All My Children

Addie Walsh     Associate Head Writer (2000-2002; 2003-2011)304 Eps
Agnes Nixon     Creator2299 Eps
Agnes Nixon     Executive Producer (1970-1981)5 Eps
Agnes Nixon     Head Writer (1970-1985; 1988-1993)5 Eps
Agnes Nixon     Co-head Writer (1993-1997; 1999-2000; 2002)1 Eps
Agnes Nixon     Senior Story Consultant (1985-1988; 2001-2002) 
Amanda L. Beall     Staff Writer (2003-2007)61 Eps
Amanda L. Beall     Associate Head Writer (2004; 2005; 2006-2008) 
Anna Theresa Cascio     Co-head Writer (2003) 
Anthony Pascarelli     Editor15 Eps
Barbara Esensten     Staff Writer (2010-2011) 
Barbara Esensten     Co-head Writer (2007-2008)278 Eps
Barbara M. Simmons     Editor6 Eps
Barry Gingold     Post Production186 Eps
Bettina F. Bradbury     Staff Writer (1993-2006)3 Eps
Billy Barber (1)     Music 
Carolyn Culliton     Associate Head Writer (1992-1993) 
Casey Childs     Executive Producer (Interim in 2003) 
Casey Childs     Producer (2/2002 - 2/2004) 
Charles Pratt, Jr. (1)     Consulting Producer (2008-2010)242 Eps
Charles Pratt, Jr. (1)     Head Writer (2008-2010)271 Eps
Charlotte Gibson     Staff Writer (1997-2001)2 Eps
Chip Hayes     Staff Writer (2008-2010; 2010-2011)9 Eps
Chip Hayes     Associate Head Writer (2004-2008; 2010-2011)4 Eps
Christina Covino     Staff Writer (2002-2003) 
Christina Covino     Associate Head Writer (1996-1997)1 Eps
Christopher Dunn (1)     Associate Head Writer (2009-2011) 
Conal O'Brien     Production Assistant (1977-1978) 
Courtney Bugler     Staff Writer (2005-2007; 2008) 
Courtney Simon     Staff Writer (1996-1997) 
Craig Carlson     Staff Writer (1997-2002)2 Eps
Daran Little     Head Writer (Associate 2008-2009)302 Eps
David A. Levinson     Staff Writer (2003-2004) 
David Kreizman     Co-head Writer (2010-2011) 
Donna Swajeski     Co-head Writer (2010-2011) 
Elizabeth Page     Staff Writer (1984-1990; 1998) 
Elizabeth Page     Script Editor (1998-1999) 
Elizabeth Page     Co-head Writer (1999) 
Enza Dolce     Associate Producer408 Eps
Felicia Minei Behr     Executive Producer (1989-1996) 
Felicia Minei Behr     Associate Producer (1970-1975) 
Francesca James     Executive Producer (1996-1998) 
Frederick Johnson (2)     Associate Head Writer (1993-1998; 1999-2003)4 Eps
Gary Tomlin     Producer (1995-1996) 
Gillian Spencer     Staff Writer (1989-1992) 
Ginger Smith     Supervising Producer (1999-2004)4 Eps
Ginger Smith     Producer (2004-2010)409 Eps
Ginger Smith     Associate Producer (1996-1997) 
Ginger Smith     Production Assistant (1994-1996) 
Ginger Smith     Production Coordinator (1988-1990) 
Ginger Smith     Coordinating Producer (1997-1999) 
Ginger Smith     Assistant To The Executive Producer (1990-1994) 
Ginger Smith     Production Intern (1988) 
Gordon Rayfield     Head Writer (2002-2003) 
Gordon Rayfield     Co-head Writer (2003) 
Gordon Rayfield     Associate Head Writer (2002) 
Hal Corley     Associate Head Writer (1991-1998) 
Hope Harmel Smith     Supervising Producer (2010-2011) 
Hope Harmel Smith     Staff Writer (2008) 
Jacqueline Babbin     Producer1 Eps
James Harmon Brown     Staff Writer (2010-2011) 
James Harmon Brown     Co-head Writer (2007-2008)278 Eps
Janet Iacobuzio     Staff Writer (2000-2001)2 Eps
Janet Iacobuzio     Associate Head Writer (1993-1994; 2001-2003)2 Eps
Jean Dadario Burke     Executive Producer (1998-2003)3 Eps
Jean Dadario Burke     Casting Assistant (1970-1974) 
Jean Dadario Burke     Senior Producer (1997-1998) 
Jean Dadario Burke     Production Associate (1974-1980) 
Jean Dadario Burke     Technical Director (1980-1984) 
Jean Passanante     Head Writer (2001)1 Eps
