Ep. # 10184 - Recap

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When Ryan goes to help Emma get ready for bed, he gets an unwelcome surprise at finding Emma on the phone with Annie, telling her that she doesn’t like lying to Ryan. As a result, he calls up Jesse to see what he could do to get Annie back in Oak Haven or in a cell at police station for going against the court order of having no contact with Emma.

Upon listening to all the messages that Annie left on the phone for Emma, Jesse takes the phone and goes to the mansion to talk with Adam about Annie. While their conversation is occurring, Annie is meeting with her court appointed psychiatrist and is pleased to hear him say that he will recommend that she isn’t insane. After he and Jesse leave, Adam vows that he will do all he can to make all of her legal problems go away and get her full custody of Emma. As they celebrate, Adam has a flashback of the night Stuart was murdered but decides not to tell Annie about what he remembers.

As Erica and Liza try to see Kendall at the prison, Zach explains to Kendall how she ended up in a secret room at their house and how Jesse aided him sending a woman who looks like her to prison; ultimately giving them enough time to prove Kendall’s innocence and to letting Annie put her guard down so she can make a slip-up about what happened the night of Stuart’s death. At first Kendall is reluctant to go along with this plan, but after helping Zach put the boys to bed, she eventually agrees this is the best way to go about to prove her innocence.

After leaving the prison, an upset Erica rushes over to Ryan’s to see if he could go see Kendall. However, Erica is less than thrilled at hearing Ryan say he doesn’t want to get involved and eventually goes back to her place. Later, Ryan calls her up to apologize for blowing her off and they start bonding after finding out that they’re watching the same movie on television.

At the hospital, Scott realizes Marissa has feelings for JR after he kisses her. Feeling down, Scott goes to have a drink at ConFusion where he is met by David and is encouraged by him to start dating Marissa. After telling him what happened between he and Marissa in her hospital room, Scott realizes that since nice guys seem to finish last, and decides to try being a bad boy for a little while and eventually heads home. Upon walking into the study and seeing Annie there, he surprises her by stripping out of his clothes before jumping into the pool.

Back at the hospital, Marissa gets another visitor when Liza arrives to see how she is doing. They then start talking about Kendall’s case and how Liza finds it odd that Kendall refuses to see her lawyer while in prison and the aloof way Zach acted when she showed up to work on Kendall’s appeal. Marissa then gives Liza some suggestions as to how to handle Zach which prompts Liza to go and give meeting Zach another shot before going home. Following another discouraging meeting with Zach, Liza arrives home and is eventually met by David, looking to spend some time with her that they will both regret in the morning and invites himself into her room.