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Alias: After Six

Sydney and Weiss are forced to convince Tori Cummings, a security systems designer, to help them break into a Lethal Response System, so that they can retrieve the Doleac Agenda and get ahead of the Covenant.

Episode Info
Episode number: 3x13
Airdate: Sunday February 15th, 2004

Special Guest Stars
Quentin TarantinoQuentin Tarantino
As McKenas Cole
Vivica A. FoxVivica A. Fox
As Toni Cummings

Guest Stars
Amanda ForemanAmanda Foreman
As Carrie
Patricia WettigPatricia Wettig
As Dr. Judy Barnett
Ian Buchanan (1)Ian Buchanan (1)
As Johannes Gathird

Co-Guest Stars
Alex StemkovskyAlex Stemkovsky
As Tuxedoed Guard
Laetitia DanielleLaetitia Danielle
As Saleslady

Buddy DolanBuddy Dolan
As Doug Hayes
Main Cast
Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner
As Sydney Anne Bristow
Ron RifkinRon Rifkin
As Arvin Sloane
Carl LumblyCarl Lumbly
As Marcus R. Dixon
Kevin WeismanKevin Weisman
As Marshall J. Flinkman
Victor GarberVictor Garber
As Jonathan 'Jack' Donahue Bristow
Michael VartanMichael Vartan
As Michael C. Vaughn
Greg GrunbergGreg Grunberg
As Eric Weiss
David AndersDavid Anders
As Julian Sark
Melissa GeorgeMelissa George
As Lauren Reed
Episode Notes
Vivica A. Fox is the third person involved in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 to be on Alias. The others were Quentin Tarantino, who appeared in "The Box (1)" and "(2)," and David Carradine in "Countdown."

Number 47: (hidden) Toni Cummings's ID shown on her profile is 83487.

Number 47: (hidden) Sydney's CIA number shown on her badge is 2568463-87.

Number 47: (hidden) The Laser Link Triangulation number was 487.2948.AF39.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The Crystal MethodStarting Over 
Johnny Lee SchellPanhandle Stomp (A) 
Jonny LangGive Me Up Again 

Episode Quotes
Toni: What you're asking me to do is illegal in most countries. So, Mr. Steadman, give me one good reason why I would ever risk my ass for you.
Weiss: I believe we can give you two million reasons.
(Sydney dumps a bunch of diamonds onto the table)
Toni: Well... looks like y'all don't need an ATM.

Toni: Whether we end up working together or not, do me a favor, huh? Don't talk to me about God. What did God intend? Hell if I know. Not a clue.

Vaughn: Do you think you can be in love with two people at the same time?
Weiss: No. I don't. However, I did have the same intense feelings for both Sport and Posh Spice.
Vaughn: Yeah, who didn't?

Weiss: (to Toni) You're smart enough to know the CIA has big, wide, comfy cells with hot water, cotton sheets, and TV. We also have cramped, cold, little cells with a bare cot and a hole in the floor. See, either way, you're coming home with us. Where you live is up to you.

(Marshall and Carrie get married)
Marshall: I love you Mrs. Flinkman.
Carrie: I'm keeping my name.
Marshall: Okay.

Sloane: I manipulate people. I'm good at that, and I know it. I lie. I keep secrets. I divulge only what I must in order to elicit the reaction I need. That skill, in part, is why I'm still alive. One of those secrets affects the only two people I care about in the world, Sydney and Jack Bristow. There are many secrets I enjoy keeping. There is power in secrets that you keep. But this one, no. This one wears on me. It has for many years. It's central to my very existence. It's who I am.

McKenas Cole: (to Sark) You're cockier than I am. I love that about you.

Lauren: (to Sydney) I see what's going on between you and Michael, so let me be clear. Stay the hell away from my husband.

Cultural References
Weiss: However, I did have the same intense feelings for both Sporty and Posh Spice.

Weiss is referring to Mel C. and Victoria Beckham (nee Victoria Adams), respectively. They were two of the Spice Girl, a British five-piece vocal girl band who had substantial commercial success through the mid to late 1990s and are currently the biggest selling girl group of all time; selling in excess of 80 million albums and singles. Part of the group's success was the individual members' appeal to different types of teenage fans. The five members were dubbed "Ginger", "Baby", "Scary", "Posh", and "Sporty" Spice (originally by a British pop music magazine aimed at teenage girls, though the nicknames soon became universal).

McKenas Cole: Of course, this doesn't absolve you of your responsibilities working overtime as an agent of Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam is a synonym for America, particularly the United States government. It was originally the name of a cartoon character that was created in the early 1800s to represent the United States. There are several stories regarding its origin, but most believe that his name comes from a play on the abbreviation "U.S."

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