Ep. #9894 - Recap

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As JR rushes Richie to the hospital, Richie tells Angie, Jesse, and the nurses that JR tried to kill him. At hearing this, they start to question JR, asking why he would do something like that. However, JR quickly covers and says that he found Richie on the side of the road in bad shape and while rushing to the hospital, Richie started confessing his sins like JR was a priest. When JR said that Richie kidnapped him to steal his bone marrow, Jesse calls in some police officers to investigate who is telling the truth: JR or Richie. When it looks like JR is telling the truth, Jesse suggests to the officers to call a prominent judge to get a warrant so they can do a DNA test on Richie to see if his marrow matches JR’s. However, before this can happen, Richie tries to escape, only to get held up by Zach.

At home, Kendall gets served with papers and is appalled that Greenlee is suing her. Josh then arrives and she learns that Greenlee slept with him. Happy that it Josh that slept with Greenlee, Kendall tries to talk him into hooking up with Kendall again, much to Josh’s surprise. Elsewhere, Greenlee and Ryan go out for a motorcycle ride and dinner. As they talk, Greenlee smugly tells him about serving Kendall with papers while she learns more about the procedure Ryan is thinking about having done to regain his memory. Meanwhile, an increasingly angry Annie is furious that Ryan hasn’t come home yet and is probably out with Greenlee. She then decides to take matters in her own hands and soon leaves to meet Greenlee at her apartment.

Back at the hospital, Frankie treats Randi again, this time for a broken wrist. When he tries to question her about possibly being abused, Randi dodges all of his questions and soon sneaks out of the hospital when she sees all the cops around.