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Ep. #9908 - Recap

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While Babe, Greenlee, and Kendall wait for Zach, JR, and Aidan to arrive outside the cabin, Annie breaks in and helps Richie escape. When Zach and the others go inside the cabin, they are surprised to find the place empty. As the guys search the grounds around the cabin, Annie and Richie drive away from the cabin. It doesn’t take long for the siblings to start arguing over the situation they’re in and Richie soon thinks of a way to get Annie to give him her car. Later, Annie calls Ryan to tell him that she is coming home from the movie theater, unaware that he knows she is lying.

Back at the cabin, Aidan calls the cops to let them know that Babe is safe and that Richie escaped again. After Aidan lets Babe know that the cops would like to take her statement, Zach asks him and JR to take the ladies home while he continues searching for Richie.

When Ryan returns home and calls out for Annie, he soon finds her note, saying she is at the movies. Jesse soon arrives, looking to question Annie more about Ritchie’s escape. While the men chat for a little while, it soon becomes apparent that Jesse suspects Annie is involved with Richie’s escape and Ryan reluctantly says that he suspects the same thing.

While walking to his study, an irritated Adam angrily says to himself that he can’t believe J.R. went to search for Babe when Carmen accidentally sneaks up behind him. Before dismissing her for the night the two continue to butt heads, but it eventually becomes apparent that they have a connection.

At Colby’s party, she irritates Corrina by hitting on Ren and asking him to dance. After Corrina gets Ren to take her home, a drunken Colby tries to get Cassandra and Dre to play some drinking games with her before passing out on the couch. Before waking Colby up so they can talk her home, Adam calls want to talk to Colby. However, not wanting to get Colby in trouble, Cassandra covers for her and Adam reluctantly believes her story.