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Season 1

Incident in a Small Jail

When a man stops in a small town to get gas for his car, he runs into unexpected trouble.
Guest Stars: Gene Ross as Max Spaulding | Cynthia Hartley as Young Girl | Jerry Curtin as Mob Member | Ned Beatty as Salesman | Lee Ving as Curt Venner | Tony Frank as Noakes | John Shearin as Roker | Arthur Taxier as Skelly | Walter Klenhard as Gas Station Attendant | Richard Lineback as Billy
Director: Joel Oliansky
Story: Henry Slesar | Teleplay: Joel Oliansky

Man From the South

A man proposes a bizarre wager: to win a sports car, a down-and-out gambler must light his lighter 10 times in a
row - or lose a finger.
Guest Stars: Kim Novak as Rosa | Danny De La Paz as Bell Hop | Jack Thibeau as Bronson | Tippi Hedren as Waitress | Melanie Griffith as Girl | Steven Bauer as Gambler | John Huston as Man
Director: Steve DeJarnatt

Bang! You're Dead

A little girl wants to play army with the boys, but they tell her she needs to have a gun before she can join them.
Guest Stars: Gigi Vorgan as Cashier | Gail Youngs as Amanda's Mother | Bianca Rosa as Amanda | David Held as Billy | Gregory Levinson as Stevie | Gail Barle as Jiffy Snack Girl | Christina Lange (1) as Darlene | Douglas Emerson as Kid Soldier | Lyman Ward as Uncle Jack | Bill Mumy as George Webster | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Manager | Kale Browne as Amanda's Dad | Mark L. Taylor as Darlene's Dad | Linda Hoy as Big Brownie
Director: Randa Haines

An Unlocked Window

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Guest Stars: Helena Kallianiotes as Miss Kyprianov | Nancy Burnett as Nurse | Ross Elliott as Glendon Baker | Owen Bush as Sam | Bruce Davison as Betty Ames/Baker | Annette O'Toole as Stella
Director: Fred Walton

1 :01x01 - Revenge

Professor John Tate is a likable even-tempered college professor whos beautiful wife, Lisa is anxiety prone trying to recover from increased nightmares and paranoid thoughts. In reality, a man has been stalking her. The stalker breaks into their house when she is alone and rapes her. Tate, angered by the law authorities’ poor efforts to track down the man, is now looking at dealing with probable increased anxiety and mental issues with his wife. On their way home from the hospital, Lisa spots a man she tells her husband is the rapist. Her hysteria helps enrage Tate. He kidnaps the man enabling him take the man somewhere to kill him.
Guest Stars: Fred Taylor as Biker | Dennon Rawles as Male Instructor | Beth Miller (1) as Cindy | Courtenay McWhinney as Bag Lady | Bill Dearth as Mailman | Angela Moya as Nurse | Victoria Ann Lewis (1) as Receptionist | Frances Lee McCain as Dr. Marianne Campbell | Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as Officer | David Clennon as Professor | Linda Purl as Wife
Director: R.E. Young
Story: Samuel Blas | Teleplay: David Stenn

2 :01x02 - Night Fever

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Guest Stars: James Saito as Anaesthesiologist #1 | Jerry Boyd as Ambulance Attendant #2 | Tim Cunningham as Phil | James David Hinton as Tom | Eugene Butler as Detective Greeley | Charles Bazaldua as Ambulance Attendant #1 | Lisa Rafel as Emergency Room Nurse | Mo Malone as Mary Winters | Wendy Oates as Anaesthesiologist #2 | Ken Foree as Orderly | Robert Carradine as Gunman | Lisa Pelikan as Ellen | Basil Hoffman as Dr. Michaels | Deborah Richter as Kathy | Richard Foronjy as Martinez | Roger Aaron Brown as Joe Chandler | Jeanne Mori as Physician #1 | Christopher Crowe as Surgeon #1
Director: Jeff Kanew

3 :01x03 - Wake Me When I'm Dead (aka. Murder Me Twice)

