Zaremba as Supermarket Manager | Karl Lukas as Mailman | Olan Soule as Man Grinding Coffee | Bill Mumy as Jackie Chester | Steve Dunne as Rich Sheffield

232 :07x03 - Maria

A carnival owner discovers something unusual about the monkey he just bought.
Guest Stars: Nita Talbot as Carol Torbey | Edmund Hashim as El Magnifico | Venus De Mars as Emila Maria Travatore | Doug Carlson as Roustabout | Merry Anders as Lena | Kreg Martin as Benny | Norman Lloyd as Leo Torbey | Marjorie Bennett as Elderly Woman | Billy Curtis as Midget
Director: Boris Sagal

233 :07x04 - Cop for a Day

It might be the end of the line for two burglars. In their latest job, they killed a messenger and left a witness.
Guest Stars: Walter Matthau as Phil | Tom Begley as Bank Messenger | Rob Reiner as Policeman | Glenn Cannon as Davey | George Kane as Polce Man | Susan Brown (1) as Receptionist
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Henry Slesar

234 :07x05 - Keep Me Company

After a housewife reports a Peeping Tom, she develops a crush on the handsome detective sent to investigate things.
Guest Stars: Anne Francis as Julia Reddy | Billy Wells as Kenny Reddy | Hinton Pope as First Cop | Howard McLeod as Second Cop | Sal Ponti as Sam Reddy | Edmund Hashim as Marco Reddy | Jack Ging as Detective Parks
Writer: Henry Slesar

235 :07x06 - Beta Delta Gamma

As a prank, a college student is convinced by his fraternity brothers that he killed someone.
Guest Stars: Barbara Steele as Phyllis | Petrie Mason as Dodo | Barbara Harris as Beth | Joel Crothers as Robert | Severn Darden as Franklin | Duke Howard as Mark | Burt Brinckerhoff as Alan

236 :07x07 - You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life

A leather glove is the only clue the police have in the assault of a young wife.
Guest Stars: Dick York as Tom Barton | Keith Britton (1) as Policeman | Frank Milan as Dr. Vaughn | Carolyn Kearney as Julie Barton | Howard Caine as Assistant DA | Ted de Corsia as Lt. Christensen | John Anderson (1) as Nicholson | Bill Quinn (1) as Dutton
Director: Norman Lloyd

237 :07x08 - The Old Pro

A retired hit man is blackmailed into doing one more job.
Guest Stars: Richard Carlyle as Mace | Richard Conte as Frank Burns | Stacy Harris as Cullen | Sara Shane as Loretta Burns | John Anderson (1) as Nicholson
Director: Paul Henreid

238 :07x09 - I Spy

A man continues searching for his missing wife despite advice that he should stop.
Guest Stars: Kay Walsh as Mrs. Morgan | Elspeth Duxbury as Gladys | Eric Barker as Frute | William Kendall as Captain Morgan | Cecil Parker as Lawyer | Nicholas Selby as Process Server
Director: Norman Lloyd

239 :07x10 - Services Rendered

An amnesiac's only clue as to his identity is the address of a doctor.
Guest Stars: Andy Romano as Workman | Bert Remsen as Jimmy | Tom Pace as Man | Ottola Nesmith as Woman | Karl Lukas as Uncle Ben | Hugh Marlowe as Dr. Ralph Mannix | Bernadette Hale as Miss Sherman | Percy Helton as Cyrus Rutherford | Steve Dunne as Young Man
Director: Paul Henreid

240 :07x11 - The Right Kind of Medicine

A burglar manages to evade the police with a nice haul. There's only one problem--he's got a bullet wound and it's getting worse.
Guest Stars: Robert Redford as Charlie Pugh | Joby Baker as Vernon | Russell Collins as Fletcher | Harry Swoger as Grissom | King Calder as Police Lieutenant | Bert Remsen as Officer | Bernard Kates as Witness | Robert Karnes as Sergeant | Gage Clarke as Dr. Vogel
Writer: Henry Slesar

241 :07x12 - A Jury of Her Peers

A woman tends to her knitting while her hubby lies dead in another room.
Guest Stars: Ann Harding as Sarah Hale | Robert Bray as Henry Peters | Frances Reid as Mary Peters | June Walker as Millie Wright | Ray Teal as Jim Hale | Philip Bourneuf as George Henderson
Director: Robert Florey

242 :07x13 - The Silk Petticoat

A woman marries for money but regrets it when her husband's past comes slowly to light.
Guest Stars: Shirley O'Hara as Flora | Mollie Glessing as Maid | David Frankham as Phillip Haven | Michael Rennie as Sir Humphrey J. Orford | Jack Livesey as Doctor | Doris Lloyd as Mrs. Boyd | Antoinette Bower as Elisa Minden
Director: John Newland

243 :07x14 - Bad Actor

A play becomes a real life drama when an actor changes his prop gun for the real thing.
Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Bart Conway | Charles Knox Robinson as Jerry Lane | Carole Eastman as Marjorie Rogers | William Schallert as Lt. Gunderson | David Lewis (3) as Ed Boling
Director: John Newland
Writer: Robert Bloch

244 :07x15 - The Door Without a Key

An elderly man and a young boy develop a special bond.
Guest Stars: Bill Mumy as Mickey Hollins | John Larch as Captian Shaw | Robert Carson as Lieutenant | Claude Rains as Leonard Eldridge | Susan Hart as guest star
Writer: Irving Elman

245 :07x16 - The Case of M.J.H.

