Ep. #9776 - Recap

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In Greenlee’s room, Kendall confesses that she pretended to be Greenlee’s friend in order to get close enough to set her up for kidnapping Spike. Despite being hurt by Kendall’s actions, Greenlee decides to forgive her, ultimately making Kendal surprised. Greenlee then asks if they can be friends again and face the task of getting rid of the kidnapping charges head-on.

They eventually start talking and when Greenlee tells Kendall about how much Zach talked about missing his family, Kendall becomes surprised to learn how close Zach and Greenlee got during their ordeal and how he was able to help her get through it alive. Before leaving her room, Kendall says it is her fault that there’s a guard standing outside her door and promises to find a way to get Greenlee out of trouble.

While Kendall is gone, Aidan goes to see Zach about how they can get Greenlee off the hook with the kidnapping charges against her. Zach then assures him by saying he’s got a plan that will keep both Kendall and Greenlee safe. Aidan then gets surprised when Zach says he now sees Greenlee in a new light since they helped one another survive down in the shelter. It is at this point when Kendall runs into Hannah on her way back to Zach’s room. Being less than thrilled at seeing her there, Kendall tells her to get lost or she’ll call the hospital’s security guard to escort Hannah outside. She then goes to get Aidan and Zach and asks them to follow her to Greenlee’s room for an announcement she plans to make.

Upon their return to Greenlee’s room, Zach and Aidan are less than thrilled to see Derek walk in. Zach then tries to pull Kendall aside to tell her about his plan to keep her and Greenlee safe, but she ignores him and starts telling Derek about how she lied to the police to get Greenlee into trouble.

Meanwhile, as she is getting ready for work, Erica gets a surprise visit from Adam. When she starts sharing her newfound optimism that her relationship will be straightened out with Jack, Adam interrupts and surprises her with the news that Krystal divorced him in order to marry Tad. After her shock subsided, Erica tries to make Adam feel better that once the newness of their relationship wears off, Krystal will see the mistake she made and return to him, even though Adam doubts this will happen. It is at this time when Jack is having his own conversation with Julia, insisting that he and Erica are over for good.

Upon arriving at the bar, Tad and Krystal are surprised by the welcome they get. As they get to work, both Krystal and Tad try to find something exciting to do together that doesn’t involve sex but don’t know what to do.

Elsewhere, Bianca and Miranda arrive at Fusion to say goodbye to Babe. They then start catching up on one another’s lives and when Babe asks about her relationship with Zoe, Bianca tells her that she and Zoe will always remain good friends. Bianca then goes to get Miranda so they can go tell Erica one last goodbye before they leave for Paris.

As they hang out at Tad’s place, Colby, Sean and the other band members are surprised when Dre shows up with news that he won’t be able to play with them in their upcoming gig due to some family obligations. They try to protest when he blows up at them and tells them to deal with his not being there for them. When they get ready to go out for pizza, a Private Investigator shows up looking for Dre and asks if they have seen him. As Dre hears them cover for him, he decides to sneak out. After the PI leaves, Colby and the others decide to go into the living room to get answers from Dre, and are soon surprised to discover he is gone.