Season 4

57 :04x01 - Fogbound

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Guest Stars: Ric Sarabia as Manuel Sanchez | Jeremy Ratchford as Tom | Stephen Mendel as Simon Carter | Jonathan Crombie as Ricky | Lindsay Leese as Intern | Michael Donaghue as Sherriff Geary | Cliff Saunders as Ed
Director: Mark Sobel
Writer: Lee Erwin

58 :04x02 - Pen Pal

Jean Simmons stars as a lonely spinster who uses her niece's identity to correspond with a convict. Then she hears he has escaped and may be making for her home.
Guest Stars: Page Fletcher as John Harris | Jean Simmons as Margearet Lowen | Geza Kovacs as Lieutenant Berger

59 :04x03 - Ancient Voices

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Guest Stars: Doug McClure as Clete Madden | Richard Anderson as Tom Northcliff | Rob Stewart as Bradley | David Gardner (1) as Chief Of Police | J.C. MacKenzie as Rick Hayden | Claire Cellucci as Cheryl Northcliff | Myron Natwick as Adam Ouspensky
Director: Bill Corcoran

60 :04x04 - Survival of the Fittest

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Guest Stars: Nigel Bennett as Griffin | Patrick Macnee as Thaddeus
Director: Allan King

61 :04x05 - The Big Spin

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Guest Stars: Maria Ricossa as Torre | Guylaine St-Onge as Tanya Verushka | Suzanne Coy as Rhonda | Erik Estrada as Vinnie Pacelli | Kathleen Laskey as Sandy | Robert Bidaman as Detective Murphy | Marsha Nichols as Mrs. Gold | Ida Carnevali as Mrs. Rodriquez | David Stein as Detective Bryant
Director: Al Waxman
Writer: Maxwell Pitt

62 :04x06 - Don't Sell Yourself Short

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Guest Stars: Harvey Atkin as Sam Wickes | Susan Hogan as Joyce Martin | Leon Pownall as Richard Martin | Terry-Thomas as Customs Captain | Erica Ehm as Sally

63 :04x07 - For Art's Sake

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Guest Stars: Simon Williams as Arthur Hollister | Michele Scarabelli as Erica Fortune | Allen Stewart-Coates as Mr. Collier | Sheila McCarthy as Sarah Hollister | Joan Heney as Mrs. Collier
Director: Bill Corcoran
Writer: Linda Chase

64 :04x08 - Murder in Mind

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Guest Stars: Ann-Marie MacDonald as Ellen Blanchard | Melissa Sue Anderson as Julie Fenton | Noel Harrison as Charles Blanchard
Director: Allan King

65 :04x09 - Mirror, Mirror

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Guest Stars: Brent Stait as Jim Sweeney | Robert Collins as Jimmy | Graham McPherson as Trevor Reed | Steve Mousseau as Big Man | Danny Dion as Patrolman | Robert McHeady as Pharmacist

66 :04x10 - Skeleton in the Closet

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Guest Stars: Elias Zarou as Larry Niles | Jeff Wincott as Tom King | Bill Lake as Sam McKay | Mimi Kuzyk as Betty King | Elizabeth Hanna as Janice Forbes
Director: George Mendeluk

67 :04x11 - In the Driver's Seat

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Guest Stars: Nadine van der Velde as Rebecca Whitmore | Greg Evigan as David Whitmore | Bill MacDonald as Dr. Allan Gilmour | Mary Long as Nurse | Judy Sloane as Ann
Director: Timothy Bond

68 :04x12 - D.U.I. (Driving Under the Influence)

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Guest Stars: Gwynyth Walsh as Anne Hathaway | John Novak as Jason Hathaway | Mike Connors as Robert Logan | Laurie Paton as Linda | John Gardiner as Bartender | Shirley Douglas as Monica Logan | David B. Nichols as Detective Frank Weston | James Hobson as Pete Taylor | Faye Dance as TV Reporter
Director: Brad Silberling

69 :04x13 - In the Name of Science

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Guest Stars: Dirk Benedict as Dr. Rush | James B. Douglas as Dr. Bingham | Catherine Disher as Cindy Bertozzi | Joseph Ziegler as Dr. Hendricks | Sandey Grinn as Dr. Clifford
Director: Zale Dalen

70 :04x14 - Romance Machine

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Guest Stars: Art Hindle as Jack Gold | Barclay Hope as Harvey | Diane Franklin as Paulette/Paula

71 :04x15 - Diamonds Aren't Forever

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Guest Stars: Sam Malkin as Barney | Eve Crawford as Rachel | Jack Blum as Mickey | Araby Lockhart as Mrs. Pickett | Don Lake as A. C. Boone | Ian White as Agent on TV | Chris Moore (1) as Honi | Peter Langley as Colonel
Director: Peter Crane

72 :04x16 - My Dear Watson

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Guest Stars: Bunty Webb as Mrs. Hudson | Brian Bedford as Sherlock Holmes | Patrick Monckton as Dr. Watson | Robert Nicholson as Grimes | Lori Lansens as Liz | Graeme Campbell (1) as Mycroft
Director: Jorge Montesi

73 :04x17 - Night Creatures

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Guest Stars: Brett Cullen as Cooper | Louise Vallance as Holly | Michael Rhoades as Martin Lecross | Ray James as Max Cantilever

74 :04x18 - The Man Who Knew Too Little

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Guest Stars: Cynthia Belliveau as Cassie Wilson | Richard Sali as Kovacs | Chuck Shamata as Philip Bellamy | Frank Adamson as Bartender | Kimball Fox as Driver | Tommy Earlls as Bellhop | Don Fenton as Hamilton | Lewis Collins as Bill Stewart
Director: Ray Austin

75 :04x19 - Reunion

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Guest Stars: Wayne Best as Spindle Cook | Patricia Collins as Laura Stacy | James Blendick as Colonel Stacy | Michael Dyson as James Hollister | Geraint Wyn Davies as Paul Stebbins | William Dunlop as Marvin Raggs | Errol Slue as Jackson Forbes | Andrew Thomson as Tom Libowitz

76 :04x20 - South by Southeast

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Guest Stars: Pam Hyatt as Mary Conn | Bernard Behrens as Houseman | Patrick Wayne as Michael Roberts | Arlene Mazerolle as Susan Sullivan | Glenn Davis (1) as Davis | William Laurin as Laurin | James Millington as Auctioneer | Shelley Young as Francesca | Cedric Smith as Van Dorn
Director: Timothy Bond