Ep. #9824 - Recap

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As J.R. gets ready to walk into the mansion, he runs into Colby. As they talk, it doesn’t take long for Colby to see that there’s something wrong with J.R. and insists on bringing him to the hospital so Joe can check him out. As Julia tries to keep him from leaving after Colby goes to do her volunteer work, J.R. continues in his efforts to prove he didn’t start drinking again. Meanwhile, Richie gets transferred to Pine Valley Hospital and eventually comes face to face with J.R. In another part of the hospital, Colby tries to find a way to work with Frankie and gets some help with her quest from Joe.

After everyone else went to get dinner at Fusion, Annie and Babe stay behind and talk about Richie. At first Annie is surprised to hear that he was able to find a donor after J.R. flaked out and then warns Babe that Richie could start pursuing her and get dangerous if she brushes him off. Despite the warnings, Babe insists that she will be able to handle Richie if he wants to take their friendship to the next level.

At his office, Tad talks with Jesse and Angie about how they can go about getting more clues to see how Jesse’s case is connected to Remy’s murder. While they talk, Angie suggests she go to his mother’s home to see if she would be willing to talk. At first Jesse is reluctant to do unless Tad goes with her.

As Opal spends time with Jenny and Krystal, Robert decides to stop by for a visit. Not long after Robert introduces himself to Opal, she furiously tells him off and orders him to leave Tad’s house. It is at this point when Robert insists that he is nothing like Ray and Opal starts warming up to him. Later, when Tad comes home for dinner, he is less than thrilled at finding his uncle there.

While Opal and Robert are in another room, Tad tries to get Krystal to take Jenny and leave town for a few a while so they can stay safe but she refuses. He then leaves again to go with Angie to see Remy’s mother. Not long after Tad leaves, Robert makes a call and discovers that Jesse will be alone while Tad and Angie are gathering clues.