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Doppelgänger - Recap

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In São Paulo, Sydney fights off Sawari’s bodyguard. She has just watched a team of paramedics insert a bomb into the pacemaker of UCO speaker Patel. She wakes up in a run-off canal and contacts Dixon. Dixon goes into the UCO conference and takes Patel. He steals an ambulance and drives off with the speaker. He picks up Sydney, who takes over driving while Dixon performs surgery on Patel. The bomb is controlled by a detonator, which is in the possession of Jacqnoud, who is following the ambulance. If he gets close enough to the ambulance, he will have a good enough signal to detonate the bomb. Sydney drives frantically to make sure she stays away from Jacqnoud. Jacqnoud gets close enough to detonate right as Dixon pulls the bomb from Patel’s body. Dixon tosses the bomb out the back door of the ambulance just as Jacqnoud hits the detonator button. The bomb goes off on Jacqnoud’s car, ending the chase easily.
Sydney gets home to Los Angeles to find out that Francie is throwing a huge Halloween party – in her apartment.
During the set-up for the party, Will reveals to Francie that he is investigating Danny’s death. He then details everything he has found out thus far: that he was booked on a flight to Hong Kong, not Singapore, and that he was seated next to a woman by the name of Kate Jones. Neither of them made it onto the flight.
Will tracks down Kate Jones and meets with her. She admits to having an affair with Danny. Will knows that something is up and confronts her about her social security number. According to her SSN, Kate Jones died in 1973. The woman gets up and runs away from the meeting.
Sydney and Dixon receive their next mission. It is to help Jeroen Schiller get back safely into the US. Schiller works for the Hensel Corporation and has information on a vaccine against biological warfare.
Vaughn introduces Sydney to Paul Kelvin, a CIA agent. He has been chose because he looks the most like Schiller. Kelvin will be Schiller’s double. When she arrives in Berlin, Sydney is able to upload all of Schiller’s files to a remote server. She removes Schiller from the Hensel building. Before meeting up with Dixon, Sydney gives Schiller to the CIA and takes Kelvin with her instead. Kelvin goes to SD-6, while Schiller goes home with the real CIA.
At SD-6, Kelvin gives Sloane a computer program that contains only part of the information that Sloane is looking for. The program, however, also enables a “back door” that will allow the CIA to have access to the SD-6 database. Sloane questions Kelvin about the location of an inhaler vaccine. Kelvin does not know this information and cannot give Sloane anything. Sloane becomes more suspicious when he learns that Sydney changed Schiller’s drop-off point at the last second.
Sydney knows that her cover at SD-6 will be blown if Kelvin doesn’t give Sloane the location of the inhaler. She goes to Jack for help. Schiller reveals the location to the CIA, who relays it to Jack. With Sloane watching him on camera, Jack interrogates Kelvin. He quietly tells Kelvin the location of the inhaler. Jack breaks Kelvin’s arm so that Sloane will know that he is loyal to SD-6. Kelvin screams out the location of the plant. It is in Badenweiler, Germany.
Sloane sends Sydney and Dixon to Badenweiler. They are to retrieve the inhaler and then destroy the plant. Sloane doesn’t want anyone else obtaining the vaccine. Vaughn tells Sydney that she will rendezvous with a CIA team inside the building. She will give them the real inhalers and they will give her fake copies. Next, Sydney has to disable Dixon’s explosives so that the building and the vaccine will not be destroyed. Before the meeting ends, Vaughn tells Sydney that Jack may be also working for the FBI. Sydney is very unsure of where her father’s allegiances lie.
At the plant in Badenweiler, Sydney first disables Dixon’s bomb and then meets up with the CIA team. She makes the switch and then meets up with Dixon. Hiding in the forest outside, Dixon hits the detonator and nothing happens. Unknown to Sydney, Dixon has rigged a second detonator. Dixon completes the mission when he uses the second detonator to blow up the building…and the CIA team still inside…