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Guest Stars: Gill Dennis as Dr. Leon Borofksy | Barry Pearl as Assistant DA | Jennifer Nairn-Smith as Party Guest | Michael J. London as Bailiff | Lillian Lehman as Judge Branca | Carolyn Seymour as Carla | George Innes as Charles | Reid Shelton as Daniels | Buck Henry as Prosecutor | Brian Bedford as Stewart | Barbara Hershey as Woman

4 :01x04 - Final Escape

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Guest Stars: Eugene Lee as Guard | Patricia Wilson as Trustee | Anne Seymour as Esther | Linden Chiles as Judge | Davis Roberts as Doc | Jerry Hardin as Warden | Patrice Donnelly as Shirley | George DiCenzo as | Season Hubley as Woman

5 :01x05 - The Night Caller

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Guest Stars: Stephen Davies as Detective Duane Calvin | Linda Fiorentino as Betsy Van Kennon | Michael O'Keefe as Art Toomey | Tony Bill as Steve | Sandra Bernhard as Karen
Director: John Byrum
Story: Gabrielle Upton | Teleplay: John Byrum

6 :01x06 - Method Actor

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Guest Stars: Louis Silvers as Parking Lot Attendant | Patti Negri as Assistant | Leila Hee Olsen as Waitress | Ben Kronen as Max Goodman | Whitney Kershaw as Girl | Parker Stevenson as Lane Richards | Martin Sheen as Paul Dano | Robby Benson as Ed | Marilu Henner as Claire | Bernie Casey as Bernie
Director: Burt Reynolds
Story: Max Franklin | Teleplay: Bill Kerby

7 :01x07 - The Human Interest Story

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Guest Stars: Rhonda Dotson as Denise | Michael Strasser as Punk #1 | John Allen (1) as Policeman #1 | Albert Popwell as | Floyd Foster, Jr. as Reporter #2 | Michael McCabe as Reporter #3 | Grant Owens as Man #1 | Hardy Rawls as Man #2 | Richard Marcus as Levy | Wendy Oates as Reporter #1 | Richard Camphuis as Sheriff #1 | James T. Callahan as Everett | Barbara Williams as Maggie Verona | John Shea (1) as Brian | Carlos Cervantes as Punk #2
Director: Larry Gross
Story: Fredric Brown | Teleplay: Karen Harris

8 :01x08 - Breakdown

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Guest Stars: Guillermo Rios as Coroner Assistant | Paco Mauri as White Clad Man | Sebastian Ligarde as Tim | Pamela Gual as Secretary | Jose Luis Cuevas as Roberto | Andy Garcia as Alejandro | John Heard as Businessman | Al Israel as Coroner
Director: Richard Pearce
Story: Louis Pollock | Teleplay: Alfonse Ruggiero

9 :01x09 - Prisoners

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Guest Stars: Walter Klenhard as Prison Guard | Larry McCormick as TV Anchorman | Steve Eastin as Police Captain | Yaphet Kotto as Convict | Cristina Raines as Julie Randall | Doug Hale as TV Reporter
Story: S.R. Ross | Teleplay: John Byrum

10 :01x10 - Gigolo

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Guest Stars: Sandy Dennis as Wife | Brad Davis as Arthur | Virginia Capers as Ruth | Billy Ray Sharkey as Man

11 :01x11 - The Gloating Place

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Guest Stars: Bill Calvert as Peter Lake | Lance Slaughter as Male Student #1 | Kristy Swanson as Female Student #2 | Bill Gratton as Detective #1 | Cindy Pickett as Marcia Lommis | Nicholas Hormann as Bruce Lommis | Isabelle Walker as Teenager | Stephen Macht as Carl Caniso | Michael Zand as Teacher
Writer: David Stenn