A con man smooth talks a woman into swiping some records from the office of her boss.
Guest Stars: Richard Gaines as M. J. Harrison | Theodore Newton as Psychiatrist | Robert Loggia as Jimmy French | Barbara Baxley as Maude Sheridan | Marjorie Eaton as Landlady
Writer: Henry Slesar

246 :07x17 - The Faith of Aaron Menefee

A faith healer claims that he can cure the ulcer of a mechanic.
Guest Stars: Andrew Prine as Aaron Menefee | Sidney Blackmer as Rev. Otis Jones | Robert Armstrong as Dr. Buckles | Gail Bonney as Woman | Maggie Pierce as Emily Jones | Don Hanmer as Vern Byers | Olan Soule as Brother Fish
Director: Norman Lloyd
Writer: Ray Bradbury

247 :07x18 - The Woman Who Wanted to Live

An escaped convict forces a female motorcyclist to help him evade the law.
Guest Stars: Lola Albright as Lisa | Robert Rudelson as Cuke | Ben Bryant as Fat Boy | Craig Curtis as Rook | Charles Bronson as Ray Bardon | Jesslyn Fax as Motel Proprietress | Ray Montgomery as Gas Station Attendent
Writer: Bryce Walton

248 :07x19 - Strange Miracle

Strange things begin happening to a man after he's disabled in a train wreck.
Guest Stars: David Opatoshu as Pedro Sicueros | Adelina Pedroza as Maria | Eduardo Ciannelli as Priest | Frank DeKova as Vargas | Miriam Colon as Lolla Sicueros | Tina Menard as Nun
Director: Norman Lloyd

249 :07x20 - The Test

An attorney reluctantly agrees to defend a gangster charged with murdering a member of a rival mob.
Guest Stars: Brian Keith as Vernon Wedge | Tenen Holtz as Sol Dankers | Rod Lauren as Benjy Marino | Steve Gravers as Prosecutor Wickers | Eduardo Ciannelli as Marino | Rusty Lane as Judge | William Bramley (1) as Dr. Hagerty
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Henry Slesar

250 :07x21 - Burglar Proof

Trying to sell a client a burglar proof safe, a salesman uses a safecracker to help him close the deal.
Guest Stars: Robert Webber (1) as Harrison Fell | Howard McLeod as Grady | Philip Ober as Wilton Stark | Paul Hartman as Sammy Morrisey | Whit Bissell as Bliss
Director: John Newland
Writer: Henry Slesar

251 :07x22 - The Big Score

A baby sitter lets her juvenile delinquent friends steal from the home where she's working.
Guest Stars: Evans Evans (1) as Dora | Joe Trapaso as Murphy | Jesse Jacobs as Ozzie | Philip Reed as F. Hubert Fellowes | Tom Gilleran as Mike | Rafael Campos as Gino | John Zaremba as Lt. Morgan
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Bryce Walton

252 :07x23 - Profit-Sharing Plan

On the eve of his retirement, a long-time employee is extremely dissatisfied with his reward for years of loyal service.
Guest Stars: Henry Jones (1) as Miles Cheever | Humphrey Davis as Dougherty | Hinton Pope as Police Detective | Rebecca Sand as Anita | Ruth Storey as Mrs. Cheever | Lew Brown as Airline Ticket Agent
Director: Bernard Girard

253 :07x24 - Apex

A woman discovers that her husband is having an extramarital affair with her best friend.
Guest Stars: Patricia Breslin as Margo | Vivienne Segal as Clara | George Kane as Weeks | Mark Miller (1) as Claude

254 :07x25 - The Last Remains

A bankrupt mortician comes up with a plan to revive his establishment's business.
Guest Stars: Molly Ryder as Girl | Gail Bonney as Librarian | Ed Gardner as Marvin J. Foley | Walter Kinsella as Lt. Morgan | Lennie Weinrib as Stanley | John Fiedler as Amos Duff
Director: Leonard Horn
Writer: Henry Slesar

255 :07x26 - Ten O'Clock Tiger

A fight manager tries to make a killing at the racetrack.
Guest Stars: Frankie Darro as Boots Murphy | Charles E. Perry as Handler | Bruce Dushman as Buster | Andy Romano as Cop | Robert Keith (1) as Arthur Duffy | Karl Lukas as Soldier Fresno | Chuck Hicks as Gypsy Joe
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: William Fay

256 :07x27 - Act of Faith

A writer finds himself in unexpected danger when he agrees to sponsor a wannabe author's first book.
Guest Stars: Jeno Mate as Luigi | George Grizzard as Alan Chatterton | Dennis King as Ralston Temple | Florence MacMichael as Alice | Mary Grace Canfield as Woman in Line
Director: Bernard Girard
Story: Eric Ambler | Teleplay: Nicholas Monsarrat

257 :07x28 - The Kerry Blue

A woman is left outside in freezing weather while hubby spoils their pet pooch inside.
Guest Stars: Carmen Mathews as Thelma Malley | G. Warren Smith as Intern | David Carlile as Detective | Rob Reiner as Doctor | Gene Evans as Ned Malley | John Zaremba as Dr. Chaff
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Henry Slesar

258 :07x29 - The Matched Pearl

Greediness gets the better of a jeweler when he tries to sell a pearl for an exorbiant rate.
Guest Stars: Émile Genest as Laurent Dubois | John Ireland as Captain McCabe | Sharon Farrell as Lolly Wilkens | Ernest Truex as Hubert Wilkens | Michael King (1) as Conroy
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: Henry Slesar

259 :07x30 - What Frightened You, Fred?

