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Season 4

67 :04x01 - The Hair Down There

Robert and Neesee struggle to deal with a letter that Robert wrote her four years earlier, apologizing for the final argument that lead to their divorce, and how it will impact them now. Meanwhile, Bobby discovers a hair "down there", forcing Robert and Neessee to discuss puberty with him. Dirk's life is turned upside down when his 13-year-old daughter, Courtney, arrives to live with him while her mother travels abroad.
Guest Stars: Laivan Greene as Courtney | Rachelle Wood as Sales Girl
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro
Writer: Jeff Strauss

68 :04x02 - Trojan Condo

Neesee finds a new condo to move into, but Robert finds out that it's still under construction and won't be completed for a while. Robert's sister comes for a visit and asks to stay at the house but, knowing that his sister and Neesee don't get along, Robert realizes that one of them has to go. Meanwhile, Robert and Neesee help Dirk get Courtney into Bobby's school, but Courtney ends up causing a bit of trouble with the other students.
Guest Stars: Laivan Greene as Courtney
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro
Writer: Lori Lakin

69 :04x03 - Police...Open Up

When Bobby makes a prank 911 call, Robert takes his son to the police station to scare the boy and ends up getting arrested for something he did in his past. Later, Bobby's scared when a police officer comes to his school for career day.
Guest Stars: Gary Kraus as Mr. Kilgore
Director: Debbie Allen

70 :04x04 - Love Do Cost A Thing

Neesee hosts a charity bachelor auction; Robert pays Neesee to bid on him, but a mystery woman outbids her.
Guest Stars: Charles Malik Whitfield as doctor
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro
Writer: Jared Bush

71 :04x05 - Pretty Woman

Robert comes to a stranger's aid when her purse is stolen on the street, and they end up dating; Dirk recognizes her from a night club.
Guest Stars: Chrystee Pharris as Eva
Director: Debbie Allen

72 :04x06 - The Courtship of Robert's Father

Robert and Carmen celebrate their father's 60th birthday and discover a startling family secret. Meanwhile, Neesee helps Courtney prepare for a school dance.
Guest Stars: Glynn Turman as Mr. James | Tisha Campbell-Martin as Carmen James
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro
Writer: Lori Lakin

73 :04x07 - Like Father, Like Son... Like Hell!

Robert has an identity crisis after his dad stuns him with news about his family history, prompting him to search out an estranged relative in Las Vegas to help him come to terms with his personal dilemma.
Guest Stars: Tisha Campbell-Martin as Carmen James | Richard Lawson as Luther | Brandon Mychal Smith as Deke
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

74 :04x08 - My Two Dads

Returning home from meeting his biological father, Robert remains stunned that his real dad, Luther, is gay. Though he tries to hide this fact from his family, Luther and his partner unexpectedly show up. When Courtney shows her lack of interest in spending the holiday with Dirk, Neesee offers her some motherly guidance. Finally, the entire family sits down to have a Thanksgiving meal to remember, prepared by Neessee.

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: Richard Lawson as Luther
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

75 :04x09 - Crime and Maybe Some Punishment

Robert tells Bobby he can't go to his Fireside Kids jamboree for being disrespectful to Dirk, but Neesee thinks the punishment is too harsh and takes Bobby on the trip behind Robert's back. Meanwhile, Courtney introduces her boyfriend to Dirk.
Guest Stars: Brandon Mychal Smith as Deke
Director: Debbie Allen
Writer: Ray Lancon

76 :04x10 - Everybody Loves Rain Man

When Bobby expresses disappointment over his Christmas gifts, Robert and Neesee decide to give his toys to an orphanage to teach their son a lesson. Meanwhile, Dirk spends his first holiday with Courtney.
Director: Debbie Allen

77 :04x11 - Let's Go Bobby, Let's Go!

