Ep. #9890 - Recap

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After Aidan gets Amanda out of trouble with the cops, she calls JR to tell him that Babe is in trouble. At a seedy motel room, Babe gets found out by Treena and the johns and almost hurt when JR swoops in to save her. They are then able to talk Treena into helping them bring Richie down and go somewhere else to talk.

At Greenlee’s place, her one night stand is revealed to be Josh. When he tries to start a relationship with her, she brushes him off by saying that their night together was a one time thing. Meanwhile, Amanda and Aidan go to ConFusion to have a drink and are soon joined by Greenlee. After awkwardly sitting together for a few minutes, Aidan breaks the ice by saying he still loves her.

In his room at the hospital, Tad tells Kathy that her aunt Julia died that that she’ll be going to live with his family. Distraught over the news, Kathy runs out of Tad’s room and starts crying in the hallway. In another part of the hospital, Colby finds out about her father keeping Kathy from Tad and tells him that she is disgusted with Adam. After they part ways, Adam comes across Kathy crying in the hallway, refusing to go back and see Tad. In order to make the little girl feel better, Adam tells her about the time he lost someone very important to him, unaware Krystal is listening in on their conversation. Thanks to Adam’s story, Kathy is able to admit she wants to go see Tad again and goes to give him a hug.

At home, Kendall is thrilled that Zach came back. As they talk, Kendall shares her insecurities about his relationship with Greenlee. He then warns her that she is pushing her trust in him so far that one day he might not return home after an argument. They make up and start snuggling.

At Annie’s, she gets ready to take a fertility shot when Ryan walks comes home. She then tries to seduce him with a massage when he notices the syringe. When he asks her about it, Annie lies and says that because she’s been feeling run down, she started taking B12 shots to help.