A prison psychiatrist tries to find out why a convict due to be paroled apparently wants to stay locked up behind bars.
Guest Stars: R.G. Armstrong as Fred Riordan | Steve Peck as Tony Wando | Harry Mackin as Cop | Adam Williams as Doctor | Eve McVeagh as Mae | Edward Asner as Warden Bragen
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Joel Murcott

260 :07x31 - Most Likely to Succeed

Two high school classmates travel different paths. The one voted most likely to succeed is a failure while another has become wealthy.
Guest Stars: John Zaremba as Tax Man | Walter Kinsella as Anderson | King Calder as Attorney | Bruce Andersen as Business Associate | Joanna Moore as Louise Towers | Mollie Glessing as Maid | Jack Carter as Stanley Towers | Howard Morris as Dave Sumner
Director: Richard Whorf
Writer: Henry Slesar

261 :07x32 - Victim Four

A man suffering from a busted leg which will leave him with a permanent limp gets more bad news--his wife's former beau arrives on the scene.
Guest Stars: Peggy Ann Garner as Madeline Drake | Stephanie Hill as Young Girl | Harry Hines as Old Man | John Lupton as Ralph Morrow | Paul Comi as Joe Drake | Bryan O'Byrne as Tuttle
Director: Paul Henreid

262 :07x33 - The Opportunity

A store manager blackmails a female burglar into helping him carry out a revenge plot against his spouse.
Guest Stars: Richard Long as Paul Devore | Rebecca Sand as Kate Devore | Olive Dunbar as Mrs. Ranwiller | Coleen Gray as Lois Callen
Director: Robert Florey
Story: J.W. Aaren

263 :07x34 - The Twelve Hour Caper

A milksop store clerk plans a robbery believing that no one would suspect him of being the perpetrator.
Guest Stars: Dick York as Herbert J. Wiggam | Lillian O'Malley as Cleaning Woman | Kreg Martin as Webster | Wendell Holmes as Sylvester Tupper | Sarah Marshall (1) as Miss Pomfritt | Gage Clarke as Frisbee | Thomas Bellin as Brand
Director: John Newland

264 :07x35 - The Children of Alda Nuova

A tourist in Italy is determined to visit places other travelers never see only to have things take a weird turn.
Guest Stars: Jack Carson (1) as Frankie Fane | Carlo Tricoli as Villager | Lidia Vana as Old Woman | Stefan Schnabel as Police Detective | Thano Rama as Paolo | Christopher Dark as Ainsley Crowder | David Fresco as Cripple
Director: Robert Florey

265 :07x36 - First Class Honeymoon

Saddled with child support payment which are hurting him financially, a divorced man is approached by another fellow who offers to marry his ex-wife--for a price.
Guest Stars: Robert Webber (1) as Edward Gibson | Elaine Martone as Marian | Kim Hamilton as Maid | Marjorie Bennett as Mrs. Phalen | James Flavin as Doorman | John Abbott (1) as Abner Munro | Jeremy Slate as Carl Seabrook
Director: Don Weis
Writer: Henry Slesar

266 :07x37 - The Big Kick

A beatnick and his galpal, both broke and hungry, crash a party in hopes of taking advantage of the friendship of one of the guests.
Guest Stars: Susanne Wasson as Linda | Rees Vaughn as Bruce | Frances Morris as Landlady | Jan Conaway as Connie | Thomas Bellin as Monk | Bruce Andersen as Clerk | Anne Helm as Judy Baker | Martin Clark (1) as Kong | Brian G. Hutton as Mitch | Wayne Rogers (1) as Kenneth
Writer: Robert Bloch

267 :07x38 - Where Beauty Lies

An entertainer is determined to keep men from putting the moves on his sister.
Guest Stars: Cloris Leachman as Caroline Hardy | Marilyn Clark as Julie Ross | Charles Carlson as Paul Ross | George Nader as Collin Hardy | Raymond Bailey as Doctor | Pamela Curran as Joan Blake | Norman Leavitt as House Painter
Director: Robert Florey

268 :07x39 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

A carnival entertainer tricks a mentally challenged youth into helping her commit murder.
Guest Stars: David J. Stewart as Victor Sadini | Diana Dors as Irene Sadini | Larry Kert as George | Brandon de Wilde as Hugo
Director: Joseph Lejtes
Writer: Robert Bloch
Warning: Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1955
Ended: June 26, 1962
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