Ep. #9946 - Recap

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After waking up, Jake finds Taylor doing push ups. He then makes some off the cuff comments and gets challenged to a push up contest when Amanda walks in. Later, when Taylor goes to take her shower, Amanda suggests he go live in David Hayward’s cabin. Not long after Amanda leaves, Taylor comes back into the living room, resulting in her and Jake getting into an argument over Taylor’s wanting to go back to Iraq. Eventually Jake leaves and she has a panic attack.

Before going into work, Kendall vents to Zach about how crazy Annie and is less than happy when he doesn’t share her concerns. Upon her arrival at work with Greenlee, they catch the tail end of Babe and Amanda’s presentation to Randi and immediately shoot down their secret project. Not wanting to let Kendall and Greenlee have the last word in designing their affordable perfume line, Amanda says that she’ll put up her money to get things started, just as long as she gets part of the profits. It is at this point when Annie walks in says she thinks it is a great idea.

Meanwhile in ConFusion, Ryan meets with Zach to talk about giving Annie another chance and is soon surprised at the nonchalant way Zach is taking the news about his feelings toward Greenlee. They then start talking about Annie’s crazy behavior and decide to try and test her.

Zach then goes upstairs and finds Kendall having throwing a temper tantrum about Amanda and Babe’s fragrance idea. He then takes her to a beach house where he quiets her with a kiss.

Back at ConFusion, Amanda, Randi, Babe, and Annie talk about their perfume and decide to change the name from “Working Girl” to Bella, after Babe. Annie then excuses herself to make a call to Adam to let him know she’s back on the inside and is ready to put their plan into action. Amanda then leaves for a little while to give Jake Marian Chandler’s card and suggest he use her as a real estate agent. As this is going on, Ryan goes upstairs to see Annie, but finds Greenlee there alone. They then start talking and he admits that he still loves her.

Elsewhere, Angie is missing Cassandra and Jesse tries to get her mind off of what’s been going on. However, he soon gets a call from the station about finding a lug wrench near where Richie was killed and soon leaves to bring it to the hospital to be analyzed. Not long after he leaves, Angie gets a call but nobody answers on the other end. Later, after Angie and Jesse meet up at the hospital, he gets his own mysterious call and soon hangs up the phone. Jesse then asks Angie to meet him at home for a special lunch. However, things don’t turn out like he plans when Angie starts asking about what life was like for him while he was gone.