Jean Passanante     Co-head Writer (1999-2001)1 Eps
Jeff Beldner     Staff Writer (1991-1994)186 Eps
Jeff Beldner     Script Editor (2004-2011)465 Eps
Jeff Beldner     Associate Head Writer (1994-1998; 2001-2004)2 Eps
Jeff Beldner     Writers' Assistant (1989-1991) 
Joanna Cohen     Staff Writer (2006-2011) 
Joann Busciglio     Associate Producer1 Eps
John Piroman     Staff Writer (1998-2004)3 Eps
Judith Donato     Staff Writer (1992-1998) 
Judy Blye Wilson     Casting Director (1991-2011)1 Eps
Julie Hanan Carruthers     Executive Producer (2003-2011)1175 Eps
Juliet Packer     Associate Head Writer (1997-2001; 2004-2005 (as J.L. Packer))3 Eps
Karen Harris     Staff Writer (2004-2005) 
Karen Johnson (3)     Producer (2004-2009)3 Eps
Karen Johnson (3)     Editor (1998-2004) 
Karen Johnson (3)     Associate Director (1997-2004)1 Eps
Karen Lewis     Staff Writer (1985-1997; 2001-2007) 
Karen Lewis     Script Editor (1997-1999) 
Kate Hall (2)     Staff Writer (2007-2011) 
Lisa Connor     Supervising Producer (1999-2002)3 Eps
Lisa Connor     Staff Writer (2010-2011) 
Lisa Connor     Associate Head Writer (2002-2005)5 Eps
Lisa de Cazotte     Supervising Producer (1996) 
Lisa de Cazotte     Producer (2009-2010) 
Lisa de Cazotte     Coordinating Producer (1994-1996) 
Lloyd 'Lucky' Gold     Associate Head Writer (2011) 
Lorraine Broderick     Staff Writer (1979-1981)1 Eps
Lorraine Broderick     Head Writer (1995-1997; 2011) 
Lorraine Broderick     Co-head Writer (1987-1988; 2010) 
Lorraine Broderick     Associate Head Writer (1981-1987; 1988-1991; 2010-2011) 
Marla Kanelos     Staff Writer (2005-2008) 
Marla Kanelos     Associate Head Writer (2004) 
Megan McTavish     Head Writer (1997-1999; 2003-2007)86 Eps
Megan McTavish     Co-head Writer (1992-1995) 
Megan McTavish     Associate Head Writer (1987-1992) 
Michael Conforti     Co-head Writer (2001) 
Michael J. Cinquemani     Staff Writer (2008) 
Michael V. Pomarico     Camera Operator (1985-1988) 
Michael V. Pomarico     Technical Director (1988-2009) 
Michelle Patrick     Staff Writer (1990-1998; 2007-2008; 2009) 
Michelle Patrick     Associate Head Writer (2005-2007)1 Eps
Millie Taggart     Co-head Writer (1996-1997) 
Mimi Leahey     Script Editor (1999-2004)3 Eps
Nadine Aronson     Associate Producer1 Eps
Nadine Aronson     Coordinating Producer2 Eps
N. Gail Lawrence     Associate Head Writer (1994-1996; 1998-2001)2 Eps
Peggy Sloane     Associate Head Writer (1987-1989; 1997-1998) 
Pete T. Rich     Staff Writer (1994-1996) 
Rebecca Taylor     Staff Writer (1999-2001; 2002-2011)3 Eps
Rebecca Taylor     Writers' Assistant (1997-1999) 
Richard Culliton     Head Writer (2001-2002)1 Eps
Richard Culliton     Associate Head Writer (1991-1993) 
Robert Israel     Music 
Royal Miller     Staff Writer (2000-2001)1 Eps
Sonia Blangiardo     Associate Producer (1999-2000)1 Eps
Sonia Blangiardo     Production Assistant (1992-1996) 
Sonia Blangiardo     Production Associate (1990) 
Stephen Demorest     Associate Head Writer (2005-2008)2 Eps
Susan Kirshenbaum     Staff Writer (1983-1991)1 Eps
Susan Kirshenbaum     Script Editor (1991-1993) 
Tracey Thompson     Staff Writer (2008-2011)244 Eps
Tracey Thomson     Staff Writer (2010) 
Tracey Thomson     Associate Head Writer (2008-2010) 
Victor Miller     Head Writer (1984-1986; 1987-1989; 1997-2001; 2003-2006)2 Eps
Victor Miller     Associate Head Writer (1984-1986; 1987-1989; 1997-2001; 2003-2006)4 Eps
Wisner Washam     Writer 
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 05, 1970
Ended: September 23, 2011
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