Robert is ecstatic when peewee indoor football begins for Bobby, but is flustered when the boy comes home and announces he's a cheerleader.
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

78 :04x12 - The B-R-E-A-K-U-P

Neesee comes from the wedding of a friend who found happiness with an overweight man, and she vows to accept a date from the next man who asks her out---which turns out to be a very short man who works with Robert.
Guest Stars: Kevin Hart (1) as Greg
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro
Writer: Jared Bush

79 :04x13 - An All of Us Joint... Custody Episode

Neesee's condo is ready, but Bobby objects to being shuffled between both homes so, for his sake, Robert and Neesee decide to take turns living in the condo. Meanwhile, Courtney has a crush on an older man who works with Dirk.
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

80 :04x14 - Artificial Intelligence

Bobby cheats on an aptitude test and then gets more than he bargained for when he's asked to take part in an annual academic competition. Meanwhile, Neesee's new friend sets her up on a date, but Neesee discovers that the man has a strange fetish.
Guest Stars: Toni Trucks as Michelle
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro
Writer: Ray Lancon

81 :04x15 - Another Episode of All of Us

A store manager catches Bobby stealing sneakers, which he wanted so he could fit in with the popular kids at school. Meanwhile, Neesee babysits her neighbor's newborn niece and realizes how much she enjoys caring again for an infant.
Guest Stars: Toni Trucks as Michelle
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

82 :04x16 - He's Got Game

During his 15th college reunion weekend, Robert finds himself attracted to Deborah Cooper, a professor he had a crush on back in his college days. Hoping to meet an eligible bachelor at the reunion, Neesee reconnects with Fitz Escoffrey, a national television sports reporter. Robert believes Fitz stole his successful career when he tripped Robert during a college basketball game and made the game-winning basket. Wanting to settle the feud, Robert challenges Fitz to a one-on-one basketball game, but injures himself before the game while trying to romance Professor Cooper.

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: Victoria Rowell as Deborah Cooper | Brooklyn McLinn as Fitz Escoffrey
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

83 :04x17 - It Was Fun While It Lasted

Neesee realizes she wants to have another baby and visits a fertility clinic to research potential sperm donors. When she finds the donor she prefers, she decides to meet the guy face-to-face. Meanwhile, Robert and Dirk spend an evening hitting on women, and Dirk finds success when he meets Jill. Tensions between Robert and Dirk escalate when Dirk is continuously late to work.

Source: CW press release
Guest Stars: Danielle Nicolet as Jill
Director: Debbie Allen

84 :04x18 - The Boy Is Mine

Dirk is still upset with Robert over their on-screen fight and refuses to speak to him. Needing a friend, Robert turns to Ben, the man Neesee has been dating, and begins to spend more time with him. Neesee confronts Robert about stealing her man and encourages him to make up with Dirk. Before Robert can apologize, his boss makes a decision that affects Dirk's career.

Source: CW
Guest Stars: James Black as Ben
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

85 :04x19 - Everything Happens for a Reason

Believing he was wrongfully terminated, Dirk sues Robert and his former television show. Neesee reveals to Ben that their meeting was not coincidence, but was orchestrated by her as a way to meet the man whose sperm she selected from a fertility clinic. With this news, Neesee and Ben decide whether or not to take their relationship to the next level.

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: James Black as Ben
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

86 :04x20 - Sins of the Father

Robert begins to spend time with a single mother, Kate and her son Patrick, upsetting Bobby, who thinks his father is should be spending more time with him. Courtney is heartbroken after her boyfriend breaks up with her. Dirk has a hard time comforting Courtney and seeks Neesee's help and advice.

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: Trey Carlisle as Patrick | Meagan Good as Kate
Director: Debbie Allen
Writer: Chad Drew

87 :04x21 - She Blinded Me with Science

Robert finds out that Neesee is planning to visit a sperm bank in order to have a baby and questions her reasoning for going through with the procedure. Michelle accompanies Neesee to the sperm bank for support and Neesee makes a decision that could affect the rest of her life.

Source: The CW
Guest Stars: Toni Trucks as Michelle
Director: Debbie Allen

88 :04x22 - The Wedding Singers

Neesee invites Robert on an all-expense paid trip to her mother's second wedding in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Robert and Neesee make an unexpected stop in a small town where they are mistaken for Beyonce and Jay-Z. Later, Neesee and Robert make a decision about a second baby that could alter their relationship.

Source: The CW
Director: Debbie Allen
Writer: Jeff Strauss
Warning: All of Us guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CW ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 2003
Ended: May 14, 2007
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