Ep. #9905 - Recap

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After the lights come back on at Fusion, Amanda, Greenlee, and Kendall learn that Babe is missing. When Zach arrives and tells them that Richie escaped, they deduce that he kidnapped Babe and call the cops. After Zach leaves to get help in locating Richie, Kendall and Greenlee decide to start their own search and save Babe themselves.

At the mansion, when JR and Adam learn Richie kidnapped Babe, Adam makes a flippant remark that Babe willing went with Richie. At hearing this, JR lashes out at Adam for treating Babe the way he has and tells him not to say things like that around Krystal. JR then goes outside to get some fresh air, leaving a frantic Krystal alone in the mansion to be comforted by Adam.

Upon arriving at the police station to give her statement, Annie silently starts to freak out when she learns Richie kidnapped Babe instead of Greenlee. Seeing how odd Annie is acting, Ryan asks Angie if she could check Annie out to see if Richie’s blow to the head caused serious damage. During her checkup, Annie asks if getting knocked out could affect someone who is pregnant, resulting in Angie asking if she is pregnant.

While stuck in Solitary Confinement during the prison’s lockdown, Erica and Samuel open up about their pasts. After telling her about how he lost his wife on 9/11, Samuel and Erica share a kiss.