Ep. #9870 - Recap

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As Adam wakes up, he is less than thrilled at seeing Dixie still there. While she continues harassing Adam to reunite Tad with Kate, Adam soon touches a nerve by saying that even if he does that, Dixie will never be able to return to Tad since he is married to Krystal. While they are bickering, Stuart walks into Adam’s room, looking to see who his brother is arguing with. At hearing that Adam is talking to Dixie, Stuart starts to fear for Adam’s mental health, especially after Adam asks that he try to get Dixie to go away.

While Greenlee, Kendall, Zach, and Ryan mourn the apparent death of Jake and Aidan, Tad arrives to see how the mission is going. When he learns that Aidan went to save Jake and that there was an explosion in the room they where in, Tad lashes out at Zach for sending Aidan to his death. After Tad leaves to tell his parents about what happened, Greenlee continues believing that Aidan isn’t dead and starts telling Ryan about the first time she told Aidan that she loves him. Just when she was getting ready to tell Ryan what Aidan said in return, he walks into the room and finishes Greenlee’s sentence.

At the Comeback, Angie, Jesse, Joe, Krystal, and their friends are enjoying a fun evening together when Rob shows up unannounced. As Angie introduces him to Cassandra, she gets a page from the hospital. After she leaves, Rob and Cassandra hit it off when they start talking about art; all the while Little A grabs Cassandra’s stuffed elephant from her bag. Elsewhere, as Joe and Jesse discuss Tad’s search for Kate, Tad arrives to tell Joe about what happened to Jake.

Meanwhile at the hospital, the on-call nurse tells Angie about the patient that just got brought it. When she walks into his cubicle, Angie is shocked to find Jake in the bed.

As Erica waits for her visitor at the prison, she is surprised to see that instead of the person being Jack or Samuel Woods; it is Opal and Warren Buffet. When Opal announces that Warren is going to use his influence to get Erica out of jail, both she and Erica are in for a surprise when he suggests that Erica play bridge to pass her time behind bars.