Ep. #9869 - Recap

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As Aidan and Jake work to escape their captors, Jake learns that Aidan is engaged to Greenlee. Their captors then arrive to make a call to Zach to demand a higher ransom for both men. Zach, Ryan, Kendall, and Greenlee watch in horror as Aidan triggers an explosion in their room.

After a homesick Erica calls Opal, she tries to get Palmer to help Erica get out of prison. When it looks like he is going to refuse to help out, Opal turns to Warren Buffet to help Erica. While working in the prison laundry, Carmen tries to get Erica out of her funk.

When J.R. meets with Babe at the Comeback, she promptly starts to apologize for believing Richie over him. As Babe tells J.R. about how she decked Treena, Richie meets Annie, hoping to blackmail her. When he starts taunting her about how they are more a like than she would like to think, Annie reluctantly agrees to help her brother out.