Ep. #9925 - Recap

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After walking into JR’s office, Babe is both impresses and slightly scared of his business tactics, especially after learning who leaked the story about Adam. Trying to take her mind off of his actions, JR promises that his first act as Chandler CEO is to take over Fusion for her. Elsewhere, Adam has meeting with his lawyer when a Chandler board member stops at their table, assuring Adam that JR is falling for his father’s plot. It is at this point when Stuart shows up and tries to get information out of Adam in regards to the night of Richie’s death. Trying to get him off the subject, Adam asks Stuart if he would be willing to paint a new family portrait that has Colby in it.

Meanwhile at the Yacht Club, Colby is drinking a spiked beverage and thinking when Krystal walks up to her. After learning that Adam told Krystal about her involvement in Richie’s death, Colby decides to tell her everything that happened that night and calls herself a killer. It is at this point when Krystal tells Colby that she is actually a good person and that whatever she decides to do with her information, she’ll support her.

At home, Cassandra gets confronted by Angie and immediately starts to struggle over keeping her secret from coming out. Trying to get her to open up, Angie vows to protect Cassandra and soon lets it slip that Jesse had her tailed. At hearing this, Cassandra’s pent up frustrations about Angie and Jesse getting remarried comes out and asks if she could go live with her father in Paris again and soon rushes to her room. She then gets a call from Colby and as they talk, the girls reluctantly agree to keep their secret.

At the hospital, Jesse confronts Frankie about attacking Fletcher. When Jesse says that when Fletcher gets out of the hospital Frankie made matters worse, since he will more than likely go after Randi if he can’t get his hands on Frankie. Not caring about what will happen, Frankie vows he will do what ever it takes to take Fletcher out of Randi’s life and soon goes to work.