12 :01x12 - The Right Kind of Medicine

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Guest Stars: Jack Thibeau as Joe Pugh | Michael C. Gwynne as Hollingshead | Robert Prosky as Dr. Vogel | Ruben Moreno as Hispanic Man | Lyle Talbot as Flecher | Maura Soden as Teller | Pamela Dunlap as Mrs. Farbor | Vaughn Armstrong as Marine | Rif Hutton as Policeman #1

13 :01x13 - Beast In View

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Guest Stars: Charles C. Stevenson, Jr. as Minister | Gerald Berns as Colin | Michele Marsh as Woman in Bookstore | Cliff Potts as Roger Harden | Joseph Ruskin as Mr. X | Mark Harris (1) as Bookstore Manager
Writer: Robert Glass

14 :01x14 - A Very Happy Ending

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Guest Stars: Sydne Squire as Stewardess | Ron Jarvis as Clown | Danny Dayton as Buzzy Carelli | Mel Harris as Girlfriend | Myrna White as Martha | Joaquin Phoenix as Rich Boy | John Aprea as Fisher | Robert Loggia as Charley | Blackie Dammett as Doug
Director: Tom Rickman
Writer: Tom Rickman

15 :01x15 - The Canary Sedan

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Guest Stars: Kathleen Miller as Unknown | Beulah Quo as Herbalist | Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad as Feng Shui Man | Ping Wu as Victor | Peter Haskell as Tom
Director: Joan Tewkesbury

16 :01x16 - Enough Rope For Two

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Guest Stars: Jeff Fahey as Ray Lee | Tim Daly as Scott | Darlanne Fluegel as Zoe | Charles Howerton as Highway Patrolman
Director: David Chase
Writer: David Chase

17 :01x17 - The Creeper

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Guest Stars: Tom Noga as Policeman #1 | Lori Butler as Carol | Susan Peretz as Neighbor | Sam Vlahos as Locksmith | Timothy Carhart as Rick | Sonny Klein as Hot Dog Vender | Danny De La Paz as Latino | S.A. Griffin as Policeman #2

18 :01x18 - Happy Birthday

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Guest Stars: Carolyn Carradine as Bev | Arsenio Hall as Cleavon | Sandy Ignon as Hartenstein | Nana Visitor as Doris | Lane Smith as Reporter | Lee De Broux as Plainclothesman | Sam Hennings as Patrolman | Noel Conlon as Lawyer | Bruce Gray (1) as Pearson
Director: Randy Roberts

19 :01x19 - The Jar

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Guest Stars: Griffin Dunne as Knoll | Eileen Barnett as Texan's Wife | Sunshine Parker as Texan | Fiona Lewis as Erica | Roy Fegan as Person #1 | Laraine Newman as Periwinkle | Stephen Shellen as Garson | Lori Lively as Frail Woman
Director: Tim Burton

20 :01x20 - Deadly Honeymoon

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Guest Stars: Helen Powell Nemir as Chief Resident | Jerry Boyd as Doorman | Victoria Tennant as Bride | David Dukes as Dr. Tom Rigby | David Clover as Policeman #1 | Nicolas Coster as Phil | Alan Fudge as Wells | Lester C. Fletcher as Furniture Salesman
Director: Don Medford

21 :01x21 - Four O'Clock

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Guest Stars: Ellen Tobie as Karen | Kenneth McMillan as Judge | Joe Colligan as Gas Man | Ernie Lively as Policeman #2 | Grant Owens as Defense Attorney | Nicholas Pryor as Ryan | Michael Yama as Japanese Gardener | Robert Dryer as Thief #1
Director: Andrew Mirisch
Writer: Steve Bello

22 :01x22 - Road Hog

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Guest Stars: Burt Young as Salesman | David Cowgill as Mike Medwick | Jeff Tyler as Young Wildcatter | Ed Hooks as Gas Station Attendant | Ronny Cox as Sam Medwick | Vernon Weddle as Old Wildcatter | Robert Covarrubias as Orderly | Lee Bryant as Phyllis | Dennis Robertson as E.R. Doctor
Director: Mario Di Leo
Warning: Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 1985
Ended: July 22, 1989
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